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Seasonal and holiday decor found on Amazon - roomfortuesday.comAlright, I know it’s early and I was just preaching about not rushing Christmas, but some of you are itching for holiday content… and you know me- I’m a pushover when it comes to Christmas. Ha! I thought I’d shake up this month’s ‘Amazon Finds‘ post and share the BEST of the best seasonal decor you can find on our favorite fast/free shipping site. Click through for deals! I have yet to start decorating for the holidays, but I do like to be prepared for when the time comes. I prefer to buy decor in advance or dig existing items out of storage with ample time… even if I’m not quite ready to put it up yet. Most of the items in the post are more ‘seasonal’ than Christmas anyway, so you can leave it styled for a longer time period. We’ll start with stockings because I found insane deals on so many good options. Most of these are under $10 – $15!!

01: black and white stocking // 02: gray knit stocking // 03: cabin christmas stocking // 04: white stocking // 05: red holiday stocking // 06: faux fur stocking // 07: reindeer stocking // 08: cable knit stocking // 09: green plaid stocking // 10: seude stocking // 11: buffalo check stocking // 12: quilted stocking

My favorite stockings from the bunch? I’m into #1, #3, #5, #9, and #12. I didn’t do a great job narrowing those down, did I? Ha! It’s a tough choice.

If these aren’t up your alley, I’m sharing a stocking DIY next week… so stay tuned for that! Part of me likes holiday DIY projects because they make that time of year even more special.

Seasonal and holiday decor found on Amazon - roomfortuesday.comI’m pretty traditional and partial to fresh or preserved wreaths- usually of the plain greenery variety, but I also decided to include some faux versions in the roundup as well. Preserved wreaths are probably the best of both worlds… they last forever and still look convincing because they’re real plants.

01: magnolia wreath // 02: live boxwood wreath // 03: gold feather wreath // 04: preserved boxwood wreath // 05: grapevine pine wreath // 06: boxwood wreath // 07: bay leaf wreath // 08: red berry wreath // 09: white willow wreath // 10: white berry wreath // 11: cedar wreath // 12: laurel wreath When it comes to wreaths, I like them indoors and out during the holiday season. On the exterior, I prefer plain and simple greenery, while indoors- you can have a little more fun with color, texture, and material. Seasonal and holiday decor found on Amazon -

When it comes to doormats, I’m a pretty classic kind of gal. I like your typical, durable coconut fiber mat that is neutral in color. Even better if it has a monogram or outlined detail! Check out this monogram doormat DIY I did last fall. The other nice thing about a plain doormat? You can use it pretty much year round. I never get anything too seasonal so that it withstands the test of time. You can also layer them on top of plaid or buffalo check outdoor rugs.

I’m not going to lie… there are a lot of bad things on Amazon in general, let alone in the holiday section- I feel like sometimes you have to dig to find it, but it’s always worth it! Is there anything I missed and should add to the list? Are you guys still liking the Amazon posts?

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  1. really love these amazon posts! i love all the stockings you found.

    1. So glad to hear that, Beth! I couldn’t I believe I found so many good options for so little $

  2. I’m enjoying the amazon posts! And I love a good wreath, those ones are great!

    1. So happy to hear that! I ordered a couple of the boxwoods from the roundup.

  3. Jennifer Chase says:

    I am also loving the Amazon finds. I don’t really consider that my go to place for decor. But you have found some gems!

    1. I’m quickly learning Amazon might be the best hidden secret for home decor!

  4. Hi Sarah! I love the Amazon posts! I really thought that the first post–an entire styled bathroom design–was especially successful because I could see how certain items worked together, which is sometimes easier to shop than a roundup (just my personal opinion–I actually ordered a bunch of the featured items for my own bathroom). I would absolutely love more of those!

    You really have the most incredible eye. I look forward to your blog posts daily!

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback, Jacqui! I’ll definitely do more of the ‘room’ Amazon posts. How were the items you ordered for your bath? Thank you so much for following / reading. It means so much to me!! xo

      1. They’re amazing, actually. The Turkish towels are absolutely divine. I also ordered the sconces, but they got lost en route! When I tried to reorder them again, they only had one left–not the pair that I needed. Boo. But I highly recommend those bath towels and hand towels. Such a great find!

        1. Yay!! So excited to hear that.

  5. Leah Prevost says:

    Yup I like them! Because your amazing brain does the digging for us! Happy Holidays xoxo

    1. Happy Holidays to you, Leah!! xox