A Look Back At My Holiday Mantel Styling

As I’m recovering from jet lag over here, I thought it would be fun to share how my holiday mantel styling has changed each holiday season… some more subtle than others, but all simplistic, classic, and seasonal. We finished our formal living room and fireplace in January of 2020, and I’ve been decorating it for Christmas ever since. Click through to see each look over the years!

A Look Back At My Holiday Mantel Styling - roomfortuesday.com

Our formal living room has come a long way (see the living room before images here). The fireplace makeover is one of my favorite features in the space and one of the most fun vignettes to decorate every Christmas. I’m really glad we went with a cast option to replace the clunky oversized fireplace that was here when we moved in. Styling it for the holidays is the most fun because I enjoy adding textural garland to the mantel, stockings, and ribbon. It always feels super festive! Ready for a trip down memory lane? Scroll on…

2020 Mantel Styling

A Look Back At My Holiday Mantel Styling - roomfortuesday.com

I would generally say I’m not a “pink person”… it’s just not a hue I gravitate toward, but 2020 brought lots of strange things. I decided gold, blush, and copper would be the color palette I leaned toward that holiday season. I used my favorite wispy pine needle garlannd, slipcover Christmas stocking DIY, candles, and books for a warm and inviting look. You can browse my 2020 Holiday Home Tour here!

2021 Mantel Styling

A Look Back At My Holiday Mantel Styling - roomfortuesday.com

2021 brought formal living room updates– including new furniture, and my beloved blue mohair sofa. Thus, a navy holiday palette was born. Blue is one of my favorite color palettes, and this was one of my best looks… the wispy garland paired alongside soft blue ribbon, brass accents, and plaid wool in cool navy tones. Check out my 2021 holiday living room tour here.

2022 Mantel Styling

A Look Back At My Holiday Mantel Styling - roomfortuesday.com

I loved my navy Christmas decor so much, I decided to repeat the color palette in 2022. However, the mantel did see some updates… including new real touch cedar garland (so luxe)! That year, I leaned into minimalism with simple pillar candles, glass hurricanes, and sculptural asymmetric garland styling. Browse my 2022 holiday home tour here… I personally think it was one of my very best!

2023 Mantel Styling

A Look Back At My Holiday Mantel Styling - roomfortuesday.com

This holiday season, I leaned into an equestrian inspired Christmas living room. I say that lightly, because you won’t find horses galore, but rather subtle nods… chestnut hues, horsetail textures, layered browns, and a vintage horse tucked in here or there. I used my cedar garland once again, but this time- I used less of it on the mantel. Sometimes the negative space is more impactful. Paired alongside sculptural glass candleholders, burl boxes, and new quilted stocking slipcovers, it really turned out looking elegant & classic.


Which holiday mantel has been your favorite?

Probably this year’s… closely followed by 2022 (I do love blue).

What styling direction will you take next year?

Who could say! I honestly have no idea. I typically find inspiration in October.

Which garland is the best?

My two favorites are the wispy pine needle garland and the real touch cedar garland! If I had to choose just one, I’d go with the pine… because I think it’s more interesting. Although the cedar feels more classic.

How do you hang the wreath over the mirror?

I looped a wire around the same nail / hook the mirror hangs from, then covered the wire with ribbon to make it look nicer.

A Look Back At My Holiday Mantel Styling - roomfortuesday.com


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I’d love to know which look / year was your favorite! Mine is this year, but I think next year- I’ll probably bring my wispy pine needle garland back out… I just love that stuff! Here’s to a good week ahead. It feels so nice to be back in our holiday decorated home!

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  1. Good morning and welcome home! Aren’t you just high-fiving pre-vacation Sarah for getting the holiday decorating all done?!😉 Such a smart cookie. You’re also fortunate to have captured such gorgeous images of past holiday looks. I really enjoy comparing the different iterations. Even if my pics are not social media worthy, I need to remember to document better. Your liberal application of garlands each year really speaks to me. Last year I thrifted a few strands of red berry garland which I love. This summer at an estate sale I stuffed my Tuesday Made tote with lengths of faux fir. I’m now officially obsessed with draping and swagging greenery everywhere! Ha. As for your various schemes, I kind of hate to choose a favorite. I do adore the deep tones and amped up contrast this year, but every year offers so much beautiful inspiration. Crystal orbs! Coveted brass deer! Ultra-asymmetrical garland! The creative process is part of the joy of the season, right? Speaking of the season, December is flying by! Here’s wishing you a great catch-your-breath week. Your holiday guests are just around the corner…a certain furry whirlwind should add lots of fun! 🤣🐶 Today, I’m trying to decide what cookies to bake and joining my friend on a walkthrough of her new house! Have a stupendous Monday, Sarah!💜

  2. Good morning and welcome home! Your fireplace is the dream- I just love everything about it, especially at Christmas. This year is my favorite heist as décor so far, followed closely by 2021- something about the blue hue you chose just made everything pop. The chestnut this year has that same quality, and I am awestruck by the crisp contrast. I also really dig the lighter caramel tones that make your wreath really stand out in the space. I’m not fully finished decorating, (the tree that is), but hopefully I’ll be finished today. I’m leaning into a red and navy palette, and hoping it turns out half as stunning as yours. I also have cranberry velvet ribbon on hand in case the red doesn’t look right. We’ll see. I hope today is a relaxing ease into all things work and home- with tons of doggo snuggles. Have a great day Sarah!

    1. *This year is my favorite holiday decor so far*
      Many apologies for the typos…sometimes my fingers go faster than the keyboard. I’m usually great about proof reading but this one slipped through the cracks. 🫠

      1. Sarah Gibson says:

        I’m surprised my comment replies are even readable half the time, ha. You’re always so good about that! I totally knew what you meant.

  3. Happy Monday! Your trip looked absolutely fabulous! Look forward to reading about it. I’m with Peggi, I bet you are glad to have your holiday decorating done. Less stress, more enjoyment! Gosh, I love them all. Hard to choose between the pine or the cedar garland. You did a great job with the horse theme. I’ve always been in love with your large brass deer.
    My husband and I did 2 different home tours over the weekend. The first was in historical homes that were renovated and the second were all new homes. Each home had a room or rooms that were stunning. My husband chose the ones that had big backyard amenities (tv, pool, fun house, putting green)Ha! Very fun experience!
    Have a great day Sarah. ;)

  4. Welcome back Sarah! I’m sure it’s nice to be home after an exciting and spectacular vacation. Now you get to truly enjoy all your gorgeous Christmas decorating. I hope you have time to sit by that stunning fireplace, relax with the pups and fully recoup. And on that note, great post on the comparison of your holiday mantels. It’s neat to see all three versions in various styles and color palettes. They are all beautiful but this year was my favorite. It’s incredibly fun to switch it up and create new themes. This year I selected red, with burgundy and maroon shades in the mix. I haven’t used red on the Christmas tree in about 6 years or so and I must say I love how it turned out. With a green kitchen now it was so easy to incorporate for the holidays and red felt like a very festive choice. I may repeat red next year with navy and hop on the RL vibe 😜 You’ve definitely inspired it. Anyway cheers to being holiday ready and enjoying all of the festivities of the season 🎄🐴🥂