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Shopping Trip : World Market - roomfortuesday.comAfter sharing 10 Home Items That Impressed Me At Target, I took your advice and started a “shopping trip” series. Ready to go home and decor shopping with me today? We’re headed to World Market! I found a lot of great things and a few classic favorites (that I already own). Click through to see 10 things that I’d buy (or have already purchased) from World Market. It’s actually perfect timing for this post, because they’re having a 30% off furniture sale- and my coveted marble bistro table that lives on our bedroom balcony is apart of it! 

I’ll begin by saying- I never leave World Market without snacks & food (Italian pasta, chocolate for me, sour candies for Emmett, charcuterie items, etc.), but in addition to their great grocery section, you can also score some incredible home finds that fit the budget! Ready to see 10 of my favorites?

#1 // Marble Bistro Accent Table

Shopping Trip : World Market - roomfortuesday.comThis is the marble bistro table that lives on our balcony. I knew from the moment I laid eyes upon it in the store, it was a match made in heaven. The classic, European looking base with the white marble top is so pretty… it’s really a dreamy table at a great price (under $120)! This table can live indoors or out (if covered) and is really a versatile, timeless piece that looks SO much more expensive than it actually is. It would also look great styled in an entryway (similar to mine).

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#2 // Brass Dome Cameron Accent Lamp

Shopping Trip : World Market - roomfortuesday.comI love the shape of this brass, modern table lamp. It would be perfect for a bedside table, a desk, or to jazz up a kids room or nursery. For $60, I could definitely find a place in our home to style this beauty!

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#3 // Ivory Megan Swivel Chair

Shopping Trip : World Market - roomfortuesday.comThis swivel chair reminded me of the ones in our formal living room… just in a different color and for HALF the price. This is another item that looks very high-end, but fits the budget. I sat in it, spun around, and I have to say- it’s pretty comfortable. It sits exactly like the ones we have at home. This is definitely a great deal for a beautiful upholstered chair!

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#4 // Citrus Breeze Linen Spray

Shopping Trip : World Market - roomfortuesday.comI’ve been buying this stuff for years! It’s my favorite linen spray to freshen bedding and upholstered furniture. It has amazing reviews for a good reason. It comes in citrus breeze or lavender. I use and love both. I tend to use the citrus scent during the spring and summer months and have grown to associate that smell with the season. After swapping our bedding last week, I definitely spritzed it with this and it made me excited for warm weather! It’s a nice, crisp, clean scent.

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#5 // Baskets

Shopping Trip : World Market - roomfortuesday.comI use baskets for lots of things… to corral dog toys, to hold blankets & throws, for extra pillows, and even as planters. I love a good, woven hyacinth basket and World Market has TONS of them at great prices.

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#6 // Antique Gold Ribbed Taper Candleholders

Shopping Trip : World Market - roomfortuesday.comI hadn’t seen these candleholders until visiting the store, and I have to say- they stopped me in my tracks. They’re very heavy, have a nice brass finish, and again- look much more expensive than they actually are ($12). These would be great styled on a dining table, a mantel, a credenza, or a dresser. They’re really beautiful in person! The online image doesn’t do them any favors.

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#7 // White Marble Lazy Susan

Shopping Trip : World Market - roomfortuesday.comThis was my spontaneous purchase during my shopping trip. I wanted to switch up my black marble tray for something lighter in the kitchen.

Shopping Trip : World Market - roomfortuesday.comI found this white marble lazy susan for $17 in the serveware & entertaining section of the store, and it’s perfect against our black soapstone countertops! By grouping your salt, pepper, butter, oil, and spices on a tray, pedestal, caddy, or lazy susan- your countertop will feel more organized and intentional.

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#8 // Wicker Office Chair

Shopping Trip : World Market - roomfortuesday.comThis wicker chair lasted me two years before I swapped it for my vintage desk chair. It honestly doesn’t have great reviews on the website, but I have zero complains! It’s a gorgeous office chair with clean, classic lines in a great material (wicker), and you can’t beat the price- $90. It always rolled easily for me, was comfortable, and I’d give it five stars based on my personal experience.

Shopping Trip : World Market - roomfortuesday.comI would recommend tightening the bolts from time to time to keep things in good working order, but that goes for the majority of desk chairs.

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#9 // White Dishes

Shopping Trip : World Market - roomfortuesday.comWhite dishes are a staple in our house. They’ll withstand the test of time and World Market has SO many options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a crisp, smooth white or something with a pattern or organic stoneware look, they pretty much have it all. It’s a great place to build or expand your dishes and serveware collection. These also make great gifts!

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#10 // Marble Accent Table

Shopping Trip : World Market - roomfortuesday.comLast, but certainly not least… this marble accent table with a heavy brass base had to make my list. I’ve used it time and time again. Do you remember Laurie Anne’s bedroom makeover? It sits alongside her grandmother’s vintage chair. I enjoy mixing traditional and modern, so this felt like the perfect balance for the vignette.

Shopping Trip : World Market - roomfortuesday.comIt’s currently on sale for $70 and would look great styled in any room in your home… a bedroom, a living room, an office, a hallway, etc. It’s a versatile piece to float around. I also styled it in Emmett’s office (pictured below)! Did anyone notice that? Like I said- it’s a good table I’ve used over and over again.

