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Serena & Lily Home Decor Finds - roomfortuesday.comIn celebration of summer (which I hope shows up soon- I’m tired of all this rain) and the holiday weekend ahead, I wanted to share some of my recent Serena & Lily home decor finds! They run a giant sale every Memorial Day weekend and it started yesterday. Everything is 20% off! If you like the easy breezy, coastal vibe, this post is for you. I love their sophisticated and relaxed aesthetic. Click through to see my finds and the items I’ll be grabbing this weekend (in addition to my new beach towels, shown above). I foresee spending time at the pool relaxing this summer, once our kitchen renovation is finished! 

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Serena & Lily Home Decor Finds - roomfortuesday.comWhether you’re coveting small accessories or seriously splurge-worthy furniture… this is the TIME to do it!! I always save my big furniture purchases for the best sales. Last year I grabbed these charming tassel pillows for our master bedroom and they’re about to be relocated to our bedroom balcony in the coming week.

Click directly on my finds below to shop! Use code SUMMERPREP for 20% off your order. 

01: table lamp // 02: sheet set // 03: linen robe // 04: cane bed // 05: tassel pillow // 06: coffee table // 07: baskets // 08: jetty pillow // 09: floor lamp // 10: balboa dresser // 11: white sectional // 12: nightstand // 13: capri beach towel // 14: armchair // 15: pillow cover // 16: dining table // 17: wool throw // 18: poster bed // 19: area rug // 20: sham

The dining table (#16) realllllly reminds me of the one I custom made for our previous breakfast nook. I actually like that one better than my old one- it feels more balanced. I just love the shape! I’m planning to grab some lighting (#9) and maybe the coffee table (#6). Are there any items grabbing your attention? It’s all insanely gorgeous. They always have the best pillows!

Serena & Lily Home Decor Finds - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re looking for outdoor furniture, I ordered a couple hanging chairs for a client patio a couple years ago and she still loves them. They’re holding up great!

Serena & Lily Home Decor Finds - roomfortuesday.comHere’s a closer look at those. Aren’t they fun?! I’m all about maximizing outdoor living space and investing in gorgeous furniture for my house that I’ll keep for years to come- living well begins at home.

Serena & Lily Home Decor Finds - roomfortuesday.comI’ll share lots of my favorite Memorial Day Sales this weekend in a big blog post on Sunday or Monday, so check back this weekend if you’re trying to score some home decor & home improvement deals! Does anyone have fun plans coming into the long weekend? I’m pretty sure we’ll be working on the kitchen, online shopping, and grilling. It honestly sounds perfect, ha!

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  1. Ugh. The rain?! My tomato plants are drowning. All of your picks are so gorgeous! Even though it’s not my aesthetic (jk, I probably don’t have an “aesthetic”), I adore those rattan pieces! That mist- colored dresser? Fab. I completely forgot this weekend was Memorial Day. The last weeks of school are wacky! Tomorrow at noon my head will clear, and I’ll be able to focus on sales and grilling. (After my nap.) Cheers to summer!

    1. Argh, the rain. It’s really cramping my style. My tomatoes are also not very happy right now. I’m itching to paint the bedroom balcony and put out patio furniture too! Cheers to summer vacation- it’s just around the corner for you :)