Office Renovation Update (Paint)

Office Renovation Update (Paint) - roomfortuesday.comHello, hello! I’m kicking off the week with a quick little office update. We’re moving right along in the space, have hit a couple more delays, but overall- I’m pleased with our progress! We’ve got the space painted, which feels really exciting- like we’ve turned a corner in the renovation. Click through for the latest- I’m chatting paint colors, what comes next, and accessories (like art, a pretty ceiling medallion, hardware, and more)… 

Office Renovation Update (Paint) - roomfortuesday.comFirst, let’s chat paint… this is what the space looked like post primer (pictured above). We decided to leave the drapery hardware up, so we didn’t have to reinstall it… that’s the odd little shapes above each window. Emmett’s drywall work looks impeccable! I’m super impressed. If you missed his post on how to achieve perfectly smooth walls, definitely check that out or save it here!

Office Renovation Update (Paint) - roomfortuesday.comIn my initial planning post, I know I had tossed around the idea of a different paint color, but ultimately landed on something slightly warmer. They’re very similar, but rather than Taupe of the Morning by Sherwin-Williams, I opted for Benjamin Moore’s Ice Formations. Contrary to the name, it has a warmer base, which felt right for the space. It’s also quite similar to the previous paint color in this room (pre renovation), which Emmett was surprised by. It just felt bright enough, had depth, warmth, and really complemented our custom drapery I previously had made for this room.

Office Renovation Update (Paint) - roomfortuesday.comFor the ceiling, if I’m not painting the ceiling an actual color, I always use Sherwin-Williams Ceiling Bright White. It’s a cooler, bright white that looks really crisp- which is great for contrast, if you’re going for that look.

Office Renovation Update (Paint) - roomfortuesday.comAbove, you can see my palette for the room: trim & millwork color, ceiling color, and the wall color. I wanted this space to feel bright and neutral because it’s my workspace. Since I deal with colors and design everyday, I prefer to work in a room that is bright, has plenty of natural light, and I don’t want to be surrounded by loud colors that compete with whatever it is I’m working on. I also plan to add lots of layers and texture to this room, so I really wanted a calming, cozy, and inviting palette that acts as a blank canvas, as the materials I bring into it change.

Office Renovation Update (Paint) - roomfortuesday.comIf you read my greek key blog post, you’ve already seen the ceiling medallion I landed on… here it is in person. I love that perimeter detail! It’s on the smaller size, appropriate for the chandelier I selected for this space, which will hang directly above my desk.

Office Renovation Update (Paint) - roomfortuesday.comOur hardware for the room has also arrived… our built-in knobs, pulls, and our pocket door hardware is here. I opted for an antique or aged brass finish for all of the hardware in this space, which will also add warmth and interest! If you missed my built-in design plan, you can find that here.

Office Renovation Update (Paint) - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of the built-ins, that is our major hold up at the moment. We ordered custom glass for our upper cabinetry, and we’re waiting on the glass door sections to be delivered before we can truly start building that feature. Everything revolves around the glass and we want to make sure it fits perfectly, so we need the material here before we can cut our material. It was supposed to arrive this week, but we received a call on Friday saying that it has been pushed another 3-4 weeks. We’re patiently waiting, and in the meantime- Emmett can tackle some millwork on the opposing side of the room: casing for the windows, a couple pieces of crown, and base (but only on that side of the room, as the built-ins need to be in place).

Office Renovation Update (Paint) - roomfortuesday.comAs you already know, my antique desk is also on our to-do list, that we can begin immediately. It needs some work- a couple wooden dowels & reinforced supports, as well as refinished. I’ve also started ordering some fun accessories for the space, like art! I curated a gallery wall of vintage horse prints that will live above my custom credenza, and they’ll be available in the Tuesday Made shop later this year.

Office Renovation Update (Paint) - roomfortuesday.comOverall, I’m very happy with how things are coming together. Paint felt like a big milestone this week! We’re rolling with the supply chain punches, crazy lead-times, and are focusing on the things within our control. I’d love to get the chandelier installed this week, and get going on my desk. This space finally feels like a room again, and this is the point in the project where the fun begins for me. Each week it will evolve a little more, and hopefully at the end of the renovation- I’ll have a beautiful & functional office to enjoy for years to come. It has certainly been a long time coming, but I know the wait will be worth it. Here’s to a productive week ahead, friends!

