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Bathroom Decor Sourced on AmazonLike everyone else, I’m a devoted Amazon Prime customer (and no this is not a sponsored post). Emmett and I use it for everything: tools, groceries, decor, books, etc. It’s definitely one of our go-to resources. A lot of people don’t think to look for home decor on Amazon, but trust me when I tell you- there are some hidden gems you can score for low prices (with free shipping, if you’re a prime member). That’s exactly why I’m starting a new series titled ‘Amazon Finds’… it’s sort of similar to ‘Best of Etsy‘, but categorized by room. I’ll share the items I score for each room in your home. First up… the bathroom, click through for the deals! 

I’m actually really excited about this series! I went crazy and curated an entire bathroom for this first post…. from the tile to accessories, a gorgeous bathroom is less expensive than you’d imagine (and just a click away).

Amazon Bathroom Finds01: brass framed wall mirror / $196 / This curved edge wall mirror is about as classic and elegant as it gets! I’m obsessed with the shape, and the petite frame. It rings in under $200 and looks SO much more expensive.

02: wall sconces / $37 / Umm… did you see THAT price?! I repeat- these wall sconces are $37 each… that is unheard of and they’re beautifully minimalistic. You could have a pair for under $80.

03: crackle glazed subway tile / $9 sf / It’s true- I’m sort of tired of subway tile, so I’m all about doing it in a unique way. I love the crackled, organic look that gives this tile a warm and welcoming feel. It’s very different than what we’re used to seeing plastered all over the internet (no offense to basic, glossy subway tile). The imperfect edge matched with a high contrast grout line is what dreams are made of. You also can’t beat the price… $8.99 per square foot is a great deal.

04: pair of botanical prints / $45 / Let me break this down: you get TWO framed, ready-to-hang botanical prints for under $50. Sign me up. They’re also a really nice size: 11 x 14. They’d look great installed side-by-side or stacked on top of each other in a vertical format.

05: matte black widespread faucet / $290 / This modern widespread faucet is the perfect compliment to traditional tile and accessories. It fits perfectly with the vanity listed below.

06: brass hardware / $13 each / These solid brass bin pulls are a good replacement for the existing hardware that the vanity comes with. They’re timeless and add a nice contrasting shape to the rectangular drawers. They’re also pretty cheap!

07: brass towel bar / $52 / I’m a fan of towel bars, they’re super functional and look beautiful with organized folded towels draped over them.

08: brass towel ring / $28 / Similarly to towel bars, I like a hand towel next to the vanity hanging on a ring. There’s something nice about a circular object balancing all of the hard edges.

09: brass towel hook / $21 / I always love to install a hook on the backside of the bathroom door. A bathroom door almost feels naked without one. It’s an inexpensive and thoughtful addition for a cozy robe or extra towel.

10: charcoal turkish towel / $25 / I love the color and texture of this luxe turkish towel. A dark charcoal tone balances the white tile and shower curtain.

11:  brass toilet paper holder / $30 / My pet peeve is when the tissue paper lives in a weird or inaccessible spot. This brass TP holder could easily mount to the side of the vanity or adjacent wall, while blending in with the other accessories. Incognito is always best. Thrity bucks well spent.

12: woven wastebasket / $13 / A woven wastebasket doesn’t get cheaper than this, folks. $13(!) for this classic trash bin. I’m not going to lie, mine is SUPER similar and I paid quadruple for it. I hate when that happens.

13: set of 4 turkish towels / $22 / FOUR!! You can get a complete set of turkish towels for under $25. That’s my kind of bargain. I might’ve already bought these and it’s safe to say they’re fantastic.

14: vanity with sink and marble countertop / $680 / Obviously the vanity is the most expensive thing in the bathroom, but it comes with an undermount sink, as well as a MARBLE countertop. The color is gorgeous. The only thing I’d swap is the hardware. Fun features? There are two drawers with soft close mechanisms, as well as one adjustable shelf. In addition to plenty of closed storage, you can also slide a basket or two underneath for added towels or toiletries. The best part? If you’re a prime member this giant piece ships for FREE. That’s pretty rare for big items like vanities.

