15 Best Home Decor Finds from Pottery Barn for 2024

Happy Friday! Who is ready for another impromptu shopping trip? Pottery Barn has been a higher-end home resource at the top of my list for many years now. From custom upholstery to homeware essentials- and even bathroom vanities, it’s always a place I enjoy shopping for quality items. Click through for 15 of my best home decor finds from Pottery Barn for 2024… and a fun little virtual in-store shopping trip! Here’s a look at the one thing I purchased during this shopping trip: an oversized fern for the entryway. Consider this your sneak peek before the big reveal later this summer!

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Pottery Barn for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

If you missed my last few shopping trip posts, be sure to check out my Decor Finds from Target, Decor Finds from HomeGoods, and Decor Finds from World Market! My hope is these in-person style shopping posts will help you navigate accessible stores nearby and provide a fun peek into what I’d actually buy, as a designer. Pottery Barn is one of the more luxury home decor stores I enjoy browsing, so these are all items I’d consider classic investments. Let’s go inside!

1. Heirloom Rope Rim Stoneware Dinner Set

I consider white dinnerware sets to be timeless! You can’t go wrong with a crisp, classic plate… one that any food looks good on. Our current dishes are also Williams Sonoma brand, so I can attest the Pottery Barn quality. Check out this post for my dishes, glassware, and kitchenware (plus a printable registry checklist!).

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Pottery Barn for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop Heirloom Dinnerware $6 – $40

2. Huntington Outdoor Furniture Set

Given I popped into the store earlier this week, the outdoor section was newly styled… this woven outdoor furniture definitely caught my attention. It’s available in multiple configurations. With performance outdoor cushions and water-repellent synthetic wicker, this set looks beautiful and would be a functional patio pick!

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Pottery Barn for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the 6-Piece Sectional $5,676

3. Lattice Handcrafted Quilt

Something about this lattice quilt felt so perfect for spring & summer to me… the casual chambray denim hue, the versatility of reversible sides, and the hand-stitched details make this quilt a lovely choice for picnics or layering the bed, alike.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Pottery Barn for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Quilt $299

4. Custom Drapery

If you’re on the hunt for custom drapery, PB has so many great options- I snapped this photo of a linen panel in my local store. I’ve ordered plenty of curtains from them in the past (as well as shades)… linen, cotton, blackout, pleated, sheer, and they’re all available in classic colors in multiple sizes. It’s a great resource for window treatments and hardware!

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Pottery Barn for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop Custom Curtains $19 – $699

5. Accent Furniture

Don’t sleep on the accent furniture here. While some of it feels too trendy, there are some really stunning classic options to be found: marble pedestal tables, woven nesting tables, and ottomans, to name a few. Those nesting tables, pictured below, are my favorite from the SLC store!

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Pottery Barn for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop Woven Nesting Tables $599

6. Premium Bedding

PB has bedding basics covered if you’re looking to invest in options that will last a really long time…. down (and down alternative) pillows & duvet inserts, sheet sets, coverlets, comforters, quilts, and matelassés. My local store just installed this handy display. We still have Pottery Barn bedding essentials we received as wedding gifts over a decade ago.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Pottery Barn for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop Bedding – prices vary

7. Glassware

This hammered glassware collection was really stunning in person! If you’ve been sourcing classic glassware, I’ve found Pottery Barn to have some very nice collections… with varying glass shapes and sizes.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Pottery Barn for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop Hammered Cafe Goblet Set $60

8. Vanities

Don’t forget you can also find things like bathroom lighting, hardware, and even vanities & plumbing fixtures at Pottery Barn. While they only have a few on display in-store… online there are multiple options, sizes, and styles. Does anyone remember the bathroom at our previous home? The reveal we completed for the One Room Challenge? That vanity came from Pottery Barn. I love that they offer real marble sinks and countertops.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Pottery Barn for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Sausalito Vanity $1,798

9. Bath Towels

A good bath towel set is always my go-to wedding gift. High quality, luxe towels feel like such a luxury! I’m partial to the simple organic cotton option at PB. They come in lots of colors.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Pottery Barn for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Classic Organic Towel $19.50 – $85

10. Vases & Vessels

Styling vases and vessels are another item I’m always scoping out at my local store. They always have some really nice shapes, organic finishes, and textural options that are ideal for shelf styling and fresh florals.

