Facebook Marketplace Finds : Phoenix, AZ

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Phoenix, AZ - roomfortuesday.comAfter sharing the guest room reveal that featured some pretty fun vintage goods (my floor lamps, the mohair bench, and my bird artwork), I got a lot of messages asking how and where I find cool vintage decor. The topic of thrifting and buying secondhand also came up in my 2021 trends post, and it has been quite awhile since I’ve shared Facebook Marketplace Finds, sooo- I figured this would be an appropriate and fun post that might help to get your wheels turning. This month’s city? Phoenix! I’m searching the dessert for furniture, decor, and beautiful home finds. Click through to see what I turned up… it did not disappoint. 

*Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Vintage Woven Barstools

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Phoenix, AZ - roomfortuesday.comThese are really cute and look to have been refinished. You can grab the pair for $130, and I wouldn’t even negotiate because the money goes toward a great cause- all proceeds benefit transitional veterans, the homeless, or the local Native American community (according to the listing). It seems like this seller owns a shop that works with a vocational program to raise proceeds. I’d actually be interested to learn more about it, if there are any locals who know of this! Regardless- cool bar stools.

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Antique Chair

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Phoenix, AZ - roomfortuesday.comYou can’t go wrong with a classic, leather antique chair. This goes with anything and everything. I could definitely see a lumbar styled on the back with a fun designer print fabric. This chair seems to be in wonderful condition and was just listed yesterday for $100. I *think* there may be some other gems in this storage unit (based on the background photos). It might be one of those where you show up and get to dig for more surprises?! Those are the best.

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Facebook Marketplace Finds : Phoenix, AZ - roomfortuesday.comFor $50 this beautiful chandelier could be yours! It’s really a timeless looking light fixture and I love the black shades. If I were closer, I’d snag this for our dining room.

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Small Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Phoenix, AZ - roomfortuesday.comThis little table was listed last night and I’m imagining it won’t stick around long, priced at $20! I love the leg style and it seems like it’s in great shape. The top could use some work, but for that price- it’s well worth it. I could see this being used as an entry table, small dining table, or even a game table. So many uses!

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Rolled Arm Settee

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Phoenix, AZ - roomfortuesday.comGiven this sofa is upholstered in durable, custom Krypton fabric… I’m assuming the sofa frame is designer. If I had to bet- I’d guess it’s Hickory Chair brand, which is heirloom quality. It seems to have been reupholstered quite recently. For $200 this is an excellent find! I love the rolled arm style and arched back. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture. It was just listed, so I wouldn’t negotiate.

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Bar Cabinet

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Phoenix, AZ - roomfortuesday.comWhat a beautiful little bar cabinet! That hardware is incredible, the finish is in perfect condition, and it locks (making it ideal for homes with kids or teens). I definitely wouldn’t mind storing our liquor in there. It’s listed at $100 and was just marked down from $200. You may have some negotiating power, but I think it’s a fair price.

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Pair of Marble Obelisks

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Phoenix, AZ - roomfortuesday.comI’m not quite sure how big these are (it’s my pet peeve when FBMP sellers don’t list the size), but they look to be pretty large. These would make amazing styling objects! I was actually tempted to see if the seller would ship them to me, or ask my favorite Phoenix native, Laurie Anne, to buy them for me and bring them next time she drives to Salt Lake for a visit. They’re really awesome.

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Inlay Sideboard

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Phoenix, AZ - roomfortuesday.comI’m not 100% convinced this sideboard is vintage, but it sure is beautiful! It’s listed at $350 which seems a bit high since it has been on the market for over three weeks. I’d negotiate and see if they would accept $275 or $300. I love the inlay detail, hardware, and finish. It’s really a stunning find. Speaking of- there seems to be other awesome pieces in the background… I read deeper into the listing and it’s located at East Valley Antiques. Phoenix friends- you should check it out and remember this one. It looks like they have TONS of awesome treasures if you’re furniture shopping.

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Animal Print Ottoman

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Phoenix, AZ - roomfortuesday.comI’m sure at this point, you know me well enough to know I LOVE a good animal print ottoman. Haha! I had to include this little cutie. It would be perfect as a vanity stool, paired with your favorite chair, nestled under a console table, or styled near a fireplace. It’s only $30. Someone snag it!

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Vintage Chair

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Phoenix, AZ - roomfortuesday.comLast, but not least- a project chair. The shape of this chair is really phenomenal. Trust me when I said it could be GOOD. It’s a gorgeous piece of furniture. I especially love the brass finials, the woven back, and the wood finish. I’d reupholster the seat and bust out my furniture polish. This diamond in the rough will shine up nicely! It’s been on the market forever and is listed at $40… I bet you could get it for $20 or $30. Who needs a fun project?

