Charcuterie Essentials + A Simple Cocktail

Charcuterie Essentials + A Cocktail RecipeEmmett’s birthday is on Saturday and we’ll be celebrating with two of our dear friends, Laurie Anne and her husband. While we haven’t entertained at all this past year, it has been fun planning something small & special for his birthday this year. Emmett’s favorite kind of surprise is food, and the guy loves a good charcuterie board- piled high with meats & cheeses. I jumped at the opportunity to put something together and shake up a couple celebratory cocktails to honor his birthday week. It’s probably because I haven’t assembled a spread in awhile, but I thought this one was worthy of sharing. Plus all of the serveware came from our shop, so I figured it would be fun to roundup my charcuterie essentials (it’s all about layering). Click through for my charcuterie serving essentials, a grocery list for an easy spread, and I’ve got a simple cocktail for you!

Charcuterie Essentials + A Cocktail RecipeCharcuterie is one of my favorite things to put together because it’s easy and a fun creative exercise. To get a beautiful (and delicious) composition, here are a few quick tips:

  • Layer, layer, layer!
  • Consider texture (for visual presentation and for eating).
  • Repeat a couple shapes (within food and the serveware).
  • Mix in warm (wood) and cool (marble) tones, in regards to serveware… this will make all colors of food look good.
  • Cover all of the taste profiles: sweet, salty, bitter, and savory.
  • Don’t forget serving utensils!

As for my favorite serving items from our shop– I’ll link those below. I also just added some more items this week (that are not shown here).

Use the numbered links below the collage to shop or be redirected… sorry- this one isn’t clickable! 

Charcuterie Essentials + A Cocktail Recipe01: brass scoop set // 02: mini stoneware creamer // 03: round marble serving board // 04: stainless cocktail shaker // 05: small stoneware scoop // 06: mini stoneware bowl // 07: black serving board // 08: teak geometric cutting board // 09: stoneware oil bottle // 10: measures kitchen towel // 11: stacking brass tray set // 12: hand carved spoon set // 13: round terra cotta tray // 14: horn handle ice bucket // 15: marble salt pinch with brass spoon // 16: berry bowl // 17: round marble trivet // 18: gray linen napkins // 19: marble ogee pedestal // 20: marble serving set

If you’d like to see me assembling this spread in action, I shared a reel on the Tuesday Made IG. Emmett was definitely surprised to have charcuterie during his lunch break! It was a win/win… I had fun, we enjoyed eating it, and I loved being able to highlight some tips for you, along with my favorite kitchen goods.

Charcuterie Essentials + A Cocktail RecipeAs for the charcuterie grocery list… I’m going to copy that below. I use this as a guideline! That doesn’t mean you have to buy every single item on the list- pick and choose what you love, what works best with your existing serveware, what is accessible or in-season in your area, and what your family enjoys.

Charcuterie Essentials + A Cocktail Recipe - roomfortuesday.comShall we move onto the simple cocktail? Emmett requested an odd one this year… one that was a bit unexpected, but easy & delicious: a cranberry rum. He picked up this bottle of rum while installing cabinets in Haiti a couple years ago and wanted me to make something easy with it. Perhaps it’s because we’re road tripping to a warmer climate to celebrate, and he was feeling the warm weather vibe that is associated with rum? Who knows. I was happy to shake up a simple cocktail and toast to his birthday, albeit a bit early.

Charcuterie Essentials + A Cocktail RecipeThis cocktail recipe is very basic…

  • 4 ounces cranberry juice
  • 2 ounces rum
  • a twist of lime, for garnish… or a luxardo cherry (I used a cherry because we were out of limes)

Shake the rum and cranberry juice in a cocktail shaker until the exterior begins to frost. Pour into a glass and garnish. It’s easy and delicious! Three ingredients… you can’t beat that, and it’s a good combination for spring! You could also substitute another clear liquor, using whatever you have on hand: gin, vodka, tequila, etc. Cranberry pretty much goes with everything.

Charcuterie Essentials + A Cocktail RecipeFor dessert this weekend, Emmett has requested his usual… a chocolate cake of some sort. If you’re interested to see what I made him last year, click here for that cake recipe. In years past, I’ve made him a cookies & cream birthday cake, extra dark chocolate cake, and flourless chocolate cake. This year, I think I’ll probably attempt this german chocolate cake recipe. When we were dating, that’s what his dad always made him for every birthday (the basic boxed recipe), so it feels kind of nostalgic to us. I hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead! I’m probably going to sign off, but I’ll be back next week with scenes from our little getaway. Have a good one!!

