10 Smart & Creative Ideas for Homes with Dogs

10 Smart & Creative Ideas for Homes with Dogs - roomfortuesday.comI was chatting with Jordan, my right hand at Tuesday Made, yesterday about dogs. You know I adore dogs! She recently got the cutest saint bernard puppy (I can’t tell you how excited I am for “bring your dog to work” days), and we started talking about design compromises you make once you bring a dog into your home. While our furry family members are one thousand percent worth it, I do think it takes some creativity to figure out how our homes can evolve to meet their needs- in terms of functionality, while maintaining a tolerable aesthetic. I thought it would be fun to share some smart and creative home ideas for those of you who have dogs. Click through for cute puppies and some cool concepts! 

#1 // Install a Pot Filler Above a Water Bowl
10 Smart & Creative Ideas for Homes with Dogs - roomfortuesday.com
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Sometimes it’s the simple concepts that make the biggest difference in terms of function. We’re definitely planning to install a pot filler above the dogs’ water bowl when it comes time to renovate our laundry room. We loved having one above our espresso machine in our previous kitchen and I’ll forever be a fan of the time and spills it saves. Smart & simple!

#2 // Consider a Built-in Crate

10 Smart & Creative Ideas for Homes with Dogs - roomfortuesday.comIf your dog is crate trained and requires a crate for their safety and comfort, I much prefer the look of something built-in or custom, as opposed to the wire options you find at big box stores. It feels more intentional, is less noticeable, and can be built to meet the exact needs of your dog. We did this in our previous laundry room (pictured above) and it worked so well for us!

#3 // Buy or Build Dog-Friendly Furniture
10 Smart & Creative Ideas for Homes with Dogs - roomfortuesday.com
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Kim & Scott constructed a dog day bed with storage beneath it, in the corner of their room. I’m all about choosing materials that are dog friendly for our home, so the pups can lounge as they please. This also saves us from having to buy a dog bed for multiple rooms. They know what furniture they’re allowed on, and what is off limits… but let’s be real- pretty much nothing is off limits for our two.

#4 // Create Designated Storage for Dog Food

10 Smart & Creative Ideas for Homes with Dogs - roomfortuesday.comI bought these bins from the Container Store years ago (then added name decals after-the-fact), and they’re still what we use to keep dog food fresh and easily accessible. I like having a specific cabinet for dog food, treats, and pet medications. I’ve also seen people install a hidden pull-out trash bin cabinet, and fill what would be the trash bin with dog food. I think that’s a very clever and convenient idea, as long as you can find a lid that seals!

#5 // Install a Dog Bath

10 Smart & Creative Ideas for Homes with Dogs - roomfortuesday.com
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Having a pet bath is definitely high on our home wishlist when it comes time to renovate! Emmett grooms both of our dogs and bathes them regularly, and having a designated space to do that is a major time and back saver. We dream of having an elevated shower situation with a handheld spray. That sounds like an absolute dream and I’m positive it would be much easier to keep our dogs clean! Muddy paws? No problem.

#6 // Turn Wasted Negative Space Into Functional Dog Space
10 Smart & Creative Ideas for Homes with Dogs - roomfortuesday.com
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Do you have a closet or area beneath a staircase with wasted space? I love seeing people turn these odd areas into space for their dog. Whether it’s a built-in bed, a tiny room with a small door, or just a nook for their dog to feel safe & cozy, I adore these charming vignettes and excellent use of otherwise wasted square footage.

#7 // Think Outside the Box (or Standard Rectangle) When It Comes to Dog Doors
10 Smart & Creative Ideas for Homes with Dogs - roomfortuesday.com
via lvia linda macarthur architect

Is this not the most beautiful doggie door you’ve ever seen? I love how it perfectly blends with the door itself. Get creative with materials, scale, use of space, and function when it comes to pet access from the backyard to your home. This feels like an excellent and stylized solution. There are some neat ideas floating around out there!

#8 // Install Built-In Dishes
10 Smart & Creative Ideas for Homes with Dogs - roomfortuesday.com
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Since we were just talking about use of space and negative space, I love seeing the built-in dishes and feeding station inset within a kitchen island or cabinetry. This intentional integration feels like a continuation of the kitchen- but for your pet. It’s a thoughtful way to install dishes or bowls without taking up previous space in the floor plan. Bonus points if your dog gets matching countertop material- how beautiful is that stone?!

#9 // Corral All Dog Items in A Designated Cabinet
10 Smart & Creative Ideas for Homes with Dogs - roomfortuesday.com
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I love the idea of having a large, designated cabinet for all of our dog items: leashes, toys, gear, travel & camping items, first aid, etc. Immediately after getting our first dog, I realized just how many dog things we quickly accumulated. We currently keep everything in a couple cabinets in our laundry room, but having a larger cabinet that holds everything would be ideal! I’m guessing that would be much easier to organize than cramming everything into a smaller cabinet.

#10 // Insert Your Dog-Loving Personality Into Your Home

10 Smart & Creative Ideas for Homes with Dogs - roomfortuesday.comDog people are the best people. If you love dogs, I’ll probably love you. Ha! Honestly, I enjoy sprinkling artwork, decor, and books throughout our home that pay homage to our love for dogs. Sometimes I take it quite literally (like when I painted their portraits), and other times I’ll pickup a vintage brass dog sculpture, antique book on dog training, or find a piece of art that resembles our dogs that have since crossed the rainbow bridge. All of these pieces have meaning and insert personality into our home. They tell our story and show our love for our current and past pets.

