10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via jason arnold interiors

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for a new edition of 10 Pins! Already… I know. Time is flying! I spent more time than usual perusing Pinterest this past month, since I had downtime on our way to and from California. The amount of inspiration I can scroll through at the airport is infinite. That’s my favorite way to pass the time when traveling- Pinterest, design magazines, and books. It felt like a particularly inspiring month in terms of interiors & design. I’ve been saving lots of darker vignettes that are fit for fall, but if you want to see my top picks of the month- click on through!


#1 // Natural Oak Built-In Shelving
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via alexa hampton for arch digest

Emmett & I had a fun discussion about oak the other day. Since he works at a custom cabinetry shop, he said he has noticed more people requesting oak… especially in its natural color with a clear, matte protective finish. I’m very into the warm look and seriously considered it for my office built-ins, but since we already have lots of warm wood tones thanks to our herringbone flooring, I opted for paint grade instead. Regardless- I love the look!

#2 // Dark Dining Space
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via heidi caillier

This dark dining space is ticking all of the boxes for me- it’s warm, layered, has plenty of depth thanks to that beautiful navy paint color, and the simplistic styling is really well done. It’s a great modern rustic space that feels very cozy, and timely for fall.

#3 // Green Front Door
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via treason tang

Oh, how I love a double front door! This charming door, complete with a brass mail slot and stunning architrave, is a fantastic color of green. I love the way the landscaping softens and frames the vignette. This palette also has me itching for fall and cooler temperatures. I really like the exterior brick style as well.

#4 // Entryway
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via anne wagoner interiors

This entryway felt very designerly to me, yet not overly complex or stuffy. I’m digging the subtle stripes, organic shaped hair on hide rug, the brass details sprinkled throughout, the front door, and the stunning window treatments. What a lovely and thoughtful entry that is well styled and layered!

#5 // Green Lacquered Walls
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via wendy labrum interiors

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I’d love to lacquer a wall or two in our house… I just need to find the right space and design for it. I’m thinking when it comes time to renovate our basement media room and kitchenette, that would be an optimal spot for a high gloss moment! I love everything about this green seating area.

#6 // Warm Neutral Kitchen
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via kipling house interiors

There are so many stunning materials to discover in this kitchen! From the terra-cotta tiled floor to the marble countertops and bead board ceiling, this quaint kitchen stopped me mid scroll. Since I’m on the hunt for a vintage long slender table for my own kitchen, this one has me searching for wood options as well. It’s beautiful! I love the intricate details.

#7 // Color Filled Farmhouse
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via hendricks churchill

Of course the perfectly perched dog is what caught my attention in this image (what a cutie!), but there is lots to admire from a design point-of-view in this space. I’m really enjoying the bold floor tile, the red ticking stripe bench seat cushion, the paint color, and check out those doorknobs! This is basically what my cabin design dreams are made of.

#8 // Modern Bath
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via michelle smith for arch digest

This balanced and symmetrical bath has a very European modern feel to it. I’m very into the oversized square handmade tile that is a creamy white hue, the brass plumbing fixtures, and of course- the vintage rug & artwork… two of my favorite things.

#9 // Bold Bar
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via jane beiles photography

While this isn’t a residential setting, this is certainly a bar I’d want to visit. I’ll have an old fashioned, please! The color palette and combination of materials is really classic. That mirror is absolutely insane, and there are so many details to remember and save: the ceiling treatment, the brass brackets beneath the marble bar top, the ink colored painted color, etc.

#10 // Bedside Collection
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via jason arnold interiors

Sometimes we forget to analyze the images that are medium shots and closeups on Pinterest… this is one I saved because the styling is impeccable and worth remembering. It mixes modern and traditional elements in the best way. From the double lamps to that amazing urn, and mod occasional table tucked beneath the antique console- it reminded me that good styling is all about layering the unexpected. That’s great design!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s 10 Pins post! I’d love to hear which image was your favorite or which one felt most inspiring? I have quite a bit of travel planned in the coming month (a fun road trip and work travel), so I’ll have plenty of down time to browse and scroll, so expect another good roundup next month. Have a fantastic day!

