2020 Holiday Home Tour

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comHow does a holiday home tour sound today?! I finally finished decorating and made time to photograph our home decked out for Christmas. I have to say- this year our decor looks a little different and went in an unexpected direction. It’s far more colorful and less traditional than previous years, but I’m really liking the way it shaped up. Click through for my big 2020 holiday home tour!

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comLet’s start in the formal living room, coming into the house from our backyard. This is the space that received the most holiday decor in our home this year. It’s makes sense because it’s located at the center of our house. We’re constantly hanging out in here or passing through. It’s a cheerful, bright, sun-drenched room!

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comMy entire holiday palette was inspired by the throw pillows on our curved sofa. I’m normally not a pink or blush kind of gal, but I really embraced and gravitated toward rosewood, burnt sienna, merlot, and golden hues this year. They felt so warm, cheerful, and elegant!

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comThis year we got a new tree, and I’m really happy with the looks of it! Emmett and I have always had faux trees- even as children. We both have pretty severe allergies and asthma, and I don’t have much tolerance for cleaning up pine needles, so faux is the only way we go when it comes to our tree. This one looks very convincing, fit our budget, and is pre-lit. Emmett did a fantastic job putting it up, and I had a lot of fun adding the decor.

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comThis year I was very into decorating with ribbons… specifically with long, dramatic tails. I’m a sucker for velvet. If you’re looking for a ribbon tying tutorial, I shared one- click here!

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI also added some new ornaments to our collection (I usually add 3-4 new ones each year). Many you’ll recognize from our shop: a beautiful beaded floral ornament, etched ornaments, a few classic ornaments with velvet ribbon, and these fun textural metallic ornaments.

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comOur fireplace also got the holiday treatment. I layered some of my favorite long pine needle garland onto the mantel, added some books, candles, gorgeous crystal orbs that beautifully reflect the light, and hung our stockings.

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI receive a LOT of questions about our stockings, and they are actually a simple and budget-friendly DIY project I tackled a couple years ago.

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comIt’s actually a genius idea, if I do say so myself… stocking slipcovers! It’s so easy to change the way your stockings look each year- just like putting on a pillowcase. I’ve used the same “cover” the past two years, but maybe next year I’ll make new ones.

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comMy most prized Christmas decor is my vintage brass deer. These things might not look that large in photos, but in real life they’re pretty big- two feet!

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comInstead of placing our gifts under the tree like I normally would, I decided to do something different this year and style them around our living room. It was actually really fun and reminded me of Christmas as a child. My dad would always hide my presents or put them in odd places. It always makes me smile to think of him.

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comWhy not use gifts as coffee table decor? If I’m going to take the time to beautifully wrap them, why not show them off instead of shoving them under a tree in the corner? I’m envisioning a scavenger hunt on Christmas morning. Haha! Did you notice that one on the mantel, pictured above? I scattered them all over.

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI’m also very into prisms, crystals, orbs, and clear glass ornaments this season. The way the light has been reflecting and bouncing around our living room has been magical. I found a 12-pack of clear acrylic “diamonds” for $3 and decided I might as well add them to my gift wrap as well. It’s a fun little detail and personal touch that can double as an ornament next year.

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comIf you missed my holiday shelf styling on Instagram, I’m linking it for you! I shared my entire process for swapping our seasonal built-in decor, and it’s honestly fun to watch. I truly just love this room. I’m so glad we took our time with it!

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comMy mini cedar wreaths are from our shop, Tuesday Made. Unfortunately, they sold out FAST. I’ve already made a note in my calendar to order wayyy more next Christmas, so if you missed them this year… I’ll be sure to let you know once I have more.

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comHave you been picking up on my living room holiday color palette? It really surprised me because I never go for pink! I’m liking it though. I asked Emmett his opinion and he was fully on board and said it looks and feels very nice. I’ll take that as a win!

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI didn’t do much decorating on the opposing side of the room because between the tree, fireplace, and built-ins, there is a LOT going on. I added a simple faux cedar potted tree to our console table and called it done.

