5 Things I’m Currently On The Hunt For

5 Things I'm Currently On The Hunt For - roomfortuesday.comWe do a lot of talking about design, vintage, things we’re constantly looking out for, and the current projects we are working on. It’s fun to hear what everyone is up to, and in the spirit of that notion- I thought it would be interesting to share 5 things I’m currently on the hunt for. This list changes based on what we’re working on, and some of these items stay on my list for months. Click through to check out the 5 items I’m keeping my eyes peeled for and am digging deep to find this month. Some are vintage, some are not, some are for current projects, and one is probably just wishful thinking…

#1 // Rug(s)

5 Things I'm Currently On The Hunt For - roomfortuesday.comWhile decorating and styling seems like awhile away in regards to my office renovation, it takes planning & prep (especially given the current lead times). I pretty much have everything nailed down, excluding a handful of items- one of those being an area rug. For acoustics and the cozy factor, I really need to find an area rug for my home office. Part of me wants to layer a couple rugs… a new or natural option paired with something vintage, so I’ve actually created more work for myself and technically need to decide on a pair.


#2 // Vintage Wood Stool

5 Things I'm Currently On The Hunt For - roomfortuesday.comThis isn’t necessarily a priority, but my design brain has somehow pushed a vintage wood stool to the top of my thoughts. My excuse to buy a cute little milking or French bobbin stool was to use it in my office (it’s always the unfinished spaces that get my wheels turning) to reach things at the top of the built-in, because I know I’m going to fill that thing up with my design books, swatches, and office supplies. It could really live anywhere in our house and is more of a fun “want” that I’ve been hunting for. I figure when it’s not in use, it would look pretty charming holding a stack of books or magazines… kind of like my zebra ottomans in our living room.


#3 // Stair Runner

5 Things I'm Currently On The Hunt For - roomfortuesday.comThis isn’t a new subject or topic- especially given I shared our entry plans yesterday. In fact, back in May I also posted about stair runners and more about what I’m looking for. The hunt is still going strong and I’m still trying to decide what type of stair runner I’d like in our upcoming entryway renovation. Of course I’m leaning toward something natural and neutral (with a fun border), but I’ve been doing LOTS of research, trying to hone in what will work best for our house and will hold up to the dogs. I’m hoping to get something ordered by the end of the month. The pressure is on for this purchase! I’ve only ever purchased runners for the hallway, and this is the first home we’ve owned that has a staircase.


#4 // Kitchen Table

5 Things I'm Currently On The Hunt For - roomfortuesday.comNot to be confused with a dining table, I’m still on the hunt for my coveted skinny kitchen or pastry table that can work as an odd sized island in our kitchen (check out this post if you missed it). This is not of high priority and I’m definitely playing the long game on this one… I feel like I’ll know when the right table appears in my life or my feed. Ha! I’m hoping for a marble top and it has to be the right size. This item has been on my list for almost a year, and I’m still patiently waiting.


#5 // Vintage Art

5 Things I'm Currently On The Hunt For - roomfortuesday.comI’ve been spending most of my free time searching for vintage art. I’m looking for something specific, in a certain size, and haven’t had much luck yet. I’m envisioning art to live beneath a gallery light, installed above the day bed, framed by the built-ins that will live in my home office. If you need a visual, check out this post for the mockup. Anyway, nothing is speaking to me for that space so far. On the plus side, I have found so many stunning smaller works of vintage art and you all are the ones benefitting because I’ve been adding oodles of art to the Tuesday Made shop. We only have a few left. I have another big haul coming in the next week or two, if you missed out last week! I’m crossing my fingers I can find something on the larger side to fill that negative space above the daybed vignette. I really want that piece to be vintage and super special. Wish me luck!


Now- I have to know what 5 things you’re currently shopping for in regards to your home? Tell me in the comment section! I love hearing what everyone is perusing, which projects are being tackled, and what vintage goods are most sought after. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for your items if you do the same for mine. Deal? I’ll see you back here on Monday? I hope everyone has a lovely weekend ahead! We’ll be working on our projects and are hoping to have a little fun outside as well, given our air quality improves. We’d like to get up in the mountains for a picnic this weekend. Are you up to anything fun?

