Roundup : Tiny Table Lamps

Roundup : Tiny Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comI hope you all had a great weekend! As I was doing laundry late last night, I flipped on the countertop lamp and realized how much I love having a warm, tiny table lamp in the space. It’s a trend we’re seeing more of, and I’m definitely excited about that. Small table lamps are beginning to show up in kitchens (including my own… I’ve been holding out on you!), on countertops, on consoles, and even on bathroom vanities. It’s a fun way to add ambience to any space- they’re not just for the living room! Click through for inspiration on how to style them in your own home, to see my kitchen lamp (plus my thoughts on that trend), and for a big roundup of my favorites.

Roundup : Tiny Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comI’ve always been a fan of using lamps and sconces in the evening, as opposed to harsh overhead lighting. It just feels more cozy! It has been exciting to see table lamps being used in unexpected ways in design lately. Let’s chat small lamps on a kitchen countertop or island… I’ve been seeing a LOT of this trend, and I have to say- I’m very into it. I pulled this hammered lamp out of my prop closet (do you remember where it used to live in our old living room?), cut the cord completely off, added a puck light (see my friend Gwen’s puck light tutorial here), and found a good place on the kitchen counter for it. Having lived with a lamp in the kitchen for a couple weeks now… I’ll admit, I actually really like it. I assumed it wouldn’t be very functional and could potentially get gross and greasy, but to my surprise- it really hasn’t. Emmett and I must be cleaner cooks than I expected. Aesthetically, I think it’s brilliant. Time will tell how long it stays here or how it holds up! I’m happy to be the guinea pig.

Roundup : Tiny Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the lamps below to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links to shop… 

01: crystal disk lamp // 02: orb accent lamp // 03: ledoux lamp // 04: rivet lamp // 05: stone lamp // 06: halcyon lamp // 07: leavenworth lamp // 08: marble lamp // 09: wood lamp // 10: marseille lamp // 11: umie lamp // 12: mid century lamp // 13: rattan lamp // 14: round lamp // 15: grid lamp // 16: black marble lamp // 17: cora lamp // 18: alabaster lamp // 19: white table lamp // 20: ceramic table lamp // 21: simple lamp // 22: crystal globe lamp // 23: bowdoin lamp // 24: livia lamp

I found so many beautiful options in all shapes, colors, small sizes, and price points. I actually own  #14, #16, and #18. There are others I’ve had my eye on for awhile now- like #2.

Roundup : Tiny Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comThese would be great styled on a countertop, a vanity, a bar cart, console tables, nightstands, and more! They’re just really versatile.

Roundup : Tiny Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comDepending on the scale of your home or the room you’re decorating, sometimes a small lamp is the perfect solution to fill negative space or add balance & interest. The best part? It’s super functional! I love turning on our lamps at night. It gives our house such warm, cozy glow.

Roundup : Tiny Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comRemember last summer when I took a trip to Phoenix to makeover my best friend, Laurie Anne’s, master suite? We went shopping at HomeGoods and scored this little lamp. I spray painted it for her bedroom and loved it so much, I came back home to Salt Lake and visited three HomeGoods stores, just so I could have one of my own (that currently lives in the laundry room). Regardless, they’re great styling objects that make your home a bit brighter!

Have you also noticed a tiny table lamp trend? How about lamps in the kitchen? Do you have any favorites from the roundup? I hope you all have a wonderful week! We’re moving right along with our basement bathroom renovation and I can’t wait to share more.

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  1. Where are you plugging in those lamps in your kitchen and laundry room and how are you hiding the cords? There are no visible cords or nearby outlets in either of those pics. I always struggle with unsightly cords so I’d love to hear your tricks.

    1. Great question! In the laundry room, that lamp has a cord…. I used a zip tie to contain it, and it hides directly behind the lamp. I applied the marble contact paper to the outlet as well, so it’s very well disguised behind the lamp. If you scroll through the laundry room post, you can see it in some images. On my kitchen countertop, I cut the cord out of the lamp and used a puck light (as stated in the blog post), which is on a remote… so it actually doesn’t even have a cord! :)

  2. Yes! I have definitely been noticing the little lamp trend, and I really like it. Ever since seeing Gwen’s puck light trick, I’ve been itching to cut the cord from a lamp and give it a try! Unfortunately, my kitchen doesn’t really offer the right spot… (Although, I guess I could swap out the strand of twinkle lights we are still enjoying.🤷‍♀️) Hmmm, maybe on my mantle! A tiny pair instead of sconces? Wheels are turning. I love how the hammered one in your kitchen picks up on the texture of the tile. And the nudie in Laurie Anne’s block print is sitting beside a lamp like the one on her dresser! Details. So many gorgeous options! #4, #9, #12, #13, #16, #20…Please get #2, so I can bask in the glow of your coolness! Here’s to a productive week!
    (BTW, I hope your FB buying experience went better than mine. They “might keep” their cool nightstands.😢)

