My 2019 Holiday Decor

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comThis year, decorating for the holiday season has been a little different. We’re still in the chaotic and messy construction phase of our formal living room renovation, which we *thought would be finished* (famous last words, ha!) weeks ago for the One Room Challenge. All of that to say, my decor feels more eclectic this year. I’ve decorated in areas of our home I normally wouldn’t… like a full-size tree in my office that will eventually shift to the living room, I’ve mixed and matched decor from years past, and I’ve grabbed a few new items as well. Regardless of the interesting mix this year, I’m feeling festive and in the holiday spirit. Click through to see how our Christmas things are currently looking indoors and out! Oh- and speaking of outside…  it’s a winter wonderland out there. We had a winter storm roll through last week and dump a bunch (20+ inches!) of snow, that I couldn’t be happier about! 

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My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comMuch like last year, I wanted the exterior of our home to feel super festive. I’m pretty sure this house was MADE to be covered under a blanket of snow. It almost looks like it popped straight out of a Christmas movie, don’t you think?! I installed my Nearly Natural faux wreaths on the front facing windows… I did this last Christmas too. Lots of you wondered how I hung them. It was really easy! I tied red Northlight ribbon around each wreath, and sandwiched it between the windows before locking them into place. They’re just hanging from the ribbon and I was able to install them without stepping foot outside. It’s functional and adds a nice holiday touch.

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comWe replaced the front door back in October (check out this post for all those details), and I’m loving the way it looks decorated for the holiday season.

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comTo dress up the wreaths, I added a simple bow and trimmed the ribbon tails long for a little added drama. I also tied a couple tassels to the bow to make it feel a bit more special. Those little details make all the difference!

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comI bought these allen+roth planter urns immediately after moving into the house, and I update them seasonally. They fit the budget, are timeless, and are the perfect accents flanking the front door. Would you believe me if I told you the trees in the planters are faux? They are!! These Nearly Natural pines even feel realistic. Unlike last year, I strung some Holiday Living battery powered lights around them. They’re on a timer and are set to turn on once it’s dark.

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comLet’s step inside, out of the snow into our entryway, shall we? Our new front doors are equally as pretty from the interior view…

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comI tied some of my existing garland to the stair bannister. I also styled our marble entry table with candles and greenery. Even though we’d like to rework this entry area someday (new stair railing, install tile, swap lighting, etc), I was happy to put a festive spin on this space!

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comYou guys know I’m a details person. I pulled alllllllll of my velvet ribbon out of storage this year. There are bows everywhere!

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comI also brought my brass vintage deer back out. They’re my favorite piece of holiday decor! The sit alongside a flocked potted tree in the entry.

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comAgain… I went crazy with the velvet bows. Emmett actually called me out and I’m perfectly fine with that. The more bows the merrier? I’m thinking yes. Quick tip when dealing with ribbon- cut the ends at a sharp angle for a clean, classic look!

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comSo that’s basically the entry area… simple, festive, and fun. I stood back, took this photo, and thought “maybe I should add a bit more?”

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comI ended up doing just that. I brought up some tapered candles from my prop closet to add a little height to the table vignette. You can never have enough candles during the holiday season.

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comAs I previously mentioned, the formal living room is still a major construction zone. Despite having just finished my DIY stockings and styling our beautiful new limestone mantel, I’ve only added greenery to this space in terms of holiday decor.

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comThe fireplace and mantel really is my dream combination though! If you missed that post, along with additional limestone mantel options, check it out here. It’s from Lowe’s and fits the budget in comparison to others.

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comAs far as the Christmas tree goes… I had grand plans to set up our artificial National Tree we used last season. Emmett and I both have pretty bad allergies and as much as I love a real tree, we just can’t do it in our house. This faux tree is incredibly realistic and pre-lit with warm lights. It’s my favorite! Anyway, my determination to decorate the tree despite the living room being under construction resulted in a 7.5 foot Christmas tree in my office (of all places).

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comI shoved it in the corner until we finish the living room (hopefully very soon), and then we’ll relocate it there. I’m kind of nostalgic about the Christmas tree decor. I always get a few new ornaments each year to add to our collection, and I’ve been doing this for over a decade. Our tree gets more full and eclectic each year.

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comI did buy a new, essential piece for the tree this year though… any guesses? This GE capiz brass star / tree topper, pictured below! Isn’t it gorgeous? I think it looks much more expensive than it actually is.

