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Facebook Marketplace Finds : Indianapolis, IN - roomforutesday.comHappy Friday! It has been a few months since I’ve shared Facebook Marketplace Finds. Today, I searched Indianapolis for my Hoosiers. Fun fact- I went to design school at Indiana University in Bloomington and have lots of family and friends in Indianapolis. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to search Indy. Anyway- there were lots of treasures to be uncovered, and I even snagged something for myself this time around! Even if you’re not located in Indianapolis or the surrounding cities (I’m talking to you Louisville, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Chicago), if you see something you like- be sure to save it. This will help refine your algorithm, which will result in serving you similar items in your local area. Click through to see what I dug up on FBMP this month, as well as what I bought for myself…

Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Designer Bistro Chairs

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Indianapolis, IN - roomforutesday.comThese Serena & Lily bistro counter stools retail for almost $400 each… this seller has them listed for $250 per stool, plus a better discount for a pair, and an even better deal for the entire set. They’ve been listed for awhile, so you may be able to snag them for even less. I actually really love the classic black and they’re in perfect condition.

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Large Dresser

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Indianapolis, IN - roomforutesday.comThis charming dresser stopped me mid scroll. It’s a great size and would be ideal for a bedroom or entryway. It was just listed for $275 and I have a feeling it will go quickly!

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Designer Ruhlmann Chandelier

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Indianapolis, IN - roomforutesday.comI’m not even going to lie- I stumbled upon this chandelier and immediately called dibs! Sorry Indy friends- I didn’t even give you a chance. Ha! My search radius captured this gem in northern Kentucky and I immediately messaged the seller, sent payment, and convinced my parents to go pick it up for me (thanks Mom & Chris)!  It’s retails for $1,000 and I’m thinking it would be perfect for our primary bath above the soaking tub, or maybe even in one of the guest rooms we haven’t finished yet. I also recognized that bed in the background (it’s Ralph Lauren) and asked if the seller wanted to part with it, but no luck… she did let me buy four other items though. I can’t wait to share them with you… I’ll probably ship all my goods back when Emmett & I are scheduled to visit our family in Kentucky later this August. Good find, right?!

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Iron Patio Table & Chairs

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Indianapolis, IN - roomforutesday.comFor $200, this 5-piece patio set is the fixer upper summer project you NEED. Use my previous patio chair makeover as inspiration and give them a fresh coat of black paint with gilded accents. Those chairs are timeless and have a great shape- they just need a little cleaning and love.

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Vintage Chest of Drawers

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Indianapolis, IN - roomforutesday.comFor $250, this gorgeous vintage chest of drawers would be ideal for an entryway or anchoring the end of a hall. It’s really sturdy looking and again- I’m digging the shape and hardware. Very pretty and well worth $250, in my opinion!

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Figure Drawing in Burl Frame

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Indianapolis, IN - roomforutesday.comThis original figure drawing caught my attention- it’s from the 40’s and I love the burl frame and inset mat. This would be a fun and timeless addition to any art collection or gallery wall.

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Oversized Handmade Planters

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Indianapolis, IN - roomforutesday.comSince we’ve been on a major outdoor living kick around here, of course heavy oversized handmade pedestal planters ended up in my feed (a happy accident)! These beauties are $100 each, which is far less than you’d pay at the local greenhouse or nursery for this size.

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Woven Lampshades

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Indianapolis, IN - roomforutesday.comAnother convenient coincidence… woven lighting! I had to include these because if you’ve been looking to upgrade a lamp, chandelier, or sconce- this is the perfect way to do it… swap the shade! You could even make a seasonal change for summer. These designer woven shades from Ballard are a steal- listed at $60 for the set. However, they’ve been listed for awhile, so I’d offer $40 and see what happens. I feel like they’d go for it, since it’s a niche item.

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Wood Wall Mirror

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Indianapolis, IN - roomforutesday.comThis curvy wall mirror has a classic shape, beautifully stained frame, and would be ideal for a bathroom or vanity. I can imagine a sconce installed above it… that would be gorgeous and the perfect way to add warmth and character to a bath. For $40, this large French-inspired mirror is a no brainer.

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Vintage Console Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Indianapolis, IN - roomforutesday.comLast, but not least… a pretty console table, that is oddly also a dining table? Insert confused face here. I’m not sure what’s going on with that, but it expands and includes a leaf or two. I’d use it as a console, but hey- whatever fits your space! For $100, this one was just listed and it will go quick.

