Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Dallas, TX

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Dallas, TX - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! It has been one year since I thrifted my vintage enamel desk- catch the makeover tutorial here, if you missed it last year. It was a $20 Facebook Marketplace find. You’ll have to go check out the before images. Speaking of, I’ve got a new FB Marketplace Finds post for you and this week I spent hours digging in Dallas, Texas! I didn’t just stop at 10 finds for this post because there were SO many gems to be found. If you’re in Texas and enjoy thrifting furniture for your home, this post is for you! Click through to check out my finds… 

*Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Sling Chair

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Dallas, TX - roomfortuesday.comThis sling chair is actually new- with the tag still attached. It’s genuine leather and the seller is asking $430 for it (it retails for $750). However, it has been on the market for over a month and seems to be taking up garage space, so I’d start my offer at $300. If the seller really wants it gone, they’ll negotiate! It’s a great minimal, rustic chair.

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Greek Key Entry Table

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Dallas, TX - roomfortuesday.comIf this greek key entry table was in my area, I’d snatch it up. The base, details, and woodworking is absolutely stunning! I’d pull off the existing top (it’s damaged) and replace it with a stone top. It would look so charming styled in an entryway. It has been listed FOREVER, so I’d offer $90 and see what happens. The top is wrecked, which can work to your advantage. Its feels unique and timeless to me… this is a good find!

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Pair of Vintage Upholstered Chairs

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Dallas, TX - roomfortuesday.comThese vintage chairs are listed for $275 for the pair- or $175 each. It would be a shame to break up the pair though- I think they’re lovely together! I’m digging the feminine shape, petite rolled arm, the overall style, and even the fabric. You can tell these are high-end designer chairs, upholstered in expensive fabric.  The quality and construction seems to be top notch and they are in great shape. I also think the pricing is fantastic.

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Sculptural Wicker Chaise

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Dallas, TX - roomfortuesday.comThis wicker chaise is so cool! Sculptural furniture is always a win in my book, and seems to be gaining popularity rapidly. This definitely has an Amber Lewis vibe to it. This vintage chaise is listed at $220 and has been on the market for one week. I’d offer $175 to start the negotiation process. It’s definitely a unique piece that feels worth it!

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Modern Marble Coffee Table

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Dallas, TX - roomfortuesday.comI never edit the original FB Marketplace photos posted by the seller, but I HAD to remove the background on this one… talk about making your eyes bleed. This is a classic scenario as to why this incredible table is NOT selling quickly- its surroundings. It’s difficult to appreciate the table and envision it in your own space with everything going on around it. However, this stunning HEAVY nero marble coffee table is what dreams are made of. It has a Kelly Wearstler feel to it, and the base is my favorite part (click through to check it out). Custom furniture is always a score on FB. It has a gorgeous form and is constructed of a high-end stone.

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Ethan Allen Settee

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Dallas, TX - roomfortuesday.comOk, hear me out on this one… this settee might not look cute in the photo (it doesn’t), but picture it with the arm covers removed, the pillows gone, and totally restyled. It’s a pretty designer sofa from Ethan Allen. I could totally envision this at the foot of a bed, styled with a ball pillow or bolsters, looking very chic! The single bench seat is very trendy right now, and I love the feminine curved back. It’s listed for $500, but has been on the market for over 6 weeks… I’d offer $250 and see what happens! If you really want it, start at $350.

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Pair of Burl End Tables

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Dallas, TX - roomfortuesday.comThese burl end tables are so classic and beautiful! They’re made by Lane furniture and are the perfect, easy vintage find. They’re in pristine condition and also have a matching coffee table available… although I would either do the 2 side tables OR the coffee table… but not all 3- it would look too matchy matchy. Listed at $295 for the pair, these are an awesome deal.

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Tiger Print Ottoman

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Dallas, TX - roomfortuesday.comDesigner fabric alert! This ottoman seems to be upholstered in Scalamandré Le Tigre fabric. You know that pillow you see floating all over my house? Same fabric! I’m thinking this piece will go fast and it was just listed yesterday. If you really want it, I’d offer the listing price ($300). Wouldn’t this be so beautiful in a modern, walk-in closet? The contrast would be so gorgeous!

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Restoration Hardware Sofas

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Dallas, TX - roomfortuesday.comThese sofas are a great, practical buy. The seller has a variety of upholstered pieces from Restoration Hardware (sectional, loveseat, and a chaise) and is parting with everything. These are awesome quality and make great foundation pieces for your room. I’m pretty sure the slipcovers are washable, too! The seller posted the original sales receipt, so I’d pick and choose what you’re interested in, and make an offer on the individual item.

