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Design Discussion : Nude Art

Design Discussion : Nude Art - We’re kicking off the week with a very interesting Design Discussion post… today’s topic is nude art. It’s a controversial subject (like the majority of our Design Discussions), and I wanted to share my perspective and hear about yours, when it comes to displaying nude artwork in your home. My friend Marynn asked the question on Instagram a few weeks ago and I thought, “what an interesting topic!” Of course I wasn’t in the majority for her post because I do like nude art (if you hadn’t guessed), but I still loved reading everyone’s preferences. I’m not allowed to link our busts from the Tuesday Made shop on Instagram because they contain nudity, which I totally respect. It just goes to show- nude art is a unique topic that usually evokes strong opinions. I’ve found that people either love it or hate it. That’s the awesome thing about art though- it’s in the eye of the beholder. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to make anyone uncomfortable with this post! Hopefully it’s a fun read that shares a unique perspective. Click through for my thoughts, if you’re interested…

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Design Discussion : Countertop Space -
interiors & styling

Design Discussion : Countertop Space

It’s time for a new Design Discussion, and this one is another controversial home topic- countertop clutter. Maybe clutter is the wrong word, but let’s chat about what we feel is alright to leave out on the countertop, what…

Design Discussion : Color Blocking -
interiors & styling

Design Discussion : Color Blocking

 It this month’s Design Discussion post, I wanted to talk about color blocking. It doesn’t seem super controversial, but believe me when I say- the most messages I’ve ever received about a makeover (both positive and negative) was in…

Design Discussion : Shelf Styling with Books -
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Design Discussion : Shelf Styling with Books

I’m back with this month’s Design Discussion post and another hot, controversial interior design topic. Today I wanted to chat about shelf styling with books. I get a lot of these types of comments & messages… “I’m so happy…