Spring Favorites from H&M Home

Spring Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comI recently ordered a box of home items from H&M and wanted to share some of my favorite picks for spring with you. I’m constantly impressed with their quality and affordable price points. If you’re looking for classic and budget-friendly home items, don’t let H&M Home slip off your radar. When it comes to budget brands, my best tip is to stick to natural materials (cotton, linen, marble wood, woven materials, etc) and I always double check the size & scale prior to ordering. This combination usually feels like a safe bet and is a great way to narrow down timeless items that will actually last. I’ve had my H&M laundry hamper bag (pictured above) for almost 6 years! Click through for my favorites, a fun roundup that has me looking forward to spring, and to see a few of the new decor items styled throughout my house… 

Laundry Hamper

Spring Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comAs I mentioned in the intro, I love my laundry bag (it comes in multiple colors)… so much so that I bought one for Emmett’s closet as well. These are easy to use, carry, transport, and clean. Since our laundry room is on the main level, I’m always carrying our bags up and down the stairs- the handles make it more convenient than lugging our baskets around. These are also great for smaller closets or tight spaces because they can be smooshed to fit.

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Linen Duvet Set

Spring Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comWhenever someone asks me for a linen bedding recommendation, this is the set I always send! We had this duvet on our bed for many years and it gets softer with every wash. For 100% linen bedding, the price can’t be beat. I prefer the classic white, gray, and sage sets, but in comes in a variety of colors. Linen is perfect for the spring & summer seasons ahead!

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Clamshell Woven Basket

Spring Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comThis woven sculptural basket was my favorite find of the things I ordered. It’s handmade, has such a beautiful shape, and is just really unique. Similar options sell for so much more. I love the warmth & texture it brings to my office.

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Lidded Marble Dish

Spring Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comI purchased a couple of these marble containers for the bathroom a few years ago and I’m happy to see H&M is still making them. They’re a nice size for the price. Style them on the vanity, a bedside table, the coffee table, or even in the kitchen.

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Tall Glass Vase

Spring Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comThis tall scalloped vase was another exciting find. I liked the pressed glass look, the scalloped edge, and the handblown look of this one. I’m looking forward to keeping it filled with florals & greenery this spring!

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Neutral Pillow Cover Set

Spring Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comThis set includes three pillows and they are made of a natural blend (cotton & jute). They come in classic subtle patterns and when filled with a high-end down insert, they could definitely give a designer look. These pillows appear to cost far more than the $30 price tag for 3! They’d be ideal for layering this spring.

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Mini Greenhouse

Spring Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comPerhaps it’s because I have plants and gardening on my mind- I’m trying to will spring into existence over here, but I find this mini greenhouse so charming & fun! If you’re looking to plant some windowsill herbs this season, grab one of these for your kitchen, laundry room, or a bright corner in your home.

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Lidded Baskets

Spring Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comThese nightstands have moved with us three times now and they’re currently living in our unfinished upstairs guest room. They’ve always had an odd negative space at the bottom that I struggled to style or fill, but I finally found baskets that fit the negative space perfectly! I like that they have a lid to keep the storage hidden and neat.

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Cotton Terry Bath Towels

Spring Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comSearching for budget bath towels? These 100% cotton terry towels come in a handful of colors (per usual, I like the white & beige) and they’re only $13 per towel. I’ve ordered these in the past and I really like them.

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Tea Towels

Spring Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comSimilarly, I also like their 100% cotton kitchen towels. These are so great for inexpensive gifts. I hosted a pasta making afternoon with my girlfriends (I’m sharing that in a blog post on Wednesday!) and I included one of these towels tied up with the recipe for everyone to take home. The colors are constantly changing and the neutrals go quick, just FYI.

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Shop my finds by clicking directly on each item below… they’re all clickable! 

I wanted to pull together a quick roundup with some other items I’ve had my eye on as well. I try to check their new arrivals seasonally. You can always follow along on LTK for my home finds in real time. It has been fun to curate for you over there! I enjoy it.

