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Amazon Finds : For the Laundry Room - roomfortuesday.comI’ve had lots of requests for another Amazon Finds posts like my very first one- that pulled together an entire bathroom using only Amazon products. Your wish is my command! I thought since everyone is on the resolution and organization train, I’d share Amazon finds for your laundry room. No matter where your units live, there’s always a way to create a fun and charming laundry space that you actually enjoy spending time in. Click through for TWO surprisingly affordable laundry room plans!

I’ll start by saying, a laundry room is a great place to insert pattern… don’t be scared to install wallpapercommit to fun, patterned tile, or use a bold paint color. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

01: oak storage cabinet / $141 / For the size of this giant cabinet, it’s incredibly inexpensive! Just imagine all the laundry supplies you could fit inside that thing. I’m also digging the oak finish… I have a feeling natural wood cabinetry is going to be huge in 2018- and I’m not just saying that because of my own kitchen reno.

02: black floating shelf / $33 / It doesn’t get better than a simple floating shelf. Whether you need something to stack art upon, your laundry detergent, or decorative objects, a floating shelf is my go-to trick.

03: wood bowl / $35 / You can never have too many wood bowls for shelf styling. They’re super practical too… in a laundry room, it’d be a great place to toss items that come out of pockets before going into the wash. Emmett is always leaving loose change, ink pens, and other items in his pockets- I could certainly imagine a “collection” bowl would come in handy for his goods.

04: wallpaper OR mural / $100 – $400 / I’m a big fan of wallpaper, this black and white floral wallpaper is no exception. How would you like to fold laundry while looking at that? Count me in. If wallpapering an entire room isn’t your thing or is out of your budget- try the stick on mural.

05: matisse artwork / $39 / This modern Matisse print comes framed and ready to hang. It’s always been one of my favorites.

06: clothing rod / $16 / Hanging space is really important in a laundry room… this bamboo tension rod is cheap, compliments the wood cabinet, and can be installed in 5 minutes without tools. Done deal!

07: velvet hangers / $30 / Thirty dollars will get you a 50(!) pack of these premium velvet hangers. I actually have them in my own closet, in a different color.

08: GE washer + dryer pair / $1499 / I love the dark finish of these modern units. They’re also stackable, if that better fits your space.

09: black penny tile / $16 per mosaic / Penny tile is one of my all-time favorites because of it’s classic appeal. It will never go out of style, is easy to clean, provides plenty of traction, and creates the perfect monochromatic pattern.

10: woven laundry hamper / $24 / This inexpensive laundry basket is large enough to fit lots of clothing and has handles for easing carrying. I’m pretty sure it’s washable, too.

01: large white cabinet / $386 / If you’re looking for storage galore, this cabinet is a dream come true! I could easily envision the bottom pull out drawers being used for custom pet dishes. To dress it up, swap out the basic hardware for brass!

02: modern sconce / $192 / I don’t see a ton of sconces installed over laundry units, and I always wonder why? Can we make that a thing? It’s usually pretty dark inside the washer and dryer- a sconce is a thoughtful and functional design decision. I could certainly use one.

03: samsung frontload laundry units / $1399 / I have these exact same units and love them. We also had them at our old house. They’re inexpensive when it comes to front loaders, look nice, and I haven’t had any problems in the past 6 years.

04: seated figure print / $22 / A great way to offset modern decor (like the tile, sconce, and cabinet) is by adding traditional art. I’d opt for a classic figure drawing- that price can’t be beat.

05: brass cabinetry hardware / $11 / As I previously mentioned, swapping hardware is a cheap update that makes a big difference! This solid brass pulls make the cabinet look much more expensive than it actually is.

06: laundry hamper / $185 / This laundry hamper is a little spendy, but it’s one you would keep forever. These African style baskets are super durable. I also love that it has a lid to contain and hide dirty laundry. Handles make it easy to carry.

07: patterned tile / $1.60 per tile / How fun is this floor tile? The price tag is also really appealing, coming in at under $2 per tile, and each tile is almost 8″ x 8″ … you could cover a large area on the cheap.

Amazon Finds : For the Laundry Room - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re updating or renovating your laundry room and aren’t sure where to start, check out this Room 101 / Laundry post. It contains every single detail you’ll need! Other questions? Do you have other ideas for the Amazon Finds series? Share your ideas with me, please. Comment below.

Oh yeah! And on Friday, I’ll be sharing my favorite laundry products (detergent, hangers, iron, steamer, etc), along with a free stain removal guide… so please come back for that!

images: williams geddes & amber lewis

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  1. Ha! That’s the exact patterned tile we used on the fireplace surround in our bedroom. We had some left over so we used also used it on the “backsplash”…in our laundry room! Great minds. 😄

  2. I LOVE that wallpaper. Holy smokes!

    1. Me too! I also love that it comes in a decal option if you’re on a budget, or only want a pop of pattern on one wall. Installation would be a breeze!

  3. Such an amazing post. Love the finds. I have a closet washer dryer space in a hallway bathroom. Do you have some recommendations on updating the bi-fold door option please?

  4. Christiane Nick says:

    Great round up, per usual. Is your washer/dryer large capacity (can it wash king size comforters/blankets?)

    1. Thanks!! So glad you liked it. The washer and dryer definitely fit big, bulky blankets and comforters. I even throw Finn’s GIANT stuffed dog bed in there. I’m actually surprised at how much I can fit.

  5. Nancy Winkelmann says:

    Hi Sarah!
    I’m trying to find a semi-flushmount light fixture like the brass one in the last laundry room image. Any idea where to find on like that?
    Thank you!