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Well, that was fun! I was in need of some happy scrolling and this did the trick. Check back tomorrow for a bonus Friday blog post! I filled my blog calendar to the brim with all of your incredible post ideas, so I’ve been feeling extra inspired lately (even if it means late nights writing). Ha! I can’t wait to share my office design plan with you. I’m working through the last details this week, then it’s go time. Woohoo!

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  1. Great finds! That navy leather chair would really improve my office situation; I think I’d sacrifice casters for some style. (Giant “cherrywood” corporate style desk…🤢) The bamboo detail on that little table definitely makes it a worthy grab! Ooh, I would snap up that animal print bench in a second! Since I once lived in the Phoenix area, I occasionally drool over their listings, but I have been wildly unsuccessful at converting any of my AZ friends to thrifting or FBMP! I’m a failure. I need to spend more time there. But I’ll definitely be back here for a bonus Friday post! And I’m practically jumping with excitement to see your office design!!! Will there be color? Will there be wallpaper? Tune in to find out! (Ha. Sorry, I weirdly channeled the narrator from the old Batman series for a minute there.🤷‍♀️) Happy Thursday!💜

    1. Thanks, Peggi! That chairs was one of my favorites from today’s post, too. It would make an awesome office seat! I stumbled across another Breuer style, cane back Cesca desk chair (with casters) during my Phoenix search and almost included it in this roundup. It was from a recording studio’s storage unit and hadn’t been touched since the 70’s. It was pretty cool, but needed reupholstered. Anyway, I’m intrigued by your big cherrywood desk! I hope it at least has nice lines. Haha! I’m sure you’ve made your work space look better, despite the furniture not being your taste. Styling goes a long way! At my first design job, I was in an “open concept” cubicle, with three other people in my work area, and it was all gray. Everything- the desks, the walls, the carpet, etc. Blah. I’ve never pinned up so many images and inspiration on the walls from photo shoots and design plans in my life, just to add SOMETHING. I’m sure the non creative people in my cubicle thought my desk area was cluttered, but it made me happy. I realized the silliest things made me smile- like my fun, vintage pencil holder. I’m laughing at your narrator voice, because I read it like that! haha!! I probably should’ve specified I put my office *inspiration* into a post, but I’m still sorting through the entire design plan. Regardless, looking forward to sharing it all :) xo

      1. Ha. My desk is in no way intriguing. It’s a giant L-shaped monstrosity with file drawers at each end…in a room with taupe walls, gray carpet, a copy machine, another desk and plenty of clutter. A non-profit preschool doesn’t prioritize sumptuous offices! I’ll live vicariously through your beautiful office!

  2. How you always find such amazing pieces on Marketplace astounds me! I think if I lived anywhere other than Southern California I’d have the best luck at scoring pieces like this. I love the cane back bar stools, but I’m sad that someone painted them white! I think these would have been prettier done black or a darker natural wood shade…or even cleaned and left as they were. The leather chair is 🤤. So so beautiful! I envision that under a window in some amazing study with a beautiful lush backdrop coming through the window. That bar cabinet and sideboard 😱😱😱I mean what more needs to be said?! Lauri Anne where are you to grab those obelisks?? I feel like those were made for your house Sarah! Last but not least, and my personal favorite from this roundup, is the vintage chair! I love everything about it! I actually have a chair that looks almost exactly like this. It was my grandmother’s and goes with her sewing table that was custom made in Honolulu in 1943. I have the sewing table as well and they’re both gorgeous pieces that need a little facelift/rejuvenation. Question regarding pieces like this that need reupholstering: considering the piped edge, would you have it professionally done, or would you tackle it yourself? Ahhh…I see a rabbit hole in the distance…FBMP may not be as fruitful in my neck of the woods, but I still love the hunt. Ha! Happy Thursday party people!! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post, and future office plans!!! Just the idea has me giddy!

    1. I’m with Lauren, really wish those barstools hadn’t been painted, especially with the fabric they chose. That would look much better with some contrast like a dark walnut or even a light maple.

      1. Yeah! They would’ve been beautiful with a medium to dark stain. The white would be great for a coastal kitchen or bar though! I’m over here dreaming of a vacation or beach cottage, clearly. Haha! What a week.

    2. Really?! I feel like my FBMP algorithm is FINALLY honed in…. where I can switch the city and still see things I’d actually buy. Should I search SoCal next and see what I can dig up for you?! Haha! But really- what’s your nearest big city? That leather chair was one of my favorites from this post. I already texted Laurie Anne about the obelisks this morning, haha! So cool that you have a chair with the woven back that was your grandmothers- that is super special. It’s a beautiful piece! Custom made in Honolulu?! I bet it’s incredible. Great upholstery question. If you’re not comfortable piping the edge, I’d definitely have it professionally upholstered. I can sew pretty well, but piping isn’t something I have mastered. It’s tough! That’s the main reason I had our dining room chairs professionally reupholster. That, and because we were using leather, which is a difficult material to work with. Happy Thursday!! :)

      1. Oh my goodness yes please !! Lol. The nearest big city would probably be Riverside. I shutter at the thought of all the terribly refurbished (farmhouse style 🙄) pieces you’ll have to sift through to find something. Haha! Up for a challenge??😆 Oh I hope she’s able to snag them for you! Yes, the entire set was custom made because she wanted a sewing machine she could transport, but also use at a stationary table. So it’s a pretty nifty little machine, and pretty cool to see how it all comes apart! It’s so adorable, but needs a ton of love. I need to seek out a good place to have the chair redone then-I’d love to use some kind of leather, I think it would just be stunning! Thanks for saving me on that one! Lol.

