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Amazon Finds : Blankets & Throws - roomfortuesday.comYesterday was magical. It actually felt like fall. I wore a sweater and everything!! I can’t believe I’m already dreaming of crisp, cool air and it prompted me to write this post. I know that was just a one day thing and summer temperatures will be back again today, but let’s be real… I like cuddling under throws year round. You’ll always find a basketful of blankets of all weights in our living room or readily available on the sofa. In preparation for fall and cooler temperatures, check out my latest Amazon Finds post: blankets & throws. Go put that Prime shipping to good use!

Amazon Finds : Blankets & Throws - roomfortuesday.comI’m a fan of natural materials- cotton, wool, linen, etc. I feel like a broken record, but they’re my absolutely favorites. They’re typically a bit more expensive, but will wear well over time. I also can’t turn down a nice edge detail… pom poms or tassels, anyone? I vote yes! Texture is another big factor I consider when selecting a blanket or throw. The more texture the better- especially during the fall and winter. I can’t lie, cable knit and chunky woven textiles get me every time. Whereas, lightweight minimal textured throws are better for warmer months and transitioning into the next season.

Amazon Finds : Blankets & Throws -

Click directly on the throw you’re interested in below to shop the post!

There are so many I love from the roundup. Who knew Amazon had tons of great options that are VERY budget friendly? I didn’t… and I’m not even going to pretend there aren’t a few sitting in my cart right now.

Amazon Finds : Blankets & Throws - roomfortuesday.comDo you have favorites from the post? Are you also on board the fall welcome train? I feel like I should be hanging onto the last bit of summer, but after yesterday and the taste of cool weather, I think I might be ready sooner rather than later. I do have a farewell summer post planned for tomorrow, so maybe that’s appropriate? Check back to see what I’m talking about!

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  1. We had a surprise fall day yesterday, too; it was lovely! I can’t get enough of wool throws and blankets. I even use them in the summer if the AC is blasting on my legs. (I’m a delicate flower.) Although I enjoy searching for gently-loved vintage ones, some of those Amazon examples are shockingly well-priced. I’m intrigued by your farewell to summer post…

    1. Wasn’t it nice? I’m hoping the super HOT days of summer are over, but we shall see. I’m also a delicate flowers, HAHA.. aka- always cold. Vintage throws are the best. xo

  2. A resounding YES to bringing on the fall! I always need a throw and wanted to say thanks for rounding up these great options from Amazon. I love this series because I use Amazon all the time for functional items, but am totally intimidated to buy decorative items on it for fear the quality won’t be what I want. I really appreciate your doing all the work for us! I’m buying number 1! :)

    1. Yay!! So happy to hear that Julie :) Bring on fall!!! xo