Woven Lighting for Summer

Woven Lighting for Summer - roomfortuesday.comHow was your weekend? We had a busy one over here with lots of fun summer celebrations with friends- birthdays, baby showers, house warming, etc. I’ve been on a real woven lighting kick lately.. saving, pinning, enjoying the woven fixtures throughout our home, and just admiring ones I’d like to someday invest in. Personally, I like woven light fixtures anytime of year, as they add warmth & texture to any vignette… but they’re especially perfect for the summer season. Click through for a quick peek at some of my current favorites to integrate and style in your home.

Woven Lighting for Summer - roomfortuesday.comYour home aesthetic doesn’t need to be coastal, nautical, or even near a beach to make woven fixtures feel organic… they can easily blend with any style, so long as they’re strategically placed. The entire fixture doesn’t need to be rattan or woven- think a simple woven shade or a rattan wrapped base.

Woven Lighting for Summer - roomfortuesday.com

Click the thumbnails below, or use the links below the collage to be redirected to each source… not all thumbnails are clickable. 

linear pendant // rattan flush mount // santa barbara pendant // levene pendant // issa chandelier // summer pendant // ripley sconce // rattan floor lamp // layton sconce // wicker table lamp // bibelot table lamp // newark table lamp // renae floor lamp // curves floor lamp // devon table lamp // weaver floor lamp // natural table lamp // mid century table lamp // curves wall sconce // issa wall sconce // hascombe lamp // vintage woven lamp // ceramic table lamp

From the roundup, you probably recognize a few fixtures in my home: the curves floor lamp, devon table lamp, and my latest favorite- the bibelot lamp. The other couple images are from Jordan’s house, and clearly she’s also a fan of woven fixtures!

Woven Lighting for Summer - roomfortuesday.comEven small amounts of this timeless material works wonders for adding texture, warmth, and interest to a vignette. Just as you’d style a woven basket in a space, lighting works just as well…. and it may even prove more functional, depending on your needs.

Woven Lighting for Summer - roomfortuesday.comI hope you enjoyed this curated roundup! Lighting is one of my favorite home items to style & install… it’s definitely the one design area that can make or break a room, so I’m always willing to invest in a classic fixture. Here’s to a great week ahead!

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  1. I don’t have one light fixture that has any woven material Sarah. Huh! I think I may have considered it to be too coastal. But you definitely have illustrated in this post and your home it can fit into any aesthetic. The Issa chandelier is gorgeous, and would definitely fit in beautifully at the cottage. I’m sad Canadian shipping/taxes/duty from the shop is so costly. Why can’t it be easier darn it? Hopefully someday you will be able to offer it again, fingers crossed. If and when it works for the business of course.
    Sounds like you had a great weekend! I hope Emmett is recouping well and feels much better. Have a super day!

    1. Really, Colleen?! I think they can fit in with any aesthetic. I love a good textural moment. I know, I know- the Canadian fees are so high. I hate that, too and wish it were easier. We just shipped an order of four rugs to a Canadian customer and we’re always willing to give it a try if you want us to price out duties. I wish it were less expensive. If you ever need anything, you just let me know… we can definitely make it happen for you. Emmett is feeling so much better and I’m finally getting answers and a diagnosis for my health shenanigans. I feel like we’re finally headed down the right path and things are more optimistic in our house. Whew! I hope you’re hanging in there too. I’ve been thinking about your family who lost their home. Please let me know if there is anything I can do! xo

      1. I’m so glad to hear Emmett is feeling better. Yay! And answers to your health, Finally. What a crazy journey….Cheers to feeling better for a positive healthy road ahead.
        In our area the air is breathable again, thank heavens. There are fires still burning out of control but we’ve received help from all over the world including our US friends and hopefully they will be contained very soon. Thanks so much for thinking of us here and my family are hanging in. The local community Centre have a go fund page setup and they are getting lots of support. I think $30,000 or so raised thus far they are feeling very grateful and appreciative of all the generosity ❤️ Big hugs for your offer to help, so kind Sarah! They’ll be ok, it’s just going to be a long road of rebuilding and healing.
        We haven’t opened the cottage yet as many wildfires north of us were causing so much smoke 😩 I think that chandelier would be really pretty, I’ll check the measurements to ensure the appropriate scale. Thank you for the possibility of shipping there. Hopefully we can get there this summer, apparently it’s going to be really dry here til August according to meteorologists. We may not even get there this year ☹️ It’s a wait and see situation with the ongoing fires and risk in the area. I’ll keep you posted sweet friend ❤️

