Seasonal Home Finds (+ Our Office Bathroom Makeover)

Office Bathroom Makeover & Seasonal Home Finds - roomfortuesday.comLast week, I shared some snippets of our office space on Instagram, and while I was shopping for winter & seasonal decor for our house– I decided to order some things for the office. What I envisioned as a quick styling project escalated to painting the office bathroom, but it looks a thousand times better and was well worth the effort. Click through to see the transformation, and to shop my favorite, budget-friendly seasonal furniture & decor finds from one of my favorite retailers, Joss & Main! I’m not decorating for the holidays quite yet, but I do have plans to transition our home into the cozy & festive season that is upon us. Bring on Thanksgiving and snowy weather… I’m ready! 

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Office Bathroom Makeover & Seasonal Home Finds - roomfortuesday.comWe are renting our office space, so I didn’t want to sink a lot of money into the bathroom, but it definitely needed some love. Despite the fact that I had scrubbed it clean, it still looked drab and dirty in certain areas. It’s amazing what the power of paint, swapping a mirror, and adding a few styling accessories can do for a space (even an ADA-compliant basic bathroom)! I only spent an hour or two making this room look and feel totally different…

Office Bathroom Makeover & Seasonal Home Finds - roomfortuesday.comI added a durable rug, swapped the standard mirror for a more designer looking mirror, and painted the walls a contrasting color (Willowleaf by Sherwin-Williams). Those little updates made the space look a lot cleaner and more stylistic.

All of my finds for this room came from Joss & Main’s Winter Edit. They just launched this season’s selections- which features trends, materials, colors, and items that are forecasted to be popular in the coming season. Everything was pretty spot on with what I have been noticing: tartans & plaid for winter, lots of dark earthy organic tones, natural & woven materials, and luxe textiles (like velvet).

Seasonal Home Finds (+ Our Office Bathroom Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comMost of my picks from their edit are budget-friendly and are actually on sale right now! New trend edits are released every season, and each month they add new arrivals. I included a bunch of classic pieces that look far more expensive than they actually are. I’m all about getting a custom or designer look for less. Ready to see what I liked?

Click directly on my finds to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: dome pendant // 02: framed art print // 03: cane dining chair // 04: double armed sconce // 05: lumbar pillow // 06: preserved boxwood wreath // 07: round coffee table // 08: blush rug // 09: beveled wall mirror // 10: faux fur throw // 11: round dining table // 12: preserved eucalyptus wreath // 13: plaid ottoman // 14: framed canvas art // 15: porcelain table vase // 16: accent cabinet // 17: pine wreath // 18: bar stools // 19: trestle coffee table // 20: wool area rug // 21: terra cotta bottle set

For the office bathroom, I ended up ordering #8 (the rug), #9 (the golf leaf wall mirror), #14 (the oversized framed art), #15 (the vase- which has an awesome, soft texture), #16 (the storage cabinet)… and we already own #18 (the bar stools), which currently live in our basement kitchen. I actually wish the bar stool color I linked in the roundup, would’ve been available when I placed my order a couple years ago- I think I prefer the gray linen to our white velvet.

As for the wreaths in the collage- I’m kind of a purist when it comes to holiday decorating… I don’t want to decorate too soon, because I prefer to fully enjoy and celebrate Thanksgiving first, but I feel like adding wreaths is a festive way to usher in Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the winter season without going over-the-top too soon (the struggle is real). I’m actually debating if I should decorate early this year, like the rest of the world seems to be doing. What is your plan? Anyway- back to the bathroom glow up… I’ve got more to share.

Office Bathroom Makeover & Seasonal Home Finds - roomfortuesday.comWithout having to do any real renovation work, this space better fits our aesthetic and looks clean again. Adding some residential touches that still work in a commercial space was key! Aside from paint, the rug and the mirror were probably the two biggest game changers. Here is another before & after of the adjacent wall…

Seasonal Home Finds (+ Our Office Bathroom Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comIt was basically a blank canvas begging me to get creative and add some function… I knew I needed a cabinet to keep cleaning supplies and toiletries.

Seasonal Home Finds (+ Our Office Bathroom Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comI really love the woven, textural doors and the warmth the cabinet brings to the space. Best of all- I can fit plenty of supplies inside and it serves a purpose at our office.

Seasonal Home Finds (+ Our Office Bathroom Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comIt has been interesting having a space outside of our home to furnish, decorate, and make our own. Since we’re renting, my goal has been to make smart purchases that can easily go from our home to the office, and vice versa. Should we ever move someday or relocate, I could use all of these items in our house. Having the ability to effortlessly mix & match, in your home (from room-to-room), or in our case… from our home to the office (residential to commercial), is really convenient! I feel like most of these things could easily morph into other areas and aesthetics- which I count as a win.

