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Amazon Decor and Shelf Styling ObjectsIt’s time for another Amazon post! The first in the series was wildly popular and I’m hoping this one leaves you with just as much inspiration. If you’re looking for accessories and decor for styling your shelves (or home in general), luckily Amazon has tons of amazing options. Of course it all gets shipped for free if you have a prime account, so start adding the goods to your cart, because they’re good. Really good. 

I sort of hate to admit this, but you can get decorative shelf styling objects on Amazon for a fraction of the cost… and I do mean a fraction. I did some price comparisons for my favorite designer / e-commerce shops and the price difference for the exact same object is crazy. I will say- of course the quality is probably different, but if you’re not using these items on a daily basis, and as long as they don’t look cheap- I’d say you’re in the clear.

Amazon Shelf StylingI definitely screened all of the products in the collage to make sure they don’t look inexpensive. As long as they pass that test, I’m all about saving a little (or in this case- a lot) of money. Be prepared to have your mind blown. Ha! But really… I can’t believe I found so many AMAZING objects… most are under $30! There are a few exceptions that I wanted to include, but honestly the overall cost is fantastic. First up- vases and vessels. I like to start with these objects when styling because they’re big and fill a lot of negative space. I prefer working from large to small.


I feel like vases and vessels are essential for a successful shelfie. Get creative with texture, material, pattern and color! It’s also nice to mix up scale and proportion.

Shelf Styling with Amazon DecorHonestly, styling shelves is my absolute favorite. It’s challenging in the best way and I’m all about perfecting balance, showing off unique pieces, and making a statement in a space. Next up, I found some pretty phenomenal objects and accessories on the cheap:

Pretty great, right? I’m definitely into the marble & concrete bookends, the wooden beads, the bust, the cloche, and the geodes. I know that’s a lot of objects to like, but it was too tough to choose a favorite.

Shelf Styling DecorObviously, books are essential to shelf styling, but I don’t really buy “styling” books on Amazon. I do shop for my actual reading material there (book club reads, etc) and occasionally a big, beautiful coffee table book. I prefer to grab my filler or styling books from the thrift store- like Goodwill, or in my case, being in Utah we have the DI. If you’re wondering why that’s my preference… I like to shop by color, title, and texture. I’m a little OCD but the thrift store provides the variety I like for the best price. I also enjoy picking books out in person… it’s easier for me to see them in person.

Anyway, onto the last shelf styling category… bowls and trays!

Bowls and trays are essential for shelf styling because they layer so easily. I like tucking smaller objects into bowls and trays, or organizing collections in this manner. They making grouping things SO much easier. There are lots of nice elongated options in the above collage, which can be some of the most difficult pieces to source, in my opinion.

How to Perfect Shelf StylingI’d say if you’re on a budget and need accessories, Amazon is most definitely your best bet. I might’ve even snuck a few items into my shopping cart for our next order! Emmett is also constantly adding things and it’s probably our favorite way to shop… from the sofa or the comforts of our own home.

Shelf Styling ObjectsI feel like Amazon is a home decor resource that is untapped- or at least it’s not a place I would typically turn for items like this. It’s sort of shaken up my entire process and I find myself browsing Amazon for these types of things more frequently. How about you?

I vote for skipping Target, which is often picked over and notorious for being / looking cheap, and opting for Amazon instead. What do you guys think? Are we on the same page?

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  1. I agree with the Target comment. While I appreciate their goal of trying to make home goods affordable and available, it’s starting to look like “Target” too. I love functional, but unique items so I’ve been turning to Amazon and Etsy a lot when I can’t get my HomeGoods run in. Love the post!

    1. My thoughts exactly. A lot of it is starting to look the same and it seems like everyone else has it. I also love Etsy and HomeGoods!

  2. Such a great idea, and your finds are totally on point. Thanks so much for the roundup!

    1. So glad you liked it, Rose! I couldn’t believe how many amazing things I found.

  3. heather j (ourmidwestnest) says:

    This is amazing! Thank you for taking the time to find these finds. I loved your first one with all the bathroom finds too.

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you like this series, Heather. Who knew… Amazon?!

  4. Elizabeth Jones says:

    Such a great series! I know it takes alot of time to pull all these together but it is great! P.s. Voting for you daily <3

    1. Thank you so much, Elizabeth!! I really appreciate that.

  5. Agree with the target comment but I also feel the same about Home Goods. Maybe it depends on each individual store but everything at mine looks cheap and way too distressed and fake shabby chic.

    1. I agree! For me, HomeGoods is hit or miss- and there is a LOT of bad / cheap looking items to avoid. I will say, if you’re there on a good day… sometimes you can score something amazing. Shabby chic is the worst.

  6. Allie Eisel says:

    Absolutely love the Amazon posts. It is by far my favorite site/store for ANYTHING. Thank you for sharing these beautiful finds!

    1. Yay!!! Love hearing that, Allie. xox

  7. stephanie says:

    I love this round up! Thanks for taking the time to do it. Definitely bookmarking this for future inspiration!

  8. This is a quality round-up! Thank you for taking the time! Also, I’m glad you are posting the link to vote on Domino in your stories every day, otherwise I’d forget to go vote for you each day. :)

    1. Thank you for voting!! xox

  9. Can you please let me know where the gold orb is from? Thanks!

  10. camillelav says:

    thank you very much for this post got a lot of new products to design my room. found a lot of unique products in Amazon. which are lot cheaper. Also found lots of wooden dinnerwares that my mom will love to use when we have guests. so bought a lot of them too but also got them at a very affordable price.