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI liked the terra cotta tone the planter brought to this side of the room, continuing my warm color palette. I also bought the most beautiful mini ginger jar ornaments for our shop (I literally ordered them last April!) knowing they would be perfect for this space and look amazing on our tree. Long story short, you all loved them just as much as me, and they sold out before I could snag a few for myself. Haha! I’m hoping to order more next year and I’ll definitely be putting some back for myself. Ready to move into the kitchen?

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI’m not going to go into great detail for this room, because I shared a specific Christmas in the Kitchen Tour last week. Go check it out, if you missed it!

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI kept it very simple from a seasonal standpoint in here: garland over the two windows, a topiary on the counter, a new oversized serving board, and a couple fresh kitchen towels.

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI’m looking forward to a little holiday break in a few weeks- I plan on doing a LOT of holiday baking in here. If you’re into that, I highly recommend my grandmother’s classic Christmas cookies. Before we venture into the basement, here is a quick peek at our entryway…

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI hang the same long pine needle garland down our stair bannister each holiday season. We have yet to renovate this space, but I have big dreams for it someday! For now, I enjoy styling our marble entry table. The lamp came from an estate sale over the summer, and my new favorite ambiance trick is lighting candles inside of dark hurricanes. Of course you already know about my vintage hand.

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comJust outside the entry is this beautiful scene…. although I have to confess- this was last year. Our decor is the EXACT same (there is zero difference) except we’re missing our beloved snowfall. Utah is unseasonably dry right now. We’re hoping for a predicted snowstorm to roll in this weekend. I love our house under a blanket of snow, looking like a winter wonderland. Back inside, let’s head downstairs…

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comI put our small, flocked tree in our basement media room this year. We didn’t really get to enjoy it in the entryway last year, and we spend far more time downstairs lounging, so this felt like an appropriate place for it. I styled it in my vintage brass wastebasket.. isn’t it beautiful?! I felt like it didn’t even need ornaments. Sometimes I prefer a simple, naked tree- especially if it’s flocked with beautiful texture!

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comThe vintage skis come out each holiday season and stay throughout our long Utah winter. Emmett found these vintage skis when we were dating in high school and they’ve been a holiday decor staple for us ever since. They are really beautiful and special to us! In addition to seasonal decor, I also pull out our heavy textiles for the winter- like our favorite faux fur throw. I also styled in some new accessories, just for fun and to switch things up. That modern vase is one of my new go-to pieces for table styling these days.

2020 Holiday Home Tour - roomfortuesday.comThere you have it… our 2020 holiday decor tour! Did you enjoy it? Let me know your thoughts or if you have questions about anything in the comment section below. Are you finished decorating your home for the holidays? Would anyone be interested in a nighttime holiday tour, with everything lit up and aglow? Let me know and I’ll plan to photograph our house again in the evening. Our exterior holiday lights are next level beautiful. We had them professionally installed for the first time ever, and I’m incredibly impressed!

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  1. YES! Blush tones for the win!! I think the colors look amazing. What’s not to love about pink and rust?😍 You know we haven’t had a Christmas tree in decades, but each year I get the itch when I spy lovely ornaments. Every single one you chose for the shop is stunning! The gunmetal beading and mercury glass? Heck yes. Scattering presents around the house is such a fun idea! They’re beautiful and enticing. Those crystals look awesome, too. What a find! With the light from all your orbs dancing around the room, my cat Sunday would be in heaven! (Although, she would probably end up causing mayhem…) Our holiday decor this year is mostly…puppy toys.🤣 I’ll just have to keep revisiting images of your lovely home throughout the season! Everything looks just smashing!💜🎅🏼
    (PS Did you get a new coffee table in the basement? Did I forget?)

