Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo

Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo - roomfortuesday.comExciting news! We started demo on the entryway and things are already moving right along. I need to bring everyone up to speed! I took some photos and videos, but haven’t posted anything yet- mostly because I was signed off dealing with my health and trying to feel better this past month. However, I’m eager to show you what we’ve got cooking and catch everyone up today. Click through for the first real post of our entryway renovation… it’s packed with before images, updated plans, and a little bit of demo- including some interesting 90’s wallpaper!


Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo - roomfortuesday.comI wanted to take some proper before images of the space, after we cleared out the furniture. I shared some photos in this post, but I really wanted to give you a better sense and wider visual of the space once it was empty.

Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo - roomfortuesday.comIt’s really a great blank canvas for us. We’ll be keeping the footprint and floor plan the same, but will be updating all of the finishes, millwork, the stairs, and inserting our aesthetic.

Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo - roomfortuesday.comDoes this give you a better visual? The hall on the left leads into our formal living room! I have never been so happy to see those angled doorways go. We’ll be squaring everything off for a more simplified look.

Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo - roomfortuesday.comThat little hall also leads to our basement– which is a project for a later date. We actually decided it would make the most sense to go ahead and tackle the upstairs hallways at the same time as the entryway renovation, so everything looks seamless in this space. The vaulted ceiling really leads your eye upward and I want the entire room to feel cohesive and updated.

Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo - roomfortuesday.comTherefore, the upstairs hall will be getting hardwood flooring, updated doorways, doors, and hardware- as well as a runner of some sort (probably vintage). We’ve got everything ordered- we’re just waiting on our millwork and stair parts (both have a pretty long lead-time).

Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo - roomfortuesday.comIt’s going to be a bigger and more expensive project than we had anticipated, but I think it will be worth it to have this entire space completed at the same time. Ready for a little peek at demo?


Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo - roomfortuesday.comEmmett was swinging hammers while I was in bed resting. It always gets worse before it gets better, and this room is no exception.

Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo - roomfortuesday.comWe’ll be reworking the millwork, so all of that had to be removed. He also removed the existing engineered hardwoods and installed some plywood, which will live beneath the tile.

Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo - roomfortuesday.comWe always try to section off the house the best we can, protecting other rooms from dust, but it’s kind of inevitable. That wall will be getting closed in anyway, so I think that’s next on Emmett’s to-do list, so we can remove the plastic.

Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo - roomfortuesday.comWe also uncovered an interesting strip of 90’s wallpaper that served as a two dimensional chair rail. Ha! It went all the way around the room.

Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo - roomfortuesday.comWhat do you think of that pattern and color palette? I honestly wasn’t expecting to find any wallpaper, so this was actually kind of exciting.

Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo - roomfortuesday.comEmmett also finished installing the herringbone hardwoods in the little hall off the entry. This little section had just been plywood for almost two years and we were constantly tripping over it. I can’t tell you how thrilled we’ll be to have one seamless floor level once the tile is in!


Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo - roomfortuesday.comMoving onto the design plan… here’s a sneak peek at what is floating around my brain. It’s pretty solidified at this point, as we’ve purchased everything. I’ll share sources once everything is finished in the reveal post.

The plot twist? I bought a new chandelier. I know, I know… I just had Emmett replace it in May of 2020 (pictured below). We rented scaffolding, it was a big ordeal, but it looked much better, and I was happy. So what changed? I’ve always envisioned a white and airy chandelier hanging in this room. The Marcel Chandelier is beautiful and I’ve loved it these past two years, but a new chandelier was just released that feels more stylistically appropriate… more traditional, less modern. It’s also all white- with the same plaster finish. I bought the Windsor Chandelier (designed by Mark D. Sikes) because we’re having a big lighting sale at Tuesday Made. The timing was right and I think it will be a better fit. Emmett isn’t stoked about climbing more scaffolding, but he’s on board.

Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo - roomfortuesday.comI’ll be sure to share a tile post with you once we get that portion of the project wrapped, but I think you’re officially all caught up! Our original plan was to have this project finished in March, but given I spent so much of March & April in the hospital, we’re pretty behind. Our new goal is to finish the entryway and upstairs hall by the end of summer. I think that feels feasible, given the lead times and how much time we’ll need to devote. Wish us luck! Let me know what you think in the comment section below, and have a great week.

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  1. Good morning! Yay for demo and progress! (and scope creep 🤣) Your entry really is quite a large space. Including the upstairs hallway makes total sense, even though budget and timewise it might make a little pinch. Imagine the eye relief when all those chamfered doorways are eliminated. Phew. While I understand Emmett’s reluctance to climb scaffolding again, wouldn’t he need it to complete millwork and painting anyway? Speaking of painting, will you use the same wall and trim colors as your office? Are you planning to replicate that innovative wallpaper moulding? Ha. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a border used as a chair rail; have you? Do you think it originally was wider with that bead detail repeated on the bottom edge? So interesting. I’m curious about your plans for art! And the sconce placement; I see one in your moodboard, but I don’t spy one in any of the before images. So many exciting changes, but are you most anxious for that incredible tile???? Everything is going to be so beautiful! Here’s to a lovely, productive week!💜

    1. Yay for progress… and more projects. Haha! It really is a decent size. I think the tall ceilings make it look even bigger than it actually is. The chamfered doorways are officially gone- helllllo 90 degree corners. Our plan was to keep our existing crown moulding and stop the millwork under the stairs at the chair rail- to save money and keep Emmett off the scaffolding, but who knows how it will unfold. It’s a ton of work, so that was kind of our compromise- millwork on the bottom half. I’m truly not sure about paint colors yet- I figured I’d cross that bridge when I get to it. Ha! Wallpaper millwork- what a concept! I had never noticed that look before, hahah! They installed the actual wood chair rail right over top of it. I also haven’t figured out the art yet… another TBD item for the entry. I’m team “lets add sconces” and Emmett is saying “please no”. I ordered them, so I feel like it’s happening. We started tiling over the weekend and it looks SO good. Hope you have an amazing day with perfect weather :) xo

  2. Oh goodness you two are off to the races! I love the idea of creating a visually seamless look from the entry vantage point- such a smart choice even with the added time and cost. I think ultimately you’ll be happier with the finished space, and certainly it will be a gorgeous view! I remember you having Emmett swap the fixture, but I must admit, I like the new choice even more. I’m anxious to see the tile transform this area. Let’s talk about that wallpaper- when you said 90’s there was a host of images in my head, but none that prepared me for this! Haha! This is an interesting choice to say the least. I’m not a fan of the pattern or the color scheme-I imagine standing back in the space the green color sort of blends and is less of a standout, harkening the red and blue to the Americana style of decor that was a 90’s hit. Surprise indeed! In terms of the balusters and banisters, will you be painting those or replacing them completely? Such excitement getting underway! I’m glad you’re starting to feel more like yourself and I’m praying today brings the answers you need from your doctors. We made it out to the yard yesterday and did some massive prep work for the garden-pretty late in the year to “prep”, but the plan is to start right where we’re at. The seeds have been started for the June transplant, and I have my list of seeds to sow come May, for August transplant. In case anyone is looking for raised beds on a budget-Costco currently has a set of two 4’x4’ white vinyl raised beds for $89! Such a steal! The bonus of these is that they can be connected and configured in various ways to accommodate whatever space you need. I love the configuration options, and I’ve yet to find poor quality anything coming out of Costco. We will be painting ours black with Krylon Fusion, so they blend more seamlessly in the yard, but I’m getting excited for the slow transformation about to take place. There will be six raised beds in total, with fruitless plums in between, and terracotta pots with tomato plants and basil dispersed throughout. I’m a fan of companion planting so we’ll be utilizing that technique as much as possible. The fruit trees will come next year. Thank you Peggi for your gardening resource roundup- I purchased The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible- wowza!! All anyone needs to get going! Now if anyone has any tips and tricks for removing the stumps of ‘bird of paradise’ please send them my way! If I’m being honest, just hacking those overgrown bad boys out has given such a cleaner appearance already. I don’t know why we waited so long. It’s a bright and cheery spring morning here in California with a wonderfully crisp breeze and light wisps of clouds in the sky…cheers to a brand new week full of springtime wonders friends! I’m off to photograph and post some furniture to clear out the front room…eeeek!! Xo

