Cozy Tuesday Made Fall Arrivals

Cozy Tuesday Made Fall Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comI spent the majority of my work time this month sourcing, styling, and photographing all the fall arrivals for our Tuesday Made shop. It has been a fun, creative September! The temperatures finally dropped here over the weekend and I’m fully embracing fall and the cozy things that come along with it: pumpkin treats, baked goods, bourbon cocktails, sweaters, boots, and of course- candles, blankets, throws, and decor that make our house feel a bit warmer and seasonally appropriate. I’ve slowly been swapping things out and restyling here at home. I thought it might be fun to share some images I’ve been shooting for the shop, along with a handful of my favorite cozy new arrivals that you can find online at Tuesday Made. Click through if you’re interested in a boost of fall excitement!

Cozy Tuesday Made Fall Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comOf course, fall and winter are the unofficial seasons for candles (though I burn them year round), so with the color temperatures the weekend brought, I lit my seasonal favorites. Surprisingly, I get lots of questions about my go-to home fragrances. Maybe I’ll pull together an updated candle roundup, if you’d like? My fall favorites from our shop include: Warmth, Amber, and Woodland. If you want to read more about them, click here! I created my own collection for our shop, so they’re really a good representation of my favorite scents.

Cozy Tuesday Made Fall Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comTextiles are always an easy seasonal switch. I enjoy layering rugs, blankets, and throws to create cozy vignettes throughout our home, which also add color, texture, and pattern for the season.

Cozy Tuesday Made Fall Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comWe received the most beautiful shipment of wool throws this week! They’re all handmade from recycled wool and have a dense twill weave with a brushed texture and fringe. They’re a slightly smaller size- which is perfect for easy styling, using them as a lap blanket, travel, and they double as a shoulder wrap or scarf. It took everything in me not to order one of each, but I narrowed down my favorite tartan, plaid, and herringbone patterns in timeless colors. I feel like I need to buy one of each for our house- or even for gifts. You can click here to see all of our blankets & throws we have available right now.

Cozy Tuesday Made Fall Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comUse the numbered links below the collage to shop- I’m sorry, the products are not clickable in this one…

Cozy Tuesday Made Fall Arrivals - roomfortuesday.com01: oud noir 6-wick candle // 02: navy tartan throw // 03: tuesday made warmth candle // 04: taper candles // 05: wool windowpane throw // 06: quince branch arrangement // 07: candleholder wall sconce // 08: teak scoop set // 09: old fashioned glass // 10: pedestal match strike // 11: gray windowpane lumbar // 12: curved cutting boards // 13: notched corner easel // 14: rosemary topiary // 15: neutral plaid throw // 16: botanical block print // 17: merino wool throw // 18: mustard herringbone throw // 19: safari print pillow

Cozy Tuesday Made Fall Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comSince we’re such a small shop, we carry lower quantities. We usually have around five or six of most items, so if you’ve ever had your eye on something and it sold out- shoot me a message and I can check to see when and if it will come back in stock for you. You can also sign up for notifications on our site. Otherwise, I always say- if you see something you can’t live without or really love, try to grab it quickly. Hopefully someday as we grow, we can carry and stock more items to please everyone, but for now- we’re a tiny operation.

Cozy Tuesday Made Fall Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comHow do you prepare your home for the fall season? Do you enjoy decorating or creating festive vignettes? It’s something I look forward to with each season change. I really love living in a state that has four distinct seasons. Do you live in an area that actually feels like fall right now? The weather here is finally acting the part.

Cozy Tuesday Made Fall Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comWe also have 50+ new arrivals headed to our shop, and we’ll be adding those as they trickle in. I just wanted to share a little taste of the beautiful things I’ve been working on as of late! I also know it feels very soon (to me at least), but we’ve already had requests for holiday items, so we’ll be making our holiday section live on October 1st. It will be there whenever you’re ready! For me personally, that will be early November. Ha! Here’s to a wonderful week ahead with warm moments at home! Emmett and I are planning a fun date night… a fall mountain picnic (the leaves are starting to change)– I’ll be sure to share some photos of our setup. I’m positive a tartan blanket will make an appearance.

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  1. Good morning, Sarah! Such a beautiful selection! While our temps are still mostly in the 80s, a morning chill has been a welcome change. Our promised weekend storm did not materialize, so I’m embracing the sun and burning my “Grove” candle non-stop! I’m ready when fall does decide to arrive with a stock of “Woodland”, never fear. You did such a fantastic job with those scents! Ugh. That new “Oud Noir” sounds divine, too. And, yes please, give me ALL the wool throws! Hello, plaid! (How great that you found some made of recycled wool!) One of these days I’ll purchase a family tartan… I’m also loving that notched corner easel, the old fashioned glass and the botanical block print! (I’m kind of obsessed with block prints.) The quince arrangement is stunning in that black urn. You really killed this autumn collection! Here’s to savoring all things fall! (I’m definitely not ready to contemplate winter/holidays!😱) Happy picnicking!💜

    1. Good morning! Thank you, Peggi :) It was in the 40s here this morning! It really went from one extreme to the other. Hah! I love hearing that you enjoy my candle collection- I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. They were a labor of love, but it was such a fun process. They’re all we really have in our house these days. Emmett and I started our annual tradition of watching the Harry Potter series last night and it felt appropriate to light the Warmth candle as the cold front rolled in. The Oud Noir candle is also a new favorite of mine- I really like styling those big multi-wick candles that look perfect on a coffee table. They last forever. The wool throws are really beautiful in person, and I’m happy I was able to find another women-owned business focused on sustainability (all with a gorgeous aesthetic) to bring into our shop! Those felt like a major fall win. I’ve got a quince arrangement on its way to me! Those are all made to order from the floral artists, so I’m excited to have one of my own. Indeed- here’s to savoring all the fall festivities and decor. I’m definitely not ready to think about winter and the holidays yet! Have a wonderful week!! xo

  2. Good morning! We’ve been blessed with cooler mornings and evenings, n though the leaves are beginning to change the temperatures don’t feel like a proper usher into apple cider and fireside nights. This year I’m ready to decorate earlier than normal, and embrace all the fall traditions at a slower pace. Your new arrivals are stupendous! I’m in love with the navy tartan throw, the taupe taper candles, and the windowpane throw. I was burning Warmth on Friday as I cleaned up the house and received rave reviews on the scent from the usually indifferent inhabitants here. The candleholder wall sconce is my favorite new arrival, and I’d love to find a place for one or two. I’m always blown away by your selections, and I can’t wait for your holiday arrivals! Cheers to a productive week ahead, the beginning of fall, and all things cozy home! Happy Monday Sarah. Xo

    1. Good morning, good morning! It was in the 40’s here this morning (crazy!!), and I’m not complaining. We drove up into the canyon for an outdoor festival over the weekend and it is full on fall in the mountains- orange, yellow, and red leaves… just beautiful! We started some of our fall traditions this past weekend as well. It’s nice to celebrate the season slowly and enjoy the changing weather. I’m hoping it sticks! I’m so happy to hear you like the throws I selected for the shop. They’re really a fun size and can be used for lots of things- in addition to snuggling and styling at home. I’m excited about those! We’ve also been burning a Warmth candle in our house the past few days. That one feels so nice for this in-between time of year. I’m going to try to squeeze the candleholder sconce into my office once it’s time to style and hang art- that just feels so romantic to me. Thanks for your kind words, Lauren! Here’s to a productive fall weekend ahead. Have a good Monday! xox