Shop the Emery Vases $49 – $149

11. Custom Sofas & Sectionals

The photo below is of our old York sectional in our previous home… I seriously LOVED that sofa. They actually had one on display at my local store, but I liked my image better. We only just parted with that sofa last year to make room for our Homebody reclining sectional. Did you know that Pottery Barn custom upholstery is manufactured in High Point, NC? Yep- same factory as designer brands like Lee Industries. Their chairs and sofas are very high quality and I’d highly recommend.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Pottery Barn for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the York Slipcovered Sectional $4k – $7k

12. Woven Coffee Table

This oversized show stopping woven coffee table with a glass top stopped me in my tracks. If I had space for this (or a beach cottage)– I would have purchased this one right then and there. It’s so good!

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Pottery Barn for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Cardiff Woven Coffee Table $999 – $1,248

13. Flatware Sets

Just like other home essentials I’ve already mentioned (towels, bedding, glassware, and dinnerware), PB has some seriously amazing flatware. I’ve had my eye on the Georgia set for a couple years now… I’m into the fluted detail. I also want to say this- opt for silver! It’s timeless. I think brass flatware has had it’s moment and it’s on the way out. Silver never goes out of style.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Pottery Barn for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Georgia Flatware Set $70 – $280

14. Decorative Bowls & Trays

PB is an awesome resource for decorative bowls and trays. If you’re styling a coffee table, console, kitchen island, or dining table… it’s one of the first resources I check. I thought these two were really beautiful:

Shop Bowls and Trays – prices vary

15. Candles

Last, but not least- I’m guilty of smelling all the candles, each time I swing by for an impromptu shopping trip. They have some nice options! Here are three I noted and saved from this particular trip…

Shop Candles – prices vary


What is your all-time favorite purchase from Pottery Barn?

Definitely our York slipcovered sectional. We had so many good years with that sofa and it’s one I’ll miss. We saved up and it felt like the best decision we had made, in terms of spending money on new furniture.

Any tips for ordering custom upholstery from Pottery Barn?

Yes, many! Check out this post on 10 things to consider when ordering upholstery.

Do you have any PB wedding registry recommendations or essentials?

Absolutely! Although my own wedding was over a decade ago, I used a platform that allowed me to register from multiple sources- Pottery Barn being one of them. My essentials include: flatware, white dishes, serveware, bath towel sets, bedding, and perhaps even a furniture fund. If you’re looking for a sofa that will last, it’s a great gift idea for multiple families to go in on. Check out this post that includes a printable wedding registry checklist.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Pottery Barn for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

I hope you enjoyed this one! I love ducking into Pottery Barn- it always provides styling inspiration and gets my wheels turning. They do a nice job! For the next shopping trip post, I promised Lauren I’d head to Walmart! For those of you who live in remote areas or are looking for budget finds, it should be a good one. What other stores should I add to my list to share? I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead. I’m off to coffee and the beach… I’m in Florida with some girlfriends soaking up a little sunshine this weekend!

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  1. Good morning! Sarah Gibson, you totally got me with that beautiful opening image. I just caught a glimpse before I was distracted by the sound of dog barfing…only to return from clean up and discover that it was not the entry reveal!🤣 A gorgeous sneak peek, nonetheless. That fern is sensational! Absolute showstopper. My trips to the crowded, hour-away mall are pretty infrequent these days but always include a Pottery Barn peruse. Remember the old days of receiving their thick, glossy catalog? A personal fave has always been their linens. Glorious patterns and SO long-lasting. (My bff’s sis was a designer there for years!😍) We currently use a PB duvet, and I’m definitely loving the chambray quilt you spotted. Obviously, tablewares is another must-cruise section. If I could convince myself I needed a fifth 😳 set of silverware, those fluted pretties would be mine. Also digging the sculptural rope detail on the plates. They sometimes offer fun seasonal dishes too, not super cheesy imho. I’ve long admired PB’s York slipcovered pieces. If I ever get around to upgrading our sectional, your recommendation seals it as a top contender. (How’s the fluffing factor, btw?) Amazing to know they’re manufactured in High Point. Also, what a genius idea to add furniture to a wedding registry! With all online everything (while understandable!), I still appreciate an in-person experience. So, thanks for the virtual shopping excursions! Ha. I am officially envious of your beach time! My heat has been coming on all week, and the forecast says precipitation. Sigh. Spring. Happy Pizza Friday, rain or shine! Enjoy your getaway, Sarah!💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Good morning, Peggi! The dog barfing sound is definitely one that will make you halt whatever it is you’re doing. Haha! Hope he’s ok! Ohhh yes- those glossy catalogs were my favorite. I saved them just like design magazines, ha. So cool that your bff’s sis was a designer there! Talk about a dream job. They had some really beautiful patterned hand blocked table linens this trip. The York sectional is the easiest to fluff and keep looking clean & crisp (especially the slipcover). Happy pizza Friday! Hope you have a wonderful warm weekend ahead!

