How to Stylishly Incorporate Tech into your Home

How to Stylishly Incorporate Tech into your Home - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! I hope you had a wonderful week. We’re still in bathroom renovation mode over here with our basement bathroom AND the powder bath refresh. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw we had a small marble catastrophe and accidentally broke a marble ledge for the bathroom this week. No worries though… we got a new one, and Emmett thinks he can turn the broken piece into something cool for our house. Phew! I can’t wait to show you the finished spaces soon. Today I wanted to tackle a question I get allllll the time- how to incorporate technology and smart home products into your house in a stylish way. Click through for my tips on how to be connected, but also maintain a sense of style in your home!

Technology is such an incredible tool to keep us connected, entertained, and generally makes our lives easier. I’m constantly asking Alexa to pull up the daily news, tell me where my packages are, or give me the weekly weather report. It’s an interesting idea to think about hiding something we all use on a daily basis (like my post about form vs function in the bathroom), and how that integrates into a design plan. Think about it… we never see styled images on IG of a kitchen with tech on the countertop. A pretty vase filled with greenery? All the time! Along with cutting boards, beautiful stoneware, floating shelves, and even coffee makers… but we never really see tech. Not all technology is created with design in mind, but I think we can make the most of it!

How to Stylishly Incorporate Tech into your Home -

Think About Your Space

I think the biggest thing to remember when incorporating technology into your home, is that every space is different! You should do what works for your home and your lifestyle. In our current home, we wanted to have a dedicated media room rather than having multiple TVs in our home. So, when I was thinking through the formal living room design, a television was never apart of the plan- BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a TV in multiple places in your home, if that’s what works best for you… remember my post about TVs over the fireplace? Do what works for your space! Given we have a larger home now, this is just what functioned best for us, given we have some square footage to play with. My point being, everyone owns a TV- it’s probably the most popular piece of technology, by far… we might as well embrace it.

How to Stylishly Incorporate Tech into your Home -

Look for Tech that Matches your Aesthetic & Functions for Your Family

While not all technology is necessarily pretty (ahem, surround sound systems that Emmett just HAS TO HAVE), it has really come a long way! It’s really more about finding tech that can blend with your aesthetic, function well for your family (I’ll about syncing things to my phone for convenience), and can easily be styled around.

How to Stylishly Incorporate Tech into your Home - roomfortuesday.comWe absolutely love our Molekule air purifier because it helps my severe allergies and asthma, but also because it’s actually nice looking. It has sleek, clean lines, and a leather handle that I don’t mind keeping out. We still use it in our master bedroom and enjoy having this handy device that makes breathing easier. Do you see it tucked to the side of our sofa in the image below? That was in our previous living room, but I had to include this photo because PUPPY CROSBY is as sweet as it gets.

How to Stylishly Incorporate Tech into your Home - roomfortuesday.comThe same goes for home fragrance devices or diffusers like my Aera. We’re still using and loving this- it makes everything smell great. You know what I really appreciate? Walking into a well-designed boutique hotel during our travels. The first thing I notice (even above design) is the scent. Did you know that most high-end hotels have their own fragrance? It’s pretty cool! Anyway, having the Aera makes me feel like our home has its own scent (which guests usually comment on). All of this to say, I try to source tech that is sleek and minimal, so it’s easier to blend into our aesthetic. Can you spot it on my nightstand below?

How to Stylishly Incorporate Tech into your Home -

Embrace It

Not everything can be hidden in order to function properly, like a speaker for example. So, if you can’t hide it- just embrace it. Look for products that fit your color scheme or match your space. Most products are available in a variety of colors and even fabrics to achieve a more seamless look. We currently use the Amazon Echo Show that permanently lives on our kitchen countertop. I opted for black so it would blend easily with our soapstone countertops. We like using this handy little thing so much, we got one for my mom for Christmas. It’s especially nice to have when you live far away from your family. My mom is constantly video chatting us with her Echo Show. Hers lives on the kitchen counter too. I can cook a meal and hangout with her- almost like she’s visiting. I also enjoy catching up on my favorite TV while meal prepping.

I always gravitate toward clean lines and neutrals- it’s the best way to let tech fade into the background!

How to Stylishly Incorporate Tech into your Home - roomfortuesday.comAnother great example is one of my favorites: the Samsung Frame TV. It was a dream purchase for us because it functions as both a television and a piece of art when it isn’t being used. I can’t think of a better way to embrace tech than letting it also serve as artwork or disguising itself as something it’s not. What a time to be alive! The “art” below is actually a TV in our master bedroom. That was a big Christmas gift that we have really been enjoying.

How to Stylishly Incorporate Tech into your Home - roomfortuesday.comTech can enhance our lives making things easier and more efficient, thus saving us time or providing entertainment, that in turn- makes us happy. A surround sound speaker will never look as amazing as a marble bookend, but in today’s day and age- tech is ubiquitous and is totally normal to see in a home. We might as well embrace it. My theory? Use the surround sound speaker AND the marble bookend to give your home functionality and style.