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  1. These are probably the top of a very long list!
    1 – white switch and outlet wallplates – so many choices
    2 – long runner for our living room – min 3’x13′; probably medium blue
    3 – bench for the foot of our bed – upholstered with storage maybe
    4 – small swivel rocker for our living room – would love a pink & blue floral
    5 – area rug for our bedroom – pale blue with peach, min 8’x10′

    Luckily none of this is critical. We moved to this house about two and a half years ago and are slowly fine-tuning the details. I’m really good at making do until I find what I really like!

    1. So many good things you’re on the hunt for, Cheryl! I’ll be sure to keep an eye our for you :) Thanks for taking the time to share! It’s always nice to have the luxury of time when searching for home things. I hate the pressure of finding something fast.

  2. Good morning! What a fun post! I adore keeping my eyes peeled for items my friends need. (And you know I’d love to give you a reason to head to Boise!) My search could be more fruitful if I knew your desired dimensions for the kitchen table. Also, logistically, can we send you listings through FB messenger? Good luck on the vintage art hunt! I think that one might be the most enjoyable, but also the most fraught.
    As for my list, I’m not sure I have 5 things. Our house is mostly furnished, and I’m hoping to move in a couple of years when we retire…However!
    1. A pair of special, large-ish (30-33′ wide) nightstands has been on my list for ages. Preferably with a stone top; bonus points for colored marble!
    2. A daybed situation big enough for me and 2 large dogs. Probably with a slipcover? Maybe metal? This is stumping me because I don’t want to spend $$, and all of the newer ones are…👎🏼
    3. A stunning (and cheap) Chinese Art Deco rug. This is a unicorn item. I own plenty of beautiful vintage rugs and have nary a speck of bare wood floor. BUT, this is a gem I would horde for a future house.
    4. A cool vintage loveseat. Down-filled. Velvet? Bonus points for Jack Lenor Larsen fabric or a groovy post-modern shape.
    Ha. I guess I had more on my list than I thought! I’ve got an epic thrift day planned this weekend, so fingers crossed! I’m also braving the ridiculous heat for a hike with my pal. Here’s to a super weekend, friends!!💜

    1. Me too! Even if I don’t find something for myself, it still feels like a win if I can score something for a friend or the shop. I’m definitely willing to drive to Boise. haha! I’m still mourning those bedside dressers. Argh. My ideal kitchen table dimensions are 20″ wide by 40-50″ long… counter height. You’re the sweetest for asking! I spent the weekend scrolling through thousands of vintage artwork, but have yet to find anything. I’ll keep looking though! Here’s to practicing patience. I’ll also keep my eyes peeled for your items- the nightstands with stone tops, a daybed (love that idea!), your unicorn Chinese art decor rug, and loveseat. I hope you had a fruitful day of thrifting this weekend and a fun time with your pal :) Those kind of weekend days are my favorite! xo

  3. Fun post! Emily Henderson just posted about antique / vintage wood stools. She’s been posting a lot recently about hunting online (and some in-person) for vintage and antique pieces.

    My print shop is moving soon to a new space, and we’re near the end of a major TI job – I am SO EXCITED! We’ve been dealing with an environmental issue at the property (my dad owns the property), so another party is paying for all the construction (and decontamination). While it’s been a gnarly process with the contamination (I’ve been the primary rep for our property) with lawyers, environmentalists, consultants, etc – the fact that my shop (I’m a tenant) is moving to a new suite and getting a brand new, designed-for-me space is AMAZING.

    Anyways, I was on the hunt for two leather chairs for our lunchroom – I wanted camel-colored leather, simple lines (MCM) with tufting on the back. I ended up finding one via FBMP and I had my sister message them (I’m not active on FB) to see if they had two. Unfortunately not, bummer! But then a week later, they messaged her back to say they now had two chairs – yes! This was at like 4pm on a Friday, and the store closed at 5pm – no way I was gonna make it. But the next morning I drove my husband’s truck down there and was the first person in the store, and there they were – and they were PERFECT!! I paid less than half of what I would have if I had ordered from Article or similar. I googled the brand, and it’s one they sell at Macy’s, so I know the quality is great.

