Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OH

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OH - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, guys! I’m starting ANOTHER new series and I’m pretty pumped about this one…. FB marketplace finds. I’ve been seeing lots of people share their secondhand scores from marketplace and I wanted to join in the fun (because obviously I love getting thrifty). Hopefully it will scratch my itch to thrift and help you guys snag some pretty cool things in your home cities. I’ll share my finds from different locations once a month! First up? Columbus, Ohio! Why Columbus? Believe it or not- my beautiful credenza pictured above came from Columbus. The day before Emmett and I packed up our life in Ohio and moved to Utah, I “stumbled” across an estate sale (in typical Sarah fashion, ha). Emmett was not super happy that I begged him to take our moving truck from Dayton to Columbus to grab this burl credenza (which we still have and LOVE). Long story short- it happened and the rest is history. We scored a gorgeous piece and I’m ready to hunt for more furniture in the buckeye state. Ready? Click through to see what Columbus has to offer… and leave me a comment at the bottom of the post telling me which city to shop next!

*Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best.

Ready to jump in? I think you’re REALLY going to like this one. I’m sharing my finds below, as well as my thoughts on each… let’s do it!

Modern Thonet Dining Set

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OHThis modern dining set is a GEM and is in pristine condition. It’s priced at $1,500, but for a giant 8-piece dining set, I think that’s a wonderful price (under $200 per chair- not even including the table). Since it has been on the market for a bit, I think you could even offer less and negotiate with the seller. I love the blue color of the chairs and you guys know I’m a sucker for cantilever dining chairs, to begin with. That shape gets me every time.

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Pair of Henredon Dressers / Nightstands

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OHThese dressers are a beautiful, timeless shape… and there is a PAIR! I think they’d look fantastic painted in a matte hue. Can’t you just envision these in a dark hunter green or navy blue? Yeah…. me too. Oooh- or maybe even a muted pastel? I kind of really want these for myself because that hardware is perfection! $250 for the pair is a great deal.

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Restoration Hardware Sofa

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OHThis down, Restoration Hardware sofa is in excellent condition and priced to sell. It’s Belgian linen and retails for $6k, but the sellers have this listed at $999. You might even be able to negotiate, but it is a nice, timeless shape, and I know this particular model is super comfortable! It will give you a beautiful high-end look on a budget. ***update: I just noticed this listing from NC slipped into my Columbus search (I hate when FB does that!)… sooo, if you’re in Salem, North Carolina- somebody buy this thing! Sorry Ohio friends- I should’ve caught that.

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Ratan Etagere

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OHThis pretty little rattan etagere would make a beautiful bar! You guys know I like a little rattan or woven texture on my bar cart (proof here and here). The image is showing more red / orange than the close up photos appear, so I think it’s actually a great natural color- especially for $60! If you’re not digging the natural look, it could definitely be painted. I’d only paint the frame and leave the woven texture alone though.

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Antique Brass Mirror

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OHThis antique brass mirror is absolutely gorgeous. I love the shape and gold finish. Remember how I installed an ornate mirror above my enamel desk? I actually prefer this one to the vintage one I own. This would look great styled above a vanity, desk, nightstand, bar cart, or console table. It has been on the market for quite some time, so I’d probably offer less. It’s listed at $300. I think I’d start at $200 – $250 and see what happens.

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Etagere Bookcase

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OH - roomfortuesday.comThis tall bookcase / faux bamboo etagere is a great, classic piece. It’s not vintage or antique, but for $100 (I’d offer $75)– it’s a great new find to mix into your home collection. I could definitely see it styled with books, stoneware, vases, and plants.

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Ottoman / Vanity Stool

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OH - roomfortuesday.comAlright- hear me out on this one. I don’t love this stool as is, BUT- this is what I would do… spray paint the frame black (example here), and swap or reupholster the cushion. If you don’t mind a little project, the shape of this ottoman is fantastic! For $20 and some elbow grease, this thing could look very high-end and would make an incredible vanity stool. I actually love the tassel detail on the existing cushion, so maybe keep those when reupholstering.

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Century Furniture Dresser

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OHThis dresser is listed for $80 and I think it would look really nice painted or left as is. I’m really liking the charming brass hardware- I immediately thought this would be darling painted and styled in a nursery as a changing table. The door panel details have me swooning. Such a good find at a great price! It has been on the market for awhile, so you might even be able to get it for less… $50?

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Brass Table Lamps

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OHThese heavy brass, footed table lamps are amazing! $30 for the pair… it has me seriously considering calling my sister, who lives in Ohio, to see if she can grab them and ship them to me. Haha! These are a steal, my friends.

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Pair of Ming Chairs

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OH - roomfortuesday.comThis blurry photo doesn’t do these asian style chairs justice. If you’re not into the pink seat cushions- those could easily be reupholstered. They’re in perfect condition and I love the sculptural shape. It’s always great to have a pair, and these kind of remind me of our dining table that we’ll be refinishing and restoring soon! Asian furniture design is just so elegant and timeless. I love it!

