Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches

Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches - roomfortuesday.comAs promised, I have a paint post for you today! Last week when picking up paint for my office renovation, while the paint was getting mixed, I spent some time at my local True Value Hardware store gathering some swatches that felt inspiring. I didn’t have a method to my madness, I just compiled swatches in a variety of palettes that felt fresh and timeless to me. Click through for some of my current favorite Benjamin Moore swatches- or definitely pin them for later! I’m keeping this post short, sweet, and informative. I hope it’s fun and helpful!

*Disclaimer: I photographed these swatches in natural light and the images are edited in RGB for web use. I’ve done my best to reflect the accurate paint color, but each monitor or screen can view color differently. Please swatch your paint prior to committing! I’m often on the receiving end of negative messages or emails because a paint color didn’t look as expected. Consider this a helpful place to start, pull swatches, and always test your paint! Remember- paint looks different in each home based on its surroundings, light, and the direction a room is facing …along with many other factors. 

Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches - roomfortuesday.comTypically, we’re a Sherwin-Williams family, but I found the perfect swatch for my home office, which led me to purchase Benjamin Moore for that particular project (read that post here). It had been a few years since Emmett & I had used their paint, and it’s very nice! They have a great line of products, quality paint, and some stunning colors. Here are the swatches I grabbed that are now on my radar for future projects… let’s start with the easiest palette: whites. I use whites for ceilings, trim, millwork, doors, etc. It’s a crisp classic color that I rely on in almost every room in our home.

Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches - roomfortuesday.com

swatches from left to right, top to bottom: white // super white // soft chamois // decorator’s white // simply white // winter white // brilliant white // cloud nine // seashell

Good white paint can be tricky to select! I’m familiar with and have used most of these back in my interior design days for clients. My top picks for a crisp, clean, white are: Super White, Decorator’s White, White, and Brilliant White. You can’t go wrong!

Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches - roomfortuesday.com

mysterious // witching hour // charcoal slate // dark pewter

This is a great group of inky, bold navy hues. Mysterious feels like a true navy, Charcoal Slate is perfect if you want to go a bit lighter, Witching Hour almost skews black, and Dark Pewter nearly has a green undertone.

Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches - roomfortuesday.com

forest floor // wethersfield moss // rolling hills // croquet // nantucket gray // raintree green // sussex green

I love desaturated medium green hues. Does anyone remember the fireplace at our previous home? Green is probably my favorite color and surprisingly, we don’t really have any of it in our home right now. Someday!

Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches - roomfortuesday.com

grenadier pond // enchanted forest // garden oasis

These green swatches have a bit more blue in them and feel a little more punchy (less muted). They’re all really lovely in person, but my favorite is Enchanted Forest.

Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches - roomfortuesday.com

millington gold // henderson buff // princeton gold

I’ve really been loving gold and muted marigold tones this past year. These three swatches felt so cheerful and jumped out at me, so I had to grab them! If you’re not into the idea of an entire room painted in a golden color, think of a piece of furniture or the backside of a door. It could be really fun!

Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches - roomfortuesday.com

natural cream // revere pewter // alaskan skies // muslin // olympic mountains // clay beige // ballet white // white sand // baby fawn // edgecomb gray // hush

Benjamin Moore is known for their creamy neutrals and they never disappoint! It was very difficult to narrow down my favorites in this batch. Probably the most popular options are: Revere Pewter, Edgecomb Gray, and Muslin.

Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches - roomfortuesday.com

cloud sky // montpelier // steep cliff gray

These medium blue swatches would add so much character to a space. They have just enough saturation to really be interesting, but aren’t too bold where they could go out of style. They feel very timeless to me. Can’t you just imagine cabinetry painted in one of these shades?

Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches - roomfortuesday.com

silver streak // nickel

These two cool gray or nearly blue swatches were also stand outs for me. They almost look a little lavender or have a slight purple undertone in person.

Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches - roomfortuesday.com

townsend harbor brown // hodley red // garrison red

These wine and rust colored hues are also on my must-use list. If you’re going to go bold, you’ve got to commit and make a statement. These three timeless burgundy swatches have so much depth.

Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches - roomfortuesday.com

black iron // jet black

Last but not least, I wanted to share a couple favorite black swatches. Jet Black is intensely dark and a true very dark black, whereas Black Iron feels a tiny bit less bold, but doesn’t skew warm or cool.

I hope this post was helpful and gets your wheels turning when it comes to your next paint project! It was fun to browse the swatches while I waited for my paint. Hopefully you can pin these images and revisit during your next paint project! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead. I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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  1. So much good inspiration! I’m loving Cloudy Sky and all three of the medium/deep green swatches. I’m always collecting paint swatches because you never know when the mood will strike to repaint a room. I have probably a stack of over 100. You’d think I would just invest in one of those fan decks, haha.

    1. Thanks, Lexie! I’m totally with you… I have a basket full of paint swatches and a fan deck from every paint brand. Haha! Back when I was designing for clients, Emmett used to tease me because there were always paint chips tucked into places they didn’t belong (my car, rogue swatch in a cupholder, on the bathroom vanity, etc). Ha! Hey- at least we have resources for when the aforementioned mood strikes! Have a good weekend :)

  2. Good morning! You already know my love for paint swatches (and color!), so perusing these was a treat. I sometimes lament that all of our rooms have been painted because so many wonderful shades exist. Benjamin Moore paint isn’t carried in our area, but a Sherwin Williams was built in town just a few years ago. I’ve been tempted to take a field trip just for fun! (Too weird?) I’m into all of your medium green selections; it’s probably my favorite color, too. I’m especially drawn to Forest Floor and Sussex Green. I know it’s ridiculous, but I’m always swayed by paint names. Witching Hour, Enchanted Forest and Hush…could they all go together for my future library? (OK. I was kind of kidding, but now…) Ha. On that note, this goofy girl will sign off for the weekend! I hope yours is amazing!!💜

    1. I’m so happy you liked this one! It felt kind of random, but I dumped my swatch-filled purse and thought, “why not photograph these and share?” ha! Forest Floor and Sussex Green are two of my favorites as well. I can’t believe we don’t have a green room in our house yet. That feels like a missed opportunity. Lol! Someday. I always thought it would be way fun to be the copywriter who gets to name paint swatches and nail polish. I like a clever paint name! Have an amazing weekend :) xox

  3. “Remember- paint looks different in each home based on its surroundings, light, and the direction a room is facing …along with many other factors.”

    This is so important! I have always loved Sherwin Williams’ Naval (IIRC, this is the color your basement is painted?) based on photos of other spaces I’ve seen online, but it just does NOT look right in my house. When I’m looking for paint I make a note if there are specific colors that I see repeated, but when picking up swatches I always try to grab a handful that are near the color I’m targeting, because you really never know until you have it in your own home. In this case I landed on Anchors Aweigh instead, and it’s a much better fit for my space!

    1. It’s so important and I don’t think it’s as obvious as it seems. This is why I never make specific paint recommendations online or on social media. Those types of questions are the ones I get asked the most (can you recommend a blue? can you tell me what color to paint my cabinets? etc etc etc) and I just don’t feel comfortable making suggestions without seeing something in person or swatching it out (unless I designed the entire project and am really involved). There are just too many variables, and paint is so personal! Excellent point on grabbing a handful of swatches in a specific color family to see what one works best for you home. Anchors Aweigh is a gorgeous color and a fantastic choice, Stacy! Thanks for sharing that helpful info. Happy Friday!

  4. Melissa D says:

    You have my creative wheels turning this morning! You have fabulous suggestions as always, but some of the ones that stopped me in my scroll were surprising. I’m not usually drawn to green but those muddy/desaturated greens are so beautiful! The medium blue options are also stunning – so much so that you have me rethinking my kitchen cabinet color now! We had been planning on a deep blue-gray color (honestly similar to your kitchen), but now I’m wondering if we should go more in an montpelier/steep cliff gray direction. Hmmm… choices, choices. I’m also pleasantly surprised by my love of your gold and red color choices. Nowhere near my comfort zone, but they are beautiful and I’m thinking I may have to find somewhere for a little pop of surprising color!

