Home Tour : Southern Living Show House

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.comI’m going to date myself, but my start in blogging (well over over a decade ago) began with writing & curating for one of my friends in Seattle, Cassandra LaValle. Does anyone remember coco+kelley when it was around? I loved Cassandra’s blog and was thrilled to be a small part of it. Her business has since shifted (she now has a wonderful shop), but I’m still very much inspired by her and our blogging days together. I was working my regular full-time design job, but that little side gig helping her was the most fun! All of this to say- she and I used to run a Home Tour series on her blog and I fell into my archives last week, rediscovering a few of those posts. Since I’m constantly bookmarking portfolios, homes, and gorgeous spaces from talented designers, I thought it would be fun to periodically share a home tour (like the good old days). I wanted to resurrect this series, sharing inspiration and highlighting some seriously talented industry professionals with you. I intend to keep this series quick, highly visual (for a fun & fast scroll), while pointing out a few notable moments that stand out to me. Click through for a stunning Southern Living Show House tour, perfect for spring. It was photographed by Aimée Mazzenga and I know you’re going to love it…

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.comThe entryway in this home actually provided a lot of inspiration for our own entry renovation- which is still ongoing, BTW. We’re working on similar paneling and millwork. I love the high contrast palette of classic black, white, and wood tones.

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.comThe butler’s pantry or overflow kitchen is another highlight for me… I think I like it even better than the main kitchen! From the wall of cabinets, butcher block counters, and the painted beadboard backsplash, it goes to show that sometimes simple design and really good styling is the key to a gorgeous room. None of the materials are overly expensive.

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.comWhat a fun gallery wall idea! I’m liking the lucite framing with the colored background mats. It’s a great way to add a modern & sculptural touch to an otherwise traditional kitchen.

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.comThe living space also feels classic, well curated, and functional to me. You know I love the woven ruffled storage ottoman and the curved floor lamp, reminiscent of pieces in my own living room.

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.comThere are plenty of bedrooms, baths, and corner vignettes to admire in this house. It’s a very textural home with a timeless aesthetic. I do appreciate how layered and functional the styling looks… very well done!

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.comThe woven wrap around the soaking tub definitely stopped me mid scroll. I hadn’t seen that before, but I’m a fan! What a gorgeous application… especially for a home that has a nautical feel- like a beach cottage or lake house.

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.comThe kids’ room is another sweet touch. From the playful reading nook to the bench seat and tiny woven chairs, this room embraces a bit more color and pattern.

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Southern Living Show House - roomfortuesday.comI hope you enjoyed this quick tour! I’m already looking forward to compiling more of these. Emmett & I are settling back in at home after a long weekend away camping- we had the best time celebrating his birthday with my family. I’m working on a Noteworthy post for next week, so we can catch up- but I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead! We’ll be working on house projects this weekend and I’m hoping to wrap up our basement bedroom. Fingers crossed I can share that with you in the next week or two. It’s looking good. Happy Friday!!

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  1. Sheila Widergren says:

    We are breaking ground on a new home and the interior white and bright settled some interior questions for me- can’t go wrong – classic and looks current almost 10 years later . Gorgeous

    1. Congratulations, Sheila! I also love a classic and timeless aesthetic. This house definitely checks that box! Good luck with your new build.

  2. Good morning! Aww, coco + kelley was a fave! I especially loved her tablescapes & recipes. And I’m always down for a house tour! I’m absolutely getting Gibson House vibes from that entry; did you decide on moulding instead of wallpaper? It’s going to be so amazing! Back to the show house, that butler’s pantry is wonderful. I love the simple materials and painted floors. Also, I keep hearing the term “overflow kitchen.” Is that a thing now? Definitely a fan of the basket bathtub, but I do wonder about water damage. (It’s entirely possible that we are just a house that wrecks nice things…) My other favorite vignette is the seating in front of the fireplace. I’m enamored with that large, graphic print and the spindly black candles, but I question the placement of the tech device or air purifier at the other end of the mantel? Ha. Overall, I appreciate the use of textures and, as you mention, functional styling. I know it’s airy and calm, but my heart just doesn’t warm to all that white. I do have a question about show houses. This home has a cohesive (Southern Living) aesthetic and appears made to be sold. When I’ve seen designer show houses, they have been created by a variety of different talents and lean toward over-the-top. I imagine both are intended as fund-raising ventures. So, just two slightly different takes on a concept? Have you ever visited a show house? I don’t know that I’ll get the chance, so I’m here for all the virtual home tours! I’m also anxious for a good Noteworthy catch-up next week! You mentioned in a comment the other day that your April is going to be crazy…color me curious! Ha. I’m also eager for your guest room reveal; I need some shame motivation for my own project. *curses drywall* Lots to come! Happy Pizza Friday, Sarah! Cheers to a stupendous weekend!💜🍕