    Then, for our lobby, I sourced two vintage Steelcase chairs with a gray tweed fabric. So cool looking, and perfect for our lobby. Those came from a vintage store in my area, via Craigslist. I needed three chairs, so my hunt for the third continued. I found two off Ebay (they were only selling the pair, not single), and that turned out be a disaster where the seller ended up not being able to ship them in a cost-effective manner, and it took that seller over two months to refund me. But, I just got all my money back so all good. I ended up finding a third chair off Etsy from a seller in OR, he shipped it down to me, and then the same place I got the two chairs from locally was able to reupholster the third chair for me, in the same gray tweed fabric. I got three vintage Steelcase chairs for under $500! Of course I had to LOL when I showed my husband the chairs – of course I was sooo excited – and he was like “I guess they’re ok……”. Sometimes he just doesn’t get it. Oh, and then my brother-in-law (who works with me), he picked up the first two chairs from the store, saw the tag on one (which read $200 for the pair), and he was like “Wow, you spent that much?” Haha. Let’s just say I don’t think he knows what his wife (my sis) spent on their Room & Board walnut bedroom set…….some men really have no clue……. :)

    But man, those two hunts were fun, and it feels SO GOOD when it all comes together!

    1. Oh, I missed her post! I ended up buying one from Etsy this weekend! I can’t wait to share it once it arrives. It’s a cute little French number. Congrats on your upcoming move with your print shop, Karen! That’s super exciting. It sounds like your new space will be perfect for you! Leather chairs are so timeless- what a kismet FMBP situation!! So glad you were able to snag those. Feel free to send some of your good thrifting juju my way ;) you’ve been on a roll! Enjoy pulling everything together and moving into your new space. That really is the best feeling. xo

  4. All of these make perfect sense; the only surprising one is the stool. I can’t be much help in the vintage rug department but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for all of the above. Ready for mine?
    1) 18×22 equestrian sketch art (preferably a profile view). I have two shelves on opposing sides of the wall in my living room. A gorgeous horse sketch (frontal view) sits on one; I need to balance the vignette on the opposite side.
    2) A vintage rug for my kitchen. This one is super low priority (I’m looking at you Rocky), but timing means nothing to vintage, am I right?! I’m picturing the dark blue tone of the blue and white porcelain, with muted yellows, old world ivory, muted pinkish peach…Spanish tile. I’m looking for a Spanish tile on a rug. 😂🤣
    3) A very specific edition of “The Odyssey” to match the edition of “The Iliad” I already have- this one is a pipe dream, likely tossed in a beat down box full of dust in someone’s attic…but a girl can hope!
    4) A hardbound first edition of “Paradise Lost”- again, total pipe dream. *Sigh*
    5) The match to a chair I have in my bedroom. We call it “the coffee bean chair”-my sis used to manage a site for The Coffee Bean, and when they were remodeling she was able to snag one of the chairs from their dining room. I’m sure you’d know better than I what the style is Sarah, but we desperately would love to have a pair. I’ve been itching to get ours reupholstered (the leather is torn on the seat), but have been putting it off in hopes of having two reupholstered at the same time. Dumb, I know, but someone out there has a chair that matches it…FBMP gods be with me, lol. 😂🤣 It strikes me now how random my unicorns are at the moment, and I have no decent explanation for that. Scorpio. That’s my excuse! Itching to read Peggi’s! Have a wonderful Thursday-first day of school for us-first year both kids will be full time, and I’m excited and sad at the same time, but it will be a great day! Xo

    1. Lauren, would love to hear where you search for books? My husband is an avid book reader and the only thing he has mentioned he would like is a first edition of “The Godfather”. I have looked for it but feel a little lost in what is a good price for one especially condition, etc.
      Also, curious of your love for equestrian. Do you ride? My oldest rides and is living her dream of living at a stable, riding, owning, and photographing horses. I am in awe of her and her passion.
      Have a great first day of school for your kiddos.

      1. Hi Danna! Where you hunt depends on the motivation behind a person’s collection. Some people collect for monetary value as a means of investing in the future. I collect to love the literature itself. I always hunt estate sales, thrift stores, antique consignment shops and used book shops. (For these, the more dusty and jam packed, the better🤣). I know a lot of people prefer doing the eBay route, or something similar, which is perfect for finding the mint condition items-but if you’re looking for hidden gems that aren’t *mint* condition, I find the prices to be too steep. I have very few standards when it comes to condition: an intact spine; no signs of water damage; and my all time pet peeve-food stains on the pages. To me, every physical book has lived a journey of people and places, and I welcome the wear because it tells more of a story than the pages within it; sort of like it’s own patina. That’s not necessarily the norm, but I’m not hunting to capitalize on the monetary value. I find estate sales to be highly fruitful for books, because most people aren’t looking for that type of item. It does take patience though. I’ve been hunting for these ones for almost a decade! So cool that your husband’s book unicorn is The Godfather! If you tell me his condition preferences I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open!
        Ahhh equine love…yes, I rode a lot in the past-it was a form of therapy after losing my brother at a young age. I stopped riding because of a tragic accident that occurred with my stepmom a few years later, but the love has never died. Your daughter’s ventures sound incredibly delightful, peaceful, and adventuresome! I admire her for following her passions. Thank you for the well wishes Danna, I hope you have a great day as well! Xo

