Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! I have a fun post lined up for you. After multiple requests to search this city, I’m hoping to make lots of Chicago (and surrounding area) residents happy today! This is definitely my favorite FB Marketplace roundup to date. Chicago seems to be a gold mine for gorgeous furniture! In fact- I found so many amazing pieces, I’m sharing 15 today… instead of the regular 10. Believe me when I say, I could’ve kept going, but the post would’ve been too long. SO. MANY. GOOD. FINDS. I will note- the prices on certain items seem to be higher in Chicago, so people definitely understand and know the value of what they have, but I’m one of those who is willing to pay a little more for quality, condition, good design, etc. There are still many deals to be found in the mix, along with gorgeous designer pieces. Click through to see what I found!

*Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Henredon Writing Desk

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - roomfortuesday.comThis writing desk has my name written all over it. Whyyyy can’t I live closer to Chicago?! It’s Henredon brand (a designer furniture company), and those lines, burl wood, and details have me smitten. Given it is a designer desk in excellent condition, it’s listed at $650. However, it has been on the market for 3+ weeks, so I’d probably offer $475, cross my fingers, and negotiate with a counter offer (maybe $500?). It’s well worth it.

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Solid Marble Coffee Table

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - roomfortuesday.comThis solid marble coffee table has beautiful veining and seems to be very heavy and in great condition. It’s listed at $350, but has also been on the market for 3+ weeks, so I’d probably start my offer at $200.

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Modern Burl Desk

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - roomfortuesday.comThis insanely cool, glossy, burl desk is listed for only $300! I love the brass base and streamlined shape. Someone needs to grab this before it’s gone! I don’t know how, but it has been listed for 4 weeks… so I’d probably offer $200 to start.

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Bench Seat Designer Sofa

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - roomfortuesday.comThis is a designer Lee Industries sofa. I own a few Lee Industries pieces myself and have visited their showroom many times when I was taking on client projects. They manufacture gorgeous, high-quality furniture in North Carolina. I’m willing to bet this sofa has down cushions and a solid wood frame. The condition is used and I notice some flaws in the fabric, but you could easily have it reupholstered or slipcovered. It is listed at $900, but has been on the market for months. I’d offer $500 to start and would be willing to go higher than that for this one. It has a beautiful, timeless shape.

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Cobalt Chairs

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - roomfortuesday.comThese classic cobalt chairs are stunning! They were just listed and you can grab the pair for $100 if you hurry. They’re in amazing shape.

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Baker End Tables

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - roomfortuesday.comI’m unsure if there are one or two of these Baker end or bedside tables available, but I love the faux bamboo look and know they are higher end. It’s listed at $175, but I bet you could make a deal for $100-$125.

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Accent Chair

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - roomfortuesday.comAnother gorgeous chair from high-end furniture maker, Hickory Chair. What would I do with a lone, single chair? Use it as a desk chair, at a writing desk, or position it in a guest room. I love the shape and exquisite details on this one! It’s listed for $40.

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Pair of Modern Chairs

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - roomfortuesday.comThis pair of modern chairs is in awesome shape! They would be cool in a modern home, office or studio setting, or open concept living space. I really like the wood tone and fabric choice.

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Brass Clawfoot Coffee Table

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - roomfortuesday.comHere’s the deal on this coffee table… there is a big chip in the glass top, but that gives you negotiating power! It’s listed at $150. I’d offer $75. You could easily have new glass cut- or even better… STONE! I would love to see this with a marble top. Visit your remnant yard and have one cut at a discount, or score a marble top from another table. I do that all the time… swap the tops and bases of tables. I love the brass finish and hoof feet.

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Chic Sofa with Bolsters

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - roomfortuesday.comHere is another sofa with another gorgeous shape! It’s listed for $450 but has been on the market for over a month. I’d offer $300 to start. I love that it comes with the two bolsters! I’m also digging the curved back that feels very chic and feminine. This would be great in a bedroom or living space!

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Giant Three Person Desk

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - roomfortuesday.comMark this as another piece I want to buy and am sad I don’t live close to Chicago. This massive, solid wood, three person desk would be perfect for our new office building. I love the hardware placement, the timeless shape, and think this would be amazing in a creative studio or spacious home office. Can you imagine working at this thing?! It’s made by Stanley Furniture (another high-end brand), and is listed at $700. It was only listed a day ago and I’d pay the full asking price if it came down to it.

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Striped Chairs

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL -$165 for this GORGEOUS pair of chairs. Someone please rescue these! I wish the seller would ship them to me. I love the striped fabric and traditional frame.

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Original Signed Oil Painting

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - roomfortuesday.comI’m all about original art. This is an original floral oil painting (it’s even signed) and comes in a beautiful ornate frame. This still life painting was just listed at $200. Original art holds its value very well! I really like this one.

