Stocking Stuffer Ideas + A Giveaway

Stocking Stuffer Ideas + A Giveaway - roomfortuesday.comLet’s take a vote… who has finished their holiday shopping? I’m not going to lie… I haven’t even started. I do this every single year. I’m definitely not an early bird when it comes to gifts. If you’re already finished, major props to you! Every year the giant gift guide gets me so excited and then I procrastinate. I typically end up with lots of small gifts, so I thought a stocking stuffer roundup / under $30 roundup would be fitting to share… especially now that we’re well into the first week of December. Click through for my favorite stocking stuffers, little gifts, and enter to win a stocking filled to the brim with goodies!

01: wine wipes // 02: ‘accio keys’ keychain // 03: party game // 04: greeting card set // 05: striped phone case // 06: musk scented candle // 07: phone charger // 08: coffee sampler // 09: hairbrush // 10: beanie // 11: USB outlet converter // 12: coffee clip & scoop // 13: la florentina soaps // 14: charades // 15: le labo fragrances // 16: leather scented candle // 17: matcha green tea soap // 18: hidden agenda journal // 19: tiny terrarium // 20: merry christmas candle tin // 21: orange blossom soap // 22: mini candle // 23: gloves // 24: keychain tassel // 25: bluetooth shower speaker

I’m not going to lie… I bought a handful of items from the above roundup. Some as gifts, and some to keep for myself. I don’t want to give any gifts away, but I got the journal (#18), coffee clip / scoop (#12), shower speaker (#25), USB converter (#11), and party game (#3) for myself.

I hope you guys have noticed I’ve been trying to do more giveaways this holiday season. I feel so grateful for you (even more so after the Domino news), and I hope it shows! I really love giving back and this is the perfect time of year to do so. Enter to win the stocking and all the goodies in it- everything in the image below…including the fun velvet stocking (shown in the intro).

Stocking Stuffer Ideas + A Giveaway - roomfortuesday.comgiveaway stocking stuffers: leather scented candle // striped phone case // orange blossom soap // merry christmas candle tin // la florentina soaps // matcha green tea soap // musk scented candle // greeting card set // art prints // tiny terrarium

E N T E R    T O    W I N

Giveaway is now closed- congrats to Allison!

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  2. Leave me a comment below with your favorite stocking stuffer gift (given or received).

If you need a stocking to fill, check out this DIY stocking post, or snag a beautiful (yet inexpensive) one from this roundup. If you’re looking for more gift ideas, check out:

Happy Monday, friends! Let’s make this week a good one.

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  1. My favorite stocking stuffer was pretty bobby pins. It was something I would never buy myself, but I always loved adding one for work or in a messy updo.

  2. My favorite stocking stuffer gift was on my first Christmas after turning 21. My mom hilariously stuffed my stocking with nips – those tiny bottles of alcohol!

    1. Congrats Allison! You’re the giveaway winner :) expect an email soon. xo

  3. I’m a big fan of seasonal socks (stockings in a stocking!?). About to leave you some New York recs on IG :)

    1. Ha! I love it! THANK YOU so so much. It’s been a few years since I’ve been (sadly). xox

  4. Fun socks! I never get them for myself.

  5. My mom gives us kids Smart Wool socks in our stockings every year. I’ll take all varieties – casual, dressy or just thick and warm! Love them!

    1. I used to give my dad Smart Wool socks every Christmas. It was the only thing he ever asked for! I’m a skier, and I also love wearing them. xox

  6. Lauren Martin says:

    I’m a huge sucker for a stocking filled with wool socks with pretty patterns! Who ever thought socks would be such an unwanted gift as a kid and so wanted as an adult? Haha

  7. Kari Schweitzer says:

    My husband leaves me a Glassybaby in my stocking ever year. One that represents something special or memorable that has happened in our lives the past year ❤️

  8. I always put in some new skin care products to try out! This year I’ve already filled my husbands stocking with handmade goat soap (Tabasco and musk scent – smells so good!), handmade foaming face scrub, some croakies for his sunglasses, a new rubber wedding ring (he always breaks his), socks, and hopefully I’ll find another item or two for him. I always think of stocking stuffers as where the place to put the necessities like tweezers, chapt stick, etc.