  2. Happy Friday! I’m jealous you have a Pottery Barn so close. I’ve always perused their website, but have yet to purchase- for me, something about being able to see it in person is almost essential if I’m not familiar with quality. I need to note: it’s so much easier to tell the quality with photos like the ones you have here; why are all website photos so terrible? 😂 Their outdoor furniture has always stopped me in my tracks- they have so many beautiful options. The woven set you’ve shown here is gorgeous! I’m most familiar with their bedding. Their quilts always look like a giant, cozy, hug. The vessels in your photo are probably my favorite. They all have a unique finish, exquisite detail, and are making an argument for jumping into my online shopping cart. Especially the one with the ruffled stripes. I knew PB offered custom window coverings, and I’m happy to hear that the quality is worth it. Vanities?! My mind is officially blown! You’ve made a case for me not hesitating or sleep g on Pottery Barn any longer. I’m off to peruse their website. Have the best time soaking up the Florida sun. Make sure you enjoy a sunset Negroni for Peggi and I! Xoxo

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Happy Friday, Lauren! It is pretty wonderful to have a PB so close- especially to see some of the investment pieces in person. I’ve always found their quality to be top notch (especially furniture). I would love to have that outdoor set- it’s so pretty! I’ll definitely have a sunset Negroni for you two! Hope you and the fam have a fun weekend ahead and you’re feeling a lot better! xo

  3. Happy Friday!
    Wow! Look at that stunning entryway sneak peak 😍 The fern from Pottery barn is incredibly pretty styled so elegantly on that gorgeous console. It seriously took my breath away Sarah! Can’t wait for the reveal 😝 Exciting!
    I love a great Pottery Barn visit but I must say it’s been too long. We don’t have a store nearby but when I have visited the nearest location I made myself a little too comfortable lounging around from one living room vignette to another. Haha! They were a huge inspiration with the furnishings from our last house. I selected color palettes, purchased rugs, pillows and lighting over the years and have always been pleased with everything. One of the wool rugs from the living room in our previous home is currently at our cottage and it’s still looks as beautiful as the day I purchased it. When we moved to this house I purchased wall sconces for the bathrooms we renovated and I really love them. They feel classic but also on trend.
    So needless to say I love your roundup ❤️ Sarah! Have a wonderful weekend in Florida with your friends. So fun 😎 Enjoy the 🏖️ Cheers!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you so much, Colleen! I can’t wait to share this space. We’re going to try to wrap things up in the weeks ahead. Pottery barn is always a fun store to visit- I do miss those catalogs. It’s really convenient to try the furniture in person- or consider a big purchase in the store. I hope you’re having a good week!

  4. Wowza! Can we first talk about the fern arrangement in your entry? I am in love! Your entry is looking gorgeous Sarah! Summer cannot get here soon enough. Couldn’t go any further until I found the fern, ha!
    PB is a favorite! Their seasonal items always amaze me. Their Glassware, lamps, kitchen wares, bedding are some of my favorites. I love to drop in when I am near our PB store just to get ideas. I too miss their catalogs.
    We have a busy weekend ahead. I am taking my mom to Dallas to see a surgeon Monday. We are hoping she is strong enough for another surgery. Need all the good thoughts & wishes for her. Happy pizza Friday and Margarita weekend (Cinco de Mayo) in Texas!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you so much, Danna! Summer definitely can’t get here soon enough- we had 4″ of snow this week. Yikes. So crazy! PB is always a fun store visit. I sure hope your mom had a good visit with the surgeon on Monday. I’ve been thinking of you two! I hope she’s strong enough and is doing ok. Hope you had a good Cinco de Mayo!

  5. Uhhh… can’t really focus on anything but that gorgeous foyer table! Looking forward to the reveal!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you, Dawn!! I’m so excited to share this reveal soon :)