    1. We definitely dove in head first. I’m excited for this room! I LOVE our new chandelier… it hasn’t arrived yet, but I got to see it in person at High Point in October and it’s fabulous. Isn’t that wallpaper hilarious? Colorful wallpaper as chair rail- and an actual piece of millwork chair rail was installed right over top of it. Ha. I imagine the previous owners had Longerberger baskets and Boyd bears with that style. Who knows! We’re completely replacing the stair parts- all new railing, balusters, newels, etc. Great job working on your yard and garden prep over the weekend! I still have yet to tackle any of my spring outdoor chores. You’re way ahead of me :) Thanks for the tip on Costco! I wonder if my local one has those. I’ll have to check. I like your plan to paint them- let me know how it goes with the Fusion paint. I love that stuff! It sounds like you’re knee deep in all things garden… so fun!! Enjoy your perfect California weather today! xox

  3. Good Morning! Wow! I love the size of your entryway, its going to be so fresh and inviting. I love the design plan and can’t wait to see those stunning tiles in place. I think the light fixture Emmett installed a couple of years ago is beautiful and would work well with your design but you are a visionary and the extra hassle of installation will be well worth it I’m sure. I too am curious about wall color, are you replacing the stairs/baluster or refinishing?
    I noticed a white door on the design plan, is that a front entrance door color? Are you painting the black doors white or adding a door for separation? Or maybe that’s the door to leading to basement level? I have to say that 90’s wallpaper border is pretty hideous. OMG! I had a house in the nineties and those borders were not my taste but I do remember that pattern actually. Yikes! I may have been responsible for some questionable faux finishing though. Ha!
    The weather has been beautiful in Florida and we have been enjoying as much as possible. Andrew and I had a not so nice project in one of the guest bedrooms here as we had a plumbing leak from the attic 🙄 We’ve fixed most of it but will have to complete the work when we return. Honestly I don’t know how you and Emmett do all this, I totally admire and appreciate the details and work you two accomplish. It’s crazy but in a super human kind of way! Lets just say Andrew and I are not the dynamic duo of DIY 🤣 Speaking of, I have to spackle the ceiling now. Oh Lordy!
    Have a super terrific day 💖

    1. Hi Colleen! I’m excited for this room. I think it’s really going to change the feel and layout of our house. I’m honestly not sure about the wall color yet. I’m trying to convince Emmett on wallpaper, but sadly I don’t think it’s in our budget- and I don’t think he’s willing to climb the scaffolding with me. Haha! We won’t be adding any doors- the open area leads to the basement (you can kind of see the carpeted stairs). That 90’s wallpaper was cracking us up! Wallpaper as millwork- that was a new one for me. Lol! I’m so glad you’ve had great weather in Florida- that sounds absolutely dreamy. Sorry to hear about your leak- that is never fun to deal with. Kudos to you and Andrew for getting it fixed… even if just temporarily. You are so sweet with your kind words, thank you! Happy spackling :) good luck!!

  4. I’m just so relieved you feel well, or at least well enough to get back to more normal things for yourself!! I’m sure I speak for the rest of your readers that we’ve been worried. And per usual your design looks beautiful! Also, I think that last picture answers the ongoing question of how are we going to change the lightbulbs in our foyer with the really high ceilings? :( Maybe we should change the fixture while we are at it. Ha!

    1. Thank you so much, Brittany! You are so sweet for thinking of me. It has honestly been a rough month or two in regards to my health, but I’m slowly finding answers and am starting to feel better. Tall ceiling problems, for sure! Changing light bulbs is kind of a nightmare. Haha!

  5. Excited to follow along for this! Will you be replacing the banister and balusters or reusing them?

    1. Thank you, Danielle! Yes- we’ll be replacing everything.