A Friday during a short week seemed like a good time for one of these posts! Plus, it has been a little while since I’ve checked in, shared inspiration, and links I’m loving. Consider this your tiny sneak peek of our backyard. Things are coming together and I’ve been crossing my short term outdoor space tasks off the list rather quickly! Anywhoo… let’s get to it, shall we?

Next week is going to be the BEST ever, in terms of blog stuff. Actually… my blog week is starting early on Sunday. That’s right- I’m sharing a Sunday post, which is kind of unheard of around here. There is a deal I took advantage of and I’m told it will sell out fast, so I wanted to give you guys first dibs. On Monday, I’m finally able to share the makeover I did for the Humane Society. I’ll also hopefully have my bedroom balcony reveal, the backyard / patio reveal, a beautiful modern kitchen I shot a couple weeks ago, and an update on my own kitchen. It’s going to be a GOOD week.

It has been a busy spring over here, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’ve been working like a mad woman and trying to enjoy the season as well. Our kitchen is cruising right along and we almost have our patio spaces ready for summer.

Someone who loves (and decorates) with dogs as much as I do!

Emmett and I are going to Paris this fall and I’ll definitely be following this “Designer Lover’s Field Guide to Saint-Ouen, Paris’s Vintage Paradise“. Sign me up! I’ll take any other France recs you have for me, please & thank you.

Last 5 purchases? I hate to admit this, but I’ve been on a shopping tangent for our outdoor spaces lately- so most everything I’ve bought has been related to that…

Agree or disagree? Things you don’t need in a small home. There were a few I questioned.

We rarely watch TV, but since Game of Thrones is over, we have a new obsession. Has anyone been watching the mini series Chernobyl? It’s deep and totally captivating. I’ll admit, I didn’t want to like it, but I can’t stop watching.

As always, I’d love more book recs! You guys always have the best ones and I always add them to my Amazon cart. Speaking of Amazon- did you know I have a curated “storefront”? Check it out here: … I spend a lot of time saving my favorite things and highlighting things I’ve purchased. Hopefully it’s helpful to those of you who are equally as obsessed with prime.

Ok, that’s all from me for now! We’re hosting a BBQ tomorrow and I need to get the house cleaned up. Check back on Sunday for my weekend post, ok? Have a wonderful day, friends!

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  1. Happy Friday! I was just thinking a Noteworthy post might be in order. Next week sounds awesome; can’t wait to see everything. PARIS?! That is soooooo exciting. Birthday trip? Since my only trip there was a 1981 high school French Club tour, I can’t really offer tips.😉 That Sheila Bridges room is hilarious/genius; I do love her style. Have a lovely bbq; we are still getting nightly thunderstorms, so no grilling here.

    1. Hope you had an amazing weekend! Yessss, we’re going to Amsterdam with friends for my birthday, then off to France. I’ve been to Paris, but Emmett hasn’t… so it should be fun! The thunderstorms kind of ruined our BBQ. We had to rush everything inside once a storm rolled in. haha! Still fun!

  2. Kaitlin Jenkins says:

    I’m so stoked for next weeks lineup. I have as strong of a dog obsession as you, and have worked in/with animal shelters in some capacity since I was 15 y/o. I’m currently a doggie foster mom for my favorite local organization…all that to say – I can’t wait to see what you’ve done for the humane society!

    Annnnnnnnnnd I can’t get enough of all your home posts, but super showing up for the outdoors spaces- can’t wait!

    I finally got the fussy links worked out and was able to figure out your new outdoor sofa that you showed a few posts back was from Target…and now mine’s getting delivered today! :) I still can’t get the links to work from a desktop or mobile, but have learned when you add the scrolling carousel of links at the bottom with pics- those always click through for me- yay! (I hope you got credit for my sales I’ve made through suggestions found on your fab blog)

    Hope you and Emmett and the pups have a fantastic weekend!

    1. Thank you for that!! I hope you were able to check out the Humane Society post today :) Let me know what you think! I can’t wait to share our outdoor areas this week. Thank you for letting me know about the links and for being so amazing as to take the time to figure it out. It’s so much work linking everything and I’m not the most tech savvy person, so I really appreciate it! xox

  3. I’m excited for all your blog posts next week! I read that article about what’s not needed in a small home and I agree with all of it except the dining table and the dishes. I suppose if you live in a tiny studio, you may not be able to find a dining table small enough to fit in your space, but I don’t understand why a set of dishes is on this list. A dish set with 4 place settings doesn’t take up much room?

    If you’re looking for book recs…I recommend Circe by Madeline Miller. It’s the best book I’ve read so far this year.

    1. My thoughts exactly! Dishes are definitely needed. Haha! I just ordered Circe :) thank you!!

  4. In Paris, my must-see spots are Musee Marmottan (their entire basement is Monets!), Musee d’Orsay (Impressionists in a restored train station, nice cafe), and San Chappelle (the most glorious stained glass I’ve ever seen). I would not advise the Louvre b/c it’s like an enormous warehouse, is completely overwhelming and struck me as having mediocre collections. Plus it’s totally crowded. If lines aren’t too long, going up in the Eiffel Tower is a treat. If you take the metro all the way to the end of the line to the Arch, there is a shopping mall with an enormous supermarket. If you have a spare afternoon, that supermarket offers a great look at what ordinary French people are going to eat for supper, and a great place to purchase small gifts for family back home. Think soaps, candy, gadgets, small linens, etc. Checking out how things are packaged and sold is an interesting thing to do.

    1. Thank you so much Ann! I’ve been to Musee d’Orsay and loved it… I skipped the Louvre last time. We’re chatting about going to the French Riviera too, so if you have any tips there- I’d love them :) Thank you! xox

  5. My family & I are just finishing a trip to Paris. We stumbled upon an excellent restaurant — La Traboule, 27 Rue de Penthievre, 75008 Paris. Excellent presentation, great price point and very pretentious. Enjoy!

    1. Oohhhh thank you, Kim! I added these to my phone :) xo