  9. Tobacco – not Tabasco 😂😂

  10. My husband buys a memorable Christmas ornament to put in my stocking each year! I love waking up Christmas morning and seeing what he’s picked out. 😊

  11. Kelsey Alexander says:

    I usually give a beanie, Christmas candy, beef jerky, and a few other things to my husband! This year I can’t wait to fill our baby girls stocking for the first time! I think we will get her some chew toys and bath toys! Also I would like a bath bomb and a wallet in my stocking. 😉
    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  12. Laurie Anne says:

    Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas morning!! We always open out stockings first and its just full of all the fun little things and it just makes me so so happy!

  13. Those little chocolate coins. Delicious!

  14. Books! I love giving and receiving books!

  15. My favorite stocking stuffer is the “fancy coffee” my mom gives us each year. I love coffee, but always cringe to buy myself the really expensive stuff. Mom always comes through!

  16. I always love getting journals. I always need a good journal to jot things down in! I got an umbrella as a stocking stuffer last year though which I really appreciated. Something everyone needs, and I never would have thought of it!

  17. Lindsey Reihe says:

    My favorite stocking stuffer is new chocolates to try, sweet and salty are always the “winners”

  18. Monica E. says:

    I love giving and receiving little things that feel too “splurgy” to buy for oneself—high quality makeup, perfume, candles, lotions, etc!

  19. My favorite to give and get is chocolate. I feel guilty splurging on sweets for myself! I love all the special options Trader Joes has for the holidays.

  20. Congratulations on the Domino Award! It’s well deserved, and I was delighted to participate in the voting process (on more than one occasion)!

    My siblings and I still congregate at our parents’ house for Christmas, and every year, my sister slips a pair of super thick knitted J.Crew socks into my stocking. I look forward to adding a new pair to my collection every year!

  21. wow everyone gets socks in their stockings! I was gonna say funny socks but I am feeling very unoriginal now…

  22. Tracy Kistler says:

    I choose a special ornament for my kids stockings every year. By the time they’re out on their own, they’ll have a collection for their 1st tree!

  23. I love receiving journals and puttin it in my kids stockings.

  24. My most favorite gift I’ve recieved in my stocking was my engagement ring! But I love the little treats that my mom puts in our stockings, usually fancy chocolate and other candy.

  25. You can never have enough candles!

  26. Ahh so hard to choose, but my favorite stocking stuffer is fun fluffy socks – can you go wrong with fun socks?

  27. Dee Johnson says:

    I always enjoy getting chocolate truffles in my stocking.

  28. Brittany Boothe says:

    I love digging into my stocking on Christmas morning! I love to getting fancy lip balm and lottery tickets!

  29. Michelle Simpson says:

    My favorite gift ever, my hubby put a sales receipt in my stocking! It was the receipt from where he paid for our new Great Dane puppy!!! A month later we picked the big guy up and he’s still my bestfriend🐶💝 Merry Christmas!🎄🎅🎁

  30. Oohhhh I love the candles!! Actually I just love all this 🖤 I don’t use Facebook but I follow you on Instagram ;)

  31. my fave was a peppermint essential oil roll-on. It’s fantastic to keep at my desk for when I get headaches or feel under the weather. I love sniffing it 🖤

  32. hand lotion, body lotion, face cream, eye cream – all the lotions and creams! gotta fight the dry winter skin.