    1. I love hearing that, Melissa! The muddy green hues are so beautiful, and I feel like those have staying power or classic longevity. You can’t go wrong with dark or medium blue cabinetry- whichever you choose will be beautiful. A few years later, and I still love our bold kitchen! I was also surprised by my love for the saturated color choices, but am going to try to figure out how to integrate a couple of those! They’re a little out of my comfort zone, too… but I think the effort would be well worth it. And if not? It’s just paint! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I have always only used Benjamin Moore paint and we just painted our interior doors at our cottage Steep Cliff Gray and it’s gorgeous. We have been brainstorming where we could use it in our home because it’s just that beautiful (a moody primary bedroom perhaps?!).

    1. They make some really fantastic products! Steep Cliff Gray is another favorite! I love the idea of using that for doors and millwork- genius, Kerri!

  6. My husband is a professional painter. He has an almost superstitious devotion to Cloud Cover by Benjamin Moore. He heard about it from a cabinet maker, apparently. It’s a warm white that he recommends whenever a client is struggling to pick a white. He claims it works every time! He’s no designer, though. He’s just the painter. 😉

    1. Cloud Cover is another awesome color, and I agree with your husband- it’s one of those chameleon neutral swatches that looks good just about anywhere. He sounds like an amazing painter who knows his colors :) Thanks for sharing, Courtney!

  7. Julie Marquez says:

    It’s good to know that I’m not the only one that thinking looking at paint swatches is fun! And even more fun holding them up in different lights next to different items. I am loving all those medium green tones (and apparently everyone else is loving greens too with the color of the year – green takes all!) What will BM color of the year be? I’m hoping it’s Forest Floor!

    1. It really is fun! It’s crazy how colors can change depending on their surroundings. Back in design school, we had an assignment where we had to make two totally different colors look like the same color, by swapping their backgrounds. I’ve always been fascinated with swatches! The green tones are my favorites… I usually lean toward blue & green hues. They feel so calming!

  8. Julie Marquez says:

    Now that I see that BM did a green last year, I’m voting for a blue – Montpelier is beautiful!

    1. Yes! I’d like to see a blue as well, Julie! Montpelier is definitely a favorite- it’s so beautiful. Have a great Friday!

  9. Ahhhh paint. I recently found a BM store in my area, and my FIL swears by their paint. I’m typically a Sherwin Williams girl, but Ben Moore has some amazing colors. Side note for all the paint fans-I took a trip to SW just to buy one of their fan decks…wasn’t planning on painting anything, just wanted to see all the colors in my house, lol! I may have to do the same for BM-these colors are outstanding. Truth be told, white paint selections make me tense up; there are far too many “whites” to choose from, and they all look so vastly different. This is my least favorite color to pick. Any tips on narrowing down white options Sarah?
    Mysterious and Dark Pewter are standing out in the deep blues. Navy blue is one of the colors I’m always most drawn to- dare I say my favorite? Rolling Hills and Raintree Green are the standouts in the muddy green category-something about a muddy or desaturated olive hue speaks to me-it reminds me of all the olive ranches growing up. Enchanted Forest is an outstanding green-I love the idea of putting this color on the walls of a study or library. Runner up for me is garden oasis-this one would be gorgeous in a kitchen. My favorite swatches of the day are the gold tones. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect muddy yellow/gold tone for the kids’ bathroom. I know in my head what the color is, now it’s just finding the swatch to match. I call it vintage yellow, but Henderson Buff is the closest I’ve seen yet! Natural Cream, Ballet White and Edgecomb Gray appeal to me in the way of creams. I’m not sure if there’s a common thread among them that would clue me in to the types of creams I’m drawn to, but it strikes me now that if there is, perhaps those same common threads would help with a white selection. 🤔 In the grays it’s Montpelier, and yes, it would be fantastic on cabinetry! Townsend Harbor Brown and Black Iron round out the standouts for me. I’m anxious to see what Ben Moore’s color of the year will be, but I still can’t get the SW color out of my head. Happy Friday Sarah! I hope you have an amazing weekend. Xo