Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Salt Lake City, UT

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Salt Lake City, UT - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday! We have arrived at the weekend. Do you spy my foraging finds from earlier this week? This bar cart was a cute $15 find from FB Marketplace last year (see the makeover here). It has been far too long since I’ve shared a Friday FB Marketplace post, but I didn’t want to encourage unnecessary contact throughout this pandemic. In this post you’ll find my tips for safe, zero contact Facebook marketplace transactions, along with finds from my own area… Salt Lake City, Utah. You guys wanted to know what I’m saving on my own list and the types of items floating around our area, so your wish is my command. Although Utah is back up and running (though we’re personally still trying to social distance), if your state is still on total lockdown and shelter-in-place, I’d advise against all marketplace transactions until orders are lifted… just to be extra cautious and responsible. If you are going to buy something secondhand, make sure there is zero contact involved. Click through for the post!

I’ll begin by saying, I haven’t purchased anything since February (the nightstand pictured below, before all of this started), and I don’t have plans to grab anything as of yet, but if I did see something I couldn’t live without- I’d follow my own rules below.

My Picks From the Alice Lane Very Best Sale -

Tips for Safe, Zero Contact FB Marketplace Transactions During Covid-19
  • Pay Digitally // I always pay with Venmo or PayPal anyway (because I never have cash), but this is super important for a contract free transaction. Ask the seller if you can pay digitally, and if they decline- it wasn’t meant to be. You could even sweeten the deal with a digital deposit (if you trust the seller). I’ve done that in the past to ensure they’ll hold the item for me!
  • Request a Zero Contact Pickup // When picking something up, ask the seller to place the item outside on their porch, driveway, or lawn. Let them know what vehicle you’ll be arriving in and at what time, give them a wave through the door from a distance, load your item, and leave.
  • Clean & Sanitize or Allow the Piece to Sit Outside for 2-3 Days // I’ve been sanitizing anything that comes into our home, and I normally do that regardless of a pandemic when buying items secondhand. Alternatively, you can allow the piece to sit in your garage or under a covered outdoor area for a few days prior to bringing it into your home. It’s always better to be cautious.
  • Ask for a Virtual Detailed Look // If you need to “see” the piece prior to committing, ask the seller to FaceTime or video chat you. You can also request additional information (specific measurements, more photos, what material its made of, etc).
  • Bring Safe Help // If you’ll be loading a heavy piece and need help lifting, bring someone from your own household who has been sheltering in place with you. Do NOT ask a friend or the seller to help.
  • Wear a Mask Anyway // Anytime I’m in public, I wear my mask. Even if I’m expecting a zero contact delivery, you never know… it’s better to be safe.

*Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Pair of Twin Beds

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Salt Lake City, UT - roomfortuesday.comThese twin beds have a classic shape and would be absolutely darling in a kids room- or even a guest room. I’m not a huge fan of cherry wood (in terms of color), so I’d opt to paint them a fun, desaturated color. They’re listed at $400, and I’d probably start my offer at $350 because they’re in great shape and were just listed yesterday.

→  check it out ←

Bernhardt English Arm Sofa

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Salt Lake City, UT - roomfortuesday.comThis designer velvet Bernhardt sofa is a steal! I have no idea how it has been on the market for a week now. It’s absolutely stunning! I love the timeless rolled English arm, the charcoal color, and it seems to be wearing very well. It could use some fluffing and rotating, but that’s so easy. I’d offer $400 and go from there (it’s listed at $500).

→  check it out ←

Burl Wood Coffee Table

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Salt Lake City, UT - roomfortuesday.comThis burl coffee table has been listed multiple times now and I keep adding it to my “saved” list each time I see it. It has a nice modern profile and you guys already know I’m a fan of burl! It has so much character. I would have some serious fun styling this beauty. I’m imagining four large stacks of books, some candles, a sculptural bowl, etc. It’s listed at $450, but I’m thinking you could go as low as $300, since it keeps getting re-listed.

→  check it out ←

Pair of Antique Frames

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Salt Lake City, UT - roomfortuesday.comFor $20, these large 23″ frames are an awesome find! I love installing pairs of art. I’m honestly considering snagging these, if one of you doesn’t beat me to them. I like filing things like this into my prop closet, because I never know when I’ll need to use them.

→  check it out ←

Giant Terra Cotta Urn

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Salt Lake City, UT - roomfortuesday.comBefore quarantine began, I bought a giant sized urn at HomeGoods, and I’m pretty sure it’s not as cool as this one. I hate when that happens! This has awesome double handles and would be great to fill negative space in a corner of your home, balance the end of a long hallway, or would even make a wonderful garden sculpture. I wouldn’t even put anything inside of it- it’s large enough to stand on its own. Not into the color? Paint or plaster it! I’d offer $50 for this. Just for reference- I paid $90 for mine.

