Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Denver, CO

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Denver, CO - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday! I’ve got a new FB Marketplace Finds post for you and this week I scoured Denver, Colorado! I’m not going to lie- Denver feels within reach (and very drivable) for me, so many of these finds were tempting. I uncovered lots of gems I think you’re going to like! Click through to check them out… 

I’m going to reiterate the safety tips from my previous post when making FB Marketplace transactions during the age of Covid… stay safe out there, friends!

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Denver, CO -

Tips for Safe, Zero Contact FB Marketplace Transactions During Covid-19
  • Pay Digitally // I always pay with Venmo or PayPal anyway (because I never have cash), but this is super important for a contract free transaction. Ask the seller if you can pay digitally, and if they decline- it wasn’t meant to be. You could even sweeten the deal with a digital deposit (if you trust the seller). I’ve done that in the past to ensure they’ll hold the item for me!
  • Request a Zero Contact Pickup // When picking something up, ask the seller to place the item outside on their porch, driveway, or lawn. Let them know what vehicle you’ll be arriving in and at what time, give them a wave through the door from a distance, load your item, and leave.
  • Clean & Sanitize or Allow the Piece to Sit Outside for 2-3 Days // I’ve been sanitizing anything that comes into our home, and I normally do that regardless of a pandemic when buying items secondhand. Alternatively, you can allow the piece to sit in your garage or under a covered outdoor area for a few days prior to bringing it into your home. It’s always better to be cautious.
  • Ask for a Virtual Detailed Look // If you need to “see” the piece prior to committing, ask the seller to FaceTime or video chat you. You can also request additional information (specific measurements, more photos, what material its made of, etc).
  • Bring Safe Help // If you’ll be loading a heavy piece and need help lifting, bring someone from your own household who has been sheltering in place with you. Do NOT ask a friend or the seller to help.
  • Wear a Mask Anyway // Anytime I’m in public, I wear my mask. Even if I’m expecting a zero contact delivery, you never know… it’s better to be safe.

*Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Modern Accent Chair

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Denver, CO - roomfortuesday.comI absolutely love the parson shape and color of this beautiful modern chair, plus it’s in pristine condition! The upholstery fabric has a nice texture and I think it would look great paired with any aesthetic. It has already been listed for a week, so I’d start much lower than the asking price…. maybe $200?

→  check it out ←

Live Ficus Tree

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Denver, CO - roomfortuesday.comThis is a LIVE ficus tree… I repeat- this is not faux. It is GIANT. The seller states it is over 45 years old and weighs around 250 lbs. If you have a home with super tall ceilings and large windows, please go pick this thing up. It’s a real gem… and live plants are always better than faux. I feel like our neighbors with the a-frame cabin need this guy, but moving a tree this size from Denver to Salt Lake would be a complete nightmare. Haha! For only $100, this massive living tree could be yours.

→  check it out ←

Vintage Dresser

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Denver, CO - roomfortuesday.comThis dresser is timeless, the hardware is stunning, the burl drawers are beautiful, and the shape is very classic. This is another one of those pieces I wish were a tiny bit closer, because I’d grab it for our bedroom in a heartbeat. It’s listed for $400 with a matching nightstand, but if it were me- I’d offer $200-$250 for the dresser and pass on the nightstand.

→  check it out ←

Pair of Lamps

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Denver, CO - roomfortuesday.comTwo lamps for $20. You can’t beat that! I will say- these are what I would call “project lamps”. I would use my friend Jenny’s easy plaster lamp tutorial, and breathe new life into the bases (covering up the southwest print). The tapered shades are in great condition, so I’d leave those alone… that shade style is also very trendy right now, which would be fun to have a matching pair that feels fresh. Someone snag these!

→  check it out ←

Henredon Dining Set

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Denver, CO - roomfortuesday.comThis Hendredon dining set is insane! The dining chairs are super cool, the velvet fabric is in perfect condition, and I even like the color. This set feels very designerly, and being Henredon- I know it’s well built and worth much more than the asking price. It has been listed for over a week and I’m guessing will take a specific person (with excellent taste) to jump on the deal. It also comes with the two curio cabinets pictured in the back. Knowing that, I’d offer $250-$300 for the dining set and skip on the cabinets. I’m not a fan of super “matchy matchy” rooms. I’d pair this table with a wood buffet or sideboard instead, if you have the space. Do you see the brass feet on the chair legs? There are so many cool details!

→  check it out ←

Wicker Seating Set

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Denver, CO - roomfortuesday.comI want this wicker seating set. I really do! This would be perfect on a covered balcony, patio, in a sunroom, in a large hall, foyer, studio, etc. It feels elegant and feminine, yet casual. I’ve very into the barrel back shape of the chairs. The 3-piece set is listed at $140, so I’d probably offer $100 to start. It hasn’t even been listed for 24 hours, and I think it’s a fair price. I’d probably even offer up to $175 in the negotiation process.

→  check it out ←

Persian Area Rug

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Denver, CO - roomfortuesday.comYou guys know I love my vintage rugs. This vintage Samovar Persian rug is a great size… 9×6. I’m really into the color palette and think we’ll be seeing more of this emerald green and salmon color combo pairing. It feels like it’s making a comeback. It’s listed at $149 and has been on the market for over a week, so I’d probably offer $75 to start. It looks very clean and is in great condition!

→  check it out ←

Vintage Nightstand

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Denver, CO - roomfortuesday.comPer usual, I’m digging the shape and hardware of this regency, mandarin nightstand. The veneer drawer fronts look cheap to me, so I’d give this thing a fresh coat of paint, lacquer, or enamel. This would be really awesome painted in a fun color! I think the listing price is high for what it is ($125), plus it has been listed for quite some time, so I’d probably start with a $50 offer and go as high as $75. Regardless, it would be beautiful next to a bed.