How to Stylishly Incorporate Tech into your Home -

Think Creatively: Concealing and Camouflaging

If you really feel passionately about hiding your tech, there are plenty of ways to hide devices completely, if that’s your style. When we renovated our kitchen, I was impressed by all of the storage options available in cabinetry. This is a great item to think through when you are creating your design plan or renovating a space. I added in-cabinet outlets to charge and store devices like my electric wine opener (priorities, ha).

How to Stylishly Incorporate Tech into your Home - roomfortuesday.comIf you can’t hide a device or would rather leave it out, get creative with ways to style it into your decor and camouflage it with other accessories. By grouping tech with similar objects or styling it into a vignette, it will seem more intentional and will be less noticeable. For example, in the below cabinet, hides a giant ugly subwoofer for our surround sound. The big black box is hidden inside the cabinet, while the smaller surround sound speakers are left out in plain sight. I styled bowls, objects, books, and art onto the shelves surrounding them, so your eye has plenty of things to explore, rather than going straight to the speakers.

How to Stylishly Incorporate Tech into your Home - roomfortuesday.comHere’s my quick list of what we hide and what we keep out:


How to Stylishly Incorporate Tech into your Home - roomfortuesday.comKeep Out:

  • Amazon Echo Show (or any other smart speaker or device, like Google Home)
  • Sonos / Speakers
  • Air purifier (because allergies)
  • Fragrance Diffuser
  • TV (I’ve already professed my love for The Frame)
  • Remotes (toss them into a bowl on the coffee table to corral them and make them feel more organized)
  • My Desktop Computer / iMac (obviously, everyone knows that’s functional in a home office)

How to Stylishly Incorporate Tech into your Home - roomfortuesday.comWhat do you think? Do you hide some tech while leaving other devices out? Do you try to style around it? Do you enjoy having smart home products? I hope you have a wonderful weekend… we’ll be working on the bathroom(s)! I’m linking the tech we currently use below (plus a few things that are on our list to buy this year). Have a good one, friends!

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  1. These tips seem very smart and logical. We have so little tech in our home that it’s not much of an issue. I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like visible functional (#ugly) items. That’s probably why we don’t buy many. (Also, cheap.) I will say that designs are becoming sleeker and less obtrusive on most tech. I chuckle every time you argh about Emmett’s surround sound. My friend’s husband has amps/woofers/subwoofers whatevers the size of small refrigerators that he refuses to replace! (high quality, blah, blah ,blah) Some of our struggles are universal, ladies!
    Thanks for that smooshy puppy Crosby face💖. Here’s to lots of bathroom progress this weekend. Everything is looking so fab! 🛠📣👷‍♀️

    1. I resisted for a long time, but I’m finally just embracing it. Ha! The surround sound battle is ridiculous… we have the giant amps and subs (eyeroll), and hiding those things are no easy feat. Definitely a universal struggle! Along with recliners, I feel like sound is a total guy thing. Crosby was such a cute puppy. Poor guy ended up at the vet today with severe allergies. We’re off to a doggie dermatologist next week. Wish us luck! Have a wonderful weekend!! xo

  2. Thank you for the tips on how to disguise these awesome but eye obtrusive tech needs!
    We are slowly getting our house into the tech world. Nest thermostats and ring doorbell is on my list of future purchases. I love the Echo Show in our kitchen. My favorite is our iRobot “Rosie”. She is hidden under a bench in our foyer and comes out to clean on scheduled days.
    Drooling over your framed TV. How smart of you to put plugs in cabinets for devices!
    Happy Friday and weekend to you both!

    1. Sure thing! We’re in the same boat… the Nest thermostat and doorbell are on my must-buy list this year. The Echo is amazing! We use it allllll the time. Our Frame TV is so dreamy. I loving having a TV that doesn’t look like a TV. Happy Friday and have an amazing weekend Danna :) xo

  3. how would you blend in a Roomba? Ours has to stay in the living room and it doesn’t exactly go with our decor. We have it sort of hidden behind a credenza so you can’t see it when you first walk in the room, but it’s definitely obvious from other angles.

    1. Great question, Sarah! You kind of have to just do the best you can with that kind of stuff. Ours lives in the basement and docks under a chair. I’ve also used a closet niche to disguise it. They really should start making enclosed docking stations that look nice!!

  4. This post couldn’t have come at a better time! I absolutely hate cords, and more than that, can’t stand seeing all the boxes etc that come with the tech we use and love. I actually wanted to ask you: where do you keep your WiFi router? How do you hide all the cords that come along with that? This is a huge dilemma for me and I need to relocate our router to be more functional and my ocd is making this one super challenging. I appreciate you being willing to share on this topic because I see it as one of those elements that other IG designers do not talk about, share or comment on. Thanks for that!

    1. Woohoo! So happy to hear it was helpful, Lauren :) I also hate cords. Great question on the WiFi router… any guesses where it lives in our basement media room? See the floor lamp next to the sofa? See the curtains behind it? If you scroll to the before images, you’ll notice it’s a deep closet / storage area with shelving behind the curtain. All of our WiFi things and surround sound junk is behind that curtain.