    1. Thank you!! I had a feeling you would be into the colors this year :) I think it would be fun to display ornaments in a different way, rather than on a tree. The years we didn’t put up a tree, I liked hanging them from knobs or doors, arranging a few in a bowl as a centerpiece, etc. I like collecting ornaments though, so there’s that. Ha! Sunday would definitely be in heaven here, The light dances around the room and changes all day long. At first it was tripping Crosby out, but I think he has adjusted now. He’s such a scaredy cat. Speaking of dogs, I got the boys a snowman and santa toy.. they’ve already destroyed them. They never last long in our house! Hopefully you’re having better luck with Joe & Jason. The basement coffee table is over a year old- I can’t remember if I shared it here or not. Probably not, but I really love that table and snagged it from a local warehouse sale! It’s BIG and doesn’t really fit our space right now, but someday it will once we renovate the basement. I’m just living with it squished into the space for now. Lol!

  2. Yay! Christmas holiday tour 🎄👍🥳 Your home looks beautiful Sarah! I’ve seen a few tours over the past week and it inspired me to complete my own decorating yesterday. All done, so now we get to enjoy it. Your tree looks amazing and love all the details. I also love the flocked tree in the basement, your beautiful blue walls make such a stunning backdrop ❤️ I say “ABSOLUTELY “ to a night time tour. I bet all the lights really make your house look magical. I’m going to try your grandma’s cookie recipe this year. I have one vintage dish that might just work in shaping them. Though Christmas looks a lot different this year, I’m going to embrace it, sit back and enjoy all the comforts of home. Cheers to your beautiful home and enjoying it to the fullest 🥂

    1. Yay!! Thank you so much, Colleen! Congrats on finishing your own decor. I was slower than usual this year, but I’m happy with how things came together. I’ll work on photographing an “after dark” tour this weekend :) I think that will be fun! Please let me know what you think of my grandma’s cookie recipe! I’m making them next week and am counting down the days. Haha! They’re so good and are really fun to make. If you don’t have a vintage glass or dish, another alternative is a nordic stamp. We just never had any of those and the glass is our family tradition. I’m with you- Christmas looks much different than we anticipated, but I still think it’s worth celebrating and enjoying our comfortable time at home. Cheers to you and your family this holiday season!! xo

  3. Yes to a nighttime tour. I wish we got more nighttime shots in design. I get that it can be harder to photograph, but most people really only experience their home at night so that perspective is a glaring omission in the world of design. As an added bonus, who doesn’t love Christmas and candle lights twinkling away?

    So excited your shop is doing well. Our new home is under construction and I am planning to turn Tuesday Made for lots of finishing touches.

    1. I can definitely do a nighttime tour! I’m with you- that’s when we’re enjoying our home, and now that it gets dark so early, our lights are always on. It feels extra twinkly and magical with all of the Christmas decor! Thanks so much for your kind words about our shop, Paige. We truly appreciate your support and it has been so much fun boxing up beautiful things to send to everyone. Congratulations on your new build- that is SO exciting :)

  4. Yes to the nighttime tour, even if it’s just in stories. The color palette looks incredible, and you know I’m a sucker for terracotta and rust tones…that blush paired with it is next level amazing! I personally have been decorating slowly this year. We have a ton of Christmas decor, but very few pieces that feel intentional besides the tree decor. So I’m streamlining and purging in a huge way. Our tree is up, and has yet to be decorated…but the rest of the house is looking pretty amazing. The living room gets the most decor for me because it’s where we spend the most time, and it’s filled with goldenrod and red this year (mostly because I loved the goldenrod from Thanksgiving so much). I have no idea whether it looks pleasing to the eye, but it’s warming my heart, lol. Here’s a question: what do you do with the decor items you don’t plan on using next year? And what percentage of your decor would you say changes year to year? I want to get on board with changing it up more, but I always get stumped by that little detail. Your house looks incredible, and I’m taking notes this year! My favorite touch is the velvet ribbons- me and velvet have a thing for each other lol.😂🤣 Please share more about your experience hiring pros to hang your lights!! I’ve always wanted to do that but it sounds pricey. Have an incredible Wednesday Sarah!