        1. Happy Friday! As you probably know, men are hard to find gifts for so when my hubby mentioned he would love a first edition of this book, I made it my mission. Mainly I was curious if there was a great website that sold them that I did not know about. To be honest, I would love to find one hiding in someone’s attic or bookshelf as well! Not that I don’t want to spend money but I think those type of finds are the best!
          Sorry to read of losing your brother. Riding is a great form of therapy and just being with them is so rewarding. I do not ride but enjoy their presence and nature a lot!

          1. The struggle is real!!😂🤣 It is now in my mental inventory of books to hunt, and you now have a partner in the search. Thank you Danna. Your kind words are comforting. Happy Friday to you as well friend!

        2. I’m wholeheartedly agree on all of those points and tips, Lauren! Thank you for sharing. I’m also sorry to hear about your brother’s passing and your stepmom’s accident. I’m glad you were able to find comfort in riding. I miss being in the saddle, but we’re hoping to get back to our parent’s house and horses again soon!

          1. Thank you Sarah; it’s funny how that time feels both far away and just yesterday, simultaneously. I miss being in the saddle as well. I’m so happy for you and Emmett to visit your parents!! There’s nothing like going home is there?

          2. Maybe someday we can go on a ride together :) Here’s to hoping I can fulfill my dream of having horses and horse property someday. Haha!

      2. Do you know about abebooks.com, Danna?

        1. Lia, I have not heard of this website. Checking them out now. Thank you!

        2. I haven’t heard of this one!! Thank you for sharing, I’m checking it out now. I love new resources!

        3. This is a new-to-me site, too! Thank you for sharing, Lia! :)

      3. I’ll also keep my eyes peeled for a first edition of The Godfather, Danna! Good for your oldest on living at the staple, riding, owning, and photographing horses- that sounds like a complete dream. I bet you’re so proud of her!

    2. Ok this is so crazy but I just went onto a site that builds homes and they were showcasing a new home and its’ decor. I saw a horse print and clicked on it. It lead me to an Etsy shop- PrintsFarm and saw a portrait of a horse (head only). Just wanted to share. Have a great weekend.

      1. You know I’m heading there to check it out right now!! Thanks for the share, and assisting with the hunt!!❤️

    3. The stool is just something random I’m been obsessed with finding lately. Lol! I saw a beautifully styled one in my latest World of Interiors magazine and couldn’t stop thinking about it, now it’s high on the list. Ha! Of course I love everything about your list and will keep my eyes peeled if I see any of those things that would be a good fit for your house! I’m intrigued by your book collection and loved learning that about you. You’ll have to send me a photo of your chair and I’ll do some digging for you. Crossing my fingers and sending all the good vibes to the FBMP gods to work in your favor. Fellow Scorpio here and I feel like my list is equally as random. Haha! We’re in it together! I hope your little lady is feeling better and you’re taking today to relax. Here’s to hoping her arm heals quickly! xo

      1. The book collection is probably my favorite items in my entire house, haha! I have wanted a study since I was four years old, and started collecting books at 10 to fill it. I have lugged them all around with me- one of the few things to survive all the moves of my younger years. What began as a love of reading, turned into collecting, and eventually writing. I’ll definitely send you a pic of the chair; you’re probably the only one that can find it, haha! Brooke is doing way better than I expected. She’s so sad she can’t swim, and the cast feels super heavy right now, but other than that she’s in great spirits. She just wants to be in the kitchen with me-she even said she would learn how to cook with one hand. I swear she’s going to be a chef or a baker! Thank you for checking in! ❤️Xo

        1. I love that and would also be very into having a study or home library! Definitely a dream. I can’t believe you started collecting books at age 10- that is amazing! I’m so glad to hear Brooke is in good spirits despite having to sport that heavy cast. Those S shaped arm photos were gnarly! You’ve got one tough little lady!