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Baker Settee with Bolsters

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - roomfortuesday.comI found ANOTHER sofa / settee with bolsters. Why can’t these be closer to me? I’m having FOMO over here in Utah right now. This one is made by Baker, another designer brand. It definitely would look better reupholstered, but I think some fabric fluffing, stretching, and fixing could also make it work in the meantime. It’s listed at $1500… which is high, in my opinion- for the condition. I’d probably offer $700 and see what happens since it has been listed for a couple weeks. I’m guessing the seat cushions are down and the frame is solid wood. It’s definitely an heirloom piece. This would be really nice at the foot of the bed, too.

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Velvet Dining Chairs

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - roomfortuesday.comLastly, I found a giant set of blue velvet dining chairs. They are Restoration Hardware brand and seem to be in pristine, new condition. Apparently the seller ordered the wrong size and hasn’t even used them. She is selling them at $350 each (they retail for $540). If you’re going to buy multiples, I’d ask if you can get a better discount. Maybe 4 for $1k? Or two for $600. Bundling items and taking multiples often results in better prices because the seller wants them gone.

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Well, I hope this was fun! Chicago friends- let me know if you grab any of these… please tag me! Wishing you all a weekend of thrifting or FB Marketplace success. We’re planning to get a lot of work done this weekend. I’m looking forward to crossing things off the list. Have a good one, friends!

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  1. I love your FB finds. I am wondering if you can offer any insights into how you search for these great items. I would love to know if you have any tips/tricks for uncovering these gems.. thanks

    1. Thanks Kim! Searching is really just a time and digging sort of situation. I scroll FBMP everyday for an hour or so. Unlike others, I think search terms are hit or miss. Some people know what they have, and others don’t… and everyone has a different opinion of style, so oftentimes listing aren’t labeled correctly. Try to search wide then hone it in (desk > vintage desk > solid wood desk > stanley desk). The more items you save and view, the better the algorithm learns what you like. Hope this helps!

  2. Good morning! Apparently, Chicago is the amazing white sofa Mecca! Also, crazy cool chairs and desks. (Hmm, wonder what you’ve been searching lately…😉) I think my favorites might be the marble coffee table and that pair of modern chairs; they both have a square heftiness that I’m digging. Not gonna lie, I might make room for that enormous burl desk in my classroom! Plenty of space for conferencing and stacks of essays.🤣 That Baker settee reupholstered at the foot of a bed? Yes. And the blue velvet on those RH chairs is swoontastic. $165 for those striped chairs?! Even a cheap-o like me thinks that’s a screaming deal. Sigh. FBMP shopping really can yield some gems if you are patient and persistent!
    Happy Pizza Friday, friend! I hope you have a lovely and productive weekend! (Any word on those French doors?)😎

    1. Haha!! Now you know what I’m on the hunt for ;) I also love those modern chairs and marble coffee table- SO good :) FBMP really can bring some beautiful pieces… it just takes some digging. I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend! I’m playing catch up here on the blog today. We’re still waiting on the french doors to arrive so we can wrap up the shed.

  3. April Blake says:

    I’d be afraid that marble table would fall right through the floor, it looks so heavy!! But I strangely love it.

    1. Haha! It looks VERY heavy, but I love it too. Funny thing… that is kind of my home renovation phobia: worrying that things might fall through the floor. Emmett (being the engineer minded guy that he is) always laughs and assures me that it just isn’t rational / possible given the joists, way its built, etc- but that is ALWAYS in the back of my mind. The same with our car… if we go camping and load it down, I’m like “ehhhh this is a lot weight, IDK”. Hahaha! I’m glad I’m not alone in this.

  4. Hannah Gokie says:

    Seriously, considering moving to Chicago just because of this post. Jaw-dropping!

    1. Right?! Why do we live so far awayyyy? Hoping these all go to good homes!

  5. Interesting finds! I have never seen a 3 person desk like that before and solid wood. I wish you could get it too! The blue velvet chairs are so pretty! The burled wood desk is so good.
    I am trying to squeeze in as much family home time as I can with our son. His graduation was fast, super HOT, but what we needed to close out high school. I will be smoldering in the garage redoing some furniture for him this next week. I’ve decided to try out a gel stain in black. Wish me luck. I think I’ll search your site to see your stain posts to get some good tips. Trying to find items for his apartment that look masculine instead of feminine is hard. The challenge is keeping my mind on good things though.
    Have a wonderful weekend Sarah! I am so excited for you & Emmett and your new adventure! Hugs!

    1. Isn’t that desk amazing? I would love to have a large piece like that in the center of a room to work and really spread out. I’m so glad you’re enjoying family time this summer- that’s the most important. I’m also happy you all were able to celebrate your son’s graduation- such a momentous occasion that deserves to be celebrated… even in the heat. It will be one to remember! So sweet of you to redo furniture for him. I honestly have never used gel stain! I tried to convince Emmett to buy it once, but he is a traditional stain kind of guy. Haha! You’ll have to let me know how it goes, so I can learn from YOU! When working on his apartment think of masculine materials- wood, iron or metal, industrial pieces, upholstery that is masculine colors: blue, gray, leather, etc. Thanks again for being in our corner and for your support, Danna :) Have an amazing weekend! xo

  6. Love these posts Sarah!! Would LOVE to see one for Atlanta, GA if you are looking for another city!!!