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Shopping Trip : World Market - roomfortuesday.comThere we have it- shopping trip number two, finished! Where should we shop together next? Let me know your favorite stores (that can be found nationwide) in the comment section below. I’m thinking… Ikea, Lowe’s, West Elm… where else can we go? Did you find anything new from this post or discover favorites you already own? I’m really enjoying this blog series, so thank you for the idea!

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  1. I love World Market! Sadly, my closest store is now an hour away. It’s definitely a favorite for food and beverages, but I also usually covet something from the kitchen/dishware section. I find they have a decent lamp shade selection and lots of cool occasional tables, too. I’m always in danger of an impulse purchase when I visit! I’d happily go virtual shopping with you at any store you mentioned, even though I think your Ikea is my closest location!🤣 Living in a rural area can really put a damper on my retail therapy. Happy Wednesday, friend! I’m getting excited for all the bathroom reveals!!!

    1. Womp womp! It’s one of my favorites. They have the BEST snacks. My Ikea is your closest one? You’ll just have to come for a visit. Haha! I grew up in a rural area with nothing around, so I totally get it, but hey- there is always online shopping if you need something! Happy Wednesday :) I’m painting the bathroom today and am hoping to photograph tomorrow. Woohoo!!

  2. Oh how I love World Market!! I enjoy the bath section the most! They have the most delightfully scented bubble baths in adorable glass bottles…my daughter and I only use their bubble bath. And their pillow section…I could get lost in there! They have so many affordable pillows! At Christmas two years ago I was able to score two velvet pillows I had my eye on for $2each; simply because they were red, they got marked down with the rest of the Christmas decor! And the serving section is fantastic! I love all the different utensil minis they have: spread knifes, teaspoons, meat and fruit forks… I have browsed at their furniture and lamps, but have yet to commit to any larger pieces for my own home…I should give that brass based table a try! It’s stunning!!! Awesome roundup Sarah; I’m loving shopping through someone else’s eyes! Selfishly I’d love for you to do a West Elm visit, but ultimately I’ll show up wherever you decide! Happy Tuesday!

    1. Me too, me too! I always hoard soaps when I shop there. In fact, I brought some home from my trip yesterday. Your velvet pillows sound like an awesome find! Most of our utensils came from World Market- so that’s a great point to look for those sort of items too. My entire charcuterie collection came from there as well. I love the brass lamp! So glad you’re enjoying the shopping trip posts… maybe I’ll head to West Elm for my next one :) I haven’t been there in a couple years (seriously!).

  3. Oh my goodness! Peggi’s comment helped me realize it’s totally Wednesday! And I forgot to mention: the tile sample came in for the bathroom and it’s dreamy!!!! Chugging along doing what I can; the rain all week is slowing down the progress because it’s too cold for painting. :(

    1. It is Wednesday, Lauren. Haha!! So happy you liked the tile sample :) Any progress is good progress in my book… just keep at it as you can. That’s always my motto! xo

  4. I can’t drive by a World Market without stopping in! Love all the items you highlighted. Can’t decide which marble top table is my favorite…oh, I like them all! I have sat in the swivel chairs. Did you think they were a little low in the back? I’m short (5’2) and I felt like a giant in them. Not a bad feeling but others would really feel big in them. Just curious.
    They have a pillow spray that promotes good sleep. Yep I bought it and spray it couple of times a week. Smell is soothing. I need to try the linen spray.
    The wicker office chair is one of my favorite. I ended up with an upholstered ivory one and love it (actually sitting in it now)!
    Have a great Wednesday! We have sun and temps in the upper 70’s to 80! Hope you are getting nice weather in Utah! Oh, almost forgot. Would love an Ikea or West Elm shopping post.

    1. Same Danna! My favorite marble table is the bistro one (that lives on our balcony)… I LOVE that thing and love the price. I didn’t feel like the swivel chair was super small (I’m 5’6″), but I didn’t sit in it for long. The ones in our living room are probably the same size. It could also be the modern shape with the low back. I’m going to have to try the pillow spray. I didn’t even know that existed! Is it in their bath section with the essential oils? I think you’ll like the linen spray- it’s my favorite. Enjoy your beautiful weather! We’re in the high 50’s here today. xo

      1. You are right, probably the modern shape. I did see several swivel chairs at HomeGoods today but not in the color fabric looking for. Maybe I’ll get lucky.
        I found the spray at or near the cashier. They said it was popular. If you can’t find it, we also use a diffuser with essential oils for different ailments (allergies, cold, sleep, etc.) that seems to work as well.

        1. Crossing my fingers for you! Thanks for letting me know about the spray :) Can’t wait to grab some next time I’m over that way. xo

  5. Hannah Gokie says:

    Love this series! World Market always has stuff to impress me and their turnover is so quick that there’s always something new, I love that. How about Home Depot? Or something challenging like Ace Hardware for outdoor stuff come summertime?

    1. So happy to hear that, Hannah! Same… it’s always a fun time shopping there. I always end up buying home goods, snacks, soaps, allllll the things :) haha! Thanks for the additional ideas. We have an Ace close to our house and they actually have some awesome things! xo