→  check it out ←

Woven High Back Dining Chairs

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Salt Lake City, UT - roomfortuesday.comPerhaps it’s because these chairs kind of remind me of our vintage dining set (that is currently being painted), but these are incredible! I love the woven back, and I’m even digging the coral seat color. They’re listed at $270, and have been on the market for awhile- I’m thinking you might be able to snag the entire set for $200! They need a bit of work, but would be well worth it.

→  check it out ←

Antique Ornate Chandelier

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Salt Lake City, UT - roomfortuesday.comThis heavy, antique brass chandelier is what my fancy French chateau dreams are made of! I kind of want to make an offer and find a place for this thing… I’m just trying to figure out where. It’s listed for $50!! That seems so low to me. Someone please buy this before I do (I hope Emmett isn’t reading this).

→  check it out ←

Campaign Style Desk

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Salt Lake City, UT - roomfortuesday.comI debated posting this one because selfishly- I wanted to save it for myself. I immediately thought of my home office. I wish we were focusing on that renovation project right now. Emmet and I seriously considered grabbing this a couple weeks ago, but decided it would be irresponsible since Utah was still closed down for Covid. It’s a bit of a haul and we’d have to cross over into Idaho (hours of driving). Any Boise friends around here? This thing is solid wood and the campaign style is so beautiful!

→  check it out ←

Pineapple Floor Lamp

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Salt Lake City, UT - roomfortuesday.comThis brass lamp is listed at $40, but I bet you could offer $25 – $30 and make it happen. I love the fun pineapple details. I’d swap the shade and it would feel like a brand new, beautiful designer lamp!

→  check it out ←

Tiger Oak Dresser

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Salt Lake City, UT - roomfortuesday.comLastly, I couldn’t resist sharing this tiger wood beauty. I’m kind of bummed that someone painted the top and edges, but I honestly don’t hate the color. I could also see the colored part going dark green, deep navy, or black. Talk about character! This dresser is listed at $350, and I’d probably offer $250 to start. It’s such a timeless piece of furniture.

→  check it out ←

I’d love to hear which finds were your favorites? Do I have any Salt Lake neighbors reading this? I hope these pieces will eventually find their way to good homes. Wishing you all a beautiful, fun-filled weekend… and happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there! You are so appreciated.

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  1. These really are some great finds! I always wonder about the loot in other cities. Someone should definitely be snagging that beautiful sofa. I love the look of the high cane backs on those chairs-so modern. (Anxiously awaiting the reveal of your set!) I don’t have a space big enough for a square coffee table, but hello pretty burl! And I echo your dismay about the paint on that stunning tiger oak. For $50, you should definitely make your fancy French chateau dreams come true! I feel like you could find the perfect spot. If I had a truck, I’d happily grab that campaign desk for you; Boise is our closest city, so that’s my FBMP stomping grounds. I look forward to thrifting again…sometime soon, I hope. Meanwhile, happy Pizza Friday, friends!! 💖🍕

    1. Thanks Peggi! Happy Pizza Friday :) I wish I had a place for the sofa. I think I might have to snag the chandelier… I just don’t know where I’d put it. My office maybe? If it’s still around next week, I’ll take that as a sign and go for it. Isn’t that campaign desk amazing?! Idaho really isn’t a bad drive for us… it’s long but beautiful, so maybe if it’s still around in a month or so once everything settles, we’ll try to go for it. It looks SO heavy. I’m not even sure if that thing could fit in our truck. We may need to buy a trailer. Hope you have an amazing weekend! xo

  2. I wish our marketplace had items like these!

    1. It just takes a lot of digging and specific search terms! Maybe I’ll do a post on how I search? :) xo

  3. Oh, I wish we lived near you. I would snag those antique gold frames. Love the burl wood coffee table! Kind of makes my heart hurt to see the painted Tiger oak dresser. My mother has an upright chest of drawers in this and its my favorite. You really found a lot of goodies! I could spend hours looking on our fb marketplace.
    Happy pizza friday to you. I have officially burned my husband out of margaritas so its pina coladas tonight! Hope your weekend is wonderful!

    1. I know… same, Danna! I still love the piece, but wish it wasn’t painted. I could also spend hours on FB marketplace. That’s usually what I do while mindlessly watching tv before bed each night, haha! Pina coladas?! I’m so jealous… I love a good one. They remind me of our honeymoon. I’m dreaming of a beach vacation with endless pina coladas now. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy :) xo