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  1. Good morning! Yay paint! Boo more delays. Even in the photos, Emmett’s drywall looks smooth as silk; I bet paint went on like a dream. I’m loving the hardware you chose and, of course, that medallion is perfect! How amazing would it be to get your chandelier up this week?! I’m sure you’re itching to get those built-ins…built, but you’ve got that special desk upgrade to keep hands occupied. I’m anxious to see it with some fab black stain.😍 Definitely digging that equine gallery. How’s the search for a special piece to go over the daybed? You mentioned maybe wanting a floral, and I got kinda psyched! You’ve waited a long time for a proper office, but perhaps this slower timeline is allowing all of the perfect elements to find their way to you. Let’s have a lovely September week, friend!💜

    1. Good morning, Peggi! Boo to delays, but we’re just embracing the timeline as it unfolds… luckily we’re not in a hurry, have plenty to keep us busy, and don’t have a deadline for this project. It’s all good! I think this is Emmett’s best drywall job yet. It really looks incredible in person. I would LOVE to get my chandelier up this week. That room has been without light since January, and I’m itching to see those pretty fixtures in their place. I’m most excited about the built-ins in this room, but I’m also looking forward to refinishing the desk- what a fantastic find. It’s going to be perfect in this room. The search for the art above the daybed continues. I’m still looking for a floral piece… preferably impressionistic, and I’d like to include some fun colors I can incorporate into the room. It’s so tricky because I need a specific size and I’d really love to find something original or vintage, as opposed to a print. That area is such a focal point, and I’m holding out for something unique! I hope you have a lovely September week, as well :) xo

  2. All of these elements are looking so pretty as they come together. And I love how your fingernail polish even coordinates! :) Can you please explain the fan/filter in the first image? I’m seeing a particular kind of genius there. Have a great week!

  3. Good morning and happy Monday. The office is looking outstanding! I’m surprised at your paint selection, but I love it. The custom drapery is going to look fantastic against this color. As you reveal more of the styling elements I’m getting a more complete vision in my head of the finished space, and I must say, you’ve knocked this one out of the park! You know I’m already in love with the vintage horse prints-I think I’m even more excited that they’ll be available on the Tuesday Made site. I’m in agreement with Peggi-all of the delays seem to be aligning such that you’ve had a bit more time to select the absolute perfect elements that will make this space a dream to work in. While the delays definitely must be a challenge, the wait will be even more worth it. Would you mind sharing the process of staining your desk? As you know I have a bit of a refurbishing on my China hutch that I’d love to tackle; a bit of a confidence boost from Gibson University would push me in the right direction, haha! I can’t wait to see all these styling elements come together: the Greek key medallion with the chandelier; the built ins and the amazing hardware; the custom credenza; your vintage desk…I’m loving it all, and so excited for you to have the inspiring workspace you desire. What a way to kick off the week! I hope it’s a gorgeous and productive day for you friend!

    1. Good morning, Lauren! Thank you so much. The paint color is pretty monochromatic with the drapery, so I think it will be blend nicely. The delays are definitely allowing me more time to source things for the room, and make changes as things evolve- which has been kind of nice. Ha! It seems like we’ll both be refinishing furniture in the next month or so :) The built-ins are going to be the star of the room, so I’m anxiously awaiting the day we get to start on those. Here’s to a beautiful and productive week ahead! xo

  4. Happy Monday!
    Wow! Looking great 👍 I bet it feels so much better having some paint on the walls. I know how dusty these projects can be 😧 The room looks so fresh and bright now.
    I love the rendering with the horse chalk drawings, console, desk, curtains, and light fixture. Just beautiful 😍 Is that the chair you are going with? I know you had a tough time making a decision on that very important component. Comfort, longevity and style can be tough to find in a chair you sit in many hours of the week. Anyway it’s going to be such a stunning workspace for you, once completed you will feel such accomplishment. It will be amazing office to work in everyday. Can’t wait for the reveal. Exciting! Have a super day!

    1. Happy Monday, Colleen! Thank you! It’s feeling really good and looks like a room again. I ordered that particular chair and of course it has been backordered for a few months, but my plan is to add casters to the legs! Here’s to hoping it’s comfortable once it arrives. I’m really looking forward to getting started on the built-ins soon. I hope you have a fantastic week! xo

  5. When I see the first picture of the paint it looks all beautiful and soothing, and then the last picture with one wall still painted white, I realize that the taupe is actually a color when it contrasts with the white. This office is going to be great, I love everything on your mood board!

    1. Thank you, Julie! The taupe is definitely a darker neutral- but since the space is so bright, it still looks happy and light. I’m really pleased with it, and I think once we install our actual white base & crown, we’ll have great contrast! Thanks for your kind words :) I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

  6. What are your ceiling height in your current home?

    1. They’re in between 9 and 10 feet :)

      1. Thank you! Mine are 9ft and 8ft. Read your millwork post and saw the crown and baseboards you went with. Love them. Wanted to compare as I like the size and style for our home.