My Favorite Vintage Item In Our Home

My Favorite Vintage Item In Our Home - roomfortuesday.comI teamed up with three of my good blogging buddies Kyla, Chloe, and Susan (you probably know them from their blogs House of Hipsters, Boxwood Avenue, and House of Brinson), to share our most coveted vintage piece found in our homes. Welllll- you should know I had trouble choosing a single favorite… because that’s like asking me to choose which one of my dogs is my favorite fur child. It’s impossible! I have way too many beloved vintage items throughout our home to pick just one. I love all of them for different reasons, and they each have a story. Instead, I thought it might be fun to share YOUR favorite vintage piece found within our home. The one item that is most commented on, messaged about, and complimented is my wooden vintage hand. Click through to read the story behind it… how & where I found it, why I love it, why I think many of you are into it, and I even found some similar options, for those of you who have requested links.

My Favorite Vintage Item In Our Home - roomfortuesday.comI’ll start with the story. It was a cold, rainy day in Dayton, Ohio (back when we were living in our Ohio bungalow), and I had planned a shopping day with Jacquline (I SO miss her RFT blog posts). Despite the crummy weather, we were having the best girls day, just hanging out and supporting local businesses. We got coffee, we popped into a few favorite stores, and near the middle of our shopping trip- we ducked into Heart Mercantile in Dayton’s Oregon District. They had just opened and were well known for carrying kitschy, clever new items and plants at that point in time. To my surprise, I wandered into the back corner of the store to find a few vintage pieces. There was some vintage glassware, vintage jewelry, and this massive vintage wooden hand.

My Favorite Vintage Item In Our Home - roomfortuesday.comI actually wasn’t sure about it at first. I picked it up, and asked Jackie if “it was too weird?” To which she replied, “I think it’s your kind of weird.” Obviously I took that as a good thing and for $30, decided it was a fun buy! We wrapped up our shopping day, parted ways, I arrived home, dumped my goodies on the kitchen counter, and went to put on my comfy pants. Haha! It’s a real thing… nothing feels quite as liberating as putting on lounge pants and ripping off your bra, right?! I digress, I walked back into our kitchen to Emmett commenting on how cool the wood hand was. Super score! We moved from Dayton to Salt Lake City six months after. That hand has lived in all of our homes with us, has made a cross country move, is super functional, interesting, and reminds me of a wonderful day spent with a best friend.

My Favorite Vintage Item In Our Home - roomfortuesday.comThe cool thing about the hand is it acts like a bowl, tray, or catchall. It’s the perfect size to “hold” (so clever!), mail, car keys, a wallet, a plant, crystals or stones, beads, … lots of things. It has lived in the entry of our home for many years- so much so, that our friends and family know to drop their keys there. It’s kind of our “Gibson statement piece” that is welcoming, weird, and an awesome conversation starter. Of course, it would also be beautiful styled on a coffee table- I did that briefly, but prefer it at our entry.

My Favorite Vintage Item In Our Home - roomfortuesday.comWhile I’ve found similar options, I have yet to find an exact match to my wooden hand! It’s the largest one I’ve seen. I’ve also come to realize these are often called a praise, gratitude, and offering bowl. I’m actually trying to find a talented artist or wood worker who can replicate my hand and make some for my shop. I think that would be really special! I used to work with a woodworker, who has since stopped working in that medium. I’ve had some test pieces made, but none have been to my liking. If you know of anyone, please let me know! In the meantime, I’m linking some other wooden hand options for you below because I get hundreds of messages asking about the source…

My Favorite Vintage Item In Our Home - roomfortuesday.comCurious what Kyla, Chloe, and Susan’s favorite vintage item is in their gorgeous homes? You’re going to want to see those because Kyla is queen of modern thrifting, Chloe has one of the best styled homes I’ve seen, and Susan finds the very best stuff. I’m guessing their items will be TOTALLY different from one another. Should I make predictions? Ok, ok… I will (I swear I haven’t read their posts yet)– I’m guessing Kyla’s will be a modern piece of furniture (maybe chairs, an ottoman, nightstands, etc), and I’m guessing Chloe’s will be something that looks very vintage French (a coffee table or chest, a side table, something more rustic). As for Susan, I think hers might be something smaller, that is perhaps bar or kitchen related? Maybe glassware? Alright, I’m going to click over and see how I did. I’ll link their posts below!

Kyla’s Favorite Vintage Piece… find out on  House of Hipsters 

Chloe’s Favorite Vintage Piece… find out on → Boxwood Avenue 

Susan’s Favorite Vintage Piece… find out on → House of Brinson 

My Favorite Vintage Item In Our Home - roomfortuesday.comDid you like this post? It was a fun one for me! Maybe I should team up with friends more often or tell the stories behind more of my favorite items found in our home.. Let me know what you think! I hope you all have a lovely week.

