Shopping Trip : Crate & Barrel

Shopping Trip : Crate & Barrel - roomfortuesday.comIt has been a few months since I’ve shared a Shopping Trip post, but I honestly have been sticking close to home these days. However, I did need to run out and grab a few accessories for some upcoming styling projects, so I ventured into my local Crate & Barrel. I figured while I was there, I’d snap some images and share 10 things that caught my eye and go-to products. My timing was actually perfect because they had just put out their holiday merchandise, which was a fun surprise. Click through to come shopping with me! 

Crate & Barrel has always been my go-to retailer for kitchen goods like glassware, cookware, dishes, etc. It’s the first place I go when stocking a kitchen, or grabbing things for cooking, baking, and hosting. If you want to take a peek inside my kitchen cabinets, check out this post where I link everything that lives inside them- like dishes and glassware! Alright- let’s go shopping…

#1 // Ribbed Dining Table

Shopping Trip : Crate & Barrel - roomfortuesday.comThis black dining table was situated at the store entrance and I immediately loved the simple, ribbed base. The shape and scale are fantastic… I would pair it with a set of vintage dining chairs to add even more character!

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#2 // Classic White Dishes

Shopping Trip : Crate & Barrel - roomfortuesday.comObviously I’m a fan of staple elements from Crate & Barrel… classic white dishes are a go-to for me because they never go out of style. We’ve had the same white dishes from C&B since we got married a decade ago. You can’t go wrong! They make high-quality, durable dishes that are durable and withstand the test of time.

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#3 // Sculpt Chair

Shopping Trip : Crate & Barrel - roomfortuesday.comThis sculptural chair reminds me a lot of the accent chair we had in our previous living room. It’s modern, has clean lines, and comes in lots of beautiful colors (although this one might be my favorite). I first spotted this chair in Carmeon’s nature-inspired guest room makeover last month. It’s a gorgeous piece of furniture!

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#4 // Fall Eucalyptus Stem

Shopping Trip : Crate & Barrel - roomfortuesday.comI was surprised to find lots of good faux botanicals during this shopping trip! I picked up some of this fall colored eucalyptus, as well as some winter wheat- for Thanksgiving tabletop styling. They had lots of good options that were very convincing.

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#5 // All Clad Cookware

Shopping Trip : Crate & Barrel - roomfortuesday.comIf you’ve been following along for awhile now, you know I love our All-Clad cookware. We actually partnered with them a few years ago, and decided to buy the rest of the collection ourselves… it’s my absolute favorite, that will last us a lifetime. Best cookware, hands down. Crate & Barrel is my go-to for nice cookware like All-Clad and Le Creuset (another favorite). This is the type of stuff I only want to buy once.

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#6 // Plaster Pedestal Table

Shopping Trip : Crate & Barrel - roomfortuesday.comApparently I just can’t get enough plaster (proof here and here). This substantial side table stood out to me. It has a nice classic pedestal base, the texture is lovely, and it would pair well with any aesthetic. I’m tempted to buy it!

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#7 // Holiday Greenery

Shopping Trip : Crate & Barrel - roomfortuesday.comI know it’s still October, but I had to sneak in at least one holiday image or product. They had some really good, realistic faux greenery, wreaths, garlands, and trees! I’m partial to buying the plain & simple greenery, then I’ll add my own decor- like a velvet ribbon. I feel like that option is always timeless and you can use them all winter long.

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#8 // Glassware

Shopping Trip : Crate & Barrel - roomfortuesday.comI know I sound like a broken record, but this really is the best place to stock your kitchen, bar, and dining room. We’ve had these Tour wine glasses in our own kitchen for 10 years now, and I still love them as much as I did the day I bought them. Affordable, beautiful glassware is tough to come by. I always have good luck here.

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#9 // Bar Cabinet

Shopping Trip : Crate & Barrel - roomfortuesday.comI had to get a closer look at this bar cabinet. I love the ribbed doors, the classic marble top, and the brass base. If you don’t have a home bar, this would be the perfect modern addition. I could certainly envision this with a beautiful lamp perched on top, a vintage painting hung above it (with a gallery light of course!), or traditional styling to balance out the modern lines. It’s really pretty in person and it’s very well organized inside… you could fit a LOT of bar goods.

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#10 // Ribbed Bath Accessories

Shopping Trip : Crate & Barrel - roomfortuesday.comLast, but certainly not least… this bath accessory set caught my attention. The simple shape and high contrast lines look really sophisticated. If you’re searching for better bathroom countertop organization, these heavy glass pieces will do the trick, while looking good.

