Facebook Marketplace Finds : Louisville, KY

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Louisville, KY - roomfortuesday.comI know it’s not Friday YET, but surprise- I have a Facebook Marketplace Finds post lined up for today! I’m bringing some weekend joy to you a bit early, since I haven’t been posting on Fridays. My latest find on FBMP was the vintage Henredon bench, pictured above. I picked that beauty up last weekend and am planning to style it in our upcoming guest room reveal. So far I’ve scoured Columbus, Denver, Dallas, Salt Lake City (my home city), and Chicago. I’m making my way down a long list of your requested cities, and today I’m featuring my finds from… Louisville. My family lives in Kentucky and my mom sent me a Zillow link earlier this week for a, probably haunted, 1800s mansion. It kind of made me miss the architecture in the bluegrass state. Speaking of, follow this Instagram account based in KY, if you like looking at old houses. We just don’t have as much of that here in Utah. Anyway- I thought it would be fun to shop my old stomping grounds and see what I could dig up. This one is for my friends and fam in the tri-state region (Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio). Enjoy these finds from Louisville and the surrounding areas- I hope some of you can snag some cool furniture… 

*Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Dining Set

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Louisville, KY - roomfortuesday.comThis dining set is a major budget find… for $100, you get 6 cane back chairs (though the upholstery could use some cleaning or new upholstery), and a dining table. The shape is really great and the table extends. This is an awesome deal and could be a really cute set with a little elbow grease!

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Brass Vessel

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Louisville, KY - roomfortuesday.comThis brass pedestal vessel has a really fun shape. It’s a super score for $6 and would make a very cool waste basket in a home office or powder room! Someone hurry and grab this.

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Chinoiserie Chairs

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Louisville, KY - roomfortuesday.comThese vintage chairs are in incredible shape. I’m assuming they were recently restored and reupholstered. They’re very well done and I actually really like the seat cushion fabric as well. The overall shape is quite designerly and there are only two left. I think they’re priced a bit high- especially given half of the set sold. The demand for a pair of chairs is much less than a set. Since there are only two available and they’ve been on the market for a long time, I’d offer $190 for both (a BOGO situation). If you really want them, you may have to go higher.

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Vintage Oil Painting

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Louisville, KY - roomfortuesday.comThis original vintage oil painting is fantastic! The frame is stunning, and the portrait is very well done. I love oil portraits, and this one has a great scale. It’s honestly worth way more than the $250 asking price. I will always be willing to invest in original artwork.

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Henredon Nighstand

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Louisville, KY - roomfortuesday.comThis vintage nightstand has a classic, traditional shape… and it’s a high-end designer brand, Henredon. I think it would look lovely painted! It’s listed at $150, but has been on the market for quite some time… I’d offer $75 and see what happens. It’s a great piece!

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Vintage Modern Chairs

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Louisville, KY - roomfortuesday.comYou can snag six of these modern chairs for $200- or probably less. They’ve also been listed for awhile, so I think you could offer $150 to start. They have a great sculptural shape (which is very “in” right now), the color blocking is beautiful, plus they stack.

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Ethan Allen Sofa

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Louisville, KY - roomfortuesday.comThis white Ethan Allen sofa is in fantastic shape. It’s upholstered in performance fabric, so don’t let the bright neutral color freak you out. The cushion covers are also removable for easy washing, so it seems like an awesome durable, designer piece. It’s listed for $900. I’d probably offer $750 and see how negotiation unfolds.

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Antique Mirror

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Louisville, KY - roomfortuesday.comThis gold antique mirror is incredibly beautiful. I think this would be a really versatile styling piece. It’s very sizable as well, at 53″ long! It’s listed at $125, but has been posted for awhile… I’d offer $100 to start. I love the ornate details and unique shape!

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Woven Bedroom Set

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Louisville, KY - roomfortuesday.comThis woven wicker bedroom set was just listed and I think many of these pieces would be really charming in a kids room or coastal home. You may even be able to pick and choose which pieces you’re interested in. The entire set is listed for $300, which I believe includes nightstands, two dressers, and a chair.

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Dining Chair Set

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Louisville, KY - roomfortuesday.comLast, I found a set of six really gorgeous dining chairs. I love the frame style and the woven, textural back. I’m not in love with the seat cushion upholstery fabric (which happens to be new), but that could easily be updated. Can you imagine them in animal print (think Scalamandré) or something fun! $225 for the entire set and these could be yours. They were just listed and I imagine they’ll go fast.

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As always, please let me know if you end up with any of these pieces! I love seeing vintage furniture from FBMP posts end up in your amazing homes. I hope you all have a fun Halloween weekend ahead!

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  1. Haha. Is your mom trying to get you to move back home, or does she just love sharing houses? If my mother was more tech savvy, sending me Zillow listings from Maine would be a tempting strategy! Old homes in the East can’t be beat! As to your finds, I have to say that oil painting, while beautiful, makes me edgy. I think it’s all the ghost talk from yesterday! I’m always bummed when a nightstand doesn’t have a pair! I think the one you found is especially cute with the fluted legs. That mirror is lovely; would that shape and size have been intended for a mantle? What do you think about using it against a kitchen backsplash? That might be a nutty idea… Anyway, my favorite find is the modern stacking chairs! I dig every single detail! I would snap those up in a second. Thanks for sharing!
    Here’s wishing you the MOST amazing birthday weekend, Sarah! May it be filled with scrumptious food, delightful beverages, loving companionship, puppy shenanigans, enchanting surprises and benevolent spirits!💜🍾🎉🎂