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9-Piece Baker Dining Set

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Denver, CO - roomfortuesday.comDenver is full of awesome dining sets! This Baker Furniture set is incredible. The chair and table shape are perfection, and it’s huge- seating eight. It does appear to need a little work, as I see some wear. I’d pretty much leave the chairs alone (maybe reupholster and furniture polish), then paint the table white or a lighter color for some contrast. This big set is listed at $600, which seems more than fair for a high-end designer set, but it has been listed over a week. I bet you could start at $450. Most people probably don’t have room for a set this large, so it will take a specific buyer… which means better leverage for negotiation.

→  check it out ←

Blue & White Vase

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Denver, CO - roomfortuesday.comThis simple vase would make for a great styling object. I could easily envision it styled on shelves, in a kitchen, on a coffee table, and so many other places. I’d offer $5-$7 and see what happens.

→  check it out ←

Please tag me if you’re in Colorado and you buy any of my finds! I’d love to see them “in person” on Instagram, and how you style them in your home. Also… if you missed my dining set makeover earlier this week, it was a FB Marketplace find! Which city should I scour next? I had promised you guys Denver before the pandemic, so I wanted to squeeze this city in, now that it is much safer to thrift. Let me know in the comment section below! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, with a nice balance of relaxation and productivity. We’re going on a little adventure.

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    1. It’s on the list! Thank you :) Happy Friday!

  1. First, I’d like to point out that the modern chair, Henredon dining set AND the Persian rug are ALL in shades of pink; my work here is done. *evil laugh* Second, I would really like to have all three of those things! That dining set seriously has me crying. I would not even argue about the lighted curios; I’d just have the swankiest book cases at my school! I need to practice more patience with our FBMP. Cool items do appear…once in a blue moon. I went thrifting yesterday for the first time in ages! I didn’t find any treasures, but it was a much-needed outing. Our weekend might be finally getting the patio together if it doesn’t rain too much. I look forward to some vicarious adventure in your stories. Happy Pizza Friday and cheers to some outdoor time!😎💜

    1. I have definitely been hanging around you too long ;) I have to say- you’ve convinced me. I REALLY like all three of those pieces, in that exact color. Ha! Isn’t that dining set the coolest?! The curio cabinets would be amazing in your classroom (most stylish teacher award). I never thought about that use for the cabinets… or splitting them up for another room in the house. I’m so happy you were able to get out and go thrifting yesterday. Did you feel a sense of normal again? I’m craving that. I haven’t been since February and I’m itching to go have some fun and dig around for treasure. I hope you’re able to get your patio together- so you can enjoy it this summer. Pizza Fridays on the patio perhaps? That sounds like my ideal Friday. No pizza Friday for us tonight though… we’re packing up the dogs this afternoon and are heading to Yellowstone to camp with the friends we did the deck for (and they’re cooking dinner tonight on the campfire). I’ll be sure to post some stories of the pups and beautiful views :) Have an awesome weekend! xo

  2. You always find the best stuff!! Ugh…I’ve been wanting to go on marketplace recently, as I’m on the hunt for a vintage dresser for my daughter…her current one is an antique tiger wood with the original mirror, but it’s just too small, and the drawers don’t open and close very well. I’ve tried fixing, but it’s just not working. Lol. Anyhow I dread getting on marketplace. I guess because there’s never anything THAT good. Yellowstone??? Do you know how jealous I am right now? That’s probably my favorite place in America…for now. Have a wonderful time Sarah!! And happy Friday!

    1. Happy Friday, Lauren! Oooohhh tiger wood is so beautiful, but I definitely get the scale not being right for a space. Maybe you can find something equally as stunning! Marketplace is such a time suck for me- I spend wayyyy too many hours on there browsing, but I feel like that’s what it takes to uncover the good stuff- or snag something before someone else gets to it first. Yes! I’m so excited for the weekend and a change of scenery. We were supposed to work on our guest bedroom this weekend and spontaneously changed our mind. Ha! Hope you have a beautiful and relaxing weekend :) xo

      1. Lol…sounds like we’re on the same page with procrastination🤣😂the bathroom has me stumped and I find myself carving out time to force myself into making progress and then filling that time with other things. Lol. I guess that means I need to brainstorm until I come up with something better. Haha!

        1. Same, same. I’m definitely feeling this. I need to find my motivation again. I’m excited about the design plan- I’m just avoiding the work. Haha! But also… Yellowstone is always a good idea.

  3. I found your blog a couple weeks ago and I’m hooked! I check in every day. I love these posts- you have a great eye. I’d love to see San Diego on your list!

    1. Thanks, Courtney! I’m so glad you’re here :) I’m adding San Diego to the list! Have a great weekend. xo

  4. I wish I lived near you, lol. Great finds!

    1. Haha! Thanks Heather :)

  5. I love this series! I check Facebook Marketplace at least once a day…currently in the market for a dresser and I am thinking about this one, but need to tape out the dimensions on my floor and see what I think! Not sure there will be enough leeway between the bed and dresser. I think the green marble top is so unique and interesting.

    1. I love hearing that, Brittany! I’m also on it every night. It has kind of become this weird obsession. Haha! I’m afraid I’ll miss something cool. Love the dresser!! Great idea on taping out the footprint to make sure it fits :)

  6. Bring on Des Moines, IA!

    1. Des Moines :) I bet there are some amazing things to be found! I’ll give it a go. Thank you Olivia!

  7. Would love to see what you can find in Chicago. Hint hint please !!!

    1. Chicago!! Can’t wait to see what gems are hiding in your city, Camila! :)