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I hope you enjoyed our little shopping trip! It has been a year of not shopping in-person as much, so it was fun to get out… even if just for an hour. If you haven’t been to your local decor and design stores lately, I hope it was nice to see what Crate & Barrel currently looks like. The last time I walked into this store was last year- so crazy. Anyway, I hope you’re all having a good week so far!

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  1. I love me some C&B, and yay for promoting brick & mortar store visits! We don’t want to lose this precious consumer platform. Visit stores (safely) when you can, and keep the online purchases for when you *really* need that convenience.

    1. Yes!! I certainly missed shopping in-person. I masked up, packed my sanitizer, and ventured to the store. I definitely don’t want to lose anymore brick & mortar retailers I love. It has been such a tough year for many! I love this sentiment, Karen. xo

  2. I have a set of All Clad cookware that was purchased nearly 30 years ago. It gets used a couple of times a day and, after all this time, it still looks as good as it did when first purchased. A big investment, but it lasts forever.

    1. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear that! It really is a big investment, but like you- we plan on having it and using it for a VERY long time :)

  3. I love Crate and Barrel, but I’ve never visited one in person! Boise has a Williams Sonoma that I can’t resist, even though I can’t think of a kitchen tool I need! (cough* espresso machine) Definitely devoted to my All Clad. This ribbed/fluted/reeded trend is everywhere, and I am mad for it! Was it Katie Saro who recently thrifted a table like the black one you featured, but it was PINK marble?! Dead. That bar cabinet is gorgeous. Since we know nothing is ever really new, I’ve got to see what vintage versions of this application I can find. Anyway, back to C&B. That sculptural chair is beautiful! Absolutely reminiscent of your blue one. And even a plaster table! I think they really “get” you. While I’m definitely not ready for Christmas hubbub yet, those botanicals look beautiful. I’m partial to the berry strands, but what’s not to love about greenery? Sigh. I sure do miss shopping. Here’s to another productive day in my toasty kitchen! Speaking of which, I hope you are staying warm in snowy SLC! I bet Crosby’s in doodle heaven!❄️🐩💜

    1. I am losing my marbles, because I wrote out a lonnnng reply back to you, and now its nowhere to be found. I’m sorry!! Anyway- let me try to remember what I said a few hours ago!

      I’m also a big fan of Williams Sonoma! Crate & Barrel feels larger in person, because in addition to their cooking section, they also have sections for furniture, decor, and home stuff. Ours here in SLC feels giant- it took me quite awhile to meander through the entire store and snap these photos. I love them both though… WS and C&B. I did see that insanely beautiful thrifted pink marble table!! I’m trying to remember who found it. It’s incredible! I’m with you on the Christmas hubbub- I’m still embracing fall and Halloween (I actually have a spooky post lined up for tmrw). I want to enjoy Thanksgiving, the rest of the season, and then shift gears to Christmas. I want to fully enjoy all the little holidays! It was pretty fun to see some holiday items and greenery in the store though- I’ll admit, that got me a little excited. I hearing that you’re spending many wonderful hours in your kitchen! That sounds like a dream to me. Speaking of dream- Crosby is definitely in doodle heaven with the snow. It came a bit too early for my liking, but he has been rolling around in the 2″ we have left. haha!! xo

  4. Melissa D. says:

    Your shopping trip looks like fun! I wish we had more/better stores like that around my hometown. Online shopping has its conveniences, but it’s definitely harder for me to buy a lot of home decor online without being able to see and feel the quality of what I’m purchasing.

    My favorites from your list are definitely the plaster table, that gorgeous bar cart, and the faux plants – both the fall botanicals and Christmas greenery. I’m definitely not ready for everything to be all about Christmas yet, but there’s just something about seeing all the wreaths and garland up that gives me that warm and cozy feeling. Also, I’m seriously tempted by that bathroom accessory set… I need something to go with the black and white in our newest bathroom!

    1. It was really nice to get out and do some shopping! I’m with you- I’m not ready for all things Christmas yet. I like to celebrate Halloween, the fall season, move onto getting excited about Thanksgiving, THEN dive into Christmas. Haha! I feel like everyone is decorating so early this year. My mantel is still decked out for the spooky season. The bath accessory set was nice and heavy in person! It was really beautiful. I hope you’re having a great week :) xo

  5. Kristin Kibble Mattson says:

    LOVE C&B – great blog — can you tell me what color your kitchen cabinets are painted? The color looks very familiar and I love it! Thanks!

