6 Ways to Style a Dining Room Sideboard

6 Ways to Style a Dining Room Sideboard - roomfortuesday.com
source : emily henderson

It’s time for another “6 Ways to Style” post and each time I compile one of these, it makes me more excited than the last! It’s basically like I get to play with paper dolls… except it’s digital furniture styling instead of cardboard cutout fashion figures. Ha! Regardless, it makes me very happy and gives me an opportunity to zone out and do something fun. This one was a reader request- how to style a dining room sideboard or buffet. Click through to see six very different (yet equally amazing) options…

Everything in each vignette is shoppable… just click each item in the photo or use the links below each collage to find the source!


01: wall sconce // 02: palm artwork // 03: candle holders // 04: woven basket // 05: large vase // 06: blue sideboard

Lately I’m having a serious moment with all things blue, so this specific credenza is really speaking to me. You also know I’m a fan of anything woven and textural, so the doors are also tugging at my heart strings. The sconces are the super affordable piece of this scenario- from Urban Outfitters. If you missed the UO home roundup earlier in the week… it’s a must-read!


01: classic gallery wall // 02: faux bird of paradise // 03: glam sideboard // 04: white curvy planter

I didn’t realize One Kings Lane now has curated gallery wall artwork you can buy as a collection… total game changer for those of you who would like help pairing art. This vignette is simple, bright, and classic if you’re into the glam aesthetic. I think olive trees and bird of paradise plants are going to be the “it trees” this year.


01: modern gallery wall collection // 02: brass floor lamp // 03: faux potted succulent plant // 04: pedestal bowl // 05: black sideboard

I confess, this is another OKL curated gallery wall… they’re just so good! This entire sideboard situation has me reminiscing the Proper Hotel because I think it’s giving off a Kelly Wearstler kind of vibe. Hopefully she’s not insulted that I just compared my quick little paper doll collage to her insanely gorgeous masterpiece, but it’s giving me that feel. I just bought two of those floor lamps- the price is right and it looks much more expensive than it actually is.


01: large wall mirror // 02: faux branch // 03: minimal black tray // 04: brass sideboard

This brass metal mesh buffet is what industrial dreams are made of. It’s warm and hip without being too clinical or cold for a metal piece of furniture. I’m really loving the simplicity! Maybe Marie Kondo fans would be into this? If I owned that sideboard, I’m willing to bet it would certainly spark joy.


01: pair of prints // 02: modern wall sconce // 03: peony arrangement // 04: classical bust // 05: traditional sideboard

Ahhh, you know I’m moving toward traditional lately and this little cutie cabinet is calling my name. If I weren’t mid bathroom renovation and sticking to a strict budget, I’d buy this right here and now. It’s stunning! Don’t get me started on the metal tassel shaped hardware.


01: picture light // 02: slim aarons ski print // 03: faux palm // 04: modern white planter // 05: mid century sideboard

Last, but not least- the modern vignette. This is the least expensive sideboard cabinet from the entire post. Would you have guessed that? I don’t think I would’ve! It has a fresh and warm feel with the linear wood. I’ve always told myself I will own or purchase a skiing related Slim Aarons print someday. This is one you don’t see too frequently… I’m liking it!

6 Ways to Style a Dining Room Sideboard - roomfortuesday.com
source : emily henderson

Did you have a favorite? Do you have room in your dining room for a sideboard? This is the first home we’ll be able to do that and I’m very excited! Come to think of it… this is the first home we’ll actually be able to have a full dining set (more than 4 chairs). That’s reason for celebration (and dinner parties) in itself. I’ll link more “6 Ways to Style” posts below, if you’re interested in more:

I’ll link some more below…

Hope you all have a great day! We’re *almost* to Friday… whew.

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  1. Impeccable timing! I finally hit the thrifting jackpot and found a vintage buffet (with subtle bird’s eye!). I’ve got the art, a nearby floor lamp…a BUST is what I need. *headslap* As to that Slim Aarons’ print, I don’t even ski, and I’m in love with it! The New England vibe is strong. Sigh. Beautiful and unique choices, as always. Thanks for playing!😉

    1. Perfect!! Your vintage buffet sounds incredible… as does your styling formula- add a bust and voila! I really want that Slim Aarons ski print- it’s calling to me, but my art is still safely packed away in the prop closet and it would feel criminal to buy one right now and take it to a closet in the basement in fear of it getting broken during renovations. Haha! xox

  2. I would love to know about the quality of that Target floor lamp when it arrives for you! I’m in the market for a brass floor lamp but I’ve been through 2 different options from Target that were super cheap quality when they arrived :(

    1. I will definitely let you know once it arrives… that is a real concern- that it will look cheap or the brass won’t be the right color. Fingers crossed. Otherwise, returning is always an option. Ha! xo

  3. Thank you so much for doing this post! Once you announced that you were going to do it this year, I literally paused trying to decorate my sideboard until I read it (no pressure – ha!). I’m especially loving the minimal option – I feel like the warmth of it is such a lovely deviation from typical minimal design. My sideboard is black and actually really similar to the cool option, so there may be some mixing and matching involved. So much great inspiration!

    1. Yay!! Hopefully this was helpful then, Julie :) Your sideboard sounds beautiful- I really liked the black options. Happy styling! xox