Curated Room Pairings : Home Office / Library

Curated Room Pairings : Home Office / Library - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! I’m just getting home from North Carolina, and I’ve got lots to do before our big Tuesday Made warehouse sale tomorrow! Today, I’ve got a new Curated Room Pairing post lined up for you… the second in the series! This month I decided to pull together some home office, workspace, and library design plans. If you’re on the hunt for anything like that, hopefully this post provides some ideas and inspiration! Click through to check out five fun options… 

Curated Room Pairings : Home Office / Library - roomfortuesday.comI’ve curated five different looks that can easily be modified for any aesthetic. I hope these provide a good jumping off point! Whether you pull a single piece you love, want to replicate the entire look, or simply use my design plans to get your wheels turning- I’m hoping these will prove helpful if you’re in the process of, or are beginning to brainstorm your own home office, library, den, or workspace update. In regards to pricing, I’ve selected things of all price points, so if you’re curious about the price tag- hover over the slider below for quick product specifics. These are all clickable as well!

vintage rug // secretary // skirted chair // tree // chandelier // table lamp // vintage side table // storage cabinet // art

This plan would be great if you have a small room or corner to devote to setting up a workspace… a simple writing desk / secretary is ideal in this scenario- as is the closed storage and a chair that slides totally beneath as a space saver.

shelving and desk system // gallery lights // chair slipcover // table lamp // fringe ottoman // waste basket

If you’re looking for a more customized look (without hiring a contractor or building a custom built-in), this achieves that same look, as it’s fully integrated and provides so much storage. I’d certainly have fun styling this one! The addition of picture lights would be a nice touch.

desk // drapery // sconce // chair // natural woven rug // florals // artwork

This one feels the most like my personal aesthetic… super functional, classic, textural, and also pretty practical. I love those window treatments and of course- the desk is right up my alley.

linen pinboard // desk // office chair // planter // tree // curtains // woven rug // task lamp

I enjoyed playing with subtle patterns in this plan, specifically within the area rug and window treatments. I love the idea of an oversized pinboard to hang up inspiration, get organized, and physically share creativity in the space… like a messier studio kind of look.

roman shade // curtains // desk // rug // lamp // tulips // étagère // chair // zebra ottoman

The last design plan is very traditional, yet updated. With a neutral palette, this one could really be adapted for any aesthetic. These timeless pieces create a very tailored and organized look.

Curated Room Pairings : Home Office / Library - roomfortuesday.comCheck out the following posts for most home office, workstation, library and built-in tips…

I’m also going to link my Pinterest board dedicated specifically to studios & home offices, if you’re on the hunt for more inspiration!

Curated Room Pairings : Home Office / Library - roomfortuesday.comDid you enjoy this one? I’d love to hear which design plan was your favorite. What room or vignette should I design and curate next month? Let me know in the comments below. I hope to see some of you in person tomorrow! Have a lovely weekend ahead- I’ll be sharing snippets from our sale on Instagram.

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  1. Good morning! These are so fun! As I saw each one, it was my new favorite. Ha. And you know I don’t even need a home office. Number 1 has a vintage/modern vibe that feels very comfortable to me; I’m also partial to small space situations. I like the “builtin without the work” look of number 2, and that medium-is wood tone is my personal fave. Sunday would also be grateful for the swanky fringed cat bed. Lol. Number 3 came in as a close second for me; the wicker sconce-art-plaid curtain trifecta won my heart. And I love a sprawling prairie-top of a desk. (forever a fan of the barley twist legs on yours!) Number 4 was tops for me though! Adore the patterns, the lamp, and the capacious, many-drawered desk (might I cover it with a deep burgundy grasscloth?). I am absolutely a pinboard girl. In my actual work space, it keeps important information in front of my face, but I’d enjoy one strictly for rotating creative flotsam and jetsam. I think the shape and color of the chair might be the key for me. It’s projecting the artsy sophisticate I want to be when I grow up. Speaking of sophisticate, that last scheme says classy all the way. While I need more closed space to hide my ugly, that desk is dreamy! This beautiful office array is as close as I’m getting to work today. Ha. I’ll be hitting the road soon. See you later, Sarah!💗

    1. Haha!! I love that! Also- 4:49am… you are an early riser. Can’t wait to see you in a bit!! We’re going to have a fun weekend and I super appreciate your help :) xo

  2. All of these workspaces are lovely Sarah. From personal and practical perspective #2 would probably be ideal for me as storage is key in our home and it would also need to serve as a craft room. I like the library/ built in feel of this system but can be taken to another home or moved to another space if necessary. If storage wasn’t as key #3 and 5 would be gorgeous and I would be ecstatic with either 🥰 My office currently is a dual purpose space that also serves as a guest room when needed, (a Murphy bed makes this possible as it is a small room) it functions fine but obviously not as pretty as the options you have provided.
    Good luck with the warehouse sale tomorrow, wish I could be there to snag some beautiful finds but I’m sure there will be an amazing turnout. So excited Peggi and Lauren will be able make it 👍 I’ll be there in spirit! Happy Friday 🥂🍕🥳

    1. Thank you, Colleen! I also love the built-in look. I can never have enough storage and shelf styling is my favorite hobby, ha. Murphy beds are so practical! I’ve always wanted one… the more function you can pull from a small room, the better (in my opinion). So smart! We had a fantastic turnout at the warehouse sale and it was fun to meet everyone in person. You were missed! xo