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Painted Wood Dresser

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OHThis solid wood, traditional dresser is painted in the perfect shade. No furniture project necessary! I’m liking the color, the brass hardware, and of course- the classic shape. It would be very nice in a bedroom! Hang some art above it, add a table lamp, perhaps a tray for loose jewelry, and you’re good to go.

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Vintage Brass Bed

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OHThis antique bed is absolutely gorgeous! I’m not sure exactly what size it is- it seems to be a twin or full, so my mind immediately went to a kids or guest room. Remember the bedroom I designed for Laurie Anne? Her vintage brass and iron bed is the star of the show! These types of bed frames are one of my very favorites.

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Mahogany Bow Front Chest

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OH - roomfortuesday.comLast, but certainly not least, I found this bow front chest on casters! I basically love everything about it… the wood grain, the hardware, the keyholes, the gorgeous lines, and the curved shape. I’m predicting we’re going to see more curved pieces of furniture in the year ahead. Have you been noticing that too?

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Well, wow! This was really fun. I forgot how many gems are hiding in Ohio. I feel like the thrifting and secondhand market there is SO good. If you live (or have lived) in Ohio, do you agree?

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Columbus, OHDoes that lamp on my credenza look familiar? Click here to see where it lives in our current home (hint- I just posted about it earlier this week). The credenza is currently living in my office. As for the art, I took that windmill photo in California. You can purchase it in LOTS of different sizes at Juniper Print Shop! It’s still one of my favorites. Alright- my beautiful Columbus credenza and I are signing off for the weekend! Don’t forget to tell me where you want me to shop next. YOUR city could be next. Drop me a note in the comment section below! I’d also love to hear your favorite pieces from this post. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. These are some pretty great finds! I especially love the gold mirror and those brass lamps. (Since you now have me looking for all the tiny lamps!) That dining set is pretty swanky too. I’ve really been scouring FB lately more than Craigs (influenced by Gwen and Alisa), but the Boise market is generally so overpriced! Also, the gems tend to be really hidden…if ya know what I mean. I’m still smarting from my recent nightstand fail.😤 I’d actually love to see what’s available in your city! You wouldn’t have to post anything you wanted to keep for yourself!🤣
    Have a super day on the slopes and an amazing weekend!💖

    1. I know, I know- those brass lamps are SO cool!! Don’t even get me started on the dining set. I’m tempted to ask my sister to rent a moving truck and drive it out here to me. Haha! It’s awesome. I’ll add Boise (and Salt Lake) to my list- since you want to see what’s available in my area. My SLC marketplace feed is pretty honed in at this point. I love chatting with Gwen and Alisa, and sharing finds with them. They’re so great at this! Hope you had an amazing weekend and are enjoying your day off. I can barely walk after three days of teaching kiddos to ski. Ha!

    1. So glad to hear it, Annie! xo

  2. Great series! Austin, please and thank you.

    1. Thank you Carla! Austin is on the list :)

    1. Ooohh, this could be really fun!! Thank you Kate :) xo

  3. Oh my goodness! Such great finds Sarah!! I’m swooning over the mirror and that dresser with the pretty brass handles!! Finds like that are so minimal out here in Southern California!! My marketplace feed is littered with great stuff, but most of the time someone has already refinished it and is selling for a major price tag! I envy those that have a great thrifting feed!! I’ve seen so many wonderful pieces repurposed, refinished and restored lately; I’m thinking I need to find a good local thrift store to find something that hasn’t been touched. Such a great series! Maybe Riverside, Ca next??? I hope you have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I hate finding the “refinished” pieces because often times they’re not done well (paint a weird color, the original hardware has been swapped, etc). I would much rather source an original piece and make updates as I see fit. I’m adding Riverside to the list :) xo

  4. This is great!! Such amazing finds! Oklahoma City next please!

    1. Oklahoma City is on the list! Thanks for sharing Lauren. xo

    1. Pittsburgh is now on the list! Thanks Hannah :)

  5. As an Ohioan, I really appreciate this! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Woohoo!! So happy to hear that Rachel :) xo

  6. I love this new series, Sarah! Fayetteville, AR pretty please!!

    1. Yay!! You got it Mindy :) xo

  7. Melanie T says:

    I have found the same thing as Lauren has mentioned in my area ( Minneapolis) where flippers have already transformed them to a generic look they hope to flip. On the other hand, there is a lot available for free or near free that is a good candidate for total rehab. I have found a lot of art deco era furniture here going for minimal prices compared to the sought after MCM pieces which command the higher prices. And you can’t lose with waterfall dressers with their gorgeous walnut veneers if you are motivated to strip the coats of paint on top of the drawers. I love your new series too!