10 Smart & Creative Ideas for Homes with Dogs - roomfortuesday.comFor more ideas, I usually save anything dog / home related on this Pinterest board. I think you might also enjoy this ‘Must Love Dogs’ Pinterest Board I created. I’ve also covered quite a few dog related posts here on the blog. I’ll link them below if you’re interested in additional reading material…

Now- who would like to see Jordan’s adorable (not so small) saint bernard pup?! I’ll see if I can convince her to share. I’d also love to hear things you’ve changed or installed at home thanks to your dog! Did you enjoy scrolling through some of these ideas? I hope they got your wheels turning, if you’re a pet owner or plan to bring a furry family member home in the future. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Saint Bernard puppy?! Squeal!!!! (Good morning!) We definitely need to see that. These are all such great ideas. As you know, our boys aren’t small (65 and 55 pounds), so there’s no sleeping on our bed. This summer I had a friend create built-in crates in our bedroom closet. It’s a perfect solution for us. The boys sleep near us, and I don’t lose half an acre of floor space to giant wire crates! I do not have a pot filler, but their water dish is in my bathroom under a built-in vanity area. It’s not in the traffic path, and those soggy beards must drink over a tiled surface! We do not have a dog door, but I would happily incorporate that stunning example. Our pup paraphernalia is stashed in several spots; it’s reasonably convenient, but one large dedicated cabinet would be an upgrade. Kudos to Emmett for keeping the dogs groomed; that’s a huge chore! (Jason’s fur is bananas!) An elevated dog bath is a special luxury I don’t foresee us having, but what a dream. My floors always seem to be covered in grass/twigs, the backdoor windows are slobbered, and we may live forever with a puppy gate because…counter surfers! Color me (mostly) unfazed because Joe and Jason bring us immeasurable joy. Dog people are my people, too! (We also love our cat Sunday, but let’s face it, she’s MUCH easier!) Here’s to a spectacular Tuesday! 🐶🐩💜
    (Maybe we’ll get a Rocky update from Lauren!)

    1. Yesss!! And she’s so cute (and quickly growing). I’m trying to convince her to bring her to work one of these days. They’re starting puppy kindergarten soon and I’m going to request alllll the funny puppy stories. Ha! Crosby is also around 65-70, so I can relate on the size… though they definitely nap on our bed during the day, but don’t sleep with us in the evening. I like having them near us (in their beds on the floor), but not IN bed with us while we’re trying to sleep. Your crates are the perfect solution and they look amazing! Your friend did such a fantastic job. I don’t envy Emmett’s job of household groomer, but he does a great job. The poodle fur is no joke- it’s like cotton and floats everywhere during the grooming session. It’s a mess. We also have the slobbered doors and windows, and rogue grass or twig sprawled in the floor, but they’re totally worth it. You hit the nail on the head with the “immeasurable joy” description. And we can’t forget about cutie Sunday! We would probably have a cat or two as well, but we’re both allergic (sadly!!). We grew up with outdoor cats, but that would never work here in the suburbs. I loved reading Lauren’s Rocky update this morning :) Hope you both had a wonderful day! xox

  2. Ohhhh these ideas are awesome! I’ve wanted a built in dog crate since your last laundry room, and I’m forever looking for an area to create a convenient dog feeding station or large cabinet storage for all the things. Our garage has cabinetry, so we currently store most of the paraphernalia on a shelf in one of the cabinets, but it frequently gets out of hand. I would have never thought to use a pot filler at a feeding station for dogs, but that’s possibly the most genius idea of all! How adorable is the marble feeding station with the matching pup? Are you kidding me right now with the cuteness??!! That’s a huge yes please on seeing Jordan’s Saint Bernard!!
    Rocky is currently 45ish pounds of turbo energy, with the absolute sweetest personality. He’s definitely my sidekick- has to be everywhere I am and most days you can find him laying on my feet while I’m doing dishes, laundry, getting ready…it’s the sweetest problem to have, really. Lol. When I leave the room he lasts about 30 seconds before he’s charging through the house trying to find me. His favorite time of day is after dinner with the kids. They go out back and he plays keep away with one of his toys, or chases them up the slides of their treehouse-it’s a lot of belly laugh babies with their doggo, and screams and squeals of surprise when he tags them. He enjoys his long walks after school drop-off, and is the first dog I’ve owned that prefers to sleep tummy-side-up. He’s the freaking cutest!!! I wish I could post a picture here for you to see him! I’m off to start the morning routine-cheers to Tuesday ladies. Xo

    1. That’s so nice you have cabinetry in your garage… our garage is an unorganized disaster with a couple shelves and tool chests. Haha! I’ll ask Jordan tomorrow for some puppy pics. Her little lady is so adorable and floofy! Rocky sounds amazing! I’m so happy you all were able to find him here in Utah, and now he’s living his best life with your fam. It sounds like you’re all over the moon about him. I love hearing how happy he makes your family! Crosby also sleeps tummy side up and it’s the most hilarious and adorable thing. I hope your Tuesday was an awesome one, Lauren! xox