  33. My favorite stocking stuffer is either lipgloss or handmade soap.

  34. melanie huttner says:

    My favorite to get is chocolate, I have to eat it if it’s a gift ;)

  35. I always liked to stuff scratch off lottery tickets in my parents stockings and loved when they did the same.

    1. My parents always did that for my brother and I!

  36. Danae | Made2Make says:

    My favorite stocking stuffer I ever received was a card wallet – so perfect when you just need to run a few quick errands without having to lug around a purse. It’s even better now that I’ve had my daughter and all I have to do is swap the card wallet back and forth between the diaper bag and the purse I use for work!

  37. I like receiving lip gloss or lipstick.

  38. I love getting candles and lotto tickets :)

  39. My husband is hilarious and takes note of all the random things I lose throughout the year (like my iPhone charger or my favorite lip stain that is eternally sucked in to the black hole that is my purse) and he makes sure to always fill my stocking with their replacements. Super helpful and cracks me up every time!

    1. I LOVE that. Such a hilarious idea (and a smart husband).

  40. dianne hall says:

    Chocolate.. that is the key to my heart. Sea salt caramels are my fav!

  41. I love getting candles and socks in my stocking!

  42. Soap, chocolate, and jewelry are my top favs ❤ The smallest gifts sometimes mean the most 😉😊🎄🎄🎄

  43. manda shank says:

    Coffee and chocolate

  44. I love beauty products or chocolates!

  45. I love getting lip products like fun glosses :)

  46. Weirdly enough, it’s chapstick!

  47. My parents would always put an orange in my stocking; I love(d) the bright, fresh scent!

  48. Scratch off lottery tickets because it was always a fun game! Thanks for the giveaway.

  49. Kelli Wilson says:

    fav stocking stuffer I ever got was band of horses concert tickets. a good band, inexpensive, small venue. just super unpredictable gift for a stocking

    1. I LOVE band of horses… I’ve seen them a few times live. They’re one of my all-time favorites.

  50. Liza Padgett says:

    I’m a sucker for gift cards and VS undies!

  51. Walker shortbread cookies!

  52. looking for little tech-related gifts for my boys’ stockings this year!

  53. It’s really simple but every year (even now as a 30-year-old) my mom puts an orange in each of our stockings. It’s an old family tradition!

  54. Ooo… I would love to win this stocking! The best stocking stuffer I have given was Tile. My mister always knows where his wallet and keys are now. Haha!

  55. Jessica Orlando says:

    I love scratch off tickets or candles!

  56. Kari Walder says:

    What a fun giveaway! Liked on Facebook and subscribed to your blog :)

    My favorite stocking stuffer to give is candles. One can never have too many! My favorite stocking stuffer to receive is socks. I love good socks but hate buying them for myself!

  57. Catherine Carroll says:

    Every year I fill stockings for my 11 and 12 yr old pups. Nothing like seeing the pure joy in their faces as you pull new bones and treats out of a sock Christmas morning haha!

  58. Beauty samples make great stocking stuffers! Buying sample sets and dividing them up between friends/moms/sisters makes it affordable too!

  59. Alison Johnson says:

    Sadly, I haven’t gotten a stocking since I lived at home, but this year I’ve been really longing for some good scented candles! I have some that are running low, but it’s not something I’ll buy for myself. I think it’d make a good tradition! Or pretty mugs!

  60. Kati Nickl says:

    The first Christmas my husband and I had together he filled my stocking with sour patch kids. I was a little confused but went along with it. A few hours later I asked him why all of the sour patch kids? He said “Aren’t they your favorite candy?” I replied “Do you know me at all?” Ha ha. Every year since he always sneaks in a pack of sour patch kids for kicks. Definitely a fun memory! :)

  61. Usually don’t do stocking stuffers but your ideas has helped. Mini candles or healing crystals might be a great option this year.

  62. I love seasonal gifts and received a really cute aromatherapy mini set!

  63. I love to stuff stockings for my friends with lip balm. Smith’s Minted Rose Salve is my favorite.

    1. I love rose salve!! I gift a lot of those too