    1. Oh, most definitely! She is not into house shopping, old houses, or design at all. We could not be more different. Haha! Speaking of nightstands that aren’t a pair… I’ve been trying to find a match for the one I thrifted in our master bedroom. Emmett’s side of the bed is still looking sad, and I’m have zero luck. I wish it would’ve come with a match. I’m tempted to thrift a pair and get rid of mine, but it’s just so beautiful. Decisions, decisions. I really like having symmetry in a bedroom (I know you do, too). Ugh. I definitely think the mirror was intended for a mantel or above a piece of furniture like a dresser. It is GIANT. I actually love the idea of using it against a backsplash. Gwen’s mirrored backsplash is one of my favorites. Those modern stacking chairs have such a cool shape, and I couldn’t resist the color blocking. They feel really fresh! Thank you so much for your kind words, as always :) I’m excited to take a day off work, enjoy good food & drinks, and spend some time outside (of course there will be dog snuggles, too). Have an awesome weekend Peggi!! xox

  2. I’m from Louisville and now living up in N. KY near Cincinnati. Thanks for the great finds!

    1. I love hearing that, Tracey! I miss Cinci, Newport, and Louisville… it has been far too long since we’ve come home for a visit. Have a great weekend!

  3. First, Happy Birthday Sarah! Hope you have plans to celebrate big!
    You found some really good things. All the heart eyes for the Henredon nightstand & chinoiserie chairs. Wow, that mirror does not look 53″ that’s a great size. I especially love the bench that you found. So beautiful!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Thank you, Danna! I think we’re keeping it low key this year, which I am perfectly fine with. I’m hoping to enjoy some good food, take a tiny break from work, and get up in the mountains… basically my ideal combination. Hah! Doesn’t Louisville have so many gems?! I also thought the mirror was much smaller, before reading the description, but the size is GIANT. I’m itching to photograph the guest bedroom already, but I’m still waiting on some accessories to arrive. My new (old) bench is absolutely beautiful in the space. Can’t wait to share! Have a wonderful weekend :) xo

  4. Oooh this FB Marketplace roundup is everything!!!! I would buy any of these! You made it super tough to pick a favorite, but I think the dining set takes the cake! I actually love the blue, and I envision them being stained a bit darker and possibly taking that tabletop to black. Second in line would be those Chinoiserie chairs! How incredible are those?! I adore the fabric on the seat cushion. And that oil painting…All in all, you’ve found some amazing pieces, and if I lived closer I’d for sure want to try my hand at scoring one! I recently tried Everything but the House: there was a beautiful sculpture of a little girl for sale, and it reminded me of my little Brookie; sadly someone out-bid me in the last hour! I had plans to style it in her room when I get around to renovating it. Such is the hunt right?! Lol. Have a wonderful birthday weekend Sarah!! You deserve the most relaxing, doggo cuddling, good food eating, celebratory weekend!! Cheers to a new year! Happy Birthday (early). Xoxo😘😘

    1. I found lots of good things in Louisville- it was tough to narrow it down to 10! I’m tempted to have my brother, who lives in Louisville, snag some things and ship them to me, but let’s get real… I have way too much vintage “junk” as it is. Haha! I get super competitive on EBTH, and always end up bidding higher than I want (it’s real a problem). It sounds like the sculpture would’ve been so perfect for her bedroom, but I bet another one will come along :) Maybe you’ll score something even better. The thrill of the hunt is half the fun :) Thank you so much, Lauren! I hope you also have the best birthday weekend celebrating with your fam and watching your kids have Halloween fun with your neighbors. Cheers to good food, fun times, and a celebratory weekend for the both of us!! Happy Birthday!! xox

  5. Stephanie Lambe says:

    Hi Sarah! I love your FB Marketplace roundups. You always have such great finds and got me interested in thrifting more through this avenue. I love estate sales and antique malls, and I’m excited for this new way to shop! Could you provide tips and tricks, or maybe do a post about how to navigate FB Marketplace better? I’m in looking for items but don’t know which keywords or alerts to set. I love learning from your blog and would like to learn more!

  6. Can’t wait to see how you style that gorgeous bench you found. Can I ask what you paid for it? We travel to Utah quite frequently and I would look to find a bench like that for my home! Also, did I somehow miss a post about your new office space and details on TuesdayMade?

    1. Of course! I paid $150 that for that beauty. I was able to negotiate with the seller. It looks so lovely styled in our guest room! I can’t wait to share… I’m just waiting on art to arrive :) You have not missed a post on Tuesday Made, and I posted about our office for the first time today (a quick bathroom makeover). I’ve been so busy working on getting our shop up and running, that I haven’t had time for a proper blog introduction YET. Once we’re going and our office looks more put together, I’ll be sharing alllll of the details!! We’re very excited.

  7. I love these posts! I especially that you include what you’d offer and why. So helpful as I’m looking at things in my own area (Connecticut). There is a lot to be found out here, but many things are too traditional for me. Still, I’ve managed to furnish most of my house via FBMP, Craigslist, and OfferUp! Kind of fun to imagine my house without all of the secondhand finds – I wouldn’t have much left!!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that, Brittany! Connecticut seems like a gold mine for FBMP- especially if you love classical or traditional furniture (which I’m very into). We have more mid century and “new” used furniture (restoration hardware, pottery barn, etc) in my location, which I’m not as into anymore. I wish we could do a trade! Haha! So many things in our house is thrifted as well… I feel like it adds so much character and personality. I like having furniture that is one-of-a-kind. It makes it special!