Round Lidded Basket

Spring Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comOne last pick for the post… this round lidded basket with the darling loop handle. I could definitely see this styled anywhere- the kitchen, bath, home office, on the coffee table, etc. It’s a versatile one that is a nice size.

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Who else is ready for spring? Our temperatures are slowly growing warmer over here and I’m itching to begin planting, swapping our textiles, and making seasonal changes. We’ve still got snow on the ground, but I’m feeling hopeful for sunny warm days ahead!

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  1. Good morning! Happy spring! (it’s official in just a few hours🎉) Our temperatures have been bouncing around the 40s and 50s lately. Not quite shorts weather, but I’ll take it! Looking at all the pretty textiles and textures helps too. That linen bedding, though it wouldn’t last long in my house, looks positively dreamy, and I’m torn between the scalloped basket and the adorable round lidded one. So light and lovely! I’m always pleasantly surprised at the classic-but-interesting selection of home goods from H&M. Your tips for sticking to natural materials and double-checking size are crucial; I also appreciate customer reviews. (I wish all sites had them!) In addition to the sweet linen and woven vessels, I’m drawn to the simple marble and striking black sculptural pieces. That pedestal bowl! If my kitchen towel collection wasn’t overflowing, I’d definitely snag a few sets of those cuties. Your gifting idea is perfect, and I’m excited you’re going to post about your pasta party! I *almost* requested some peeks but was trying not to be too nosy. Ha! I’m itching to host a spring gathering, but I’ll have to live vicariously until I finish my bedroom project. Thanks for spring vibes on this slightly rainy Monday! Cheers to a fresh week and a new season, Sarah!

    1. Happy Spring!! Though it definitely still feels wintery here this week. Boo! You’re totally right about their sculptural pieces- they have some very cool shapes in the home decor mix… and I’m constantly shocked at how inexpensive their marble pieces go for. The pasta party is coming to the blog tmrw- we really had the best time. None of my friends had ever made homemade pasta before, so it was a hit. I live for spring gatherings!! How is your bedroom project coming along? My basement bedroom is still stalled- we’re anxiously awaiting the artwork, but the drapery panels came in this week and they look pretty good. I haven’t had time to properly install them yet though… that may have to wait until after our trip. TBD! Hope you had a good day, Peggi! xo

  2. This is my reminder to permanently bookmark H&M Home! I’m always very pleased with the quality and affordability of what they have to offer. Your Spring finds are definitely no exception. I love the idea of a laundry bag- those of us with stairs know the very real laundry struggle, and my hips baskets are currently being held together with tape and a prayer, thanks to some lovely pretend play by the littles. Ha! The scalloped basket is another favorite- it looks far more expensive than it is, and seems to be a substantial size, which I appreciate. Their vessels and vases are always favorites of mine because of the unique sculptural forms- I’m loving the pressed glass vase. I’m very excited to read all about your pasta party- and such a lovely gift to give, considering everyone can use towels! We salvaged our trip, although we didn’t necessarily spare ourselves in the weather department. We’re in Utah again- we figured the kids would tolerate the cold, snow and rain a bit better if they could see Auntie, Uncle and cousins. Luckily there is so much to do here we won’t be in short supply of activities- this trip we’re hitting the Curiosities Museum, Soldier Hollow for some snow tubing, Fat Cats for a fun arcade day, and a host of other things. Despite all the cool kid friendly activities would you believe their favorite is the indoor pool at the hotel?! Ha! Kids are funny. I hope you’re all having a great week!

    1. Thanks Lauren!! Have so much fun here in Utah. We’re about to head to Arizona. Sorry I missed you this time around! Isn’t the Curiosities Museum at Thanksgiving point cool?! We love taking our nieces and nephews there. It’s so fun. I hope they get lots of swimming and pool time, too! I’m glad you all are having an amazing time and were able to salvage your trip- yay! I’m sharing the pasta party on the blog tmrw, so check back for that if you have time :) xox