  3. Office plans…cannot wait! You have me wanting to scour fb for brass reading lamps (my hubby will love it). I want to snag that leopard bench up! Also the leather antique chair. For the next month, I will be selling items on FB marketplace if we cannot sell off of our neighborhood site. I prefer to purchase…ha, but also ready to let go of some pieces we don’t want to move. Interesting to experience the selling side. Will let you know how that goes.
    Happy Thursday!

    1. I can’t wait to share! Phoenix was full of beautiful surprises. I wasn’t sure what to expect- but was pleasantly surprised! Happy selling, Danna :) I’ve found Facebook Marketplace, KSL, and Craigslist to be great resources for passing along our unwanted furniture, decor, and fixtures. It’s always nice to start fresh, purge, and use the money you made to buy something really special for your new home. When moving across the country, we pretty much sold all of our furniture (to make the move easier) and it was nice to have the money we made from it to make purchases for our first home here in Utah. Keep us posted on your move! I can’t wait to hear more. xo

  4. Fantastic finds, Sarah! Once again you have me wishing I lived (or knew someone well enough who lived) in one of your featured FBMP cities. Love the barstools, though I agree w/ Lauren and wish they hadn’t been painted (I’m not one against painting wood either!), the animal print ottoman (drool), the beautiful and classic rolled arm sofa and the bar cabinet (pretty much put “bar” in front of any piece of furniture and I’m in. 🤪
    I’m like you, too in that I’m usually scouring the background of the photos and I always have. So. Many. Questions. From a photography perspective, of course…Is it really so hard to photograph against a somewhat neutral background, why is the item out of focus and please for the love of….crop! I don’t need to see the whole room! As well as, “just why?” Why are someone’s flip flops tossed off the side, especially when it looks like the floor is dusty as hell? What happened to her?!? Why are there random dried leaves when it looks like the photo was taken inside??
    Ha, actually those probably aren’t the same questions you have though, huh? Maybe that’s why I can’t find great finds like these. 🤣
    Anyway, can’t imagine why I’m feeling feisty today or why you were interested in some happy scrolling. 😜
    SUPER excited for tomorrow’s post and getting to see your new office plan! Happy almost pizza Friday, Sarah! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Anne! These posts are always fun for me. I enjoy seeing what other cities have to offer :) I’m with you on the bar! I had to laugh at your IG image because we’re also on the healthier “drinks on weekends only” kick. Haha! That bar cabinet is charming though. The background of FBMP images is sort of like people watching- you just never know. I thought the same thing about the ottoman with the leaves. So confusing! The funniest one I stumbled across during this search was a chair for sale… with a lady sitting in it SMOKING. I can’t imagine that would be super enticing for anyone. Lol! I really do appreciate the neutral backgrounds and sellers listing the size and specs of whatever it is they’re selling. You’d think that would be a common practice by now! Anyway, happy *almost* Friday! I’m really looking forward to that glass of wine and pizza :) Whew! xox

  5. Kristin Richardson says:

    I’m with many of the others here….what is your algorithm anyway?? I find great objects, sometimes, through a local online auction site, but am often outbid. You should see the folks writing in notebooks during previews! My guess is I lose to antique dealers since I try to go for quality pieces. There’s also quite a few repurposed furniture stores in my area, so I think people doing that sort of work snag a lot was well. I’ve tried to scroll on FBMP for items but don’t seem to have the knack you have. Are there certain search terms I should be using?

    Good luck with keeping to your weekend drinks only! I’ve tried that in the past too, but 2021 isn’t shaping up so great thus far so not sure if would be doable for me right now ☺️. But I’m with you on Friday night pizza.

    1. Antique dealers are definitely competition when it comes to buying vintage and antique pieces, Kristin! I think frequent, intentional searching on FBMP is the best way to hone in your algorithm. Search for the same keywords over and over (vintage chair, furniture brand name, material, etc), and keep check back each day. Instead of scrolling social media or playing a game on my phone, I usually devote that time to scrolling FBMP. Be sure to like pieces that catch your attention (even if you’re not planning to buy) because the algorithm will learn what type of items you like. Hope that’s helpful! It’s really just patience, luck, and time. I’m with you on the weekend drinks plan… that didn’t work out so well for me last week! hahah :) xo