15: pair of bath mats / $27 / These bath mats are sold by the pair. I love the subtle greek key border pattern. These would look great positioned in front of a double vanity, or you could always have an extra to swap out as needed. Regardless, they’re under $30… so you have room to play!

16: black penny tile / $16.63 per piece / There’s nothing I love more in a bathroom than classic penny tile. We’re hoping to add a bathroom to our home eventually, and right now that’s my top floor tile choice. It has to happen. So gorgeous and timeless!

17: contrast edge shower curtain / $35 / I love this contrast edge shower curtain, but what I love even more is the price. It looks super high end and classy, but definitely fits any budget.

18: carrara toothbrush holder / $35 / This marble toothbrush holder is simple and functional. If you tend to leave things on your countertop, this is a great way to keep everything looking nice and organized. In addition to toothbrushes, this would also work perfeclty for cosmetic brushes.

19: black towel ladder / $30 / If you’re trying to save money, trade the brass towel fixtures for a simple towel ladder. This entire piece is only $30 and would hold a ton of towels!

You guys know I sort of hate math, but I tried to break down and come up with an estimate for what this entire bathroom might cost. I estimated the tile for a standard size bath… but if you have a giant space, you’d have to add a little more. Either way, this bathroom would cost anywhere from $2,200 – $2,700. That’s pretty amazing for a brand new bathroom, and if you’re a prime member you don’t have to worry about adding shipping costs!

What do you guys think of this series? I’m honestly pretty excited about it. I have some friends who work for Amazon and I know the company is amazing and loves giving back. I think that makes sourcing products from there even better.

*image: studio mcgee

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  1. L O V E this series, almost as much as I love Amazon. My bank account and husband might not have the same feelings haha

    1. Yay!!! SO excited to hear that. I’m obsessed with Amazon and my husband / bank account are not happy about it either. haha

    1. Thanks!! So glad you liked them. xox

  2. This is so lovely!!! I totally want to update my bathroom with these ideas. Do you recommend another faucet? Amazon no longer has your linked option in matte black. Thank you!

  3. Great finds! Amazon is so funny with their pricing tho. When you wrote this post that shower curtain was $35 and now when I click on it it’s $19. Hey I’m not complaining about the savings, but their prices change by the hour! Sometimes it drives me nuts!

    1. Yeah, sometimes they tend to bounce around! I’ll have to note that in the next post… still- lots of amazing deals!

      1. Thanks so much, Zoe! I have used this website in the past- awesome resource. xox

  4. I love it! I’m ordering those sconces immediately! :)

    1. They’re SO good… I can’t even believe they’re that cheap.

  5. YES Love this, it’s so good. I want one more and for every room in the house.

    1. SO glad to hear that!! That’s my plan… break it down room by room or by certain categories (shelf styling objects, etc).

  6. Tracy Phan says:

    Yes to this series! Please continue. You’re making me think about finally adding that second bath to my house ;).

    1. Yay!! So glad you like it, Tracy! I vote yes for your bath ;) xo

  7. Great post! I never thought of Amazon for home decor, thanks for sharing Sarah. Those sconces are amazing.

    1. I couldn’t believe the sconces! Glad you liked this one, Holly.xox

  8. Great series!!! Funny my husband is more addicted to Amazon Prime than me. Sometimes for fun when I’m feeling noisy I look at the browsing history to see what he’s been browsing for hahaha. I tell him though don’t order heavy bulky things unless you are certain you won’t want to return, as returns of these items can be such a hastle. For me, some things are just better bought at local Lowe’s or local bricks and mortars. That’s my only caveat with Amazon (or online retailing in general) , otherwise I’m an Amazon junky too!

    1. I 100% agree!! Yes to all of those points.

  9. This series is RIGHT up my alley. Thanks for sharing! Have you heard of the Amazon Prime credit card? It gives you an additional 5% back on Amazon purchases… (aka: another reason to be devoted to Amazon for life).

    1. I hadn’t heard of it!! That card sounds like a game changer…. I should probably get it. Haha! Thanks for sharing! xo