My Favorite Neutral (Non-White) Paint Colors

My Favorite Neutral Paint Colors

Don’t get me wrong- I do love a fresh coat of white paint, but I’m sort of ready to move onto something with a little more saturation. Click over to coco+kelley to browse my favorite (non-white) neutral paint colors! Here’s a little preview of the soft welcoming tones I’m into lately:

Warm Gray Paint Colors

Take my closet doors for example- they’re neutral, yet anything but boring. Even a tiny bit of color will enhance architectural elements and make moulding details look fantastic.

Green Gray Neutral Paint Colors

You guys already know I’m sucker for any tone of green. Mark my words- this WILL be the next color I paint a room.

Beige Paint Colors

Beige doesn’t always have to be meh. I actually like it for a couple reasons… 1.) it will never be out of style and it goes with anything, and 2.) it challenges me to find really interesting decor and push the limits.

Cool Gray Paint Colors

Cool gray always feels chic and modern. It’s been trendy for a couple years now, but I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.

Soft Blush Paint Colors

Click over for the full post- paint names, numbers, finishes, my reasoning behind these choices, and more inspiration!

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  1. Hi Sarah! Do you happen to know the sources of the images you used on the paint swatches? I’m dying to figure out where the pony artwork is from in the living room image on the neutrals palette!

    1. Hi Ashley, I believe that print is by Natural Curiosities… but I’m not seeing it in stock. It was one of my favorites at High Point Market last year! Here’s a bunch of similar pieces.

  2. Candice Basmajian says:

    The warm and cool grey swatches are EXACTLY what i’ve been looking for! Do you happen to know who makes them/names of each color?