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  1. Ooooh! Such a good scroll this morning! I certainly notice some themes-beadboard and stunning greens. I’m here for it. I appreciate how your first and last images are bookends: creamy modern stool tucked under antique table topped with a hit of crystal and ultra-modern lamp. Nice. I was also thinking about oak recently. (strange?) I think the terrible 80s kitchen cabinets scarred many people, but it’s truly a lovely hardwood given the right finish. Quartersawn oak! Tiger oak! Cerused! It just needs proper treatment. Man, that olive front door is really bringing the fall vibes! The spiky, uncontrolled shrub, the dappled light, that architrave?! And who knew I would have a favorite brick style? As for that entry, I love the subtle stripes, and I’m also noting the barley twist newel post and balusters! Also, that swirly-ribbed urn is fab. Lacquered walls are SO sophisticated! Given Emmett’s recent level 5 execution, I think he is ready to tackle that. (She said, having zero idea what is required.🤣) OK! That table in the warm neutral kitchen is carved patina perfection! I was wondering recently if maybe looking at console tables might yield the dimensions you need for your kitchen. (New FBMP search coming right up.) I will definitely meet you at that charming bar for a drink! We could discuss the headboard running in two different directions and the pretty brass honeycomb light. So much inspiration in all of these images, but my favorite is that colorful farmhouse! Love, love, love the use of red and gray-green. That Hendricks Churchill portfolio is country house dreams. I’ve been pining for a Maine lake cabin lately (*always*), and their work slays me. Thank you, thank you for today’s edition of “All the Tabs.” Have a stupendous Tuesday!
    PS Can’t wait to hear about your impending travels!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one, Peggi! 10 Pins remains one of my favorite series to compile, and this felt like a good month of creativity and inspiration :) The first and last images are both designed by Jason Arnold- so it’s no wonder you noticed those bookends! I’m all about oak. I think you’re right about the 80’s giving it a bad rep. It all depends on the application. I think Emmett could totally pull off a lacquered finish for us! I’m going to have to put that idea into his brain. Such a great idea on searching console tables for my kitchen- that would be a better fit, size wise, as opposed to searching for islands. FBMP, here I come! Fingers crossed on your lamps- you’ll have to keep me posted! I wish we lived closer so we could easily meet at a charming bar for a drink… someday! The colorful farmhouse is what my ideal mountain cabin would look like- I love the red (also the dog, let’s be real). If you ever get a cabin in Maine and need design help in exchange for free visits, you let me know. Haha! I hope your Tuesday was a great one. I’ve been packing up Tuesday Made orders all day and am off to finish writing tmrw’s post. Xo

  2. How am I supposed to pick a favorite from a lineup this incredible?? I personally love oak. It’s such a chameleon hardwood, and it definitely can be gorgeous done right. Those built ins are what dreams are made of. I always go back and forth on whether I would want paint grade or wood if I did some in our house-this example speaks volumes to wood all the way! I love everything about the dark dining room, but I need those chairs!! My jaw hit the floor when I saw those. *Swooning* Heaven help me, this is exactly what I’d love around a beautiful stone top pedestal table for our breakfast nook. My favorite part of the green front door is the beautiful foliage up against the perfect olive tone.😍😍The architrave and the brick are perfection with this example. I’m intrigued by the lacquered wall option for the basement! Emmett can definitely pull it off, and I think it would make a stunning backdrop for gatherings. My favorite of the day (if I must choose) is the kitchen. That tile😱😱😱 This is precisely what I want in the tiled areas of our main floor. I don’t know what it is about the Terra cotta tiles, but it makes my heart pitter patter to see it done well. The tone of the cabinetry is perfect against it, and the mix of brass and oil rubbed bronze is the icing on the cake. Yes to looking for a wood console table option for your kitchen island Sarah! The one in this kitchen is absolutely stunning, and I could envision something like this working so well for yours! I could talk about this kitchen all day, but how cute is that little pup?! On his little red striped bed (she says in puppy talk). I can’t handle the cuteness, the gorgeous color on the walls and the unexpected tile. I’d meet you ladies for drinks at that bar any day of the week. The moodiness is killing me sweetly, and the gilded mirror is the showstopper of the scene. I’m in love with the styling elements of the bedside table-minus the throw blanket. Sorry, but it is extremely reminiscent of my grandmother’s dusty drapes. Right down to the colors! These 10 pins packed some serious inspiration this month, and the wheels are forever turning. This is one of my favorite series’ of yours. I hope you’re having an amazing week, and I hope the weekend brings relaxation and tasty pizza! Xo

    1. Ha! I know- it was a good month! I really do want natural wood built-ins or cabinetry somewhere in our home- I just haven’t quite figured out where that will exist yet. I also loved those dining chairs! The front door just feels like fall to me. I’m very into that palette as the seasons change. I think lacquer would be cool in the basement- especially since that will be our media room… it could be a unique wall treatment. I knew you’d love that kitchen with the terra-cotta floor tiles. Those perfectly fit your mediterranean aesthetic. You have me laughing at our dog voice because I definitely read it in “dog talk”. Haha! This is why we’re friends! That particular throw isn’t my favorite either, but the styling is so good in that last image. I’ll just imagine it swapped for a beautiful wool or cozy mohair option. I’m so happy you liked this 10 Pins, Lauren! Thanks for sharing :) xo