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Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett’s Workplace) : Part 2

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 2 - Yesterday I shared Part 1 of Emmett’s workplace project, and today I’m back with Part 2 of the Mapleleaf office reveal! If you missed yesterday’s post, read that one first… it contains the project intro, how I became involved, and a big tour of the entire first floor. Today, I’m taking you upstairs for a tour of the second level of the Mapleleaf building. As we head upstairs, you’ll see lots of employee offices and a design resource room. Ready to check it out? Let’s go! Continue Reading

Camper Before Images & Design Plan -
interiors & styling

Camper Before Images & Design Plan

Happy Friday, friends! If you’ve been hanging around here for awhile, you already know Emmett & I moved to Utah because of our love for the landscape & mountains. We’re pretty outdoorsy people… we ski, hike, paddle, dive, bike,…

Weekend Adventure : Skiing with Backcountry -
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Weekend Adventure : Skiing with Backcountry

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! After a heavy week, I knew we needed to get outside over the weekend to recharge. Whenever I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed, spending time being active outdoors is always the best remedy…

Office Renovation Update (Custom Items) -
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Office Renovation Update (Custom Items)

Here we are 10+ months into my home office renovation (catch all of my update posts here), and I feel like we’re really starting to gain some traction. This month has been the month that our custom items have…