    1. I think the nighttime tour will be fun! I’ll plan on doing that :) I’m so glad you like the palette- speaking of, yours sounds beautiful too! I was feeling those rust and blush tones this year, clearly! I was slower at decorating this year, too. I’m thinking maybe I’ll even leave our decor up a bit longer than I normally do, so we can enjoy it- definitely the tree in the basement and our styled built-ins. Great question on the decor that goes unused… we have a closet in our basement where we keep all things seasonal- I just keep it safely boxed up, if I’m not using it. However, I pretty much use all of our decor- I’d say 10% goes unused each year, which is rotated. The primary thing that changes from year-to-year is the velvet ribbon and wrapping paper, which is what I use to bring in color. Everything else I have is pretty neutral. As for our exterior lights, we’ve never had Christmas lights since moving to Utah and I was VERY nervous for Emmett to climb around on our pitched roof. The first two quotes we got felt outrageous to me- both over $2k. We finally found a company who did our entire house for under $400- that includes the lights, the installation, storage, and repair… then the following year it will cost less, since we’ve purchased the lights. Anyway, I’m in love the lights- they’re on a timer, they make me so happy, and it was well worth it! Thanks so much for your kind words, Lauren! Have a great day. xo

  5. Sarah, your house looks so beautiful! I like your aspen tree with the blush ribbon and ornaments. Loving the mercury and beaded ornaments. Those vintage brass deer are gorgeous…what a score! What a great idea to decorate with presents around the house. I’ve always thought a scavenger hunt with our kids presents would be fun too! I hide a pickle ornament in the tree and whomever finds it, gets a special prize (usually money, tech gadget or something fun. One year it was a shower speaker…they fought over that so I had to get another..Ha!)
    The front door with garland and trees looks so inviting. The texture on the lamp in your entry is nice. Your basement looks so cozy and love that you repurposed the tree down there. The skis are awesome!
    After several years of searching, my mom found my grandmothers ornaments. I am so excited to get her baby blue glass ornaments. I don’t have anything in my house that color but I don’t mind because it will remind me of her.
    Have a great Wednesday!

    1. Thank you so much, Danna! I went crazy with the velvet ribbon this year. Ha! It’s everywhere, and I’m not mad about it. The deer were such a wonderful score- I love those. My Dad always hid our gifts for holidays, which was always fun. I think it’s so cool that you hide a pickle in the tree!! What a clever and fun tradition for your family :) I bet your kids love that- and the gifts that accompany it. It sounds like the shower speaker was a major hit! I’m so excited that you have your grandmothers ornaments. What a special way to honor her during the holidays. My friend Gwen decorated trees with baby blue this year and they’re gorgeous… maybe this will give you some good inspiration for those gorgeous ornaments: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIeHBWopO7A/

  6. I was just going to say that I’d love to see everything lit up at night, so yes please!! Absolutely love your holiday decor this year and those small touches of blush. (I was actually thinking of making some soft pink & gold holiday cookies this year-stay tuned to see if that actually happens). What do I love most? Oh, let me count the ways. Those pink candles on the mantle, too? Perfection. Your beautiful brass deer? Swoon. Your naked flocked tree? Love. Your velvet ribbon and crystal wrapped packages? Stunning. The extra long ribbons on the tree? Brillant. The vintage skis? Way to go, E! Those oversized beaded ornaments. Took everything I had to not add those to my cart. Your stocking slipcovers? Definitely genius. We totally have that same star tree topper, too, so of course, it’s genius. I also love, love, love that little faux cedar in the terra cotta pot on your console…any chance you can link it if it’s still available? I love how well the soft pink and the deep red (wreath ribbons and ginger jar) play with each other, too. All in all, if I wasn’t in the holiday spirit before, I definitely am now. Thank you for bringing us into your holiday home, Sarah. NOW bring on the snow, Mother N! (Like you guys, CO is dry right now and I’m SO ready for at least a foot.)

    1. PS-love that you honor your father in that way. So sweet.💓

      1. Aw thanks! He always made holidays so much fun.

    2. Absolutely! I can definitely shoot a night tour- that should be fun :) and challenging. Haha! I need your expert photo skills. Your cookies are the most lovely! I’m oddly into that color palette this year. Thanks so much for your kind words about everything. My deer are my most prized holiday possession- I love those things. My sister asked me to find someone to replicate them for our shop because she wants a pair, and I’m like that is IMPOSSIBLE. They’re perfect and vintage, and that’s part of the charm. Lol! She wasn’t stoked about that answer. We’ve had the capiz tree topper forever and it’s still my favorite. You have great taste ;) The little faux cedar came from Pottery Barn a few years ago, and they don’t make it anymore. I’m sorry! Crossing my fingers we both get a bunch of snow, a storm rolls in, and it just dumps on us all December. Wouldn’t that be amazing?! We’re thanking our lucky stars that we invested in our whole-house humidifier last month. It’s so dry out!

