Best of Etsy : Turkish Rugs

Best of Etsy : Turkish Rugs - roomfortuesday.comKicking off the year on the right foot, I wanted to give you guys the content you’ve been asking for! Even though I’ve shared this topic on the ‘Best of Etsy’ series previously, one of the most asked questions I get is where to source vintage rugs. I’m taking the guesswork out of the equation for you and am sharing a GIANT roundup of my favorites available on Etsy right now… but hurry if you find one you like, because vintage rug roundups sell out quickly. I’ve found that Turkish rugs on Etsy are much less expensive, are made of quality materials, and have been the best solution for large area rugs in my own house. It’s honestly my number one resource for rugs. Click through to shop over 60(!) of my best finds!

Best of Etsy : Turkish Rugs - roomfortuesday.comShop my finds below by clicking directly on each rug swatch!

I’ve purchased plenty of rugs from international Etsy vendors and have been pleasantly surprised by the quick shipping and product quality, so don’t let that deter you… I’ve never ever had an issue. It’s another question I’m asked frequently. There are so many good options in the United States and beyond.

In shopping this post, you really have to click into each swatch, color palette, or pattern you like; some of them are a nice surprise when clicking through. It’s also the best way to get additional information- like the size, age, and material. I actually bought one for myself from the roundup… any guesses which large area rug I snagged for our new home?!

If you’re worried about bringing a vintage or secondhand rug into your home, I always suggest a thorough cleaning. I’ve cleaned rugs myself with my CrossWave carpet cleaner, but honestly- these days I just drop rugs off at my local vintage rug dealer and have them clean it for me. They’ll also make any repairs, tighten the edge binding, and clean the rug really well for around $100. I’d recommend calling local shops to find professionals who can do the job best… especially if minor repairs are needed.

Best of Etsy : Turkish Rugs - roomfortuesday.comIn my opinion vintage rugs are classic, timeless, and will never go out of style. They’re one-of-a-kind, add instant character & texture, as well as give your floor the perfect splash of color that has aged naturally over time. They’re just more special (and surprisingly affordable) than new, mass produced area rugs.

Best of Etsy : Turkish Rugs - roomfortuesday.comYou’ve spotted them throughout our previous homes and our new place will be no exception. I love making a bold or subtle statement with my vintage rugs.

Best of Etsy : Turkish Rugs - roomfortuesday.comNo matter their size or color, these are the textiles I’ve found to always get the most compliments and attention.

Best of Etsy : Turkish Rugs - roomfortuesday.comEmmett knows I have two major weaknesses when it comes to vintage shopping: area rugs and glassware. Ha! He basically knows if I find something good in either category, it’s most likely coming home with us. I have just as much fun compiling these types of roundups for you guys as I do buying them for myself.

Best of Etsy : Turkish Rugs - roomfortuesday.comHopefully this was helpful and you guys were able to grab some good options for your home! You’ll have to tag me once they arrive in the mail. I’d love to see how you install them!

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  1. Ahhh. Searching vintage rugs on Etsy is like my meditation. I have purchased two (so far), and they sincerely make me smile every time I walk on them. I dream of a Chinese Art Deco rug some day… Since you’re going bolder in your new home, I’m going to guess rug number 7 or 23 (my personal faves). But maybe 17 or 18 would be closer to your aesthetic? There’s really no losing from that round-up.

    1. Yes!! Oohhhh a Chinese Art Deco rug would be DREAMY. Now I’m wishing I had downtime today to go on the hunt for those :)

  2. I love #1 from the second grouping.

    1. That was one of my favorites as well!

  3. I love these posts and appreciate how much work you put into creating them!

    1. So excited to hear you like these Robin! I really enjoy putting them together and it’s fun to know that they’re helpful :) xox