Seasonal Home Finds (+ Our Office Bathroom Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comThe difference in the bathroom at our office is night and day! It was tricky to capture because of the fluorescent lighting, but I’m happy with it. I can’t wait to show you more projects we are tackling there. The kitchenette is so cute and is almost finished. What items are your favorites from this roundup? There are lots of classic pieces packed into this one! When are you planning to decorate for the holidays (or have you already- no judgements)?! I feel like anything goes this year and we should all be doing anything and everything that makes us smile. Have a great week!

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  1. What a difference! Commercial bathrooms.🤢 The green paint is stellar, and that mirror really does make a huge difference. That little cabinet is so cute and versatile; I could definitely see it in lots of spaces. Not going to lie; I forget about Joss & Main. There are so many online retailers to keep in mind!
    As for holiday decor, you know I’m not really a seasonal decorator. However, I was thinking just the other day that this year might actually call for something… So far, we’ve been having spectacularly sunny, brisk days, but I know the gray will come. But first, we’ve got Thanksgiving to orchestrate! (Our theme is set; now we work on a menu.)
    Happy November, Sarah!💜

    1. Commercial bathrooms are… challenging. Haha! I’m just happy it’s clean and is looking a bit better now. We’ve officially occupied the space for four months and I’ve been using that sad bathroom the entire time (and we’ve been spending a LOT of hours there, working on the store). I figured while Emmett was working on the kitchen area over the weekend, I might as well spend a couple hours painting the bathroom. I love your holiday plan! What is your Thanksgiving theme this year? For us, it will just be Emmett & I this year… so I’m thinking smaller dinner, candles, a bit more intimate than we’re used to. We’re kind of sad not to be spending this holiday with friends or family, but I also think it will be special- just the two of us. As for the menu- we’re in complete control, so that is awesome!! Happy November and have a wonderful week, Peggi :) xo

      1. Since I thrifted a variety of purple dishes last winter, our theme is “Prince is Coming to Dinner.” Natch. I already own a purple velvet bolero, but we’re still brainstorming food.🤣 I’ve been co-hosting with my bff for years, and the planning might be my favorite part.💜

        1. That is AMAZING! I love it. We’ve also been brainstorming food over here. We have our classics that we make each year (we always deep fry a turkey, haha), but we also like to try new things and add unexpected items to our menu. We usually do Thanksgiving with our best friends too, but this year they’re out of town… so it’s just the two of us. I wish I could teleport to your ‘Prince is Coming to Dinner’ Thanksgiving! It sounds like it’s going to be absolutely awesome :)

  2. Is this bathroom still accessible with the changes? Like I notice the mirror is several inches higher now, which means if I’m short and I’m a wheelchair user I probably can’t see myself in it.

    1. It is! Everything still meets ADA requirements. Since we’re renting, we kept the old fixtures as well (including the mirror).

  3. The power of paint never ceases to amaze. It is truly a miracle worker. Beautiful color, nice job!

    1. Thanks Melissa! Paint really is transformative! I’m always amazed how it can totally change the way a room looks. Have a great day!

  4. What a gorgeous transformation!! I’m in love with the wall color, and it’s not lost on me that the color tones in the rug mimic the artwork in the most pleasantly unexpected way! The cabinet is stellar, and a spot on choice if you need to move something home, or want to switch it out. Such a fantastic idea Sarah to keep the choices classic so they can blend with an array of design styles. I love Joss and Main! Pretty much everything in this roundup is something I would choose-but those cane back chairs are epic!! My plan is to try and thoroughly enjoy each holiday…for the kids’ sake. Normally I wouldn’t put much out for Thanksgiving… a garland or two, some pretty vases…but this year begs to be out of the norm, so I’m looking to finally fill my dedicated decor bin for this festive holiday. (I think that bin may have 3-4 items tops!) In our house it goes: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas tree and Christmas decor on Saturday, Christmas lights on Sunday, and we do it all as a family. I’m excited to revel in Thanksgiving a little more, so please keep sharing your ideas for inspiration! I love the way this turned out Sarah, and can’t wait to see more of the office! Happy Monday!

    1. Thank you, Lauren!! Those chairs reminded me of the ones I just thrifted (which are also at the office). They’re going in the break area / dining space there! Joss & Main is a resource I use often- they’ve got some beautiful things. I love your plan to thoroughly enjoy each holiday with your family! Before I started blogging and doing this as my job, Emmett & I would put our tree up on Thanksgiving night or Black Friday. Over the years, I’ve noticed we keep putting it up earlier and earlier… in an effort to meet deadlines or share in advance (to share inspiration early, give people time to plan their own decor, etc). I think this year we’ll just do what feels right for us- maybe holding off until Thanksgiving. Or who knows- it might start snowing here soon, and then we’ll get an itch to be festive early. Haha! Basically, we don’t have a plan and we’re just doing whatever in the moment. I want to establish some holiday traditions though! Have a great week! I hope you had an awesome weekend celebrating your birthday and Halloween with the kids :) xo

  5. None of the links work for me. Anyone else having that problem?

    1. Hi Becky! I just tested them in a couple different browsers, and they’re working on my end. Do you have your pop up blocker turned out? If so you could try disabling that- or clearing your cache. Let me know if you’re still having issues! Sorry they’re not working for you.

