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Design Discussion : Stacked Laundry Units

Design Discussion : Stacked Laundry Units - It has been a fun blog week, so I figure we should keep the momentum going! Ready for another controversial design discussion? If you missed my first two, you can find my thoughts on installing a TV over a fireplace in this post, and my take on installing hardwood flooring in the kitchen in this post. On the docket today? I’m chatting stacked laundry units. Some people love them (hello space savers!) and some people hate them. Click through to read my thoughts and weigh in with your own opinion.  Continue Reading

Design Discussion : TV Over the Fireplace -
interiors & styling

Design Discussion : TV Over the Fireplace

Happy Friday, friends- it’s time for another Design Discussion! Many of you requested a long chat about this topic and I thought it was a wonderful idea… installing a TV above a fireplace. Should you do it? Is it…


A Big Design Battle : Surround Sound

So here we are. Sarah and I have just sold our current home and have bought a new one in SLC (she’s officially posting allllll about that next week). I couldn’t wait to share a little project I’ve been scheming…