My Favorite Affordable & Classic Backsplash Tile Options

My Favorite Affordable & Classic Backsplash Tile Options - roomfortuesday.comLet’s talk tile! Since I have all things kitchen on my brain, I figured it was time to share my favorite affordable & classic backsplash tile options. My tile just arrived and it’s nothing short of stunning! I get a lot of questions about which backsplash options will withstand the test of time, so consider this post your guide. All of the tile I rounded up can also be purchased at Lowe’s- so it’s accessible, affordable, and trust me when I say- you won’t be disappointed with the designerly aesthetic. Click through to check out my finds…

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My Favorite Affordable & Classic Backsplash Tile Options - roomfortuesday.comSpoiler alert! The above tile is my backsplash tile. I positioned it on the floor to get a feel for what it would look like on the wall- and I’m VERY excited. It’s Bedrosians Cloe subway tile in grey and I’m obsessed with the organic shape and lovely texture. I think it’s going to look really great with our moody cabinetry. I love that I can get hand-made, designer tile from Spain at my local Lowe’s! Their selection continues to impress me each time I visit my store.

That brings me to my other favorite classic backsplash options- first up subway tile, since we’re already on that topic…


My Favorite Affordable & Classic Backsplash Tile Options - roomfortuesday.comYou can’t go wrong with classic subway tile for a backsplash. If you want to mix it up- opt for a unique size, shape, bevel, color, or texture. Here are the ones I found appealing in the store:

My Favorite Affordable & Classic Backsplash Tile Options - roomfortuesday.com01: elida ceramica harmony white subway tile // 02: elida ceramica barrio square tile // 03: anatolia marble subway tile // 04: american olean union view shell white brick mosaic // 05: bedrosians cloe grey subway deco tile


My Favorite Affordable & Classic Backsplash Tile Options - roomfortuesday.comYou guys know I’m a mega fan of marble mosaics for a backsplash. They feel high-end, sophisticated, and textural. I almost went with #4, pictured below, for our kitchen renovation.

My Favorite Affordable & Classic Backsplash Tile Options - roomfortuesday.com01: american olean smoke white chevron marble mosaic // 02: venatino polished basketweave marble mosaic // 03: american olean refined white brick marble // 04: anatolia tile carrara grigio brick marble mosaic // 05: anatolia tile carrara pinwheel // 06: american olean white sage mosaic tile // 07: allen + roth white marble mosaic // 08: gbi tile & stone inc mattone calatta


My Favorite Affordable & Classic Backsplash Tile Options - roomfortuesday.comLots of people don’t expect a shapely tile to look classic or stay in style, but the following do just that! The arabesque shape has been around for centuries and adding a pop of pattern to your backsplash is never a bad thing, in my book.

My Favorite Affordable & Classic Backsplash Tile Options - roomfortuesday.com01: anatolia tile flower marble mosaic // 02: elida ceramica water jet white ceramic // 03: elida ceramica white marble arabesque

Hopefully this post helped to provide some inspiration if you’re also in the market for backsplash tile. I have a lot of great samples in my collection now and am looking forward to using them in other areas of our home, too! Questions, comments? I love chatting in the comment section below!

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  1. So many choices! I really am shocked at the “big box” selection. I feel like my local HD still has glass mosaics and tumbled travertine.🤑 I love both of the choices for your kitchen. What was the deciding factor? Seeing it in the rendering? Trying something different? I have to say that I saw my dream backsplash in a House Beautiful spread (that I need to find again!)…it was pink onyx! It’s ok if you think I’m Phylis Diller. Happy almost Friday! (The balcony is looking awesome, btw!)

    1. Hahah!! My local Lowe’s is amazing- I’m always impressed! The deciding factor was wanting something different. We had a marble backsplash in our previous kitchen, so I wanted something with more of a handmade look. I think I’d dig the pink onyx!! It sounds incredible :)

  2. Right now we have a slate tile backsplash by our range, and it is a nightmare to clean. I would love if you could update us on how having a textured tile functions in a kitchen once your renovation is complete! I’m sure that having a smooth finish with the texture is probably much better than our rough slate, but I’m still always wary of textured tile!

    1. We had textured tile in our previous kitchen and it wasn’t bad at all. I think it depends more on the stone or material. Slate is definitely one of the tougher ones to clean. Hope this helps! :)

  3. I am in love with elida ceramic tile, wish we had this store in England. What flooring would you put with it for a bathroom?

    1. I think marble would be amazing! Totally depends on the look you’re going for though :)