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  1. What’s more fun than putting together a charcuterie board?! (Sharing it. Duh.) I don’t know why it feels so festive, but it does! And of course yours is beautiful! Notes to self: olives in a salt cellar and mustard in a creamer.💡 Those tiny stoneware bowls and all the scoops! And I’m officially dying over the horn cap on that shaker! Lovely. Happiest of birthdays to Emmett! How nice that you get to celebrate with the besties in a stunning locale. You’ve also given me inspiration for a birthday cake; I’ve got one of my Aries girls coming up next week!
    Enjoy your down time in the desert! Can’t wait to hear all about it. See you Monday!💜😎

    1. Right?! I think so too. It’s my preferred spring / summer “snack” or entertaining go-to. I use the tiny vessels and serveware in whatever way makes sense at the time- even if it’s not their intended use. The salt cellar was perfect for the olives! Emmett said thank you for the birthday wishes (I read him comments while we were driving to Joshua Tree). I failed on the cake though… Laurie Anne saved the day and grabbed cake from a bakery near her house because I ran out of time to bake (so sad). I promised him the german chocolate cake for another occasion. Can’t wait to hear about the cake you’re baking today! xo

  2. Jennifer Laura says:

    Looks delicious!

    1. Thank you!! I love a good charcuterie spread. Have a great week :)

  3. I love a good charcuterie! It’s probably my favorite food for gathering, my favorite to prepare, and the tastiest to eat! I dream of hosting a dinner party with amazing cocktails, all the ambiance, and a charcuterie the size of my table. Lol. You know what else I love?? Shopping Tuesday Made! You have the best items, and every time I shop I find something new to love. All of your kitchen and serving items are just gorgeous, and I intended to order something from this roundup, but couldn’t resist the vintage goddesses. So excited! Have the best week with Emmett and your friends!

    1. Same, same, same! I dream of that, too. Haha! I didn’t have great service last week and over the weekend, but I did see your Tuesday Made order roll in :) THANK YOU! We so appreciate your support and I am thrilled those beautiful busts are headed your way. Want to know the story behind them? I snagged them at a very fancy estate sale last month and the lady who lived there was an old hollywood actress (I wish I had her name, but they didn’t give it out). Anyway, her art collection was incredible!! One of her family members said she often travelled through Europe collecting sculptural art, paintings, all sorts of cool things. When I first noticed Venere Milo and Aphrodite, some guy was checking them out and I’m thinking, “Noooo, no, no- I NEED those.” Haha! He passed and I scooped them up- they have little “Made in England” tags on them. They’re such a beautiful, petite pair that could really fit anywhere. I can’t wait to see how you style them in your home! I wish I would’ve went into the office yesterday once we got home, so I could’ve sent your note myself, but Emmett fulfilled orders… you’ll have to let me know what he wrote to you. Haha! Anyway, thank you and I’m so excited! xox

      1. I’m ecstatic for them to arrive and actually see them in the flesh! I love the story behind you finding them-I’ve had similar estate sale experiences. The fact that they were owned by an old Hollywood actress appeals to me even more. One thing about me is that since I was a tiny kid I’ve been infatuated with all things old Hollywood. I’m not sure why, but the stories, the people, the lore, and the behind the scenes lifestyles just speak to apart of my soul. How fitting is that?! Now I’ll have conversation pieces that tell a story. So incredibly excited!!

        1. SO FITTING! That makes me even more excited to see this in your house. They are coming to the perfect home. My marble tang horse came from the same house, but an antique dealer snagged it at the estate sale (I think he had early access). I didn’t even realize it was there until I figured out where it came from. Anyway, I gladly paid the marked up price because it’s amazing, but this lady had SO many treasures and such a good eye. She had a full size bronze horse sculpture in her backyard that was really cool, but for $7k I had to pass. Haha! Emmett told me I could buy a real horse instead for that price. Pshh! lol! I’ll try to learn more about her and pass along the info.

  4. Happy Birthday Emmett 🥳 Wow that looks like quite the spread 😋 what a wonderful way to celebrate your special day with fantastic friends, amazing food and a cheerful cocktail 🥂
    Certainly all the wonderful Tuesday Made essentials were a great way to pull all the dishes together and make it look easy. Haha! Yum! So many cool things. The grocery list is a great idea too 👍 Thanks for all the yummy suggestions.
    Have a fabulous birthday celebration and cheers to more parties and good times ahead! Great job Sarah! Cheers

    1. He said thank you, Colleen! :) We had a fun road trip and an amazing time enjoying a change of scenery. I hope you had a lovely spring weekend and your week is off to a good start! We’re having a cloudy day here, but I’ll take it. xox

  5. Happy Birthday Emmett! Hope your day and weekend is wonderful!
    Now that’s my kind of cocktail…rum, cranberry, lime! Cheers to another great year to you both!
    The charcuterie boards are my favorite. Especially during the summer months when you don’t want to turn on the oven. You have beautiful taste Sarah! Enjoy your trip and the celebration.

    1. He said thank you!! We had a fun time away, unplugged, and really enjoyed a change of scenery. I’ve been thinking of you this week as I’m seeing everyone having fun at Round Top! I wish I could’ve went this year. Maybe next year we can meet up! I’m all about charcuterie during the summer months- it’s so easy and I’m the kind of person that likes snacking, so I’d rather have this, as opposed to a big lunch. Hope your week is off to a great start, Danna! xo