  6. I love C&B!! The closest one to me isn’t very close so I only get in there once a year if that. The items you’ve featured here are all so lovely! My favorites are the bar cart, the dishes, and the bathroom glassware. That bar cart makes me want to overhaul the great room-as I’m now calling it. And the color tone on that chair😍😍😍dying!!! Question about the dishes: do they easily acquire marks from silverware? I have a set of white dishes that I love, but they are so easily marked! I can’t keep up with removing the marks. I’ve been hunting around thinking maybe it’s time for a new set, but I just can’t find any I love as much. Perhaps it’s the silverware that needs replacing. I’m uncertain at this point, haha. Looks like you had a fruitful shopping trip. I’m glad you were able to get out of the house, even if only for a little while. How is the snow treating you?? It’s finally fall…ahhhh. We had wind storms yesterday, and it’s been bone chilling cold. We’re slated for more high winds today. If we can get through this week without new fires it’ll be a miracle! Hope everyone has an amazing Tuesday!

    1. I love that, Lauren! The bar cabinet was really nice in person… and smartly organized. It had plenty of storage for wine, bottles, and glassware. I was impressed! I haven’t had a single issue with our white dishes being marked- and we’re not gentle on them. I wonder if its your flatware that could be the culprit? It was really nice to get out of the house and into a store. The snow came too early! Haha :) I can’t complain. I think our fall weather and temps will return later this week, but we currently have two inches still sitting on the ground. It’s making my new roof project seem ultra challenging- all of the dates are getting pushed. Thinking of California and hoping those fires are in control soon. Whew! You guys can’t catch a break this fire season. Hope you’re safe and are celebrating your birthday week! xo

      1. We really can’t! There’s a new fire in OC that’s threatening a lot of homes in the hills; our fire kicked back up (likely from trees that are still burning under ground), and there’s a completely new fire on another ridge in between. My family is safe, but if all of you get a chance to donate this season, I’ll beg for you to “fill the boot” for our boys on the front lines. Fire season has been hell this year, and those guys have lost a few of their fellow heroes. For now, I am praying for all affected by this fire season, and hoping the winds give everyone a break. It’s not looking good though. We have high wind advisories until late Thursday, and Friday is slated to be 80-90degrees…which means crazy dry winds, and a high pressure front…the perfect storm. At least it’s not blazing out my backyard like the last one. We are safe, and not in danger at all. Thank you for thinking of me😊

        1. Nooo :( I’m so sorry to hear that, Lauren (but am very relieved you and your fam are safe). A few of my CA friends evacuated yesterday and the day before. I can’t even imagine that feeling! Because of you, I just donated. Thank you for that awesome reminder. I will forever be grateful to our fire fighters and those who put their lives on the line everyday for work. They’ve definitely have a rough year, to say the least. Sending all the good vibes and prayers your way to California! xo

          1. I love that Sarah!! Thank you!!

    2. Lauren, hope the winds subside and no new fires. You all have been dealing with fires for a while. So Sorry.
      Hope you have a good week!

      1. Thank you Danna! I truly appreciate your kind words. We are safe for now. It’s been terrible this year all over California, and a few other states as well. It’s hard to hope for a wet winter after all these fires because the mud slide danger…but I do hope for a *safe* wet winter…we need the rain terribly! Have a wonderful week Danna!

  7. I have been a big fan of C & B for many years. We had our wedding registry with them. We have been married 25 years and still own many items from there. I love to go in there this time of year and get an ornament or 2. Their kitchen towels are my favorite too.
    That bar cart is gorgeous! Speaking of, last year I bought my husband whiskey glasses and round ice cube mold and it gets used every week. Their bar ware and glass ware is great!
    The dining room table has me wanting to go more modern and the buffet that goes with it is so yummy! I am eyeing the chandelier above it.
    I cannot get my hands on the faux cypress wreath and garland fast enough. Their greenery is so good and lasts. I miss the real greenery and this is the next best thing!
    Great pieces!

    1. They are the best! We also registered with them :) Good to know about their ornaments and kitchen towels. I’ll have to snag a few this season. Emmett also has whiskey glasses and ice molds from them. We love drinking from them. They’re heavy and beautiful. The chandelier above the table was really pretty, too! That modern table was a stunner. They really do have the best greenery- it was VERY convincing. Hope you’re having a good night, Danna! xo

  8. It is weird- I have been collecting fiestaware dishes for more than 40 years. I have a well rounded set of all different colors and sizes. I LOVE my fiestaware. The weird thing is, if I did not have fiestaware I would have all white dishes. It was nice to see all the shapes and sizes offered at C&B.

    I have C&B bookmarked. Cannot go wrong.

    1. They have so many different shapes and styles! We have a couple different white sets- that look totally different (both from C&B). Your fiestaware sounds so fun and colorful though!