      1. Ok, a day later and now they work! Must have been something on my end. Thanks.

        1. So glad to hear they’re working now, Becky :)

  6. Sarah, when I saw the green color you were putting on the walls, I knew it would be beautiful! The colors in the rug are gorgeous. I am sure even more so in person. All of your furniture & decor choices from Joss & Main are easily transitioned into home or office space. Can’t wait to see the rest of your business.
    We are still in talks about what we will do for Thanksgiving. I do look forward to decorating for the holidays. The weather here has been beautiful and nice enough to have a fire outside at night. Have a great Monday!

    1. Thanks Danna! It’s amazing what fresh paint and some pretty (and functional) objects can do for a space :) It feels a thousand times better in person! I’m just happy it looks clean now. We’re also having perfect, fall weather! Hope you’re enjoying it!! xo

  7. Been looking for a runner and this rug is it! Thanks for the link and I don’t start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

    1. So glad to hear it, Tricia! :)

  8. The bathroom looks so good! The paint made a world of difference! I think the cabinet made a big impact, too. Closing up some of that empty space makes it seem so much cozier. I am always impressed when a commercial bathroom has some style and originality to it!

    I’m thinking about putting my Christmas tree up…I always wait until Thanksgiving, but I think I could use the extra cheer, especially since I’m home all day. I think I will wait until December to put up my ornament collection. My cat can get used to the tree sans ornaments! Then, come December, I can add ornaments to the top half. Oh well, she’s worth it!

    1. Thank you, Brittany! I’m with you- the paint and the cabinet REALLY helped. The rug and the mirror swap were secondary, but also made a big difference. I feel much happier in the space, even though it’s just a typical office bathroom, ha. That probably sounds silly. I’m also glad I was able to squeeze some function into that room by adding storage. I had nowhere to store our extra TP and toiletries. If you could use the extra cheer- I vote put that tree up!! Turn on the holiday tunes and go for it! I think I could use some twinkle lights in my life, too- daylight savings time has it SO dark early. I was on board with waiting until Thanksgiving… until the time change. Bleh. I love your idea of doing the tree in phases. That seems easier, too! Hope your week is off to a wonderful start :) xo

  9. Ha, ha….before I finished reading your post, Sarah, I was already thinking “night meet day” to start off my comment and well, it’s just too good not to use right even though you basically already did? 🤣😁Truly, though what a difference! Once I saw that paint on your stories, I knew it’d be good, but add in the credenza, mirror and rug and wow, huge reward for very little work/$$. Love it! We usually travel to SLC for Thanksgiving, but alas, not this year sadly. I’m not sure how all out we’ll go with the meal, but I’m pretty sure dessert will involve cookies. 😉We’re not big pumpkin pie eaters so I may bake up the Palisade peach pie filling I made and froze in September, too. Hey, it’s orange right? 😜We usually don’t decorate for Christmas until early December, but I’m not sure what we’ll do this year. We always get a real tree, which is one reason we don’t decorate sooner, but I’m not sure we have the space in the new place this year. Maybe I’ll have to search “tiny house christmas” on Pinterest or something. You’re so good at finding great pins though, let me know if you think of better search terms! B and I will be cheers’ing you and E on the 25th, though for sure!

    1. Haha!! Thanks Anne :) It was a quick little, inexpensive project that made a world of difference in that space. We’re not traveling this year either (womp, womp). We’re not big pumpkin pie people either! I’d much rather have a different dessert! In today’s blog post, I actually refer back to an older one where we decorated for Christmas without a tree (two years in a row). It involved lots of garland, ornaments displayed in unique ways, a wreath in the kitchen, etc. Even though you’ll have a tree, it might help to spark some ideas for small space decorating! Yesss- a virtual cheers is most definitely in order. Hope you have a beautiful day! xo

  10. Melissa D. says:

    This makeover is a WOW. It’s always amazing to me to see what a fresh coat of paint can do for a space! I also absolutely LOVE that cabinet and the landscape art is stunning in that space. It all makes the space feel cozy.

    As for the holiday decorations… I don’t break out the Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving – but I’ll enjoy holiday music and movies as soon as Halloween ends! I can’t wait to see what you do with your home this holiday season!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! Paint is so transformative! It feels so much better. We’ve haven’t started holiday movies or music YET, but snow is in the forecast for us this week, so I’m thinking it will happen soon :) Have a great day! xo

  11. Looks amazing! Are you happy with the quality of the rattan cabinet you got? The reviews are mixed.

    1. Thanks Jo! For the price, it’s fantastic. It looks great, but it’s definitely not a high-end piece of furniture. It came with a scuff on the backside, which I’m guessing happened during shipping. It doesn’t bother me since you can’t see it. The doors open and close as expected, it provides a good amount of storage, and it fits the aesthetic! Overall, I’m happy :)