Shopping Trip : Pottery Barn

Shopping Trip : Pottery Barn - roomfortuesday.comI haven’t been getting out much, between being busy with work and Covid numbers spiking, but I did have to swing by the grocery yesterday (which is conveniently located next to Pottery Barn), so I thought I’d pop in quickly. This is the first time I’ve been in a PB since 2019, and I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of things I’ve been loving online, in person on their showroom floor. Our tried and true Pottery Barn sofa has been with us for almost five years now and is still extra comfy and cute in our basement media room, pictured above. This is my third “Shopping Trip” post in the blog series- check out World Market and Tuesday Morning, if you missed them. These are fun to compile, but have been few and far between this year for obvious reasons! Click through to check out my Pottery Barn favorites from my most recent shopping trip- along with ideas on how to style them… 

#1 // York Sofa

Shopping Trip : Pottery Barn - roomfortuesday.comAs I previously mentioned, I’m a fan of Pottery Barn’s upholstery- specifically their sofa and sectional collections. They’re all made here in the US and are great quality, with multiple seating and fabric options. Our sofa is from the York Collection, as is the one pictured above in the Salt Lake store. If you’re looking for a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing sofa…. PB is always one of my top choices!

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#2 // Leather Counter Stool

Shopping Trip : Pottery Barn - roomfortuesday.comThese counter stools immediately grabbed my attention. The leather is a really nice quality and color, plus the shape of the stool is simplistic, allowing these to blend well with other styles. They definitely look more expensive than they actually are, if you’re on the hunt for good barstools!

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#3 // Vintage Rug Look Pillows

Shopping Trip : Pottery Barn - roomfortuesday.comMy friend Julia (of wildly popular design blog Chris Loves Julia) just shared her guest room makeover this week, and used a vintage rug pillow to tie together the bed vignette. I believe hers is one-of-a-kind (vintage), but these look very similar! My favorite is the deep navy cushion, sitting next to the sign. It looked super soft and is made of velvet (despite the distressed vintage look), but I didn’t touch it to test… as PB is practicing “touchless shopping”- smart! I commend them for that. There were only two other shoppers in the store at the same time as me, which made social distancing very easy.

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#4 // Marble Nesting Tables

Shopping Trip : Pottery Barn - roomfortuesday.comThese nesting tables are not something I would ever choose online, but seeing them in person totally changed my mind. They’re really beautiful! They look very heavy, between the iron frame and marble top. These would be really versatile and could be used in a living room, as a bedside table, in an entryway, and would definitely create a timeless, layered look.

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#5 // Large Frosted Glass Candle

Shopping Trip : Pottery Barn - roomfortuesday.comI tried to show the scale of this candle by resting it on the seat of a chair (this was before I noticed the “no touch” sign, so I felt bad and bought it), but this thing is GIANT. It has six wicks and the sandalwood & patchouli is my favorite scent that Pottery Barn carries. I figured I can use the large frosted glass vessel for styling once the candle is finished. It would make a great coffee table bowl!

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#6 // Classic Double Sink Vanity

Shopping Trip : Pottery Barn - roomfortuesday.comThe sink vanity in the bathroom at our previous home actually came from Pottery Barn. I’ve always loved their timeless bathroom selections. This double sink vanity really impressed me in person. From the inset drawers to the petite polished nickel hardware and gorgeous marble countertop, this is a classic option that looks very expensive and custom.

Shopping Trip : Pottery Barn - roomfortuesday.comIt has a great amount of counter space, as well as both open and closed storage (win/win). I could totally see baskets filled with linens on the open portion of the vanity. It comes in a few different colors (white and gray, as well).

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#7 // Slender Side Table

Shopping Trip : Pottery Barn - roomfortuesday.comThis budget-friendly side table is worth noting because of the unique, slender shape. If you’re short on space and need an extra surface… this table is perfect for those tight areas! It could easily squeeze into a powder room, between the arm of a sofa and the wall, as well as other difficult areas. It’s a great basic to have!

Shopping tip… take note of the “Last Chance Floor Model Sale” sign in the background. This happens every summer. It might be worth calling your local Pottery Barn to see if you can score any showroom floor models that have been marked way down!

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#8 // Woven Bench

Shopping Trip : Pottery Barn - roomfortuesday.comThis bench was giving me major Amber Lewis vibes. I love the woven texture and neutral color! It would look great styled at the foot of a bed, in an entryway, or mudroom. If you’re a fan of organic, neutral, casual, Californian (boho?) looking spaces… this would be a great piece to add to your collection.

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#9 // Brass Floor Lamp

Shopping Trip : Pottery Barn - roomfortuesday.comMy local store was having a big lighting sale and these three brass floor lamps gained my interest. The middle one is my favorite! Pottery Barn does a nice job with their antique brass finishes. It never looks cheap, and is perfectly aged.

