Sarah’s Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

While I’d absolutely love to have a master suite, my house is tiny and it’s just not in the cards. Since I don’t have an abundance of square footage, I wanted to make the most of the master bedroom. It may lack on-suite bath, but that doesn’t mean it has to lack personality. You might remember my master bedroom planning post… while similar, my ideas evolved after finding a few key vintage pieces.

Aside from the custom bed (which I’ll get to next), I scored a pair of vintage nightstands on Craigslist; they started in this condition:

nightstand before

Kalyn repaired them, along with sanding, priming, and painting (thank goodness for his handy skills). I decided to have a brass piece wrapped around the base and I love the final result! They’re really functional and provide a good amount of open and closed storage.

Master Bedroom

Floor planning in this space was super tricky because we decided having a king-size bed was a must. After years of sleeping alongside Kalyn in a crappy, queen bed he purchased in college (on the side of the road), we finally upgraded… but I’ll save the mattress shopping for another post. I custom designed the bed (headboard + rails) and selected a gorgeous cognac leather for upholstery. It’s definitely my favorite piece in the room… a splurge, but worth it.

Long story short, the new king bed would only fit into one spot: right in front of the large window. It’s not ideal, but I decided to embrace it. I painted an accent wall to frame the windows and added window treatments. I love natural light during the day, but at night I prefer zero light filtering through my drapery. I’m the kind of sleeper who likes it pitch black, so we needed a heavy fabric.

At this point in my life, I don’t the budget for custom window treatments, so I improvised with readymades. I deconstructed them and altered them as needed. It’s kind of nice having the option for sheers during the day, and the blackouts at night. It’s really the best of both worlds, plus I’m loving the layered look.

Master Bedroom

Can you tell the above image is Kalyn’s side of the room? The “G” marquee letter was a wedding gift; it came from a theater in Chicago in the 30’s.

We’re saving for an area rug, but for now- I love the cozy aesthetic a sheepskin rug adds at the foot of the bed. There isn’t enough space between the dresser and bed for a bench or ottoman, so it makes perfect sense. Even once I pull the trigger on an area rug, I’ll layer the sheepskin on top because it feels so nice under my feet.

Master Bedroom

Above, you can see why the bed only fits into one position. We have two doors on one tiny wall… Kalyn’s closet is on the left, and the bedroom entrance is on the right. I wanted a large scale piece of artwork to fill the negative space above the dresser, so I improvised with a little DIY session. The mid century candle sticks were another fun vintage find!

Master Bedroom

I kept the light fixture modern and white, but added a traditional element: a ceiling medallion. It matches the trim in our home, while adding interest to a pretty simple pendant.

Master Bedroom

Here’s details on everything in the room:

Master Bedroom

Sources: ceiling medallion // pendant // paint color- Benjamin Moore Black Panther // bed: Vintage Scout Interiors (email for details) // similar nightstand // DIY nightstand… just add a brass base and brass hardware! // black and brass box // sphere object // glass box // plaid throw // table lamps // dresser (no longer available in black) // lavender linen spray (my favorite!) // bud vase // white bedding // sheepskin rug

Despite being small and tight on space, I love our master bedroom. It’s nice having a place to relax and unwind after a long day.

Photography: Sarah Gibson for Room for Tuesday and Dana Miller for House*Tweaking

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  1. Absolutely beautiful room!

  2. Whitney Shortt says:

    Love the color scheme! Did you build the bed yourself? It’s so beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Whitney!! I designed the bed and purchased it through a vendor we carry at the design firm I work with. So technically, I didn’t actually build it or do the hard labor myself. Ha! xo

  3. Donnatella says:

    Omg! How did you get the brass base in the night stands? I really would love to add one to my sofa!

    1. I contacted a custom cabinetry shop and purchased the laminate brass material, then my husband wrapped the bases for me. I wish I had better instructions, but I kind of just told him my vision and he made it happen! I think there was some sort of adhesive involved.

  4. I love this room! I’m searching for a bed similar to yours (preferably wingback and queen size, but in the same cognac color)… on a budget :). Can be faux leather. Any idea where I can find something? Do you have the specs for the bed pictured in your mood board? (It looks different from the one in the actual room).

    1. Thank you, Sara! I custom designed the bed. The one in the mood board is one I rendered in photoshop (it doesn’t actually exist) while the bed was being produced. Unfortunately, I had such a difficult time finding a cognac colored leather bed, that’s exactly why I had it custom made. You might try a budget DIY and upholster a headboard yourself? xo

      1. Thanks for the quick reply! You’re right, this color is very difficult to find. Custom or DIY might be my only options. Thanks again! And keep sharing your work! So beautiful:)

  5. I am in LOVE with the nightstand. Is there any mark of manufacturer any where on it? Maybe on the back, in the drawer, etc. I saw this a month ago and every time I look for a nightstand I can’t seem to move past this one!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you, Leo! Sadly they don’t have any marks. I refinished them years ago and had the base wrapped with brass. Such a fun vintage find! Wish I could be more helpful.