    1. Me too! It was actually pretty fun to cut the cord out of the lamp. I thought it would be much more difficult than it was. Leave it to Gwen to use puck lights a remote… she’s a genius! Isn’t that so cool that the lamp mimics the art in Laurie Anne’s bedroom? We didn’t notice that, until you pointed it out after the reveal! Accidental details. Ha! Here’s to a productive week, indeed. My FB seller ghosted me, so sadly neither of us scored any furniture over the weekend. Womp, womp. Why did your seller even list the cool nightstands if they were considering KEEPING THEM?! Argh. I’m frustrated for you. xo

  3. A second yes to lamps for warm, ambient light! I’ve been watch Ms. Maisel (again!) and noticed in the apartments there are so many lamps – and how nice the lighting is, but that’s a lot of switches to touch every night. For me, what makes using lamps/plug lights even easier and better is a plug remote – I have a 5-plug remote by my purse area in the kitchen (all us women have that area, right?) that I can use to turn on several lamps/lights by just pointing from where I’m standing. I love it and makes turning them all on/off a snap.

    During Christmas, I also circled the old fashion large-bulb white string lights around a 40″ big mirror over a buffet…..they’re still up (not super visible in daylight) because the warm light it emits in that corner is lovely. I also used one of the plug for the cafe lights strung in the sunroom next to the kitchen – it really helps with that indooor/outdoor feeling, even in winter.

    1. Yes! And yes to watching Ms. Maisel again, Karen :) I love that show! Great point on using a remote- I have one, I just need to get them all synced. Definitely easier than flipping on each lamp individually… and ditto to the purse area. Haha! Have a great week. xo

  4. My mother has a thing for lamps…all sizes…I like them too. I’ve been a fan of small light fixtures for years! I have one that we got from our wedding that now the lamp shade is back in style! Ha! My favorite areas to have them is bathroom, laundry and kitchen too!
    Your selections of lamps are beautiful! Your alabaster one is beautiful in your living room! I love that one and #11!
    Speaking of HomeGoods, we found a small one for my daughters apartment and it is a lot like the one you found for your friend.
    Happy Monday! Need to go back and catch up on a couple of last weeks posts.

    1. That’s so fun, Danna! I love that lamps remind you of your mom… all the more reason to style them in your home :) The alabaster one is SO pretty in person- much warmer than the images online depict. So happy to hear you found a small round lamp for your daughter’s apartment. It’s such a great shape! xo

  5. I caught onto the idea that this might be a new trend when I was shopping Target last week. I was actually looking for some sconces for the bedroom and all these cute little lamps were everywhere! Number 10 is stunning!! I love unique shapes, and I love shades that offer a great texture. I will be keeping my eyes open for the perfect spot to put one of these, but the kitchen is not conducive for me. And considering my husband just broke my favorite vase in the bathroom (that arm reach!) I’m not convinced that would be a great spot for us either. Ha! I love all the lamps you’ve used in your home so far! Keep them coming Sarah!! I hope you get more cozy time next to the fire, it’s so cold!!

    1. Definitely, Lauren! I’m also liking the variety of shapes, plus I think the small scale is so much fun. Great job considering what will work best and be feasible in your own household :) Have a wonderful (warm) week! xox

  6. In the last of my single years I roomed with a family where the mom was an oil painter and had a great sense of classical aesthetics in her home. I absorbed so much while living there, including having a lamp on the kitchen counter which I promptly did in our new married home. Our current kitchen isn’t much bigger than that starter home but the counter layout means I don’t have a great spot for one. I like to leave the sconce over the sink on after dark, and the best bit of counter for a lamp would be right next to the sink and practically under that sconce, which is silly. Instead I have a huge potted plant there. The corner that could really use a lamp is where I stash my day planner, tissue box, and sticky notes, so it has no free surface area! Hm, maybe I could find another home for the tissues…

    1. I love that, Julie! It really is a traditional styling object- especially in a kitchen. It makes sense that we’re seeing more of that since classic traditionalism is becoming trendy again. I love the warmth and ambience it adds. Maybe the tissues can live in a bath or powder room? Although it sounds like your sconce is sufficient :) I also leave our scones on in the kitchen at night. They provide such a nice, soft, low light. xo

  7. LOVE this post, Sarah! I hadn’t noticed the small lamp trend, but I’ve been a fan for years and have always fit one in any kitchen we’ve had for all the reasons you mentioned loving them, too. I found they especially warmed up a white kitchen.

    I’ve always found good (ie. beautiful) options difficult to find as they really do need to be pretty small so I’m thrilled to see that more manufacturers and designers are using them now. What a great round up! My faves are 5, 8, 13, 18 and 21.

