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Visual Comfort Open Box Sale - roomfortuesday.comHow was your weekend? Ours was pretty low key… I worked while Emmett rested (his surgery went really well). I shuffled lots of pretty things over to our Tuesday Made warehouse for our big sale happening in a couple weeks! Speaking of sales, while we were lounging over the weekend- I discovered Visual Comfort’s Open Box Sale is happening now. I look forward to this every year and wanted to share my favorite designer fixtures with you, because this is the lowest you’ll see these priced. In fact, I snagged the chandelier and picture light in my home office from this same sale. There are some incredible deals on designer brand fixtures I love- the ones I’m consistently integrating into design plans… Thomas O’Brien, Ralph Lauren, Kelly Wearstler, Suzanne Kasler, Aerin, Ian Fowler, Barbara Barry, Chapman & Myers, Amber Lewis, Ray Booth, etc. All the good ones! If you’ve had your eye on quality designer lighting or planning renovations, this is the time to grab the open box fixtures for a LOT less. Click through for a big roundup of my top picks. I hope it saves you some money for your home projects this year! These always go quick, as there are limited quantities… 

Visual Comfort Open Box Sale - roomfortuesday.comI’m breaking down my curated picks into categories for easier shopping: sconces, picture lights, flush mounts, chandeliers, lamps, pendants, etc. When I think of Visual Comfort lighting, I think timeless with quality craftsmanship. They are the best of the best and their prices reflect that, and this is the best time to snag high-end lighting for less. Their finishes are fantastic and they always have a classic look. Another thing to remember- these come in multiple finishes, so click through to see if your preferred finish is available… most are!

To shop, click on each light fixture in the collage… they’re all clickable and will take you directly to the source!


Gallery lights are really versatile fixtures that can be installed above a single piece of art, above a gallery wall, to illuminate a vignette, or on built-ins or bookshelves. They’re perfect for highlighting a specific area and add dimension.



Chandeliers aren’t just for the dining room… they’re also ideal in an entryway, above a desk, soaking tub, walk-in closet, or any other space you’d like to make a statement.



I think sconces belong in every room… a home office or den, the bathroom, living spaces, bedrooms, entryways, the dining room, the kitchen or laundry room, etc. I can always find a place for a classic sconce! They’re the perfect fixture for layered lighting.



Semi flush mounts and flush mount fixtures are ideal for homes with lower or standard height ceilings. I love them lined down a hallway, centered in a smaller room, or tucked into tight spaces.



Like sconces, lamps are another light fixture that belong in every room. They’re the key to a designer looking lighting plan. From floor lamps to table and buffet lamps, layer them in and be strategic about organizing and hiding their cords! Floor outlets are also your friend when adding in freestanding fixtures.



Last, but not least… let’s chat pendants! I like to install pendants in the same places I’d install a chandelier (just on a smaller scale)… over an island, desk, dining table, in a walk-in closet or entryway, etc. Pendants are also great for design repetition. Think of 2-3 installed in a line above a kitchen island, or one above each sink in the bathroom.

Visual Comfort Open Box Sale - roomfortuesday.comI hope this post was helpful if you’re in the market for really nice lighting! I didn’t want this sale to fly by without sharing because I always shop this one. It’s the best prices I’ve seen on the Visual Comfort fixtures. Retailers aren’t allowed to discount VC lighting, so this is kind of a big deal in the design world. Good lighting makes a big difference when it comes to home design- I used to always tell my clients, budgeting for nice lighting will make the entire room / home feel elevated… even if you have to save elsewhere. It’s all about mixing high and low. Let me know if you need any fixture suggestions! I’ve seen them all in person at their showroom. Here’s to a great week ahead!

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  1. Good morning! Even as just a design enthusiast, I recognize the name Visual Comfort, and so many of these fixtures are familiar from top tier designer spaces. In fact, I have long coveted both the Alberto chandelier and the Cleo orb base table lamp. A lighting splurge/swap is not on my list at the moment, but that Alberto chandelier would look spectacular above my dining table. Sigh. Thanks for sharing such a great piece of insider info! I imagine that unless you’re a true lighting groupie or a designer, you’d completely miss this exceptional opportunity. Believe it or not, I’ve actually seen a VC fixture or two on FB marketplace! I’ve seen so many NIB fixtures lately (not VC!). I’ve concluded that making lighting decisions is difficult for everyone. Ha. Sadly, I did not find what I was seeking. Oh well. I did finish drywall and painting this weekend! Huzzah! Now on to the fun parts. (Speaking of lighting, I’m going to switch a fixture for the first time soon…eek.) So happy to hear that Emmett’s surgery went well!! Hopefully, he’s recovering comfortably and will eventually enjoy some of the downtime. I know forced inactivity can definitely become boring! Cheers to an amazing and productive week!💜

    1. Hi Peggi! You’re right- Visual Comfort definitely has a reputation for being high-end, super high quality, and the preference for designers when it comes to lighting. If I’m going to snag a VC fixture, I definitely wait until it gets discounted for the Open Box Sale! I can’t believe I hadn’t mentioned this sale previously on the blog. I usually mark my calendar for it (lighting groupie, indeed). Ha! You can definitely score some good ones on FBMP occasionally! I’ve only seen a few pop up in my area, but it’s a search term I’m always trying. You’ve got this- I have total confidence you’ll be able to switch that fixture with no problem at all :) Downtime has been difficult for Emmett and I’ve been nagging that he needs to take it easy. He overdid it a couple days ago and didn’t have a great night. He has also nixed a single crunch, meaning he’s hobbling around on one instead of two. He’s trying to convince me a cane would look cooler. Haha! Hopefully he’ll feel back to himself soon. Hope you’re having a fabulous week so far! xo

  2. VC Lighting is always well worth the browse. Most of their fixtures are beyond my price point (if I’m being truthful), but I can certainly appreciate their timeless and classic appeal, and the quality of their craftsmanship. If budget allowed I’d install the Dean picture light on our built-ins, the Darlana chandelier in our dining room, and three of the Westport pendants down the hallway between our stairs and kitchen. Designer goals, lol! I had no idea VC does an open box sale every year- thanks for sharing Sarah! It’s definitely worth browsing further- you never know what you can find with sales like this. So happy to hear that Emmett’s surgery went well. Forced relaxation is a prison sentence for those of us that like to keep busy- when you shared in stories that he was already bored I felt it to the core! Poor guy! I wish I had some great show recommendations, but I don’t really watch a ton of tv. Here’s to hoping he can find something that helps pass the time. I hope you had a lovely weekend, and a fantastic start to the week!

    1. I think so, too! They really are the best of the best, and if I’m going to invest in one- I definitely want to buy it on sale. I think surgery was easier than this part of the process- a certain someone is struggling to sit still. Ha! I haven’t been watching much TV either- I’ve been trying to read instead, which has been really nice. I hope you and the fam are having a good week! We’re having a cool rainy day over here, which I’m hoping makes the lounge day a bit easier for Emmett. xox

  3. Thank you for this! I’m designing our new build and already purchasing things like this. I wanted to splurge in some areas and the VC French Single Library Sconces are just what I wanted for an area! VC is mostly out of my budget, especially when doing a whole house, so I wouldn’t have known about the open box sale otherwise.

    1. Of course, Michelle! I hope you were able to grab some great fixtures with good discounts!