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Wood Bar Stools

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Dallas, TX - roomfortuesday.comThese traditional bar stools feel very high-end to me. They are obviously vintage from a designer brand, as the seller paid $1700 for them. They’re listed at $250 for the pair and I think that’s an incredible deal! The fabric is in good shape, but the wood could use a few touch ups… nothing a stain pen or furniture oil couldn’t fix. If these were closer, I’d grab them for our future basement renovation… they’d be the perfect pair at the bar or countertop!

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Campaign Dresser

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Dallas, TX - roomfortuesday.comLastly, I wanted to share this project dresser. Campaign furniture is always a classic choice, and I feel like this one is appropriately priced at $200. It’s solid wood piece by Drexel. I think this would actually look awesome painted! The hardware could also use some TLC. This would be great styled in a bedroom, or even as a changing table in a nursery.

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What do you think- which were your favorite pieces from my Dallas haul? I actually think it’s a great thrifting market, based on what I found! It certainly feels more plentiful than my area, here in Salt Lake City. I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! I’ll see you back here on Monday.

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  1. Nothing like a little virtual thrifting to perk you up! I definitely think Dallas has some incredible finds based on the number of Etsy shops I’ve run across there. That greek key table would be smashing with a stone top; I love the blocky, square leg details. Those sweet blue chairs are a steal. All the heart eyes for that chaise, but I fear it would be a noisy seat. That Nero marble coffee table!! I had to click through to see what horrors you edited…and I laughed. I confess that I was a bit stumped by the tiger bench until you mentioned modern closet. Perfect! Thanks for the inspirational diversion this morning! Happy Pizza Friday to the Gibson clan!💜🐶🍷🍕

    1. I know! I want that greek key table, too… it’s charming! I didn’t even think about the chaise being noisy (or comfortable). Ha! I do love the way it looks though. Ohhh yes- the nero marble coffee table definitely has a KW vibe to it, but WHAT is going on in the background?! I think mixing that tiger ottoman into a really modern space would be such a nice contrast. It was a fun distraction “thrifting” in Dallas! I hope you also have a happy Pizza friday and a good weekend :) We’re mixing it up tonight and are grilling burgers and fries, as our pizza ingredients are dwindling. I totally procrastinated grocery shopping this week. Anyway- have a good one! xo

  2. That Greek key table!!!!😩😩😩why is it not closer??? I went down a marketplace rabbit hole after looking at that one…yea my area is absolutely terrible for marketplace! I also really love the wood barstools…those would be perfect in your basement. And that little campaign dresser would be the cutest dresser for a nursery. As soon as you said it my brain went into restyle mode, lol. It’s a cool weather morning, unfortunately our fire surged overnight and the valley behind me is filled with smoke this morning thanks to a wind shift…looks like indoor enjoyment for us today. Fall is coming in hot and I’m not quite ready to admit that this year has wasted away to fall already, so I’m thoroughly putting off bringing out the decor. I am enjoying the temperature change though! Have a happy Friday friends! Sarah, I’m surprised to see a post today; thank you for rounding this up for us!!

    1. Right?! I want it, too!! It’s so beautiful. I feel like our area isn’t great either. The good finds are few and far between, and I really have to dig for them. I’m so sorry to hear about the fire in your area. Ugh! California is heart breaking right now. I’m glad you and your fam are safe though! Hopefully you can find something fun to do indoors this weekend. Bring on the fall weather (and hopefully some precipitation to help with the fires). It snow flurried here on Tuesday, which felt SO weird. Have a happy Friday and a relaxing weekend, friend :) xo

  3. I enjoyed this article as I live in Dallas, but unfortunately don’t have room for any of these pieces. I will say Houston has the best items on marketplace, but it’s a 4 hour drive from here :(

    1. I’ll have to add Houston to my list sometime :) Thanks Lindsey!

  4. Jacqueline Martinez-Headen says:

    Gosh this is such an wonderful post! I stumbled onto your site as my fiance and I are moving into our place together. I love everything, your style is so great! Wish these Facebook Marketplace finds were in the DC/MD area!

    1. I’m so glad you liked it, Jacqueline! DC is on my list :) I try to do one of these posts per month, so keep checking back. xo