Traditional Neutral Gallery Wall Picks

Hi friends! I’m back after a busy week of organizing after the Tuesday Made warehouse sale. It has been a whirlwind over here. Thanks to all who made it over to say hello and grab some home finds! It was a beautiful day. Today, I wanted to share some classic art picks for curating a traditional and neutral gallery wall. After Jordan shared her budget home office makeover, I’ve had so many inquiries about that gorgeous gallery wall. While she took the DIY framing route, I’ve got lots of framed & ready-to-hang options packed into this post for you. Click through for some pretty art picks!

Traditional Neutral Gallery Wall Picks -

How to Curate a Gallery Wall

First things first… how do you curate a gallery wall? I’m sharing my quick process and best tips below:

  1. Choose a common denominator. This could be a color palette, a theme, a frame style, artistic medium, content, texture, etc… something to loosely tie the gallery grouping together.
  2. Begin collecting & purchasing pieces that fall within your parameters. Choose art that fits your common denominator, size, scale, and aesthetic.
  3. Create a visual plan or layout. I think it’s easiest to begin with 2-3 large pieces and build around them… filling gaps with smaller works. Trying photographing your art, then lay it out on the computer. You can also physically layout the art on your floor, measuring from side to side and top to bottom, ensuring it will fit your wall. Another trick? Use painters tape to get the scale right.
  4. Things to consider while planning… be sure to take balance and weight into consideration. Does one side of the gallery wall feel visually heavy or out of balance? Keeping shifting the art until you achieve a balanced look and are happy with the overall layout.
  5. Install the Gallery Wall. The last step is to install the gallery wall. We typically work from the center out, but there are multiple installation paths to reach your end goal. Do what works best for you!
Traditional Neutral Gallery Wall Picks -

Neutral Framed Artwork Selections

Click directly on each work of art below to be redirected.

I can attest to the quality of these ready-to-hang pieces, as they’re all custom framed from my shop, Tuesday Made! Be sure to double check the scale (use a tape measure), as some are quite large.

Framed Natural Gallery Sets

If you’re looking to achieve a look similar to Jordan’s gallery wall… I’d suggest ordering a set to build around. Having 2-3 cohesive pieces within your gallery wall ensures it will feel balanced and collected- with less visual chaos. Scroll though some of these below- they’re all clickable.

See how Jordan repeated two landscapes below? Those moments in a larger gallery are always a good idea for cohesion and a common thread!

Traditional Neutral Gallery Wall Picks -


Can you mix and match frame finishes?

Absolutely! I love to mix and match frames. If you don’t have a common denominator, the frame style or color can definitely provide cohesion… but if the artwork feels cohesive on its own, definitely mix & match frames.

How close should you hang each piece to the next? I’m unsure about the negative space.

This depends on the look you’re going for. My preference is anywhere from 1 inch to 5 inches, depending on the negative wall space you’re trying to cover.

When can we see your entryway gallery wall- and will there be an installation tutorial?

If you missed the drama, I broke a couple of pieces of art while installing our entryway gallery wall… I’m currently waiting on my framer to finish installing the new glass, and then I’ll be sure to share the process. I photographed everything so I’ll have a complete tutorial for you!

Traditional Neutral Gallery Wall Picks -


Interested in more art and gallery wall inspiration? Artwork happens to be one of my favorite topics (I went to school for fine art and art history). I’ll link six reader favorites for you below…

Traditional Neutral Gallery Wall Picks -

I hope this post was helpful if you’re planning a gallery wall. Thanks for bearing with me this week as things have been hectic and busy! We’ve got family arriving tomorrow for the long weekend ahead. Speaking of the holiday weekend… I’m working on a big list of the best Memorial Day sales for you (with my codes and top picks), so check back for that post on Friday!

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  1. Good morning Sarah! I love talking gallery walls- they’re probably my favorite feature to browse in home magazines and online. This post is timely; I’m currently mapping out the gallery wall for our stairs, and deciding which art will make the cut, and what needs to be added. I’ve also been considering adding a few more abstracts to a wall in my bedroom. All of your art picks are always gorgeous, and so well put together. Your examples are inspiring and intimidating- I doubt I can pull off a gallery as cohesive as yours are… but it won’t stop me from trying, ha! This is my reminder to browse the art in the shop. I hope you’re having a fantastic week- it sounds like it’s been packed with the best kind of hectic. Enjoy visiting with your family. Xoxo

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hi Lauren! Gallery walls have always been my favorite. I love that you’ve been mapping out your own for your stairs! I need to follow up with my framer and see when I can grab my replacements. I have no doubt yours will look equally as amazing- you have a great eye! Definitely a busy week, but we’re looking forward to getting out on the water with the fam this weekend! Hope you also have a fun weekend ahead! xo

  2. Good morning! So much visual interest in Jordan’s gallery wall. I love the collected, eclectic look, but I honestly found it tricky to achieve…because I made a major goof. I hung a selection of pieces and hoped to organically add to the gallery over time. Much harder than I thought. 🙄 Planning on paper (or your genius computer method) is a must. I also needed your tip to feature a pair amidst the grouping! My symmetry-craving brain jumped for joy. I appreciate my in-progress collection, but it probably needs a total rethink. Ha. Thanks for getting my gears turning! I’ll look forward to your detailed tutorial from the entry. I hope the big warehouse sale was a smashing success and a helpful kickstart to your impending office move! Have a lovely week and a super visit with your mom, Sarah. 💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      She did such an amazing job with it! I love the idea of organically adding to a wall, but it’s so tricky… plus I love the part of the process where you get to lay the entire thing out. My graphic design brain is very into that step! The warehouse sale was just as busy as last year, and a little more steady- we all missed you!! If your ears were burning, we were singing your praises reminiscing last year. Hope you have a fun long weekend ahead!!