Noteworthy - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday friends! This week has felt lonnnng to me (anyone else?!)– we’ve been busy with the guest bathroom renovation and I feel like I’ve lost all track of time. I’m also behind on “real work”, so I’ve been spending extra hours in my home office lately… it’s a good thing I styled this tiny little console table because it has been the bright spot (literally and figuratively) in the space that has been making me smile this week. There are no hardwired lights in the room (which is weird), so I rely solely on lamps. My friend Jana sent me the most charming black sphere lamp and I’m completely smitten. Isn’t it cute? It has made the long hours this week a bit more bright & bearable. Anyway- it’s time for a new Noteworthy post filled with links, inspiration, and lots of random things… click through to see what’s up!

Want to know what project is next in terms of renovating after the bath is finished? Ok, ok… I’ll tell you- hardwood flooring. Did that come as a surprise? I think it will be a nice “in between full-on room renovation” project. We’re going to start installing this hardwood on the main floor and rip out the weird angled carpet (that the dogs have totally been destroying). I’m thinking we’ll probably start in my office (fingers crossed). I’m ready to bust out the vintage area rugs and roll them out to be admired once again.

I was featured in a Domino article earlier in the week, alongside very talented company (Emily Henderson, Amber Lewis, Joy Cho, etc)… if you missed that article, check it out here! Interior designers, myself included, shared our favorite sentimental home items. Any guesses what home items are most special to me? I feel like I answered a little more emo than everyone else. Haha! I’m not sure that was a good thing, but it was honest.

My 5 most recent purchases? There were some big ones this month- my family is coming to visit in a couple weeks and I kind of used that as an excuse to make the house more functional / presentable. Anything for g-ma! I digress… here they are:

  • this armless sofa // I’ll share my plan for it soon- it’s not at all what you’d expect.
  • this extra long shower curtain liner // DIY for the ceiling mount shower curtain is coming soon- stay tuned!
  • this floor lamp // it hasn’t arrived yet and I’m hoping it doesn’t look cheap in person… TBD.
  • some of these bath items // I’ve been wrapping up details for the guest bath and these look fantastic in person- I got two waste baskets, the soap dish, and soap dispenser.
  • these sunglasses // my old H&M pair broke, so I figured it was time to replace them before spring & summer.

This article (the top interior design terms to know) made me LOL and was not at all what I expected. I wish it were more informative vocabulary that is actually useful. I feel like they just pulled adjectives and ran with it in a conceited kind of way. Just FYI- using (or even knowing) these terms doesn’t make a space look any better- or make you a better designer, for that matter. Just my humble opinion.

Emmett has requested comfort food on weekends during winter (and bathroom renovations, ha)…. last weekend our friends made chili for us and this weekend I think I’m going to try my friend Kyla’s stuffed pasta shell recipe. Does anyone else want all the carbs and comfort food during these cold, snowy months? We’re enjoying eating all the yummy things lately!

If I lived in a super modern home, I’d want it to look just like this… warm, cozy, inviting, and eclectic. There is nothing clinical about this one!

I’m about to start a fun passion project that involves my community and DOGS, so if you’re local to Salt Lake City (or if you want a new furry friend), watch out for that this spring.

Speaking of dogs, if you’re a crazy dog person (like myself), you have to follow this Instagram account and this one. Emmett and I basically “speak dog” now… our friends come over and we continue talking to our dogs like this- they probably think we’re out of our mind. We have neighbors we refer to as our twins (they’re basically the same couple- she’s an interior designer and he’s super handy renovating their home… we all kind of look alike too), anyway- they have two dogs and “speak dog”, so when we all get together it’s just absolutely hilarious. If it weren’t so embarrassing, I’d share on Insta stories. Haha!!

My friend Gwen just finished her kids bathrooms and they’re complete perfection. Here’s to hoping my guest bath turns out half as amazing.

Tomorrow is National Tile Day and I’m jetting off to Orlando in April to attend the 2019 Coverings trade show- it’s a global tile and stone convention, so I’m very excited to see what’s happening in the industry. I’ll be sure to bring you all along and share behind-the-scenes when the time comes. I’m hoping I’ll discover lots of new amazing things and expand my skillset. If you’re a designer, architect, builder, etc… there is still time to register. I always learn a lot at these sort of events. Is anyone else planning to go?

Alright, that’s all for now! What are you all up to this weekend? We’re hoping to finish tile. Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear both in the comment section below. See you back here on Monday!

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  1. I had Monday off, stayed home sick Wednesday, and I still can’t believe this week’s not over! Gads. That design “term” article was umm…pointless? OK. The armless sofa, now you’ve given me a challenge to guess how you’re going to use it! Did you indulge your craving for the sunny color and get the horseradish? Your spring sounds so busy! I can’t wait to hear about your dog project, except it will probably mean I have to resist getting Joe all the siblings. Happy finally Friday!

    1. Oh no- I hope you’re feeling better now Peggi! I totally agree- that article was complete fluff… so pointless. I wish I would’ve got the horseradish color, but I’m planning to paint the walls a bold color and went with a neutral sofa. I feel like this year is going to be busy- which is a good thing, with very fun / exciting things ahead. I’m constantly resisting the urge to get more dogs. hahah!! Have an amazing weekend :) xo

  2. This week is dragging !!! I had got back on Tuesday from vacation and it still feels like this week is never going to end

    I can’t wait to see what you do with that sofa because I actually have the same one in my living room!! I got the performance velvet dove gray because the fabric is good for dog hair and easy to clean. Both of my pups shed so this was a no brainer. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do because let me tell you it is COMFY.

    Speaking of dog … my fiancé and I do the same thing to our pups. We speak dog to them all the time lol. I swear they know what we’re saying.

    On another note I LOVE your pet portraits. I have yet to find someone who can paint my dogs the way you did. So realistic yet fun. Have an awesome weekend


    1. Oohhh, re-entry from vacation is always the worst. No wonder you had a long week! I am SO excited to hear that about the sofa. We had a West Elm sofa in the past and absolutely hated it- it just wasn’t comfortable at all, but this time I was wiser in terms of selection, measurements, material, etc… so that’s encouraging to hear. For pet portraits, I found someone who started replicating my pet portrait style… check out vintage paintbrush. Have a great weekend! xo