      1. Ha! I’m pretty sure you’ve got it photography wise, lady! Also, I’m with your sister – not stoked about that or the adorable little PB tree not being available. ;-D But, seriously, why do stores like that often get rid of the best stuff? Stuff that could easily go year to year and isn’t “trendy”? My favorite Christmas tree frame ornaments came from PB years ago and they’ve never had them since. Thankfully I loved them so much at the time, I bought several, but now if I want to add a fave photo to the tree, it means replacing one that I love and only see once a year! Ugh. Speaking of your whole house humidifier, we had a company out to see if we can add one to our condo and they’re investigating options for us. Have you noticed a big difference in your home with it so far? Do you know if yours is bypass, steam or fan powered? Not only would having one here obviously help with the dreaded dry skin, but it would seriously help with my cookie decorating. My royal icing has to be so much thinner than it should because it will get thicker as the day goes on with our humidity level inside hovering around 39-41% (40-60% humidity is ideal). Thanks, Sarah!

        1. Haha! I know, I know… the best stuff never comes back. It’s mind boggling! I hate that. I could rave for hours about our humidifier! It has been such a game changer for us, and while expensive- I’d say it was worth every penny. I’ve had a chronic cough for as long as I can remember (just coughing here and there, but everyday). I’m sure it used to annoy my parents, they’d take me to get breathing treatments, allergy testing, etc (I’ve always had terrible asthma & allergies), anyway- I’d say it’s 95% gone after installing the humidifier. I feel great! My skin and hair feel so much better, we can breathe easier, and it’s actually a great way to keep germs out of your house. My sister-in-law who is on the Covid task force at Vanderbilt said they’re recommending schools install humidifiers because they truly help. We’ve been extremely pleased and surprised by the humidifier. Clearly, I’m loving it. haha! I had no idea as an adult these things would excite me. Ours is steam powered, I believe… it’s the AprilAire 800 Steam Humidifier. We’ve been keeping our house a bit higher than it should be (50%), but it’s easy to adjust. I feel great at that humidity, but Emmett says our windows are starting to sweat too much. Haha! We’re trying to find the best number for us and our house. It’s pretty cool though!!

        2. PS: you could even change the humidity just for cookie decorating and adjust it once the icing is set. Or crank it up on cookie baking day!

  7. Your house looks so lovely and cozy! I love the blush. The ribbons on the tree are really cute. I definitely want to see a nighttime tour. I love a dark living room with a glowing Christmas tree!

    I put up my tree (ornaments only on the top half because of a curious cat -_-), stockings on the mantle, and a few random little Santa tchotchkes. I don’t put out much decor as I don’t have a basement or a usable attic, but I think I’ve got the essentials! I love how much of what I have is homemade. My grandma made my stocking when I was born and I made a complementary one for my cat, haha. I picked out the fabric for my tree skirt and my mom made it for me. And I guess I finally wore her down, because she gave me one of my favorite childhood decorations that she also made – Kermit the frog holding a stocking with little gifts in it. It’s the perfect amount of kitsch, haha! If I hadn’t grown up with it I don’t think I’d have any interest in it, but now it’s a Christmas must-have for me!

    1. Thank you, Brittany! I went crazy with the ribbons this year. Haha! I’ll work on getting a nighttime tour together this weekend. Your holiday decor sounds amazing, fun, and so special! Sentimental pieces are the best. How sweet that you have those family items! I had a panda bear stocking as a kid, and I wish I knew where it ended up. So many holiday memories with that thing! Emmett is all about the Christmas kitsch, so we have some skiing santas scattered around, too. Lol! Hope you’re having a happy holiday season so far :) xo