    I also really appreciate the puck light tip as hiding the cord has always been a bit of a challenge in our kitchens. Oh, and cheers to Mrs. Maisel. Already finished up the most recent season and am officially in mourning now. Thank goodness for Grace and Frankie! ;-D

    1. So happy you liked this one, Anne :) And cheers to that! Grace & Frankie is my favorite. Between Ms. Maisel, G&F, and Schitt’s Creek- those are my three “feel good” shows. I feel like I have nothing to watch right now, as I’m finished all of them. Ha! Have a wonderful week! xox

  8. This is a great round up of smaller lamps! I have always had a lamp in our powder room that I leave on 24/7. Everyone that visits always comments on how much they like it. I do not like harsh lighting at all. I bought some of those puck lights with the remote and put them under our cabinets in the kitchen and the butlers pantry and love them. I use to have two identical shaded nite lights flanking my sink in the kitchen when the kids were little in case they came downstairs in the middle of the night. They let off just enough light. Your lamp in the kitchen works perfectly. Love it.

    1. I love the idea of leaving a tiny lamp on in a small space like a powder room- that’s so nice! I’m with you, Liz- I’m not a fan of harsh, bright lighting. Thanks for sharing :) xo

  9. I scoured Lowe’s looking for the puck lights! I’d love to hack the lamps on my entryway table. Anyone that has purchased and used them have a recommendation for which ones to use? Mainly concerned with the light not being super harsh. Or do you have a link you can post Sarah?

    1. Hi Lauren! Yes- I followed the advice of my friend Gwen (the Makerista) and she linked these puck lights. You can see a photo of the lamp on in her laundry room post. I bought the same ones and they have a nice warm glow. You can also adjust the color and brightness using the remote! Pretty handy for $30 :) Hope this helps!

  10. Beautiful roundup! My parent’s house is always in darkness my Mum hates lights on! I think I’ve made up for it though! I have lamps in every room, you can’t beat a beautiful lamp.

    1. Thanks Patrice! I love hearing that you have lamps in every room. Me too. They give off the best light :)

  11. Hi there, Sarah. You and I are definitely simpatico when it comes to the philosophy of atmospheric lighting. Over here we have wall sconces, floor and table lamps, under cabinet lighting, etc. I generally avoid using overhead versions unless absolutely necessary…like when hunting for something that rolled off of something and then rolled under something else. I love all the little lighting nibs in your photos, especially that tyke in your laundry room. Hope you and Emmett are having a fantastic week so far. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Yesss!! You’re my kind of lighting designer, Ardith! It’s just feels cozy, welcoming, and like HOME having all of those ambient light sources :) I hope your week is going well too! We’re currently tiling the basement bath. Woohoo! xo

      1. And that bathroom looks amazing already. I bow to your combined enthusiasm and skills with tiling. If only I could say the same for myself. I’d immediately redo the interesting job the prior owners did in both bathrooms. Let’s just say that they took a very casual approach to home improvement projects (they may even have had their eyes closed whilst tiling and other flooring installation).

  12. This is a fun post! Thank you. I actually LOVE all your round up posts. I find them very helpful. On an unrelated note… Do you have a source or do you know of any places online that I could find one of those plaques with the mini antlers? Sorry I don’t have an official name, I’m sure there is one! I have been trying to find a stylish one to no avail. I really like the look of the one you have on your wall. Thanks for your help, Sarah!

    1. Thank you, Erika! I’m so happy to hear that my roundups are helpful for you :) My antler taxidermy is vintage, but I was able to find a great one on Amazon for $11: I painted mine black. I like having the ability to finish it as you please. Hope this helps! xo

      1. Erika J Long says:

        Thank you for your help, Sarah! Happy Valentine’s Day! P.S. Loving the new series you shared today. Would love a post for the Chicagoland/Western Suburbs area. Have a great weekend!

        1. Hope you also had a great Valentine’s Day, Erika! I’ll add Chicago to the list :)

  13. I have always loved lamps of all shapes and sizes, so love this post!
    Do you have any advice about spray painting the little ball lamp in your laundry? I found a similar one and would like to change the color, but haven’t spray painted anything round before.
    Thanks for your help!

    1. So happy to hear that, Judy! I taped a plastic bag around the harp and masked off the areas I didn’t want painted, then I propped it on a piece of cardboard and start spray painting. It takes multiple passes and shift it around to cover the entire sphere, but it’s really an easy paint project! Hope this helps :)

      1. Thanks Sarah! I’m used to painting with a brush or roller, but not spray painting. I think I might give this a go. That little lamp was the first thing I noticed in your laundry room! :)

        1. No problem! Let me know how it goes :) It’s a cute little lamp and is easy to customize! xo