  5. Fun post! I love going to estate sales and many times think to myself “ oh this would be perfect for XYZ”. XYZ being people I follow online that are only friends in my head-lol. The first things I always look for are original art and rugs. It’s SO hard to find the right art/rug once the room is kind of done. My current wishlist includes:

    Living room rug- top priority because our existing one has started to fray and it’s not the right size. I’m thinking I want to layer vintage rug over large sea grass/jute but I am even having trouble determining the proper size for the base rug because of my odd furniture layout. The commitment of large purchases stresses me out!

    Vintage outdoor bench to go in wooded area behind my house. I want something “worn” looking with patina and not too ornate- concrete, wooden, metal.

    Vintage runner for kitchen – tough finding right size/colors

    Kitchen “cart”- not even big enough to be considered an island. I too have a very similar kitchen cart as yours but would love one slightly bigger. I love the look of your inspiration selections but need the extra storage of a shelf and a drawer is a must. All the new ones I’ve found are too big for my space.

    Artwork for my kitchen- I’ve never painted in my life (other than walls and furniture) but I’m thinking of trying my hand at an abstract as a place holder.

    Low on the list- I’d love to replace my DR sideboard (must be a petite one) and my bedside tables.

    Happy hunting!

    1. Yess! Me too, Melissa. I’m serious when I say, if you ever come across something you think will be perfect for me- IG or DM me because I will gladly pay for shipping. Ha! I’m with you on constantly looking for rugs and art. I love and can imagine everything on your list. I’ll keep a lookout and will let you know if I see anything amazing that fits your criteria. My plan is to also layer a vintage rug over a neutral jute or sisal option in my office. I vote yes to a DIY art project- they’re really so fun and I have faith you’d create something beautiful. Happy hunting to you as well :)

  6. Ooooh, this is so fun! Here are mine:

    1. A large, neutral (but with color?) patterned rug for my bedroom. I have an 8×10 in there now but it is absolutely too small – I need at least a 9×12, mayyyybe 10×14.
    2. A runner for my kitchen. This has been difficult because my kitchen is sort of galley-ish but it’s wide, so I need a rug that’s shaped like a runner, but significantly larger than a standard runner. Like 3.5-4×9?
    3. A side chair for my living room. I have a cute wingback now but it’s a placeholder. I’m looking for something with more modern lines, something you can sink into without having that “puffy” furniture look (I know you know what I’m talking about), probably cognac leather?
    4. A black metal bed for my guest room. Modern but curvy.
    5. An upholstered stool for my primary bedroom closet. Once I redo it I’ll have floor to ceiling storage and will need something to stand on to reach the top shelves, and also something to throw clothes on when I am trying on 20 outfits while looking for something to wear to the grocery store.

    I’m VERY excited about the kitchen table you’re looking for, I know you’ll hold out and find something gorgeous!

    1. Oh my goodness! Same problem why are all runners 2.5 ft wide???

      1. Ladies!! Go check out the Annie Selke website! Obviously there won’t be vintage rugs, but she carries beautiful runners in different sizes. This is the only site I’ll be able to order a stair runner from-my stairs are double wide, and dramatically deeper than a standard set, making the length almost double what someone else would need. Buuuut…I’m with you on holding out for the perfect vintage option!!😅😅

        1. Yes- I second Annie Selke. I have multiple rugs & runners from there and they’re great quality! Great addition, Lauren. Thank you!

    2. Rugs are so tricky… especially large ones! Maybe check out some odd sized vintage runners for your galley kitchen? I love your idea for the living room chair and will keep a lookout. I’m also envisioning your metal bed- that sounds gorgeous. I love a cute little upholstered stool or ottoman! I’ve been into the skirted ones lately. Thanks for sharing your list, Stacy! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend :)

  7. Interesting searches and fun to see what you are looking for for your home. If you are unable to find the exact size of vintage print would you do something that could be downloaded and printed to the measurements you want? I am really hoping you find the pastry table of your dreams. How exciting that would be! Love your choices of ‘milking stools’ especially beside a chair or bathtub.
    I will have to live vicariously through each of the friends on here till we have our house plans and start building. If I find any of these things, I will be sure to share. There’s so much going on aside from our future home that is taking all of our time and effort right now. I hope the fires get contained soon as well. Have a great Thursday!