    1. Thanks Melanie! I’m glad you’re excited about the new series. I’m always bummed when I see a piece that is painted with swapped hardware and leaving it original would’ve been SO much better. I’m also a fan of art deco, waterfall edges, and gorgeous veneers (I’m partial to burl and tiger wood)! xo

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sarah and Emmett! Cheers, Ardith

    1. Thank you, Ardith! How was your Valentine’s Day. Hope it was a good one :) xo

  9. I like this new series! We have had good luck finding items for our college daughter and recently our bedroom. Like others said above, our Craigslist is full of refinished pieces. The fb marketplace has been good for selling our stuff too.
    The bow front dresser is my favorite with the mirror being close second. My mom has the brass lamp. It is really nice! I would love to find an urn style lamp that I keep seeing for our living room. How about Austin, Texas?
    Happy Friday!

    1. I’m so happy you like it, Danna! Adding Austin to my list :) Hope you had a great weekend! xo

    1. On the list, Olivia :)

  10. Long time reader, first time commenter! This was such a fun post to read – especially your captions on how you envision the piece being used and the advice on what you’d offer for price! A part of me is considering driving to Columbus for some of these pieces :) I would love to see what you’d find in the Indianapolis area. Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Maddie! Thanks for commenting. I’m really glad you liked this one :) Indianapolis is on the list! I’m a Hoosier (went to IU for design school), so this should be a fun one! xo

  11. Small town suggestion:Kennewick or Tri Cities, WA. I’d love to find those pieces here!

    1. Thanks Teri! I put them on my list :)

  12. LOVE this series! I love what your ideas! Bloomington/Peoria IL area please!!!!

    1. So happy to hear that! I added Peoria to the list :)

      1. Yay! You are the best!

  13. If you’re looking for ideas for blog post this year Would LOVE a tutorial on how your made your outdoor air conditioning unit surround at your last house (I think) [the red brick one!]

    1. Hi Janae! I saved that to an IG highlight when we were tackling the project. Check it out there! It was a couple years ago :)

  14. Sarah Mason says:

    Charleston, SC! I’m obsessed with browsing. So many old-money finds…at great prices!

    1. Ahhh yes, Charleston!! I feel like the south has the BEST high-end finds at incredible prices. I wish I lived closer to SC so I could take advantage of them. Haha! I added it to the list, Sarah :)

  15. Darcie Robertson says:

    I’d love to see what you can find in Nashville, TN! That midcentury dresser is dreamy and looks like one of those pieces you could keep a long time and keep repurposing.

    1. Nashville is an amazing thrifting city! We have family in Nashville, so this should be a fun one :) My sister-in-law is always sending me her Nashville finds, asking for my option. It’s on the list, Darcie! xo

  16. What a fantastic idea for a series! My family and I are moving from Singapore to Spokane, Washington state in July which will mean upsizing from a tiny 3 bdr condo apartment to (hopefully) a much bigger house! I am hopeful of finding beautiful thrifted furniture to fill it up.

    1. That’s so exciting, Rhonda! I’m sure there are plenty of gems hiding in Spokane. I’ll add it to my list :) xo

  17. I live in Cincinnati and recently bought a leather Manhattan PB chair on Craigslist for $50! Yes, only $50 and in great condition. I’m also addicted to EBTH which is based here. Love the new series!

    1. Oooh yes! When we lived in Ohio, I LOVED visiting the EBTH warehouse. Cincinnati is one of the best thrifting cities, in my opinion :) happy shopping Amanda!

  18. Yes to this series!!! That bow front chest 😍 please do Chicago sometime!

    1. Isn’t that chest so pretty?! Thanks Jennifer!

  19. Lamia ( Design_Cove) says:

    Great finds, I am so excited for this series! Please do Seattle, Wa sometime.

    1. So glad to hear it. Thanks Lamia!

  20. I love this series! My town doesn’t usually have great finds, but I would be curious to see what YOU would come up with. Fresno, California.

  21. I love this series! I’m an overseas reader but would love more like this for inspiration.

    1. You got it, Jules! :) xo

  22. Love this series – and your blog! Another vote for Salt Lake! I love when you talk about local things. I used to use ksl to buy and sell (seemed like that far outpaced Craigslist in our area), but now I’m hearing that FB Marketplace is the only way to go. Would you agree? On KSL now I see lot of overpriced particle board junk, lots of flip attempts that don’t look very well-done, high-priced things and lots of new in box low quality things from dealers. I did score two matching (!) beautiful modern nightstands from GW that say “made in Denmark” a few months ago! Now that was a great day – $25 for both! Woo hoo. More days like that please.

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! We sometimes use KSL (Emmett more so than me), but I find FB Marketplace to be the best for home, furniture, and decor finds. Salt Lake is on the list :) Stay tuned! Your nightstands sound absolutely stunning- great find! xo