  3. What a fun series to resurrect, and yes, I do remember Coco+Kelley! Good morning Sarah- as always you’re serving up the goods before breakfast. Immediately I’m drawn to the exterior- the brick, trellis details, symmetry, and landscaping are enviable in their own right. I agree that these interior spaces feel layered, functional, and lived in. I love the open and airy feel of the entry; coupled with the millwork treatment on the stairs, it’s an inviting welcome. Speaking of- thank you for showing that particular angle; I’ve had a tough time finding side views like that! The butlers pantry is a favorite and solely because I adore the flooring. Yes the cabinets look wonderful, and the beadboard backsplash is a stunner in the navy color, but that floor is to die for! I also think the shelf dividing the windows is a sweet element. Next up for me is the navy bathroom. The simplicity of the navy tile border and the navy soaking tub, with the splash of navy on the shower curtain is making my heart sing. The jib door medicine cabinets flanking the window are pretty genius and I’m loving the match of the cafe curtain and shower curtain. A woven tub surround?! Yes please, lol. What a stunning little impact piece in that rich wood tone. Drooling. The playroom is gorgeous as well. The pattern and color play, and repeated scallops make this room look so fun and cozy, plus how sweet are those rattan chairs?! The back view of this home definitely doesn’t disappoint- and I’m reminded of your upstairs balcony when I look at that image. Overall this space was a pleasure to peruse, and I thank you for the inspo heading into the weekend. I’m dying to see what’s been cooking on the entryway (are we due for a stories update? Sneak peek? 😂). You have exciting things happening at the Gibson house and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. We have a relaxing weekend ahead before school starts up next week, and I’m wishing you all the same. Happy pizza Friday friends- the sun is shining after a crazy winter storm yesterday!

    1. I’m excited about it! So glad to hear it sounds like a fun scroll to you, too. Isn’t that navy bathroom incredible? All of the beds and baths are very well done. I had a reader write to me saying she was able to tour it this past holiday, when it was decked out for Christmas. I’m envious! I need to work on an entryway update post. We’re pretty much at a standstill. Emmett needs to finish millwork before we can move forward and I’m not sure he’ll have time before his surgery. Bummer! We’ll see. I did find a really cool vintage entry table though (from marketplace). I’ll work on an update. I’m glad you had a mellow and sunny weekend! xo

  4. I love this new series. Give me all the house tours! I had forgotten about Coco + Kelley. I was going to mention that I loved the entry with paneling & millwork and so excited you are doing the same to yours. I gasped when I saw the woven bathtub! I have never seen one. Now I want one! The bookcase with the pull out desk is perfect for a bedroom or library. I hit the “pin” button quick! This house has done textures, layers, & coziness well.
    Hope your weekend is warmer with accomplishments on your basement guestbook and entry. Happy Friday! xoxo

    1. Yay!! I love to hear that, Danna! Isn’t the woven bathtub incredible? What a dreamy vignette. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing our entryway finished someday. That desk / library moment was also a quick pin for me. I loved that! We ended up driving south over the weekend to escape the snow. We had another storm roll in (it’s currently snowing and we’re at 9″). I’m ready for some sunshine and spring temperatures. Have a great day! xo

  5. Coco+Kelley was how I found you! I was obsessed with a hallway makeover post w/ beautiful blue walls, and of corse, a gorgeous vintage rug. I still have the pin even though the link doesn’t work anymore. I can’t remember for sure, but I believe you wrote that one? What a fun trip down memory lane!
    Hope you were camping somewhere warm this past weekend! We were actually in Sandy to pick up our new airstream, but ended up not being able to take it home yet thanks to another big snow storm. Boo. My brother and nephew actually had a lock down at Snowbird for 5 hours on Friday so they could set off avalanche bombs! They said they would not recommend it. 😂 Ahhhh…..SO ready for Spring. Welcome home, S&E and can’t wait for your Noteworthy post!
    PS — Yes to home tours!!

    1. Really?! I remember that post, Anne! We camped in Arizona last week, and then drove down to Moab over the weekend. We came home last night to 9″ of snow. At this rate, your airstream in Sandy may take a bit. SO exciting though! I had friends in Cottonwood Canyon last week during the lockdown as well. Luckily I’ve never been in an interlodge situation. We have been stuck on the road to and from during avalanche control though, and that’s never fun. Bring on spring, indeed! I hope you have a great week ahead :) xo

  6. What a beautiful and timeless home! But old lady over here is not loving butcher block with the sink in the kitchen or woven around a bathtub – sounds like a crazy maintenance mess to me. Water and wood shouldn’t not be that close together imo, haha, too practical, but it does look pretty!

    1. Isn’t it pretty? I love those (not as practical) moments, but that’s probably the designer in me. Ha!

  7. I remember the days of home tours! When I saw this on my feed my immediate reaction was “SHE’S BACK!” lol This was a regular thing when I found your blog omg is it fairly close to a decade ago?! and I always enjoyed it.

    1. Yesss!! Why did the home tour days end?! I have always loved these. Thanks for sticking around all these years, Jana! :)

  8. What is the paint of the wall in the living room please? Its wonderful!