Upgrading Our Mattress

Upgrading Our Mattress - roomfortuesday.comThis post has been a long time coming. Emmett and I bought our first “nice” mattress 8 years ago when we got married. It felt like the adult thing to do after moving into our first house. We thought about the amount of time we spend sleeping and decided to splurge on one that would last us years to come. Here we are years later, my back has been hurting, my sleeping hasn’t been great, and the last time people came over to visit, a friend walked into our master bedroom and said, “Oh wow- I can see your body indentations on the bed, it looks… comfortable?” Haha!! You really can’t offend me, but that’s when I realized it was time for a new mattress. Click through to read about the one we landed on from QVC… 

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Upgrading Our Mattress - roomfortuesday.comWe previously had a pillow top mattress, but this time around we opted for a Northern Nights 11″ Dream Hybrid Mattress. Emmett always complained our previous one wasn’t soft enough. Our new mattress is really the best of both worlds- combining the support of innersprings with a gel memory foam top layer. I also liked the fact that I didn’t have to arrange a delivery service like our old mattress… that’s the best bed-in-a-box perk! I hopped on QVC, placed my order, and a couple days later, my delivery driver dropped it off on our front porch, then we hauled it upstairs to unbox. Easy peasy!

Upgrading Our Mattress - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of unboxing, it took us all of 5 minutes to get it into place. The instructions say to wait 1 hour while the mattress decompresses prior to sleeping on it, but we waited 24 hours just to be safe. We figured we might as well sleep in the guest room and try out the bed our visitors use.

Upgrading Our Mattress - roomfortuesday.comOf course the dogs immediately broke the 1-hour rule and hopped up like we had purchased this soft, new mattress especially for them. Ha! Little do they know, this doesn’t mean they’re allowed to sleep with us at night.

Upgrading Our Mattress - roomfortuesday.comI honestly wasn’t sure what to expect sleeping on our new mattress because it was 1/8th of the price of our previous one! We ordered the 11″ hybrid in a king size and it currently cost $549 on QVC… which is a great deal, considering it retails for $1,080. I’ve been told they’ll sell out, so if you want to jump on the deal, now is probably the time.

Upgrading Our Mattress - roomfortuesday.comI also figured there would be an adjustment period getting used to sleeping on the mattress, but I honestly slept better than I had in months the first night we tried it. I was pleasantly surprised- and so was Emmett! He’s a tough critic, so that’s saying something.

Upgrading Our Mattress - roomfortuesday.comOur master bedroom really hasn’t changed from our previous house. We basically just picked it up and moved it to our new place. I’m looking forward to reworking the space someday, but for now- it’s comfy, cozy, and totally functional! The balcony off of the master should be done this week and I’m looking forward to sharing that next. In the meantime, I’m dropping a shopping slider below with some of my favorite QVC bedside / nighttime items…

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  1. We are considering a “bed in a box”. Are you still happy with this mattress now that you’ve had it a few months?