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  1. A very fun post! I never realized the scale of the hand until you posted the picture of you holding it. It’s massive! Definitely a special piece, but what a difficult job to choose your favorite treasure. I’m not sure I could. The act of reminiscing about how I acquired each item would certainly be rewarding, though! I’ll have to visit Kyla and Chloe’s blogs later to see what they chose. (too early🤣) I like the teaming up with friends concept! Seeing blogger connections is interesting, and I enjoy being introduced to new people! Cheers to another productive week!💜

    1. It’s pretty big! Haha! I love it though… it holds plenty of mail, keys, wallets, whatever junk we toss into it. That is EXACTLY why I didn’t choose my favorite treasure. Lol! It’s impossible. Isn’t it fun to remember where all of your vintage pieces came from? I remember the exact trip, who was with me, where I was at, the weather, etc. It’s pretty cool! How did your pumpkin roll turn out over the weekend? I ended up making my grandma’s fudge and chocolate chip cookies. It was nice to spend some time in the kitchen. Cheers to another beautiful (and productive) week! Have a good one, Peggi :) xo

  2. Ok I’ve seen this so many times in your home but I never understood the scale of it until right now. It’s huge! And so weird! But definitely a fun weird 🙂 How did your weekend of decorating go? I ended up ignoring ALL of my chores and making an overnight trip to the gulf coast (St Petersburg/Tampa area) which was exactly what I needed right now. Hope your week is off to an amazing start!

    1. It’s definitely on the larger side. Scale is so tricky and often doesn’t translate in my photos. It’s a really cool piece though! Ohhhh the weekend- to be honest, we didn’t get a single piece of holiday decor out. Such a bummer! It was a weekend filled with work, cleaning, Covid tests (lots of people at Emmett’s work tested positive, and he is awaiting his results), and stormy rainy weather (instead of projected snow). We just weren’t in the spirit, BUT- I’m hoping we can get around to it this week. I might even pull my front porch decor out today. I am insanely jealous of your trip to the coast! That area is beautiful and so restorative. I miss the ocean! Have a lovely time and a beautiful week, Stacy :) xo

      1. Oh no! I hope Emmett (and you!) are able to stay healthy and safe ❤️

        1. Thank you!! Fingers crossed :)

  3. Alexandra Johansen says:

    I have inquired about your hand before! I
    Can’t wait to see a Sarah approved replica!

    1. Yes!! I’m working hard to make it happen, it’s just taking awhile to find the right fit. I want to make sure it’s beautiful :) Thanks, Alexandra! Have a great week! xo

  4. Awww, I just loved hearing the sweet story behind your “hand” purchase. And $30?! What a steal! That is definitely one of my favorite vintage pieces of yours and am so excited for the possibility of you finding someone else to make something similar for your shop! I remember you posting a copy in your previous shop a few years ago.I didn’t realize it was that big either, so that pic of you holding it was great to see it’s scale and in all it’s glory. Super fun seeing Kyla’s favorite pieces, too – love them ALL. I remember seeing those vintage Pierre Cardin chairs a while back. Total eye swoon. I love the rich green-so chic, but thought the pink was fun, too. She is truly a styling maven and just adore how she puts pieces together that I would never have thought would “go together”. Hope your week is off to a great start, Sarah!

    1. It has been so tricky to find someone! I loved working with the previous artist I used for my little shop a couple years ago, but he’s no longer doing it. I also want to support a small business owner, so I’m trying to take that route and find an independent artist. Although, I think some of Emmett’s friends in the woodworking industry probably have equipment that could duplicate it. We shall see! It’s definitely on the larger side… 14″ ish, so it holds lots of entryway stuff- keys, mail, wallets, etc. Kyla is the queen of thrifting!! Chloe just text us and said her post is about to go live, she was running a bit behind this morning, but I’m excited to check hers out as well. Have a wonderful week, Anne :) xo

  5. I’ve always thought your vintage hand was a cool & unique piece. Yours is the first I have seen. Interesting story of how you found it. Stories make pieces that much more special. Enjoyed reading about Kya’s vintage pieces. Chloe’s did not come up when I clicked on link. I love following her on Instagram…the animals and dreamy surrounding!
    Have a great day Sarah!

    1. Thanks, Danna! Yes- Kyla is so amazing at thrifting and styling :) Chloe sent me a text this morning, letting us know she is running behind on her post… it should be up this afternoon, if you want to check it out. Sorry that link isn’t working yet! I also love following her life on the ranch and seeing the animals- it reminds me of home! Have a great Monday and a wonderful week ahead. xo

  6. Such a fun post! The hand is probably my favorite item in your home. It’s just inviting. I truly hope you’re able to find someone who can recreate it in all its perfection-especially the size! Speaking of Tuesday Made, when do we get to shop?? Lol. Your girl is ready to spend some 🤑🤑

    1. It’s cool, right?! I feel like I’m a more interesting person because I have a massive wooden hand. Lol! I’m not sure. I know I’ll find the right person to recreate it… I’m just very picky, so it’s taking awhile. Emmett & I have been working 15+ hour days, and we’re hoping to have everything ready for the store in the next couple weeks. My goal is to launch by the end of the month. The anticipation is killing me- I have all the nerves: excitement, nervousness, etc etc etc. You are the sweetest for supporting us!! Love you for that :) and for showing up to chat everyday. xox