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#10 // Round Marble Dining Table

Shopping Trip : Pottery Barn - roomfortuesday.comLast, but not least… this marble pedestal dining table. The top is covered in merchandise, so you’ll have to look past that… but the marble tabletop has an awesome edge detail. I’m a sucker for a pedestal table with a great base and this one is such a stunning shape! I believe this table comes in a couple different sizes, but you can’t beat a HEAVY, solid marble table for under $1k. It’s a score. It would look great in a breakfast nook, entryway, or staircase landing!

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Pottery Barn has always been one of my favorite resources. It was really fun to peruse their store and do a little shopping yesterday. It had been far too long and I gained some good inspiration! Which items are your favorites from the post? Are there any good ones I missed? I’m motivated to finish the guest room so I have a new space to style!

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  1. Wow. I love every single item you featured! It’s funny. When I was a young homeowner, I would drool over the Pottery Barn catalogs that arrived regularly (remember catalogs?!). I made a birthday splurge one year on the most amazing lavender gingham sheets! Over the years, I realized most of their casegoods didn’t really match my aesthetic, so they kind of fell off my radar. It looks as though I should once again consider them a source! Someday when I can shop again, that is! Oh my gosh, I would be the WORST touchless shopper! Seriously, no way I could have resisted that beautiful marble!
    Thanks for the virtual retail trip! Have a super-productive and lovely weekend. See you on Monday!💜😎💪

    1. They have some really awesome things that would be great for many styles. I STILL get the catalogs and do the same thing :) Haha! Touchless shopping is difficult for me too, which is why I ended up with the massive candle. lol! I hope you had a beautiful day hiking yesterday. Have an amazing weekend, a good pizza Friday tomorrow, and see you back here on Monday! xo

  2. PB is a favorite of mine too! It’s my mom’s favorite destination every time she comes to visit. I get giddy thinking about fall and Christmas and seeing what they have done to their store ever year. So much good inspiration. Isn’t it the best therapy beside a vacation? I’ve been shopping their teen and apartment sites for our son and have enjoyed finding him things.
    I would be in so much trouble not being able to touch or pick up items. I am a visual and a “feeler” kind of girl! Ha! Now that I think about it, that may be why I get stares when I go into Homegoods or TJMaxx!
    Have a good weekend. I am off to put one more coat of clear poly on the furniture.

    1. Forgot to mention I love the lamps and marble table. Their pillows are the best and inserts too. Miss their frequent catalogs.

    2. I agree, Danna! They do such a great job. I had the opportunity to partner with them a couple years ago and it was definitely one of those “pinch me” moments because I’ve always hoarded their catalogs for inspiration- even in design school. I couldn’t believe they wanted to work with me because I’ve always been such a fan. Haha! Their teen and apt lines are awesome. Does your son move soon? I’m guessing within the next few weeks! I bet that will be a bittersweet moment for everyone in your family- best of luck to him. So exciting! You are such an awesome mom for helping him furnish his first place away from home! He is lucky to have you :) Have a wonderful week! xo

  3. Hey Sarah,
    I absolutely love Pottery Barn and always have. Love every item on your list 💗 I have purchased many things over the years, rugs, toss cushions, lighting, throws, candles and drapery. However, I’ve never purchased any furniture as the scale always seemed too large for our homes. I’ve learned if I’m patient on items that I love, a sale will be just around the corner. I’m currently in awe of there Decker Mango outdoor Lanterns 😍 I’m hoping to add these to our outdoor room I’ve created by our new fabulous pool which we have been really enjoying as it’s a very hot summer here in Ontario, Canada 🥵 Perfect summer to have embarked upon this project! Yay! Anyway Love, love, love Pottery Barn! Great post Sarah, Happy Friday cheers 🥂

    1. Same here, Colleen! I also own a plethora of PB items and I’ve always had great luck with their products. In terms of scale, PB Apt is one of their newer branches / collections and it is all smaller scaled furniture for apartment sized living- which I thought was clever on their part. Definitely wait for the sales… they have so many! I LOVE those lanterns. Have you been enjoying your perfect backyard this summer? I feel like you picked the right year to make that happen. Wish I were closer, I would gladly show up at your door with an outdoor lantern in exchange for some pool time ;) It has been so hot here. Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! xo

  4. Wow wow wowwww!!! So many great options to add to my favorites list. PB never disappoints! I love those marble nesting tables, and the dining table the most. By far my favorite place to shop because the styles are so timeless they just elevate any space. Thanks for the roundup Sarah! Glad you were able to get a small break in with all the work lately!

  5. Hi Sarah! That bench is amazing!! Random question for you – did you happen to notice if the finish on the Atticus (middle pic) is the same antique brass finish of the Chelsea (left pic)? The color on their site lists them both as antique brass but some of the pics of the Atticus look very bright brass-gold. I went to the store near me but it unfortunately wasn’t on the floor. Just wondering if you knew before I ordered! Thank you! -Dana

    1. In person, they’re very similar! The atticus was a bit brighter and warmer, while the chelsea looked more aged. Hope this helps :) Both were nice brass tones!