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comYou can find everything I bought, pictured throughout this post, at Lowe’s (which was a LOT) in the collage below…

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.com01: scented pine cones // 02: ge star tree topper // 03: national tree artificial christmas tree // 04: northlight ornament set // 05: global direct wall mirror // 06: holiday living tree collar // 07: northlight silver ornament // 08: northlight red ribbon // 09: nearly natural wreath // 10: historic cast limestone mantel // 11: holiday living battery powered lights // 12: nearly natural tree // 13: fresh garland // 14: allen+roth planter urn // 15: surya sheepskin rug

My favorite decor finds this Christmas include the tree topper (#2), and of course the faux trees (#10) in the front porch planters (#8) will forever be my favorite! They’re just too easy and everyone thinks they’re real.

My 2019 Holiday Decor - roomfortuesday.comThere you have it… our 2019 holiday decor for the interior and exterior. What do you think? I’d love to hear in the comment section below! Have you started decorating for Christmas? Are you finished? Are there any loose ends to tie or last minute decor items to buy? For all other sources, please see the slider below…

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  1. Beautiful! A well-timed snowstorm definitely makes your home look especially magical. I’m digging the natural theme of your larger tree-the china berries, felted wool garland, and the birds! Those wooden ornaments look special! Do you collect with a theme, or do you just buy what strikes your fancy? I always think parameters make the hunt more fun! Back when we did a tree, I collected bells and anything gold or iridescent. (I loved when our cat would walk under the tree and ring the bells!) Your new topper would have suited our tree perfectly! I also love all the greenery and velvet bows. And the brass deer! How fun to look forward to getting those out every year. I don’t have a dramatic bannister, or even a good spot for a tree, but maybe I’ll put twinkle lights everywhere this year! Time to get festive! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. It really does look amazing with the snow. Thanks Peggi! I usually collect with a color palette in mind, and now that I have lots of neutral- I’d love to build up a colorful collection. I love hearing that your cat would ring the bells- so festive :) In our previous home, we could never fit a tree, so I just did wreaths, garland over art, shelf styling, etc. It’s a fun challenge! xo

  2. Stephanie says:

    As always, love the tassels! And those velvet bows are so cozy looking. Our decor is quite minimal, and I’m determined to collect more decor over the years. But at the moment, it is simply faux garland, white ribbon, and warm lights. No tree yet, and no stockings, though those are next on my list.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Thats exactly how I started my collection- it’s more fun to get a little more each year :) You’ll look back at those first items and they’ll feel so special

  3. Kerri Hansen says:

    I love it Sarah! Your entryway is so beautiful…I am having door envy! And that tree topper? such a great find, would have never guessed it was from Lowe’s.

    1. Thank you Kerri! I’m excited to rework the entryway and staircase at some point, but this was a good reminder that it’s still pretty beautiful as is :)

  4. Melanie T says:

    Love the tree COLLAR! What a great way to hide the skinny metal base of artificial trees. We went that route years ago and no matter how realistic the tree itself is, the base of it is always a giveaway.

    1. Thanks Melanie! You’re totally right… the base is always the giveaway. I prefer a planter or collar, as opposed to a skirt.

  5. Everything’s beautiful! I love all the details and how you’ve been adding to your ornaments every year.
    My husband and I just bought our first tree, ornaments, and a tree topper and it’s the same one! I was just wondering how you placed it on your tree because we’ve been using the clip it comes with and it just looks off to the side and not as I would like it to. I would really appreciate your comments! Best wishes from Mexico! :)

    1. Thank you Rocio! Congratulations on all of your new items and beginning a collection- that’s so fun. For the tree topper, I used the clamp, but I made sure to hide it in the back and ruffle up some branches to conceal it. It is kind of bulky and you have to work with it. Hope this help :) Happy holidays!

  6. I love how you potted the small flocked tree. I just bought an extra 4’ flocked tree on Black Friday (for $27!) and it’s so cute but I wasn’t sure what to do with the stand until now!

    1. Super score! I’m a big fan of using planters- that one lived on the patio this summer and it fit my small flocked tree perfectly :)

  7. These decorations are truly romantic and lush, Sarah. They are like a modern twist on Victorian versions. Cheers for sharing it all, Ardith

    1. Thank you so much Ardith! Happy Holidays :)

  8. Kiley Cogis Brodeur says:

    Love all you do! I got that tree topper and the tree collar, although yours looks more grey. Is this the exact one you linked? Thanks, Sarah.

    1. Thank you Kiley! My tree collar is the one from last year. I think they changed it a little this year. It’s the same brand / model though… just an older version!

  9. Adrienne McGuire says:

    Thanks for this lovely blog on your 2019 holiday décor. I love having new ideas and seeing what other creative things that people come up with. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Thanks so much Adrienne! Happy New Year :)

  10. Yasmin | Graceful Dreams says:

    Holy moly I love the simplicity of this look!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Yasmin! :) xo