        1. Thank you so much, Colleen! It has been a journey, for sure. I JUST opened your email- thank you so much for sharing their page with me. I definitely want to send something their way. I’m so sorry to hear about the fires continuing to burn. I can’t imagine the heartbreak they must be feeling… definitely a long road of healing and rebuilding ahead. I hope wildfire season isn’t as crazy as they’re predicting so you can make it to your cabin to enjoy some time there. I know how much it means to you. Big hugs, friend!

  2. Good morning! And hellllooooo, gorgeous! I adore (adore, I say!) a wicker or bamboo lamp and shade. Although folks joke that we live on the “east coast of Oregon,” my aesthetic is definitely not beachy. I just love the warm woody tones, texture, and handcrafted natural material they add to a space. I also appreciate that I get all that plus function, as I don’t tend to use baskets anywhere but the kitchen. From your spectacular roundup, I would take just about very single item! The Levene pendant and the Summer pendant are divine. Curses to my low ceilings. Even though I’ve yet to install a single sconce in my home, I’m besotted with both the Ripley and the Layton. The exaggerated lines of the Layton positively slay me, and the black plus ball finial of the Ripley get a “heck yeah.” Of course, table lamps are my ultimate weakness. The enormity and saucy asymmetrical shade of the Seta lamp have me nearly speechless. Ha. The classy smoothness of the Newark is fab! Like Meryl Streep as a lamp. That vintage woven lamp checks all the boxes: shape, double the texture and such a steal! While I’ve never been accused of subtlety, I do enjoy the sneaky texture of all the rattan-wrapped examples too. For my understated girlies. Lol. Thanks for such a fun Monday wake-up! You know I’m here for all the lamp talk. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Yay for that! I lost Saturday to a minor migraine battle, but my boys took good care of me. After a thunderstorm last night, the week appears off to a refreshed sunny start. So cheers to that, Sarah!💜

    1. Good morning, Peggi! I’m right there with you- lamps are my weakness. I love a good lamp, I love shuffling them around, stuffing them in every corner, and I have way too many. Ha! I got a good chuckle out of “Meryl Streep as a lamp”… you’re not wrong! Sorry to hear your migraine cramped your Saturday style. Those are the worst. I hope you got in some rest and good cuddles. We’re also off to a sunny start today. I’m off to the shop to pack orders and kick off the week :) Have a good one, friend! xo

  3. Good morning from Vegas! We finally escaped the dreary California weather in the nick of time; the rain started yesterday afternoon and hasn’t stopped. Thankfully it’s breezy and gorgeous here at our hotel. I currently don’t own any woven shades or fixtures that feature this gorgeous woven element, but I’d love to add little touches throughout the house. The levene pendant is my #1 from this roundup. She’s a stunner, and reminds me of floppy hats and summer beach trips. How stunning above a breakfast table?! Or two above a kitchen island. Dreamy. I’m also quite infatuated with the rattan flush mount. I’ve never seen anything like it. Beautifully unexpected. The Issa wall sconce is so classically beautiful- I can definitely picture these bedside, or even down a hallway. You’re making me crave summer over here! We’ll be lounging poolside today, and then heading into Vegas proper for a hotel switch and a fun show tonight to celebrate our anniversary. Our current hotel boasts a Spanish exterior and gorgeous coffered ceilings, with meandering outdoor paths and water features galore. It’s going to be a nice relaxing trip. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

    1. Hello, hello! I hope you two are enjoying celebrating in Vegas. I also hope you’re getting some sunshine and the weather is cooperating! I love that pendant, too! Definitely giving floppy hat casual summer vibes, ha. You’re right- it would be amazing over a breakfast nook table. You’ve got my wheels turning! I’m ready for summer- it has been cool and stormy here, which I actually love, but I’m also ready for some fun pool and lake days with serious sunshine. Take a good swim for me today and happy celebrating!! xo