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I always set my search radius for the max (250 miles) because I’m willing to drive or road trip if I find something amazing (or make family across the country do it on my behalf, ha). Therefore, if you’re in the surrounding cities- Dayton, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, etc, some of these may be feasible for you, too! Where should I search next month? This was fun. It has been wayyy too long since I’ve scored something THAT good on Marketplace. Now that I’ve got a taste of victory, I’m going to be scrolling more often. It always works out that way, doesn’t it? Here’s to a wonderful weekend ahead!

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  1. Good morning! Such great finds in Indianapolis! Although they’re obviously different styles, I dig both of the chests. Such a super versatile size. I had to chuckle because I started oohing & aahing over that chandelier before I had scrolled far enough to see the entire photo…then I read that you had snagged it! Good call, Sarah! Ha! That brilliant nickel (I think?) finish and the ribbed detail. Heck yes. That outdoor dining set is an awesome deal too. A little elbow grease, spray paint, and a new umbrella? Patio perfection! I’m also very into those woven chandelier shades!! Hoping my algorithm will bring me a couple slightly larger ones now. I’m itching to summerize my buffet lamps. Those terra cotta pots are so gorgeous and finding a set of 4 seems extra lucky! Honestly, who knew so many treasures were available in Indiana? I haven’t found anything I’m particularly seeking, but lately I do think my FB has been popping! Private estate sales and and moving purges galore! This might be a good weekend to do a bit of thrifting. In between weeding and playing in the sun, that is. Are you guys up to some adventures? Cheers to Pizza Friday and whatever the weekend brings!💜🍕

    1. Thank you, thank you! Indy was a fun hunt. As soon as I stumbled upon that chandelier I immediately called my mom to beg her to go grab it for me. Ha! She obliged with little complaining, so I’ll take that as a win. Having lived in Indiana, I can confidently say the thrifting there is better than here in Utah. I’ve been itching to peruse some estate sales, but there have been none around here lately. Hopefully soon! I hope you’re having an awesome week! We’ve been busy prepping for a visit from Laurie Anne and her fam, then we’re hosting our teenage nephew for a couple weeks, and work has been more busy than normal because Jordan is enjoying a fun vacation on the Cape to celebrate her bday, so I’ve been holding down the fort. All good things! Sorry I’m late to comment- definitely in catch up mode again over here. Whew! xo

  2. Good morning! Wonderful finds in Indianapolis! I’ve always loved the Serena and Lily bistro chairs but never thought to search for them on FBMP. The patio set is another favorite this round and I’ve been saving a lot of iron patio sets lately in hopes of finding an amazing score here in my area- the outdoor tours have me itching to spruce up the yard in a big way. Love this little set! The pots were an immediate save- I frequently look in my area for large pots like this. So far I haven’t had luck, but hopefully that changes soon. I actually own that same mirror- we have it on our mantle, and I can attest to the quality of craftsmanship. We will likely own it forever, even if it swaps rooms from time to time. I love the shape of it. The desk/dining table had me intrigued- it’s definitely a unique piece. I like the details and wood tone and it looks like it’s in pretty decent condition. Your FBMP posts are always a great reminder for me to browse my local area; I’m not the greatest at checking frequently, but it will be fun to browse over my next cup of coffee. I hope you have adventures planned for your weekend. I’m hoping we see a shift in the weather that warrants setting up the pool, but I’m skeptical summer will ever arrive. On the plus side- some of the more tender plants I’ve planted this year are thriving with all the fog and moisture, and I’m hoping when the heat does arrive they’ll be able to weather the change far better than normal. Time will tell. Happy pizza Friday friends!

    1. Hi Lauren! Indianapolis was hiding some treasures, for sure. Fingers crossed some big planters grace your fee soon. They’ll pop up eventually! So cool that you own that same mirror- it’s gorgeous. The shape is so lovely. Our weekend was pretty chill… we went boating with friends and are now preparing for Laurie Anne and her husband to come visit for a few days, then we’re hosting our teenage nephew for a couple of weeks. We’re really excited for that! We keep calling it Camp Gibson, and are excited to make some good memories with him. What have you been up to lately? I hope celebrating in Vegas was amazing, I hope summer has been super fun for you guys and the kids, and you’re also having a great few weeks! I’m in catch up mode over here per usual. Ha! xox

  3. Yay! I always love your marketplace round-ups, and it’s a special treat when you pull items around Indy. I am highly considering the figure drawing… Excited to see the other things you scored from the chandelier seller. Thanks for the fun finds!

    1. I love them, too! Such beautiful finds in Indy- it was a fun search. Let me know if you snagged the figure drawing- I really liked that one :) Hope you’re having a great week!