    1. Selfishly, I kind of want something vintage, original, or antique- just because that feels super special and that spot deserves something really unique. I’m still searching, and am not giving up yet, but I could definitely take the print route until I find something that I envision. Fingers crossed! I would LOVE to find a pastry table and am in no hurry for that one, so I’m being patient until the right one comes along. Great idea on styling the stool by the bathtub! That’s such a timeless look. You’ll be building before you know, and I’m glad to hear you’re keeping busy and are having fun in the meantime, Danna :) Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!! xo

  8. 1. I’ve been searching for medium high back swivel rockers to flank our living room fireplace. Can’t be club or barrel – type, and definitely not the nursery design. We have very high ceilings so a back that around 30′-32″ would be fine. Needs to be upholstered in a very neutral color and stain resistant. So far all these priorities have been impossible to find in one (two) chair.
    2. An 8×10 rug to layer over a natural jute rug in my living room.
    3. An affordable chaise lounge for my bedroom, preferably in a more traditional design. These I can find, but are very expensive.
    4. Affordable gas lanterns (a la Chris Loves Julia’s last Idaho house).
    5. Deck furniture including a couch that isn’t a love seat size! I’d also like a wood pergola for my fire pit area.
    Honestly I haven’t made a list before this one and this helps to clarify my needs/wants!

    1. Good swivels are so tough to find. I’m picky about chairs! Crossing my fingers you find something great, Teri! I’m with you on the layered rug search, which is also proving to be more difficult than I had anticipated. Ha! Chaise lounges are certainly an investment piece. Gas lanterns are so timeless- I’ll keep an eye out for you. Your outdoor items also sound beautiful. I usually keep my list (with dimensions) on my phone and will referent it while I’m out shopping or thrifting, in case I come across something that fits!

  9. I just made a list of items I’m looking for! I have plans to go to Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market in a few weeks and I’m on the hunt for a nice big lamp to go on top of my skirted table. I also want bookends! I have my cookbooks stacked on my credenza but I am at the point where I have too many and I think they would look much better between bookends. I actually saw some great marble horse ones on FB Marketplace that made me think of you! Oh and maybe some candlesticks for my mantle. I also want a new living room rug…that one will take a while! I am looking forward to seeing what you end up getting to fulfill your list!

    This weekend I’m meeting a friend at a winery who I haven’t seen since the fall. I’m bringing veggies and homemade onion dip and Guinness brownies (recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction)! And my friend makes a mean charcuterie board. Now fingers crossed it won’t rain!

    1. Oooh, I just googled Elephant Trunk Flea Market and I’m envious that I don’t live closer. I’m crossing my fingers you find your big lamp and bookends, Brittany! You know I’m all about the marble horses ;) ha! I hope you had the best weekend catching up with your friend. Your winery plans sounds like my ideal weekend date! Have a glass for me, please. I also just pinned the Guinness brownie recipe for future use. Here’s to hoping the weather held out for you! xo

  10. I would love that, and Jeff and I share in the dream of owning horse property!! What’s your favorite type of horse? Mine is Clydesdale!

    1. Emmett and I grew up riding Tennessee walking horses, thoroughbreds, and saddlebreds- our parents only have gaited horses, so that’s what we’re accustomed to. I would love to have a blue roan or a boulonnais. Emmett used to have a really cool (and crazy) arabian horse that could bend its neck in the weirdest way. I think the white ones are so pretty! Clydesdales are also big and beautiful. Basically- I love all horses!

      1. Emmett just reminded me I always gawk at friesian horses, too. They are so majestic! We were talking about this last night and in the end (while not show horses or known for their insane beauty), we both appreciate a good working or trail horse for their practicality (Tennessee Walkers, American Saddlebred, Missouri Fox Trotter, Paso Fino, etc). If we were ever to have horse property, we’d probably end up with some of those. Thanks for the fun conversation that got us dreaming again! haha

  11. I love all of those (well, all horses really). I have only ever ridden a gaited horse one time, but it was a lovely ride! My stepmom’s horse was an Arabian-he was a bit crazy too; it comes with the territory with that breed. My Kobe was a Palomino. I would likely choose a Paint, an Appaloosa, a Palomino and a Clydesdale. What a fun topic to dream about! Thanks for sharing with me!